The 123rd chapter of the text

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 123rd chapter of the text, the five-year-old film, the astronomy

    A further period of time aside, Creative artists Agency only after 85, a short period of more than four years, the continuous bundling of more than 150 films, and TV serinternet Explorer s market share is more than one-third of its occupation. Therefore, the storm of this time, completely squeezed competitors and producers who have been compressed by profit margins, hate to know that they can not affect the unlisted Creative Artists Agency, but still do not endure Spit the mouth before the water is disgusting.

    In Eric's view, Creative Artists Agency's winning formula is its unique business model, so even if Michael Ovitz left the Creative Artists Agency, it can continue to develop. Although there are many people in the media who are trying to unravel the reasons for the growth of Creative Artists Agency, they are just some plausible analysis, and most of them fail to talk about ideas.

    So Eric moved this mind, such a good opportunity, how he can not take the opportunity to ruthlessly trample on a foot, if not creative artists Agency, the original "pretty Woman" can be produced by the former class, although Eric to Al Pacino's acting is full of self-confidence, but also constantly fear, afraid to replace the original Richard Gere will affect the movie box Office, but luckily the results are pretty good. Then, when we invited Cruise and Hanks, Creative Artists Agency made a series of moths, so that now the "Running Out of Time" supporting role has been fully determined, and the preparation work is almost completed, the two main actor But still not completely done.

    "Since you have no objections, will I let Alan contact the newspaper?"

    “Well,” Kapoor nodded, but suddenly said: “Don’t worry, give me a copy first. I’m going to take a good look at it, maybe I can optimize the working model of United Talent Agency accordingly.”

    “With you,” Eric nodded, got up and opened the office copy machine, and copied it: “Actually, Kapoor, at least for a few years, I didn’t intend to expand the size of the United Talent Agency too much, because I’m not strong enough. . You do not know, a few days ago for "Running out of the time" when the scene, I found my story in the end how weak, I fancy the National Bank building, want to shoot a few scenes on the rooftop, the result of contact with the other side, the building management department directly refused me, Said is afraid to affect the building inside the normal order of the enterprise, even a lobbying opportunity did not give me. After Columbia sent the producer, he just made a few calls and then met with their supervisor. Originally, I was still complacent about the achievements of my previous films. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous I am. I am still a little muddy. ”

    Kapoor advised: "Eric, you don't have to, you have done a good job now. Think about your age, you are less than 19 years old, and a few people can get hundreds of millions of net worth at your age with your own hands. ”

    "Oh, this rhetoric is the same as Jeffrey advised me," Eric smiled and handed the copied manuscript to Kapoor: "Get it, yes, it’s Oscar in a few days, you can help me prepare." I am really busy. I have to participate in a rehearsal for the past two days. I should not have promised any awards guests at the beginning. ”

    "I really don't know how to say hello, those little stars in order to be able to show their faces on Oscar, what embarrassing things can be done, but you are suspected of awarding guests trouble."Kapoor smiled and said: "Is your female partner confirmed?"

    "I wanted to bring Jenny to the debut, little girl. I came back to Los Angeles at the end of the month. I ended up calling last night and said that I might not be able to come back. I will wait until early April. The time is not certain. Let her go. If not, I will. Just like the last Golden Globe Award, take Drew."

    Kapoor responded with a voice and said: "Right, I have received a video that I want to invite Drew to participate in. I think the book is good, will you continue to push it?"

    "Push it, I haven't planned to let Drew pick up any movies for the past two years."

    Kapoor nodded, sinking a little, and said: "If that's the case, then I suggest that you don't take Drew with Oscar. This is a good promotional opportunity, you can bring Miss Madsen, or the United Kingdom mixed-race beauty you picked last week, she has passed the approval of Al and Martin, oh, and Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds, in order to As you invest in the promotion of movies, I suggest you take one of them. ”


    Eric looked down for a moment. The one who needs this opportunity most should be Virginia. She needs to hold up the movie "The Others" alone. It is good for her to show her face on Oscar red carpet. "Scent of a Woman has Al · Pacino 扛 girders, "Running Out of Time" has Cruise and Hanks plus yourself, Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds does not matter.

    "Then, Vicky, you tell her to prepare."

    Kapoor raised the eyebrow, followed by a serious saying: "No problem, I will help her prepare." However, Eric, in front of outsiders, you should not use the name of the relatives of Miss Madsen. ”

    "amount……"I noticed that Kapoor was a public official, but there was a clear banter in his eyes. Eric coughed and said, "Okay, I will pay attention."

    After Kapoor left, Eric handed the manuscript of Creative Artists Agency Revelation to Alan to contact the newspaper and continued to work until he got off work before driving to Hanks's appointment.

    In a fine dining restaurant in Beverly Hills, after meeting Hanks, Eric didn't rush to dig the corner. Instead, he talked about "Running Out of Time". Hanks thought that Eric was looking for his own purpose, but he didn't think What a good note is the United Talent Agency. I am also happy to talk to Eric about this topic he is interested in.

    Because of Creative Artists Agency's non-profit-sharing quotation, Hanks' contract with Firefly can be signed in these days, so Hanks' participation is already a matter of course.

    "Actually, I originally intended to set Shane as a policeman who had to withdraw from the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) because of injury and turned into a civilian but unwilling policeman. But I think that if this setting is made in the movie, the audience will definitely be unacceptable, so it is decided to completely blur this setting and give the audience some imagination. ”

    Hanks put down the cutlery and wiped his lips. He was curious: "We didn't discuss this issue in our last discussion, and we also made a new setting for Shane's background. By the way, did you seem to have said this detail last time? ”

    "Because this setting is somewhat…Evil, haven't you seen the script? The reason why Shane doesn't pick up a girl doesn't go to a nightclub and doesn't make a family business. It's related to his injury. He doesn't want to delay other women. ”

    Hanks snorted and quickly understood and grinned: "This setting does…Some are unacceptable, and if it is me, I would rather blur Shane's background settings. ”

    The two chatted and it took more than half an hour to finish the dinner. Eric called the waiter to take away the cutlery and put on the coffee. He said, "Tom, actually, I invite you to dinner this evening because…"

    A warm-hearted Hanks took the initiative to interrupt Eric's words: "Eric, I think the Creative Artists Agency has developed well, so I don't want to change the Brokerage Firm for the time being."

    "Do you want to listen to my conditions first?"Eric is not angry, he continues to smile.

    "It's nothing more than a reduction, and the Creative Artists Agency is not very good at me, Eric." If I suddenly change to a Brokerage Firm, I don't know how long it will take to adapt to the new environment. And, to be honest, although I know that Kapoor Sid is a very capable manager, the size of the United Talent Agency is too small, and Al Pacino and Julia Roberts have already occupied most of the resources, I I don't think the United Talent Agency can make enough effort for me. ”

    Eric was surprised by the well-organized analysis of Hanks, but I thought about it. Although Hanks looks awkward, the Actor in memory who can make great achievements in Hollywood may not be a smart person.

    "Listen to my conditions first, not to reduce the level of production, this is the lowest level of trick."Eric smiled and stretched out his right hand and waved: "As long as you quit the United Talent Agency, I can arrange at least five videos of the Box Office for over 100 million for the next ten years."

    Hanks finally opened his eyes in surprise. In five years, five Box Offices have over 100 million movies. What is the concept? Tom Cruise has debuted in 81 years and has been in the past decade. There is only one Top Gun in the Box Office, and the Box Office can break the "Rain Man". Because of Eric's "Home Alone", Box Office is still less than 80 million, and it can still break through 100 million. It also needs to see how many Box Offices can be brought to the movie after Oscar.

    “Is it a local Box Office?”Hanks asked subconsciously.

    Eric smiled and said: "Of course, within ten years, at least five North America Box Offices have broken billions of movies," thought and added: "And all are male actors."

    "but……"Hanks hasn't been stunned by Eric's promise: "How can I believe that what you said is true, though, your previous few Box Offices have broken 100 million, but that doesn't mean you will still do this in the future. ”

    "We can sign a secret contract, if I can't arrange at least five box Office movies for you in 10 years, then I can pay you a lot of money," Eric said without a doubt: "Of course, you also have to play a certain number of movies, if you sign a contract, you directly comeback after wait to collect money, I'm sure I'm not going to pay the money. ”

    Hanks was teased by Eric's last sentence: "I certainly don't like this. I like to play movies. If I can't continue to be an actor, I really don't know how to live. You have to understand what a person is used to, suddenly stop. It is estimated that it will be boring to the point where you want to die."

    "So, do you agree?"

    Hanks still shook his head: "Eric, although your rhetoric makes me very excited, but I still won't agree so easily. If I change jobs, you can't fulfill your promise. How much compensation can I get after ten years? Ten million, or 20 million, which is negligible for my career losses. Well, if there is nothing else, I will leave first. This dinner is very enjoyable, Eric, if you have time, I will ask you. ”

    "100 Million USD !"Eric didn't move in the seat, staring at Hanks and screaming: "100 Million USD, Tom, if I can't fulfill my promise, then I will compensate you for 100 Million USD, we can sign the contract and find a middle notary. The agency does notarization. I can even set up a fund to put 100 Million USD in advance. Even if you pay up to 10 Million USD in the future, you need to shoot at least one movie a year to earn 100 Million. Is this enough to show my sincerity? ”

    Hanks is finally moving, and the action of wearing a jacket has become a bit slow: "Eric, are you serious?"

    "Of course, and you know, I can definitely afford this money now."

    "So, I need to think about it."Hanks still nodded.

    "Well, I am waiting for your good news."Eric was a little disappointed, but she did a smile with a smile.

    Hanks put on his coat and looked at Eric strangely before he walked outside the restaurant.

    Eric was sitting in his seat and didn't move. He took a sip of coffee in disappointment and was about to check out. Hanks's figure suddenly appeared again in front of him.

    "Eric, since you can take 100 Million to make a bet, I don't want to understand why I have to hesitate," Hanks sat down opposite Eric, waved his hand and took a bit of pride: "This gamble, I followed!"

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