Body 125th Chapter Party

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 125th party, floating astronomy

    Patiently waiting for Gina Davis to express her exclaimed excitement, Eric walked down the stage with her partner and returned to her seat.

    The next three hours of running time, the best soundtrack for Home Alone was completely negligible, and Eric just laughed over and over again as the guests on the stage were not too funny jokes.

    As a young man who has made a big achievement in Hollywood for half a year, Eric has been subjected to various ridicules of the guests on the stage more than once, so the camera lens often sweeps onto him, and from time to time he will come to a close-up. In this case, Eric didn't even have a chance to go to God. But Eric doesn't feel how boring, but rather relishes the difference between Oscar and the present after more than a decade.

    A few hours later, Eric's biggest feeling is that Oscar in this era has not yet embarked on a more extreme art line. Most of the winning works such as "Rain Man", "Working Girl" and "Beetle Juice" are all commercialized. movie of. After more than a decade, Oscar has almost become the stage of politically correct main melody films and extreme niche films. As long as Actors are eager to go through the awards, they will either play great or play patients.

    After more than two hours, most of the major awards have been awarded. After the best photography awards, the best animated short film award was finally ushered in. Everyone knows that this award is followed by the best actor in the heavyweight category, so they are looking forward to the best short film award.

    Perhaps I also felt the expectation of the guests. The award-winning guest of the Star Wars series, Kelly Fisher, just gave a brief introduction and opened the envelope: "The winner of Oscar's best animated short film is – —Tin Toy, John Rasset.”

    In the applause, Virginia once again glanced at Eric and got a look of encouragement before he got up and walked on the stage.

    Kelly Fisher's list of winners is clearly male, but she is a sexy woman wearing a blue-breasted tube top dress, and the audience in front of the TV can't question.

    "who is this?"

    "Beautiful beauty!"

    "There is a woman named John, so weird!"

    The organizer was obviously premeditated. After Virginia took the stage, the camera position was directly transferred to Eric's front, giving him a big close-up. Eric secretly whispered a word, but he could only sit in danger and look at the front without any expression. As if I don't know that there is a camera to give him a close-up.

    However, the disguise of this kind of thing did not have much effect, and the surrounding guests, after the Virginia came to the stage, looked at Eric with a playful smile, which made him even more difficult.

    The viewer who paid a little attention to the gossip news in front of the TV soon remembered the identity of Virginia, who is said to be starring Eric's personal moviewriter's movie Heroine.

    New York Manhattan apartment, Aniston nest on the sofa, holding a teddy, staring at the TV screen all night motionless, hoping to see her boyfriend's lens again, and even look forward to the awards guests will be able to ridicule him a few words, but every time I see Eric, will be involuntarily scattered to the eyes of Eric sitting next to the Virginia, the hands of the teddy will be a burst of * *.

    Virginia to receive an award and see that scene, little girl could bear, severely mumbled Bitch, skimming the mouth fiercely said something, as if to tear her boyfriend own a ** woman's hair, while at the same time, The poor fluffy bear in his arms lost another mane.

    "No, I will go back tomorrow," Aniston vent some, no longer pay attention to the next prize belongs to the mood, the rush into the bedroom began to pick up the luggage, but also think of the father to persuade himself those words, if really care about this feeling, the best to keep in his side, No sincere feelings can withstand the passing of distance. And if you feel that you can't keep it, give up early, so as not to bring more pain.

    "I do not want to give up, why should I order him to give up those little Bitch!"The mouth kept whispering, little girl cleaned up a lot of clothes, finally found the key of Eric's mansion, stuffed it into the bag, and picked up the phone to dial the airline's booking phone. .

    Almost as soon as Virginia was on the podium, Jennifer Connelly also saw this through cable TV in a hotel in Rome, the capital of Europe.

    When the girl refused Eric that night, she had to return to Europe and ask for some footage of the Étoile, as manager said, and she had just given up an important opportunity not to break Europe's connections, Italy at the age of 13. The name director Sercio Léhannes's "Once Upon a time in America" in the role of Deborah, she won the Italy film Circle recognition, and now she has only this one can be the human pulse line.

    Connelly also noticed that her manager was a lot colder to her, and Lester shifted more energy to other artists and less and less attention to herself. Even this Rome, the other party did not come along.

    Connelly will accumulate a layer of remorse every time he thinks about his decision. After the appearance of Eric's intimidating sitting on the TV set, Connelly couldn't help but take the lady's handbag next to it, pulled out the newsletter, and looked at the serial number that was already deeply imprinted in my mind.

    "Is it useful to call him now?"Connelly looked at the communication in his hand and said to himself without confidence.

    Although far away in Rome, Connelly learned from the sporadic news on the newspaper that the role of "Running Out of Time" has been completely confirmed. Although the list of other Actors has not been exposed except for the two male protagonists, she knows that it is definitely No one has it. Now calling again, Eric can't change someone else to play. Connelly thinks Eric is not the Boss of the film giants. The movie project in his hand is very limited. It is impossible to have a role that suits him at any time. She makes this call. There is no benefit.

    Being able to get on the Oscar podium to reveal her face, Virginia is satisfied, the girl did not make any unexpected moves, took over the Xiaojin people, and took out an award speech from Eric who had given her a special award. As the award-winning guests went to the background.

    The best actor has not accidentally been "Rain man" in a wonderful performance of Dustin Hoffman, and then two technical awards, is about to issue the best director, Virginia just take the small Jin returned to the seat, charming face cheeked, Coupled with the full body and the mature flavor of distribution, attracted around a few men can not help but look to the girl, and secretly envy Eric's laid.

    Although it is not the time to speak, Virginia is still eager to look at Eric, and the gratitude is beyond words.

    "Rain Man" After winning the best film without any surprise, the three-hour award ceremony finally came to an end, followed by party time. The famous Oscar Vanity Fair party will only appear a few years later, but it does not mean that the stars have returned to each other after the end of Oscar. There are so many celebration parties, and most of the guests can find a place if they wish.

    "Home Alone" is not an award, of course there will be no celebration party, after the exit of the runkle couples keen on the circle although want to take little Stu to some party mixed face cooked, but the little guy sitting in the awards hall for three hours, now tired sleepy (of course, may also be installed), The Runkle were disappointed to take their son straight home.

    Because there were more people, Virginia didn't hold Eric. When Eric kept saying hello to the acquaintances around him, he asked him: "Eric, where are we going?"

    Eric took Virginia and carefully held it in his hands. He said, "You said, I just received invitations from several parties, "Rain Man", "Working Girl", and Warner, Disney, they hosted, oh, before Amy said that Columbia would also host a party."

    Virginia thought about it, not sure: "Or, Rain Man?"

    Eric snapped a finger: "I think so too. The "Rain Man" celebration party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Beverly Hills, does not have to run away like Hilton when attending the party."

    After making the decision, the two found Kapoor Sid and drove to the Sunset Tower Hotel.

    As the big winner of this Oscar, the celebration of the "Rain Man" crew is undoubtedly the grandest grand event. Eric's arrival has also been met by Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman and a number of Directors and producers. welcome.

    After a round trip in the crowd, chatting with people who knew or didn't know, Cruise suddenly pulled Eric aside and said to Virginia, who has been holding Eric's arm: "Miss Madsen, I want to talk to Eric alone. talk."

    After entering the party for so long, Virginia has been tired of Eric's side. The bottom of my heart is actually some thoughts. She is hooking Eric at the party. She definitely doesn't want other women to do the same. Now, Cruise, personally, Virginia is dissatisfied, but can only nod.

    "Eric, about "Running Out of Time," I have a new idea. You see, can we shoot this way…"Cruise rushed away from Virginia without any pressure and began to tell Eric about his new ideas for the "Running Out of Time" episode.

    Eric listened carefully to Cruise's long story, patiently waiting for the other party to finish, only to get free to summarize all the views of Cruise, summed up a sentence: add drama!

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