The first chapter of the 128th chapter

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 128th chapter, the second time, the flying astronomy

    Eric looked back curiously for a moment: "Only two cars, the silver Honda, and a black one, that's Chrysler." ”

    "Oh, so, just let you drive my car away, you will wait for the newspaper tomorrow, and take a closer look."

    "You mean…"Eric took another moment and finally found another black car that was hidden: "The black Mercedes-Benz, paparazzi is Mercedes-Benz, too luxurious."

    "That's the car," Kapoor replied with a smile and curiously asked: "Is the Mercedes-Benz a luxury? I think the car is up to 30,000 USD?"

    "The amount is wrong."Eric was a little shameful. He just saw Mercedes, and he subconsciously thought of the more than one million luxury cars. He could only afford to hurt the public.

    Kapoor didn't ask again. He skillfully turned down the sunset and shuttled through the bustling streets in Los Angeles late at night. He almost stunned Eric, and when he reacted, Car appeared again on Sunset Boulevard. .

    "All done, now I look forward to your door without paparazzi blocking the door."

    "Kapoor, my family has a back door."

    Kapoor gave Eric a scornful look through the rearview mirror. In the smirk of Virginia, Eric raised his hand: "Well, I don't talk."

    Car stopped at the door of the Eric mansion, Eric and Virginia didn't show their faces, and Kapoor took Eric's key to open the door and drove the car directly into the yard.

    "A Paparazzi car is parked in a place more than ten meters on both sides of the door. Eric, it is best to be careful when Virginia leaves tomorrow. Don't be photographed."

    "Reassured, I have a measure," Eric pulled the small hand of Virginia: "Kapoor, are you coming in for a while?"

    Kapoor shrugged: "Although I don't want to be a light bulb, I have to stay here for at least ten minutes to leave, otherwise I shouldn't just drive in."

    "Understood, come in for a cup of coffee."Three people walked to the villa together, and there was light in the living room. Eric explained: "Drew is at home these two days."

    Shantou was run back because of Oscar. Eric thought that Eric would take her to red carpet and the result was changed to Virginia. Therefore, Xiao Nizi will play a small temper from time to time.

    Pushing the door open into the living room, the sound of the TV set is very small, and there is a petite body in the sofa. Eric stepped forward and gently pushed Drew, who was pushing a pillow: "Drew, wake up and go upstairs to sleep."

    After a few pushes, Shantou finally reacted and stumbled: "Hey…Eric, don't get me, sleepy! ”


    Eric stunned and looked at the two petites behind him: "This, I swear I have never done anything out of the ordinary!"

    This explanation is very pale and powerless, and Kapoor and Virginia are clearly not convinced.

    "Too rush…"Virginia muttered.

    "Don't forget the safety measures…"Kapoor is a professional manager for the sake of the employer.

    In the face of two eyes that did not believe in their own defense, Eric slammed his shoulders: "Well, I don't explain, why should I explain to you, Vicky, coffee in the kitchen, you entertain Kapoor." I sent my hoe to the bedroom."

    Eric finished, took out the pillow in Drew's arms, picked up the girl and walked up the stairs, went to Drew's bedroom, put the hoe on the big bed and carefully covered the quilt before closing the door.

    At the moment when the door closed, Drew on the big bed immediately opened his eyes, and looked at the door with a sparkling look. He shouted silently, lifted his foot and lifted his thin body, and madly slammed it on the bed. : "Haha, let you not take me to Oscar!"


    The bedroom door was suddenly pushed away again, and Eric leaned his arms against the doorframe: "I know that your little girl is deliberate, and I am not afraid that I will be sent to jail. Have you been sleeping on the street since then?"

    The Shantou prank was caught on the spot, and for a second, he immediately climbed to the edge of the bed and pulled back the quilt that fell to the ground. He quickly covered himself up and muttered: "This time I really sleep."

    "Drew, Virginia will stay here tonight, don't mess up."

    The thin was pulled down, and the sparkling eyes were revealed: "Can I stand by?"

    “NC-17, young people under the age of 18 are forbidden to watch.”

    "I can sneak a peek."

    Eric added some tone: "Drew, I am serious."

    "Ok……Ok, okay, I don't see it," Drew said, pulling the quilt over his head and deliberately turning his back to Eric, like a little wife who was angry with her husband.

    Eric looked at the girl's move silently, and after a while he closed the bedroom door and walked away.

    Kapoor left after a cup of coffee, a pair of men and women kissed, Eric picked up the girl and went to her bedroom, put Virginia on the bed, Eric looked at the bedroom in Virginia with a puzzled look. In a corner, I locked the bedroom door with confidence and turned off the light and rushed to the girl.

    The girl in the dark kept on and off: "Would you like…first……Bathing? ”

    The man gasped heavily, and the movements in his hands kept going: "It’s too late, wash it again."

    Over and over, I don't know how long it took, Drew's bedroom door was still gently opened, and the girl walked barefoot through the dark corridor with bare feet, and put it in front of Eric's bedroom door and put her ear up.

    After listening to the eaves for five minutes, the girl just boring and straightened up, and returned to her bedroom with a dissatisfied mouth, muttering in her mouth: "It’s so loud, it’s really enough."

    Back to the big bed, and boring for a long time, Shantou was originally a night owl, the deeper the spirit of the night, let alone the current situation.

    The screams of the woman who had just overhearded were always in my mind. Unconsciously, the thin pink nightdress was thrown out. After a while, a white trousers floated out of the bed. The uplifted thinness was raised up and showed a rather irregular awkwardness.


    I don’t know why today, it’s especially early to wake up, well, it’s not too early, it’s already nine o’clock. However, compared to Drew who can often sleep until noon, this time is really early.

    Dressed and looked at the mirror while brushing your teeth.

    Oh, dark circles, um…I blame the two hateful guys, hatefully brush their teeth, walk out of the bedroom, and the villa is quiet. The other two people obviously did not get up, maybe it was too late to play last night.

    Dogs, men and women, hey!

    I really want to rush to the door of Eric to wake up two people. If I think about it, I will sleep a little late, and I will not sleep late at a young age. How can I do it!

    Stepping on the furry slippers, I went downstairs and cooked a small pot of milk porridge. I took a small spoon and ate it. Well, it was a bit sweet and it was okay.

    Give yourself a small bowl, take out the bread from the spinning machine, and walk towards the restaurant.

    Stuffed a few mouthfuls of bread with smeared sauce, smashed the scorpion, holding a small bowl and licking the porridge, the living room door seemed to be ringing.

    Hey, scream!

    Shantou almost forgot to put down the porridge and walked out of the restaurant with a small bowl.

    Aniston, who was in the dust, looked around with a red suitcase and saw Drew appear at the door of the restaurant. The expression of interest was quickly faded.

    "What about Eric?"Little girl naturally asked, that tone is like a hostess asking the family's little sister, if it is other times, Drew will definitely be rebellious, but now…

    Shantou held the small bowl in one hand to block his face, and the crystal-eyed eyes looked at Aniston. He stretched out his small arm and exaggeratedly pointed the way to the immortal. He pointed to the upper floor and said with a thoughtful attitude: "Left upstairs and second south." ”

    Aniston was keenly aware of the strange, glanced at Drew with a suspicious look, or put down his suitcase and walked up the stairs.

    Shantou held the bowl to block the little mouth that was almost cracked. The eyeball follower Aniston's figure waited until the other side disappeared at the corner of the stairs, and then sighed twice and slammed his feet and turned a beautiful circle. .

    "Eric, don't blame me this time!"

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