Text 122th Chapter Creative Artists Agency Revelation

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 122 Creative Artists Agency Revelation, Astronomy

    Because Michael Ovitz to the Creative artists Agency Private Partnership strategy, Creative artists Agency now although developed into an industry giant, but not listed, so, although the storm is menacing, but as long as the appropriate response, In addition to causing creative artists Agency for the next period of time the business is affected, does not cause too much substantial damage to creative artists Agency, and even the other brokerage Firm dug up a line of two or three artists will not Creative artists Agency caused any impact, Creative artists Agency now the number of artists although not up to more than 20 years after the size of more than 6,000 people, but also thousands of people, on the dozens of Creative artists Said it was nothing but a perfunctory thing.

    But under this turmoil, suddenly there are big stars, especially those who are at the level of Tom Cruise. The influence of Tom Cruise in the Hollywood Actor group is very big. His departure will definitely give other superstars. They are a wrong signal.

    Michael Ovitz's reaction is not so rapid, Cruise left the day, Creative artists Agency all the partnership manager and signing artists received Michael Ovitz wrote a letter to clarify the reasons for Cruise's departure from creative artists Agency, and to recite in earnest the glorious achievements of creative artists Agency over the years, as well as the immense variety of actor brought Change, hope that people do not be affected by public opinion, Creative artists Agency future will be more brilliant.

    But the letter did not hinder the deterioration of the situation. Within three days of Tom Cruise's departure, several A-class superstars withdrew from Creative Artists Agency for various reasons.

    The stars were joined creative artists Agency because Michael Ovitz a series of bundled measures that significantly increased their income, but as Hollywood Star's income increased, even in other brokerage Firm, they were able to earn as much as they could, plus cruise suddenly left creative Artis The panic caused by TS Agency, as well as the less-than-a-plan, makes it natural for these people to leave. At the same time, more stars have begun to shake.

    Michael Ovitz was awkward for a while, and at the same time he had to start to let go of the Cruze, and he personally came forward to persuade the big-name Actors who wanted to leave. This has not been done for a long time.

    In another corner of the city, Eric, the earliest creator of the storm, certainly won't stay out of the way. This is a good opportunity, a chance to block Creative Artists Agency's independence in the next decade.

    "Eric, suddenly I have something to look for. I can declare in advance that I already have Al and four of them. This is the limit of my ability. You don't want to ask me again."

    Kapoor appeared in Eric's Firefly office because of the horrible things that the Creative Artists Agency had encountered these days. It was too hypocritical for Kapoor to say that he was upset, and a bald head seemed to be a bit bright.

    Eric leaned back on the back of the executive chair and smiled: "What if it is Tom Hanks?"

    "Who?"Kapoor raised his ears and leaned forward slightly.

    "Tom Hanks."Eric repeats it.

    Kapoor reveals a meaningful smirk: "Eric, you are sure, if it is him, then I will be embarrassed and add a burden to myself."

    "It's still awkward, you are laughing in your heart, right?"Eric snarled.

    Kapoor didn't care about Eric's teasing and asked: "Eric, are you really sure to dig Tom Hanks?"

    Eric shook his head: "No, but I am going to try it. I have already ordered Hanks to have dinner this evening. He also agreed."

    Kapoor is full of confidence in Eric, who has already brought him too many surprises: "Eric, or else, try to bring Cruise closer to United Talent Agency. He doesn't have a Brokerage Firm right now."

    "You don't even think about it. Mr. Cruise is now very ambitious and wants to follow the path of the Producer. It is estimated that he will soon set up his own Film Studio."

    Eric did not expect that because of his appearance, Cruise will lead the way to previous life seven years in advance, and it is estimated that he has been spurred by his huge number of movies and huge profits.

    After leaving the Creative Artists Agency, Cruise immediately asked his manager, Paula Wagner, to contact Firefly and began a new negotiation.

    The conditions for the opening were not as ridiculous as the Creative Artists Agency, 5 Million USD pay plus 10% profit share, which is for the previous life to get used to 20 million USD pay, 10% to 20% profit share Eric is very reasonable. However, the profit sharing model has only just emerged. The conditions that Creative Artists Agency had previously issued were completely in the doldrums in this era. Cruise is the opening condition, indicating that there is still a lot of room for negotiation. Eric made up his mind and wanted to Cruise's share is pushed up by 5%.

    And he feels that the success rate of this incident is very high, because he got the latest news, Tom Hanks promised to abandon the profit sharing model, only a simple pay.

    Cruise now although than Hanks fame to a little bit, but not too much, once Hanks's pay condition exposure, Cruise estimate their own heart is not too much to demand high profit share, this is a time limitation problem, Cruise although in "Rain man" Tasted the sweetness of a profit-sharing, but his last attempt was more like a special case in an era when the actor generally did not have a profit-sharing, before mentioning that Cruise was able to get a profit split on Rain Man, or because the cost of "Rain Man" was not enough, Cruise had to Since the cause of the pay, the split is more like compensation cruise pay loss, but "Rain man" box Office is too good, compensation a little more.

    Eric also thought that Hanks had to give up Hanks after hearing the plan to abandon the profit sharing. He felt that it was easiest to dig Hanks at this time. Creative Artists Agency had just vowed to give him a profit share, and suddenly it was gone. It was impossible for Hanks to have no idea. Others may not understand, but Eric knows the potential of Hanks, and the next decade is the outbreak of Hanks's performing career, not only the total Box Office with a total of 1 Billion USD, but also after more than half a century. , became the second person to reelect Oscar.

    Although he was not sure about digging Hanks, Eric felt that he had a 90% chance of winning Hanks. Compared to Creative Artists Agency, his chips were more attractive.

    "Well, don't mention Cruise, Kapoor, actually I call you because of another thing."Eric said, took out a manuscript that he had spent several nights and handed it to Kapoor: "Help me see, how about my conclusion?"

    Kapoor took a look at the title, "Creative Artists Agency Revelation: How the Brokerage Giant Was Formed."

    After opening the manuscript, Kapoor slowly read it. The more he looked, the more dignified he was. After reading the manuscript, Kapoor slowly raised his head and stared at Eric with a pair of monsters.

    The manuscript is very long and has more than ten pages. It details the Creative Artists Agency's five-person team from the William Morris Agency. After starting the game with TV serInternet Explorer s, they used the curve to chase stars to win the stars and gradually developed a bundle. The sales system has formed a new and unique business philosophy in just 15 years.

    Kapoor was shocked because of what Eric's manuscript mentioned, as the gold manager of the Creative Artists Agency, he could read it at a glance, and most of the manipulations have been experienced. However, he has no ability to plan these things systematically and form a relatively complete Brokerage Firm management theory.

    Moreover, he is also very curious about how Eric knows about this.

    Creative artists Agency insisted on not listing, in addition to Michael Ovitz Personal Business philosophy, there is another important reason is that in order to prevent creative artists Agency Business strategy leakage, once the company listed, you have to open to investors creative artists a lot of information, then, Creative Artists Agency leading the advanced business philosophy of other established companies will be easily learned by their opponents.

    A company's way of doing business is not something that can be patented. If other Brokerage Firm is the same, then the advantages of Creative Artists Agency will no longer exist.

    Can't help but swallow his throat, Kapoor carefully raised the manuscript in his hand and asked, "Eric, are these written by you?"

    "Well, I just want to help me see if there is anything wrong with it, right, Kapoor, you won't object to me sending this article out?"

    Kapoor quickly shook his head and smiled bitterly: "If I have the ability to sum up these things, I have already sent out, why wait until now. Eric, I don't understand you more and more. I understand all the theories you mentioned above, but if I let the end, I can't start. ”

    Eric just smiles and doesn't explain, although in this era, Creative Artists Agency's business strategy is full of mystery in the eyes of other companies, even if other Brokerage Firm digs up some managers from Creative Artists Agency and wants to take advantage of its business strategy. Only one incomplete information can be obtained.

    But for Eric, who came from the age of information explosion, Creative artists Agency's business strategy was not a mystery, remembering that previous life, probably 96, had grown into an immovable behemoth Creative Artists Agency caught a reporter's attention, the reporter spent more than a year, collected a lot of information, only to completely creative artists Agency The mystery completely uncovered, the public also understood why the creative artists Agency, the helm of the Michael. Ovitz will be named Hollywood's most powerful figure.

    But at that time, the Creative Artists Agency had grown into a huge monster, and even if Michael Ovitz, who built it, wanted to challenge this monster, it would only end in the end.

    The Creative Artists Agency's manager is exactly one part of the huge machine of Creative Artists Agency. They can help Creative Artists Agency keep moving forward, but you have to let a part say how this huge machine works, and you can only get the result of a blind person. The only one who can fully understand this set of business theory is that only Michael Ovitz himself, of course, now has an Eric.

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