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    The next day, "Hollywood" used a full four pages, full text of the "Creative artists Agency revelation: How the brokerage giant formed," Eric does not care for the Chiba USD royalties, do not want this title, more importantly, He could not explain the source of the detailed information in the article, so he delivered it anonymously to the newspaper.

    The publication of this article immediately caused a huge wave in the Hollywood circle, and the limelight almost overshadowed the upcoming 61st Oscar Awards in a few days.

    If most of the previous forces were still immersed in the thrill of the Creative Artists Agency, they suddenly calmed down and focused on this Creative Artists Agency Revelation. In the following days, the entire United States media was boiling up, and this highly professional article was reprinted, and even a large number of papers on this article appeared.

    After reading the article at the other levels of Hollywood's other Brokerage Firm, I found out why I couldn't stop the rise of Creative Artists Agency. The majority of Film Studio also fully understands why its production costs will rise and then rise, and it is completely impossible to reject this trend. Michael Ovitz almost newspaper published at the same time to see this article, twist the brows spent half an hour to read the article, even if he can not help astounding, the article about the manager's business radius of the discussion almost coincide with his recent ideas, but also to advance some, It is precisely because of this idea that he was trying to participate in the Sony and Columbia in the previous period of the takeover case.

    But after the filming, Ovitz immediately became angry and couldn't add any more. Even the idea of ​​killing was there. Because this article is equivalent to placing the Creative Artists Agency's business strategy directly in front of all competitors, Creative Artists Agency's opponents can only imitate the Creative Artists Agency's bundling strategy. The operation process is not clear. With this article as a reference, as long as those competitors are slightly motivated, they will certainly make a series of reforms themselves, even if they can't completely imitate the Creative Artists Agency model, but they will not be in front of the extension of Creative Artists Agency. Nothing to fight.

    It is a pity that although the "Hollywood Reporter" deliberately published a statement on the front page of the prominent position to find the author of the article, but did not receive any response.

    Two days after the article was published, the CEO of William Morris Agency said in public that if the author of the article would like it, William Morris Agency could pay a five percent share in exchange for William Morris Agency's position as Vice Chairman. Although the size of the William Morris Agency is now surpassed by the Creative Artists Agency, the other party is a veteran Brokerage Firm with a history of 100 years. The difference between the size and the Creative Artists Agency is not too big. The value of the 5 percent share is also tens of millions of USD. On the same day, someone came to the William Morris Agency with the 'manuscript of Creative Artists Agency Revelation', and then it was a farce.

    Under this storm, Creative Artists Agency changed again. Tom Hanks chose to change jobs after Tom Cruise and several other A-stars left, and the opponent’s job change was neither William Morris Agency nor ICM's large Brokerage Firm, but the United Talent Agency (Union's Brokerage Firm), which Eric's personal holdings are not obvious.

    Moreover, Hanks was not alone. He didn't know what method he used. He even convinced the Creative Artists Agency that a gold manager who had been responsible for his brokerage affairs jumped with him.

    This has led to a variety of speculation in the industry, Creative artists Agency Gold Manager is not so good, most of them are to start from the most basic mail mailroom, step by step up, up to several years or even more than 10 years of time, It is necessary to prove their own strength and to accumulate enough qualifications to do the million-yearly gold manager. Once Hanks' manager leaves, it is equal to giving up all previous qualifications. Even if he returns to Creative Artists Agency again in the future, even if he has the strength of any gold manager, he can only step back from the lowest manager. Climb up.

    Eric and Hanks secretly signed the Eric promised contract with Kapoor, Hanks himself, Hanks manager Simon Wilson and a staff member of a prominent notary public in Los Angeles. Of course, Hanks is very kind enough not to let Eric set a 100 Million USD bet fund. The job hopping for Hanks.

    The only thing Creative Artists Agency can do is ask Hanks to ask for a small amount of liquidated damages and the "Running Out of Time" payout. After Hanks signed an Actor contract with Firefly, Cruise learned about Hanks's pay condition. As Eric expected, he made a big concession on the score. Finally, on the day before the Oscar ceremony, both parties quickly signed to 5 Million. The USD payout and the 5% North America profit share are joined to "Running Out of Time", which is in full compliance with Eric's expectations. "Running Out of Time also finally confirmed that April 5th is the start date.

    On March 29th, after more than a month of preparations, the 61st Oscar Awards ceremony was officially held at the Los Angeles Holy Citizens Auditorium.

    Eric will also be the guest of honor for this best supporting actress. It is said that the original organizers intend to invite Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, the newlyweds, although Don Johnson is not very famous. However, Melanie Griffiths this year, with a "Working Girl" directly rose to the position of the actress. Unfortunately, Melanie Griffith was destined to be unable to compete with Eric. After Columbia contacted the Oscar organizer, the other party quickly gave up the Melanie Griffiths and chose the more famous Eric. .

    "Eric, you can help me look at it, is there any problem?"Slowly heading to the Lincoln car of Oscar red carpet, Virginia nervously turned to Eric, and the girl dreamed that she could go to Oscar red carpet so quickly, and her cheeks were slightly reddened by excitement.

    Eric patted Virginia's little hand: "Okay, you are beautiful, Vicky, relax."

    The girl is still not confident, she reached out and touched the hair well, and remembered another thing. She asked: "Well…Eric, if "Tin Toy" is awarded, do you really let me go up and take the place to accept the prize? ”

    “Of course,” Eric nodded. “I don’t want to be the Oscar best animated short film for the first award I got on stage.”

    John Rasset, who should have come to the awards ceremony, was now in a workaholic because he got Eric's investment and decentralization. He couldn't wait to live in Pixar's office, or if Oscar's invitation was sent to Richmond, John. · Rasett almost forgot the short film shortlisted for Oscar. But after getting the invitation, John Rasa called directly and said that he was too busy to leave. If the award was given, Eric would help him.

    Eric didn't have much advice. In the future, Pixar animation is almost the overlord of the Oscar animation awards. It's not bad this time. Pixar originally claimed this award, mainly because it hopes to get more business for Pixar by winning the Oscar Award. At the same time, Eric did not want to board the Oscar podium. The first trophy was Oscar's best animated short film, so I gave this face to the girl around me.

    As he said, Lincoln stopped at the entrance of Oscar red carpet, and he was already able to hear the fans.

    Eric first walked down the car, turned the other side of the car, and reached the arm with a gentleman, letting the girl hold herself and slowly moving towards the red carpet at the prompt of the staff.

    Perhaps the actress is born to be a red carpet creature. Virginia, who was still very nervous in the car, walked on the red carpet and quickly relaxed, gently holding Eric's arm and stepping with him, waving from time to time. Showing a charming smile.

    There are still seven or eight meters away from the movie area. Someone found Eric's figure, and then the shouting sounds, which is also mixed with the love of several girls 'Eric, I love you', compared to the common on red carpet. Eric's young and handsome star has a huge advantage over the age of 30.

    In addition, his "17 again" was not released until recently, but he also has a large number of fans in the youth group. If there is no staff to maintain order, maybe someone will directly rush to red carpet, this kind of thing has not happened. Eric slowed down, and the face with a decent smile rushed to the fan group and nodded, then screamed again.

    Unconsciously, I had a fan, and Eric felt a little sigh of relief. Holding Virginia, she continued to move forward. The girl was slightly lost, because no one shouted her name. She even noticed that there was no girl in the audience. The hostility in the eyes of the fans, this sentiment only converges in the media area in front.

    "Eric, look here!"

    "Here, here."

    "Eric, Virginia, are you close to some?"

    Compared with fans who only pay attention to their favorite stars, interviewers in the media area easily recognized Virginia. They have already heard about Virginia's upcoming Firefly investment and Eric's personal responsibility for screenwriter.

    Hollywood has developed to this day, many things in the circle are already clear rules. If an obscure beautiful Actress or even a handsome male actor suddenly gets an important role in a movie, then many people will subconsciously ask: she (he) Who has slept with? These beautiful actresses or handsome men have a chance to get a chance for no reason, and for them, they can't get anything but the body. Most people will not look down on these men and women and will only envy their opportunities.

    The journalists ' eyes glowed with a blazing gossip fire, while the Virginia of Eric and the king tried to be as intimate as possible while frantically pressing the shutter.

    Finally, I passed through the media area. When ABC reporters caught Michel Pfeiffer, Eric took the girl directly to the star waiting for the rest area.

    "Hey, Mr. Williams, I am Robert Downey. ”

    "Hello, Mr. Downey," Eric smiled and shook hands with the other person. He just wanted to praise a few words about the other's work, but found that he didn't remember the famous movie star who had a fame in the early years. He had to point to the side. Girl: "This is Virginia Madsen."

    Little Robert Downey spoke politely with Virginia. The other side was just a familiar face. I hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future. So I didn't have too much entanglement. I talked to Eric a few words and quickly left. Eric also took the initiative to start greetings to other people.

    Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Melanie Griffith, Patrick Swayze, Gina Davis, Bruce Willis and wife Demme Moore, Snow Child, Jane Fonda, JodInternet Explorer, Foster, Sigourney, Weaver…

    For example, passing through the crowd, chatting with these still young stars, a few minutes later, after the staff reminded, the talents began to enter.

    I don't know what the Oscar organizers thought about this time, and they didn't arrange the host.

    After entering the auditorium and finding the location of the "Home Alone" crew, Eric left the seat and walked backstage. Because his best supporting actress as a guest was placed in the first. The order of awarding Oscar awards is not strictly regulated. In many cases, in order to attract the attention of the audience, the organizers will be the first to award the best supporting actor or best supporting actress.

    "Hello, Eric, I am Tom Selik."Stepping into the background, a tall, strong man came to him: "Wait, I will lead you to the stage."

    Eric reached out and shook hands with each other: "Thank you, Mr. Selik, I really like your "Three Daddy and One Baby". I heard that this movie is going to be a sequel?"

    "Three Daddy and One Baby" is the 87th Annual Box Office Champion. This warm comedy can win the Box Office championship, and most of them are just lucky. Because there are no famous movies in the whole year of 87 years.

    For Tom Selik, Eric has only seen "Three Daddy and One Baby", and he is even more impressed by the image of the big Monica in her 20s in "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    After Eric intends to complete "Running Out of Time", the TV serInternet Explorer s for Fox is "FrInternet Explorer nds". Although I remember the image of Tom Selek's Monica boyfriend, Eric knows that he must choose a new person. Now, Tom Selik's career is still in full swing. If you invite the other person to play TV serInternet Explorer s, don't be blinded. It’s strange.

    Tom Selik heard Eric mentioning his most proud work, haha ​​smiled: "Of course, but it will not be released until next year, really, I don't want to hit your movie."

    After a ten-minute opening song and dance, Eric took the envelope of the winners handed over by the staff and walked onto the podium under the guidance of Tom Selek.

    All the guests' lines were written by the previous screenwriter, so the audience saw the celebrity of the stars on the TV set, but they could not express their own verbal ability.

    "Wow," went to the center of the stage. Eric helped the microphone and sighed: "Actually, after I received the invitation, I asked Alan Carr why, why do people have a female companion when they come to the stage, but I can only It’s not fair to be alone! Alan stared at me for a long time and said: Because you are too small! ”

    Eric said that the audience who was selling like a sneak squint and made a look of innocence.

    The audience was silent for a second, and immediately burst into a sneer, and the applause sounded. In the past six months, although Eric has made a series of amazing achievements in Hollywood, there are always people who say Eric’s age. Achieving such a great achievement at the age of eighteen seems to be a 'stain' of Eric's life. When people admire genius, they will always involuntarily reject genius.

    After a few whispering words, after the audience laughed, Eric pulled the topic back: "Any movie, while the male Heroines show their acting skills, always have a supporting role, and a A good supporting role will make a movie even more brilliant. So let's see what movies are best nominated for the supporting actress."

    Eric finished, said a gesture, the film on the big screen appeared to be the best supporting actress nominee, respectively, "Working Girl" Sigourney · Weaver and Joan Chusack, "Dangerous Liaisons" Michelle · Pfeiffer, Gina Davis of "The Unexpected Traveler" and Francis McDumond of "The Mississippi Burning".

    As far as Eric is concerned, his least optimistic is Sigourney Weaver. The Golden Globe Award that the other party used to get with the “Working Girl” is the best women. In contrast, Eric prefers Michel Pfeiffer and Gina Davis, and he also believes that the winner should be one of the two.

    After all the nominations were introduced, Eric slowly opened the envelope and glanced at the name, which was not what he expected.

    "The best supporting actress is "The Unexpected Traveler", Gina Davis."

    In the applause, a redhead with a height of more than one meter eight stood up in excitement and stood up to the stage with the rest of the "Accidental Traveler" crew. The girl did not rush to pick up the little gold man, but excitedly hugged Eric, Eric could only smile and patted the girl's back. Gina Davis is taller than one meter eight. She is still wearing high heels, which is a little higher than Eric. When they are hugging, Eric looks really 'small'. This scene can't help but cause the audience. A chuckle.

    "Hey, Ms. Davis, can you let me go, are you sure you are not eating my tofu?"Eric took a few shots and saw each other still holding himself, so he whispered a word in the girl's ear.

    "The impatient little guy," Gina Davis whispered, quickly letting Eric go, picking up the little gold man and starting his own speech.

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