Body Chapter 127 Situation

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 127th chapter, floating astronomy

    "So, you still refuse?" ”In a car in the parking lot, Kapoor sat in the driver's seat and looked helplessly at Eric on the co-pilot.

    Thinking of the scene, Eric sighed and nodded.

    Although SpInternet Explorer lberg did not show any disappointment when he left, he regretted that he could contact him if he changed his mind. But Eric still knew that he was offended by the famous Jewish director, and he could see this from the eyes of the SpInternet Explorer lberg assistant looking at him with a sense of ignorance.

    If the previous SpInternet Explorer lberg expressed the intention to purchase copyright through others, Eric's resignation is nothing, this time the rejection is much more serious, and SpInternet Explorer lberg personally came forward, this is a very sincere expression, even equivalent to one The sentiment was sent to the door. If the deal is reached, Eric will not only get a generous copy transfer fee, but also get the feeling of SpInternet Explorer lberg's, this connection may help him a lot.

    But he can't be a human being, even if it is a very heavy human sentiment, it will involve the transfer of a very important piece of his future career layout.

    "Jurassic Park" involves a huge industrial chain worth Ten Indonesia USD. Eric never thought about swallowing, but at least make sure that he can get the most delicious piece from this big cake in the future. Once the copyright is sold, he will completely lose the dominance of the project, and at most he can only share some leftovers after someone else eats a lot of meat.

    "Eric, would you like to hear my advice?"Asked Kapoor.

    "I know what you are going to say, immediately contact SpInternet Explorer lberg and sell the movie copyright to him, right? Kapoor, there is no room for negotiation, I will not sell it. ”

    Kapoor touched his head in distress: "Eric, have you thought about your situation? You are now in a state of being alone, and you seem to be familiar with the high-levels of Film Studio, but it is based entirely on pure benefits. The reason why the other party is so good to you now is because all of your previous films have been so successful that they have brought huge benefits to them. But no one will continue to succeed, and then once you fail, it is when they turn their faces. ”

    Eric from the channel: "I feel that for quite some time, I will not experience the failure you said, I am very confident in my own film."

    “There are many factors that fail, and maybe even artificial.”Kapoor went on to say: "Eric, think about it. Compared to your strength, you get too much. Once or twice, or three or four times, they will only feel that you are a lucky little guy, but if you have been like this, the giants will suppress you at all costs and even ruin you. Like the lions on the prairie, they will allow the hyenas to eat the rest of their food, but definitely not allow a weak hyena to hold more than the lion. ”

    Eric opened his mouth, but couldn't think of any rebuttal. He knew what Kapoor said about these words. In fact, he still hoped that he could find some solid allies, so that he might not fall into the trap when he might be crushed in the future. Completely isolated and helpless.

    Spinternet Explorer Lberg want to get "Jurassic Park" film copyright This is an excellent opportunity to be good to each other, once he sold the copyright, the film screenwriter certainly can not get rid of his , Spinternet Explorer Lberg also promised Firefly can participate in the investment, which provides him with spinternet Explorer Lberg contact and establish a good personal relationship with the conditions, but Eric reasoning, still somewhat unwilling.

    Kapoor noticed the struggle and hesitation in Eric's expression and continued to persuade: "Eric, do you know that your Firefly is the most like Film Studio in Hollywood?"

    Eric looked up curiously, and Kapoor didn't sell the lawsuit: "Most like the original United Artists, Chaplin founded United Artists in conjunction with several other famous Directors. The company is positioned as a pure production company, specializing in Providing excellent videos to other big players is very similar to Firefly, which does not have any distribution channels right now. As a result, film giants with well-established distribution channels have survived except for the unsuccessful Thunderbolt, but United Artists, which was also known as other giants, has become a subsidiary of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. A big reason for this is because United Artists was too focused on the production business and ignored the expansion of its distribution channels.

    When Eric heard that Kapoor said that he had the most familiar DreamWorks in his mind, it seems that history is always strikingly similar.

    And later generations often see in some economic articles that the word 'channel is king' is indeed a famous saying. In the memory of previous life, Hollywood has developed some second-line Film Studios, such as Lions Gate Industry and Miramax. Starting from home. The SpInternet Explorer lberg's DreamWorks and later the new DreamWorks can only float between the giants of Universal, Paramount and Disney. Sometimes, for the one-hundred share of the dispute, it is very difficult to make a fuss. To the point.

    "And now Firefly is inferior to the original United Artists. There is almost no distribution capability. Film giants that monopolize most distribution channels want to pack you up. It's too simple. So now you really need some key moments to really help your allies. Once a bad situation happens, someone can help you to scream and match, instead of being in a situation of isolation and helplessness. It is impossible to walk a dog with a lion, but there is no gap between the same kind. In this case, SpInternet Explorer lberg is delivered to your door, and you are still launching it, which is simply unwise. ”

    If Eric is an indigenous native of this time and space, after Kapoor's swindling and intimidating persuasion, Jurassic Park will surely be handed over, but he is not.

    "Well, Kapoor, I understand."Eric nodded and looked like a teacher.

    Kapoor rejoiced to pass his big brother to Eric: "Take me to call SpInternet Explorer lberg. Don't be afraid that the other person will feel that you are fickle. Eric, you are young, have this privilege, SpInternet Explorer lberg won't mind. ."

    Eric took over the bricks in the hands of Motorola: "Kapoor, I just said that I understand the importance of the distribution channel to Firefly. Did not say to sell "Jurassic Park" copyright to SpInternet Explorer lberg. ”

    Fighting –

    Sitting in the back seat and listening to the conversation between the two quietly, Virginia couldn't help but laugh out, realized that he was out of his way, and quickly grabbed his mouth.

    Kapoor seemed to be stunned, staring at Eric with his eyes wide open, and eventually he was disappointed to get his big brother: "With you, I can say what I can say." Jeffrey is right, you are a stubborn and paranoid young man. ”

    "Don't worry, Kapoor, I have my own plan, you think about it, I am an English-American person, I still have United Kingdom citizenship. So even if you make a good deal with SpInternet Explorer lberg, it is not possible to break into the Jewish circle. ”

    Eric didn't think about these things. In several of Firefly's movies this year, his next three movies have already been set up, one for Columbia and the other two for Fox according to the previous contract.

    Although the other three films have not yet confirmed the issuer, he has received a lot of intent information from the six majors, and he can sign the issuance contract at any time if he wishes.

    If all of these movies can be sold like Box Office like previous life, then you can accumulate a large amount of original funds for him. Even if one or two of them because of the butterfly effect box Office is not ideal, it will not hurt him, at most just less to make a point, after all, in addition to the Columbia to do the 40 million USD of the "Running out of Time", the other several projects in the film investment in 10 million , even if only one of the previous life as a big explosion, he can recover all the investment and make a fortune.

    After this year, as Kapoor said, the giants will definitely realize that he has taken too much and will try his best to suppress him and squeeze the benefits he deserves, but at that time he already had enough original accumulation and he did not cope. There will be no power to fight.

    Not to mention that the six conferences will not really hold a group to suppress him, even if this less than a percentage of the rate really happens, then slowly recharge your batteries. Moreover, Eric does not believe that if he has the ability to bring great benefits to the other party, the giants will reach a consensus for a long time to deal with him. People are distracted, and the three monks may not have water to drink, let alone six. !

    "Kapoor, come here tonight, the car borrows from me, you go to drive me."

    Kapoor glanced at the girl sitting in the back seat of the car and shook her head. "No, Eric, car can't borrow, let alone drink." I will send you home. ”

    "Kapoor, don't be so real, don't think that you can shave your head as a light bulb."Eric whispered silently, and Virginia, sitting in the back seat, had already lowered his head with shame.

    Kapoor smiled and said: "You misunderstood, I am not so ignorant. I mean, I will send you back. I only drink a few mouthfuls of champagne. More importantly, I have experience in 甩paparazzi. It was With this skill, I got to my first employer. I don't want to go to the public relations for your two lace news tomorrow morning. Eric, Beverly Hills or Malibu? ”

    "My home, Malibu is too far away."

    "Well, then you are in the back seat and the front row may be photographed."

    Eric switched from good to good in the back seat. Kapoor started the car and left the underground parking lot. Just on the road, several cars obviously followed. After a while, Kapoor looked at the rearview mirror and smiled: "A total of three paparazzi cars followed, and fortunately there were a lot of goals on the party, or else there might be a long tail."

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