Body Chapter 129 Injury

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 129 hurts, floating astronomy

    Shantou Xing hurried back to the restaurant to grab a piece of bread and prepare to watch the play while eating breakfast. After considering it, I chose a safer location – the entrance to the restaurant.

    In less than a minute, Drew’s expectation of stretching his neck, there were a few quick arguments upstairs.

    "Eric Williams, I won't forgive you anymore, you bastard, big bastard!"

    In this voice, Aniston slammed down the stairs and slammed down the second floor, glanced at the lively Drew, and pulled the suitcase away.

    "Jenny, you wait for me, don't be impulsive."

    Eric's voice sounded, and then the figure wearing only one pair of trousers appeared on the corner of the V-shaped staircase. When Aniston pulled up the suitcase, he would leave again. Eric didn't pay attention to his feet under the urgency, and stepped on the air. A few times, I rolled down the stairs.

    "Wow," Drew grew his mouth and saw Eric rolling down the stairs. Not too worried, but some gloating, because the stairs were less than two meters high.

    And Aniston saw this scene and sighed with relief.

    Unfortunately, things seemed to be unexpected. Eric rolled down the stairs and fell to the ground directly on his back. Then, blood began to flow from his forehead, and the whole person did not move.

    The atmosphere stagnated, and with a bang, the porcelain bowl containing the porridge fell to the ground and shattered, and the hoe rushed up in horror.

    "Eric, are you okay, hello, you talk, you…Don't scare me! ”Drew pounced on Eric, shouting Eric's name, while wiping the blood on his forehead, but found the blood more rub more, directly will be the cuffs of the girl's pajamas dyed red, carefully checked, only to find a forehead with a centimeter or so wound, blood is bubbling from the wound gush, and Eric The whole man has passed out.

    Aniston was eager to leave, saw the scene, hesitated or put down the suitcase and walked up. Bypassing Drew's body and seeing Eric's blood spilling over his forehead, he panicked.

    "how……How could this be? ”

    Shantou had some trouble in holding Eric's head in his arms, holding Eric's forehead wound in a strange way, and a lot of blood was on his pajamas in front of him. His eyes were red like a bunny, and he looked up and slammed into Aniston. : "Bitch, quickly call an ambulance ah. Eric, if there is anything, I killed you, I swear! ”

    Aniston was scared of a cold war by Drew's hysterical threat, rushing to the phone and shouting 911. At this time, Virginia, dressed in grass and grass, went downstairs to see the scene, and quickly rushed over.

    "Drew, let me come, I am coming."

    "Go, get out ah, ye Bitch, blame you, or else it will not hurt Eric, you guys Bitch, Bitch ……"

    Although insulted by Drew, Virginia is not a taste, but she is a mature woman after all, knowing that it is not the time to care about this: "Drew, it is not easy to stop the blood, there is a first aid kit, tell me soon. Where is the first aid kit?"

    "Eric bedroom, closet," Drew said without hesitation, and Virginia quickly got up and ran upstairs.

    "seem……He should be placed flat on the ground…"Aniston, who had finished the call, came over again and saw Drew sitting on the floor and holding Eric in his arms. He couldn't help but suggest some plausible medical common sense.

    Drew coldly glared at Aniston, carefully pressing the wound on Eric's forehead, placing Eric flat on the floor, thinking about taking off his cartoon slippers on Eric's back.

    Aniston looked at Drew's appearance, and she was a little bit sour in her heart. She was Eric's true girlfriend. Why does this scene look like the third person? And looking at Drew's maddening female leopard, Aniston turned out to be a bit sloppy at Basic Instinct. It seemed to be a little closer, and she would be swallowed up by a beast.

    Virginia quickly returned with a first aid kit: "Drew, let me come, I have learned some first aid."

    Drew quietly stepped back and watched Virginia skillfully wrap the wound for Eric's hemostasis. He just put a little bit down and glanced at Aniston, who stood next to him. "You don't want to go, now you can roll, don't Looking for Eric."

    "I……"Aniston finally got angry: "I am Eric's girlfriend, why do you order me! You are just a pet he has! ”

    Drew sneered at the corner of his mouth: "What about pets, at least not like your stubborn and stupid woman, all day knowing to play some self-righteous temper in front of him."

    "You are an idiot," Aniston snarled retortedly and pointed to Virginia: "I am his girlfriend, is he…Shouldn't he be angry with him? ”

    "He is such a good man, what happened to a few women?"

    "you……"Aniston was dumbfounded by Drew's powerful logic.

    Virginia carefully wrapped Eric's wound on his forehead, and felt Eric's chest feel the other's heartbeat before he let go of his heart. Listening to the quarrel between the two girls and the three unreasonable logic, the distress is about to stop, the doorbell rang.

    “The ambulance is coming,” Aniston whispered, and Drew immediately forgot the quarrel and rushed out to open the door.

    Virginia didn't want to let outsiders find themselves appearing until the ambulance drove to the front of the villa. She didn't want to find out that she was here. After all, she and Eric were not in a good relationship. Aniston saw Virginia's move and subconsciously wanted to hide upstairs, but glimpsed Drew waving his small hand to the medical staff who came over to explain the figure eagerly and stopped.

    The medical staff re-implemented Eric for a simple treatment before embarrassing Eric was taken to the ambulance. Aniston saw Drew follow the car and couldn't help but get together. The ambulance departed from Eric's mansion and whistled all the way to the nearest hospital.

    A paparazzi who was at the door of Eric's house saw this scene as crazy. He felt keenly that something was definitely going on, and he started the car directly.

    In less than an hour, Eric was stunned and admitted to the hospital in the Los Angeles news media.

    "This morning, young director Eric Williams slipped down the stairs and was unconscious until now," the reporter told a live report at Beverly Hills Zhangkomir Surgery Hospital, "the TV screen switched to the scene, a hospital door, A full of forty or fifty journalists from all kinds of media, bustling about the hospital door completely blocked up, and the camera just appeared al Pacino with sunglasses face seriously down the business car, quickly by a large group of reporters around the scene of the interview.

    A young blonde female reporter stood in front of the camera and said with a microphone: "Eric has been in a coma for three hours now. According to the current news, Eric Williams has different degrees on his back, elbows and knees. Contusion, but the most serious is the sharp impact on the head and cause a lot of blood loss. It is not currently certain whether this injury will lead to more serious consequences. As we all know, brain trauma is one of the most difficult to estimate the consequences. ”

    Inside the hospital, Jeffrey and Kapoor were the first to come, followed by Al Pacino, Tom Hanks and other Actors who are closely related to Eric. The two Directors of The Others and Scent of a Woman also rushed. Come over, Eric was sent to the ward after a series of checks, and everyone gathered in the office to listen to the analysis of the condition of Eric's attending physician.

    "CT and MRI results show that Mr. There are no symptoms of skull fractures and internal bleeding in Williams' head, so there is no need to worry too much at the moment. ”

    "Dr. Duncan, when can he wake up?"Drew, standing at the front of the crowd, asked eagerly.

    Dr. Duncan hesitated, saying: "It should wake up within eight hours."

    "Why should it be, doctor, can't you be sure?"

    Dr. Duncan has taken a point.

    "How can this be, you are a doctor, how can you be sure, are you not the best doctor here?"Drew was almost excited to rush, but was pulled by Jeffrey: "Drew, don't give a gift."

    Dr. Duncan looked at Drew with one foot on his bare feet. The pajamas were covered in blood on the chest and did not mind the rudeness of the girl. Instead, he patiently explained: "Miss Barrymore, Mr. Williams' degree of injury, according to past experience, should have been awakened now, but he did not wake up according to common sense, so I can not give you an accurate answer, but also need to observe and wait patiently. ”

    Drew sullenly waved his hand: "No, I want to transfer, I am going to the best hospital in Los Angeles, I…"

    Jeffrey pressed Drew's shoulder and whispered: "Drew, don't make trouble, it's already the best brain hospital in Los Angeles."

    Dr. Duncan said again: "Maybe, this time you can try to speak in the patient's ear, perhaps to wake up."

    After hearing this suggestion, Drew immediately turned to the Eric ward and waited for the figure to disappear. Jeffrey asked: "Doctor, is this method really useful?"

    Dr. Duncan smiled bitterly: "I just want to find something for Barrymore. Her mood is too unstable and it is likely to collapse."

    The scene was silent, no one said anything. A group of people left the office and came to the door of Eric's ward. They saw that Drew was whispering something in Eric's ear. They didn't go together and could only stand outside the corridor.

    A few passing by, watching Al-Pacino, Tom Hanks, these stars appeared here, are eager to go forward, but see the cold look of everyone, and they are very retreating back.

    The oldest Jeffrey finally said: "Would you like to go back first, it’s useless here, and I’m just staying here with Kapoor."

    After everyone heard it, they all left and left, leaving only Jeffrey and Kapoor, and stubbornly Aniston. She also wanted to get to the front of Eric's bed. She could see Drew's madness and fear.

    Eight hours later, Eric still didn't wake up, even this evening, Eric did not wake up to the signs, Drew again a crazy, mad to the anger of fear transferred to Aniston, little girl's neck was scratched two traces of blood before being Jeffrey and Ka Poor pulled open, Aniston also began to some regret up, even when drew came in and forgot to resist.

    In the evening, many people finally couldn't sit still. Fox's Barry Diller and Columbia's Amy Pascal appeared in the hospital in the night, and a large group of reporters still stuck in the hospital's door again excitedly wanted to surround the two interviews. But they were pushed away by the powerful bodyguards.

    The two first went to the ward to see Eric, and then, as usual, asked Eric's condition to the incurable physician.

    "Doctor, there is no possibility of vegetatives?"After listening to Duncan's explanation, Barry Diller asked the questions that most people wanted to ask but didn't dare to ask.

    Duncan held the pen in his hand and slammed it twice. He said: "This chance is very small, but…Not impossible. ”

    Fortunately, Drew is still on the edge of Eric's bed. If I hear this, I don't know what crazy it will be.

    Jeffrey and others looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

    The sadness on Barry Diller and Amy Pascal is even heavier. They are not sad for Eric, but worried about Fox and Columbia. Both companies now have Eric's movie contract, if Eric's next movie The project has been aborted…

    After an unsuccessful negotiation, Barry Diller and Amy Pascal had to leave an hour later.

    Perhaps everyone had to be shocked by Eric's outrage. At four o'clock in the morning the next morning, Eric, who had been in a coma for nearly 19 hours, finally woke up. After the doctor had done the check, Drew, who had red eyes and scattered hair, pulled Eric's big hand that woke up, and rubbed his face in the face for a while, and squatted and fell asleep on the bedside.

    The restless Jeffrey and Kapoor were sitting on the edge of Eric's bed with relief. Seeing Drew's reaction, Kapoor stood up and said, "Eric, I am holding Drew and going to sleep in the next room?"

    "No, just here," Eric said, pulling the hoe and laying it beside him. Just to Aniston, who stood with his hands at the door, said: "Jenny, come over."

    Aniston came across obediently: "Eric, since…Since you are awake, then I will go first. ”

    Eric stretched out and held Aniston: "Don't go, Jenny."

    Kapoor and Jeffrey stood up and walked out very broadly: "Let's call to inform other people that you are awake, they are still worried about it now, and they will be relieved when they hear the news earlier."

    When the ward door closed, Aniston relaxed and sat down at Eric's bed.

    Eric strangely touched two red marks on Aniston's neck: "This is…"

    Aniston glanced at Drew, who was lying next to Eric, his eyes complex: "You mix…If you can't wake up, Drew will kill me. ”

    "Oh, she won't."Eric moved with a big hand and touched Aniston's face.

    "No, she will definitely," Aniston pulled Eric's hand: "I think…We still broke up, maybe…Maybe Drew is better for you. ”

    "I just took Drew as…When my sister looks at it. ”

    Aniston didn't entangle the problem any more, but said: "But me…I really can't stand your heart, Eric, when I saw your news in New York, I can pretend to comfort myself that it was made by gossip tabloid newspaper, but what I saw yesterday morning, let I can't lie to myself anymore, it's all true, I really can't stand it, so, you…Have you let me go? ”

    Eric holds Aniston's little hand tightly: "Forget it, Jenny, let's not talk about this issue. I recently planned to make a TV serInternet Explorer s. Do you want to play Heroine? I guarantee that this TV serInternet Explorer s will make you redder than those movie stars. ”

    Aniston slammed his hand, but failed to pull his hand back: "I don't…"

    "I really can't think of someone more suitable than you, Jenny, you don't want me to have another sea election, so there will be a lot of girls around me, you know, my will is always weak."


    "Okay, that's it."


    Aniston was reluctant, but Eric was more powerful, and it was the one thing that fell. Under Eric's hustle and bustle, Aniston agreed to it, and waited, the little girl found himself lying. On the other side of Eric, she was as sleepless as Drew, so she quickly slept with Eric.

    Although Eric has woke up, it may be that Eric wakes up too late and the newspaper has been printed.

    Anyway, the next day, Eric’s long unconscious news appeared on the newspaper.

    “Eric Williams was injured in an accident, and the “Running Out of Time” shooting plan will be deducted. Columbia is afraid to lose heavyweight bargaining chips.”

    "According to internal news, Williams has been unconscious for a long time and may be at risk of vegetative. Once this situation is realized, several of the film contracts signed with Columbia and 20th Century Fox will be aborted, and the development of the good-looking Firefly will also be a promising future. Not yet."

    There were a lot of the above two types of messages on the newspaper, but after Eric's wake-up news was clarified by Fox TV Station, these sensational reports became a piece of paper, although the price of Columbia and Fox both fell shortly after the morning opening. But as the clarification of the news quickly stabilized.

    At the same time, others have focused on other aspects, and this alternative focus has also attracted a large audience, such as a message in Los Angeles Metropolis news: "As we all know, Eric Williams has no family at the moment, Although the child actor Drew Barrymore and Williams are close, but two people are not related to each other, there is no legal relationship, Eric Williams is said to have not made any will before, once Eric Williams accident, the value of hundreds of millions of USD of the huge property would be no further , or will face the possibility of being taken over by the federal government. ”

    In the ward, although Eric felt that he had fully recovered, he had to stay in the hospital for a few days with the doctor's advice and the insistence of everyone.

    Looking at the news in Los Angeles Metropolis News, Eric smiled at Drew next to him: "Maybe I really should make a will, gimmick, how much do you want?"

    "Of course it's all mine," Drew boringly looked at a magazine and looked up at Eric. "You forgot what we are in "17 again"?"

    "amount……I thought that you would say that I don't want a penny. As long as you are good, you want all my property. It really makes me sad. ”


    While Eric was bored in the ward wondering whether to make a will, United Kingdom paparazzi, thousands of miles away, found another thing that Eric's openly father was dead, but his mother's identity was a mystery, The discovery has made many paparazzi ecstatic, and it must have been an explosive news to find the whereabouts of Eric Williams ' mother.

    As the birthplace of paparazzi, the United Kingdom paparazzi's deep digging was really good. Soon they found Eric's childhood in London, and then visited the neighbors near Eric's home that year, and they found some clues.

    "That is a very temperamental woman…"

    "Even when I go out, I always wear a veil. I have never seen her true face…"

    "It is estimated that it is a rich lady, but it disappeared after giving birth to a child. Ralph is really a dog…"

    Dickens, United Kingdom tabloid newspaper have only found these snippets of information, that is, no one remembers Eric Williams ' mother, which makes tabloid newspaper more Swing space, agreed that this may be a princess fell in love with the groom's fairy tale, although the end is not good, but single a good son.

    The news of these fabrications quickly spread to United States, and Eric saw it without any surprise, but he was relieved. I can't find the best. If there is a 'mother' who has never met, he really doesn't know how to deal with it. It is best to keep this mystery forever.

    After April Fool's Day, Eric went through the hospital and carefully left the hospital. The storm was completely over. "The preparations for Running Out of Time have been all in place, and in the remaining days, Eric has started the run-in with Cruise and Hanks, waiting for the official launch of the movie on April 5.

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