The body of the 130th chapter of the small people

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 130th chapter of the little people, floating astronomy

    Johnnie is one of the few Hong Kong films that Eric prefers to director, if the White Dove Wu because of "the hero itself," The great success, stumbled into the exploration of the formation of their own set of Sanbang of the violence of the words, then Johnnie is after dozens of of the film's groping and experience, To form a mature and distinct personal style. In his film, he has a black philosophy that combines elements of coldness, violence, fate and sadness.

    "Running Out of Time" is a rare piece of sadness in Johnnie To's work. If you evaluate the film from the perspective of an ordinary audience, then the most vocabulary is definitely a word: cool! This is the main reason why Eric chose this film.

    At the same time, this is a bold attempt by Eric. He wants to see if such a movie that does not exist in the history of Hollywood will succeed.

    In the next ten years of memory, many of the big movies in Hollywood are now famous, and Eric wants to take food from the giants. The difficulty is not that big, especially after others know that he is optimistic about a movie. . And those big-selling movies that are not copyrighted by copyright are not many. If you follow the current progress, you may shoot it in two or three years.

    Of course, this is also a fairly safe attempt. First of all, the story of "Running Out of Time" is very exciting, and it is also recognized by the two big coffees of Cruise and Hanks. This shows that this story does not have the difference between the tastes of the East and the West. problem.

    Secondly, the two male protagonists Eric has now have Box Office protection. Tom Cruise has just experienced the success of Rain Man. The popularity has once again reached a small peak, and Tom Hanks relies on the "Big" last year. "I just got the nomination for Oscar's best actor. Coupled with Eric's own Box Office appeal in several previous movies, and this cool script, according to the analysis of Columbia's data department, the film is very easy to get 100 Million USD Box Office in the summer. thing.

    On April 5th, in a large studio in the Columbia Film Industry, "Running Out of Time" was officially launched. The first thing to do was a series of indoor scenes. This time Eric didn't plan to follow the chronological order of "Pretty Woman". Take a picture.

    "Running Out of Time" The characters of the two protagonists are very clear, without any change before and after, a savvy and capable, a wise and wise. As long as you can enter the show smoothly, no matter how you start shooting from that scene, there will be no big problem. Therefore, Eric has determined the shooting process from simple to internal and from the inside out.

    In the ward, Cruise's Andy learned that after his condition deteriorated, he still began to dress slowly from the hospital bed without changing his color.

    “How long is it?”

    "For four weeks, if you bleed inside, you will die at any time."The mentally ill doctor sat behind the desk and replied in a hoarse voice.

    The action of Andy's dressing did not stop because of the bad news. After the belt was fastened, he handed a dozen banknotes to the doctor: "It doesn't matter, give me four weeks of painkillers."

    After taking the painkiller, Andy finally put on his coat and left to leave. It seems that some doctors who said that he said: "I don't think we will meet again."

    "It’s all in this life," Andy replied calmly.


    After this shot was completely finished, Eric called the pause, neither saying 'Good' nor saying 'No-Good', sitting behind the monitor, and slightly frowning seemed to be thinking about something. Although she was discharged from the hospital, Eric still had bandages on her head and occasionally had headaches. However, after repeated examinations, she found no problems and Eric was no longer nervous.

    There is nothing special about this performance of Cruise. It can be done easily with his acting skills. Later, this shot will be combined with Andy’s lens on the roof, using the montage method to mix and cut, and also use the fast lens. And the processing method of the slow lens, there will be two fast and slow lens switching in just two shots.

    This was done, and the voice of nervousness was mingled with the clatter of the second hand, is to the audience imperceptibly a hint of the passage of time, Andy only four weeks of life, after a few short shots of the language of expression, will arouse the hearts of the audience nervous and curiosity, the remaining four weeks, what will he do?

    The staff present were all old Eric team members who had worked together several times, so I saw Eric fall into this kind of thinking more than once in the filming process, so everyone was very tacit to not bother him, finishing the instrument lightly. Wait patiently for Eric to come back.

    But after a minute of Cruise, I was finally impatient. He felt that there was nothing wrong with his performance. If it was, then pass it. If it doesn't work, Cruise feels that he doesn't mind to come back several times. Now this What is the situation?

    "Hey, Eric, what's the lens, do you need to come back?"Cruise finally couldn't help but walk to Eric and push the other side gently.

    Eric felt a figure suddenly appearing around him, because all the lights were artificial in the studio, and Cruise appeared just next to Eric, blocking a headlight behind him and forming a faint shadow in front of Eric.


    Eric suddenly raised his head in confusion and saw the expression of Cruise, explaining: "Sorry, Tom, I am thinking of some problems."

    “It’s okay,” Cruise said with a generous smile: “How about the lens, do you need to come back?”

    "I'm afraid we have to come again," Eric replied. "Wait a minute?"

    Cruise shrugged and stepped back, watching Eric yell at the lighter and smashing it, and the scene's lights began to dim slowly. It was no longer a scene that just simulated the sun. Eric stared at the monitor and waited until the light When he was satisfied, he let the lighting master stop.

    "OK, all the people are ready, just the shot, let's go again," Eric said aloud.

    After a while, the record went up and played the game board, and the filming began again.

    Eric stared at the pictures of Andy and the doctor on the monitor, and secretly compared the lens to the rooftop lens in the mind.

    This footage is used to illustrate the reality of the movie, and it's like Andy's memory on the platform, the audience will even look at this, creating a misconception that Andy wants to jump, and even think that it could be a flashback movie, and Andy used four weeks to complete all his wishes, and then born without Love, Ascended the roof of the building, and leaped down.

    Since it is used for explanation and recollection, Eric feels that the lens in the original version is too bright. It is exactly the same as Andy's light on the sunny roof. It can't give the audience any sense of difference, so the effect is much worse.

    It's not Eric's spit. Johnnie Film in the use of light as the White Dove Wu Sanbang general, in addition to the common high contrast and stage, there is no too many tricks, this aspect with the same personal style is strong, but the lighting and color use can be called Master Wong Kar-wai is completely not comparable, of course, Wang Kar Wai is to take art route, two people's films must not be compared.

    Solving the problem of light, Eric began to focus on the performance with Cruise. This little scene really has no place to play. Eric has no thorns. If Cruise's performance can bring unexpected surprises, then he is very happy, if not, Not disappointed, as long as he meets his personal standards.

    Anyway, the opportunity has been given to Cruise. Can you rely on this movie for nominations, even some performance awards, or Cruise's own efforts, Eric is more concerned about the movie Box Office.

    As for the prospect of Oscar, which was previously described in order to convince Cruise to agree to the situation of men dressed as women, huh…All Director producers don't say anything when they fool into Actors. Eric doesn't feel guilty at all. He is more concerned about the Box Office of the movie. After all, he is so young, the desire for Oscar awards is not very strong, and he is immersed. Making money is the last word.

    "Running Out of Time" The theme of this film is novel, but can you please the Oscar judges, only God knows. Previous life Andy Lau got the first Hong Kong Film Award. If you think about it, maybe the public relations component is more. In addition, the Hong Kong film has declined in 1999. There are not many outstanding films. Andy Lau can realize the golden image. Awarded the emperor’s many years of wish.

    Just NG two or three times, this shot passed, the crew began to transfer to another room in the studio, the process took more than half an hour, the time a movie really used for lens shooting is not too Most of the time, it is spent on long-term scene layout.

    Most of the shots in these two days are Cruise's one-man show. He will finish Shane's Shane in his room, make women's clothes and vomit blood while drinking, and disguise as a shot of Andy's father Peter and the villain.

    Although there is an original movie in his mind, Eric has designed some additional scenes so that there is enough material for post-production. After all, this is already a brand new Hollywood movie, and Eric can't make the same thing as the one in memory.

    According to the shooting plan, this process will last for three days. After the fourth day, it is the group play of Hanks and others. Then there will be the indoor rivals of Cruise and Hanks. Eric is looking forward to that moment. The two superstars on the previous life are completely absent on the screen. Intersection, this has to be said to be a pity.

    Because the film was shot for a long time, the eight-hour crew received the work and told the Deputy Director to send the shots to the editing room. Eric took the lead to leave, except for the movie, he had more than others. More things to do. "The later part of Running Out of Time will also need to wait until the movie is completely filmed.

    The initial casting of "The Others" and "Scent of a Woman" has been completed, and he needs to finally make a Actor for the Actor, and he will also pay attention to "Steel Magnolias" shot in Louisiana from time to time.

    "Steel Magnolias" has been in production for a month, but with the ink of Herbert Ross, the older Hollywood movie director, the film's shooting progress has been less than half, and it will take at least a month. In order to filmed, post-production will take at least a month.

    Moreover, the film may even have the risk of overspending, Eric is very fond of this, "Steel Magnolias" is not a Firefly independent investment, before the 3 Million funds pulled by Herbert Ross alone.

    So Eric didn't mind investing another one or two million in the movie to expand the Firefly split, and Eric is now waiting for Herbert Ross to ask for money.

    "Hey, Eric, is the injury on your head?"

    Back in Firefly's office, Eric saw Jonathan Demme, who had been waiting here, and Jonathan could see a noticeable fatigue on his face, but his tone was still full of anger.

    "Thank you for your relationship, Jonathan, much better, has the information been brought?"

    “Here, I sorted out dozens of alternative Actor lists according to your requirements, which can make me tired.”Jonathan smiled.

    These days he is indeed the most tired person, all because of "The Others", because of the two small Actors in the script, stimulated by Stewart Langkel, Firefly received more than 5,000 small Actor's file.

    Many of the children who sent the files did not have any performance experience at all. It was just that many parents sent the files of their own children with the illusion that they wanted to get rich like a Longkel home overnight.

    In addition, some unscrupulous parents deliberately fabricated a lie that their own children had made in a certain movie or TV serInternet Explorer s, and the staff had to spend a lot of time to confirm the authenticity of these files. In this case, The difficulty of imagining a small Actor with potential is obvious.

    Eric didn't think about relying on the memory in his mind to directly find people with potential.

    However, the difficulty of doing this kind of thing is estimated to be greater than screening small potential Actors with potential in 5,000 people.

    Although Eric’s mind completely duplicates the memory of previous life, he still doesn’t know much about the information he didn’t know. If you arbitrarily say the name of a famous Hollywood Star, you may find hundreds of people in this country. A child of the same name with the same name came out, but the Westerners were not famous for their names.

    I took a thick paper bag from Jonathan Demme, which included not only the list of two children in The Others, but also three servants, the real Victor family, Gris husband and other Actors. .

    Although a few less important supporting roles, Eric has let Jonathan decide for himself, but he still has to look at it himself.

    First opened up the information of the two important small Actors. Eric looked at the list of ten little boys and was surprised to see the name of Macaulay Culkin, but the other nine boys did not know.

    Directly to Culkin's information, although there is no "Home Alone", but the boy still has two films to participate in the experience, which explains why the other party appears on this list. Directly pulling out Culkin's information, Jonathan glanced curiously: "Eric, have you seen this boy?"

    Eric shook his head: "No, this is eliminated." ”

    "Forehead, I think this boy named Macaulay Culkin is the most exciting of the ten children…"

    Eric can't tell Jonathan anymore. He doesn't want Macaulay Culkin to be as famous as previous life. "The Others" can't bring the same reputation as "Home Alone", but the impact is certainly not too low.

    It is the best choice for Macaulay Culkin to maintain one or two less-than-selling movies from time to time. After the boy is an adult, he can choose his own path.

    The boy is now taken up, and his pair of wonderful parents will definitely destroy the poor boy like a previous life.

    "Jonathan, you forgot, the character of Nicholas, the boy in The Others, is rather sloppy. Looking at the big eyes of the boy in the photo makes me feel too clever, so I can't."

    Jonathan looked at Eric's thoughts and found out that it was: "Well, I really ignored this."

    Eric continued to look at the information of the remaining nine boys and suddenly looked up and stared at Jonathan Demme, who was sitting across from him. Asked: "Jonathan, are there any of these kids?"

    Jonathan Demme gaze a few times, his face slightly red, and finally nodded, got up and pulled out a boy's information: "This…This Brian Baker is the youngest son of an Actor friend I have worked with before. Sorry, Eric, I shouldn't do this, but I swear, I seriously decided to add the kid to the kid after the interview. ”

    Jonathan said that he was about to smash the boy's information into a trash, but it was stopped by Eric. After reviewing the information, Eric looked at him with satisfaction: "Jonathan, just let him."

    "Well, I am really sorry…Amount, Eric, what do you say? ”Jonathan turned back and looked up at Eric in an incredible way.

    Eric smiled and said: "I mean, just let him, you know, I don't have time for an interview now. Moreover, I believe that you will not make a joke about this movie, right? ”

    "when……Of course," Jonathan must have nodded. The film is related to his future in Hollywood, and he can rely on it.

    "So, is there anyone else?"Eric asked again.

    This time Jonathan shook his head firmly: "Absolutely no, Eric, all the remaining Actors are not related to me."

    Eric was also a temporary affair, selling Jonathan a small person, although because of "The Others", he has given a big opportunity to the other side, but Eric does not mind giving more than what to pay. Jonathan Demme is a very good potential stock, Eric has decided to take it to his knees, in addition to the future "The Silence of the Lambs", Hanks' first Oscar film "Philadelphia Story" is his Director.

    Since the boy has already been determined, there is no need to read it again. I will take the file bag with the alternative Actor of the little girl and open it.

    In fact, Hollywood is really small, it seems that it is true, this time there have been two known actresses.

    Kirsten Dunst and Sarah Michel Gaila.

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