Body Chapter 131 Lifetime 12-year-old Lolita

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 131st chapter of the shelf life of 12-year-old Lolita, floating astronomy

    Just seven years old in the photo, Kirsten is as delicate as a doll, with blond hair, a rounded face, a princess dress, and a cute bud silk visor with a nice golden bangs in front of him.

    Unfortunately, Eric knows that the actress will be more and more ruined in the future. After her adulthood, she will not have the appearance of a white jade.

    Perhaps it is not too shameful in the eyes of Westerners, but with the aesthetics of his Orientals, it is really impossible to see beautiful places. If you really want to boast a sentence, you can only say that there is temperament. It seems that this is not a woman’s words. .

    For Lolita, who only has a shelf life of only 12 years old, Eric chose PASS directly. The girl doesn't have much potential to dig. If it is not fortunate to be a spider girl, perhaps this child star will be awesome after two thousand years. .

    In parallel time and space, after the completion of the "Spider-Man" trilogy, Kirsten Dunst's career plummeted and almost disappeared into the public's field of vision.

    I took another acquaintance girl, Sarah Michel Gaila. Compared to Sarah in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the girl's face is round and round. Although she is almost twelve years old, she still looks very petite. The girl who is about ten years old is completely fine. It is estimated that this is Sarah. The reason for the selection.

    Compared to just having a "New York Story" experience in Kirsten, Sarah's resume has a series of movie titles, of course, not famous, at least as much as Eric's readings. Have not seen it.

    "Jonathan, how is your impression of this girl?"Eric handed Sarah's information to Jonathan Demme.

    Jonathan took a look and immediately recalled the scene of Sarah's interview: "The child started to star in the movie at the age of four. The performances she filled out in the materials were all true. The girl had a strong sense of the camera during the interview. Falling down and generous, nothing at all. I talked to her a few words, very smart and very sensible. Although the girl looks very small, she is already twelve years old, and she is somewhat precocious, and her mind is at least fourteen. If you use her, it will be very easy to shoot when compared to those who are really ten years old. ”

    Eric took the information back and decided: "That's her, you should communicate with her as usual, you must sign in to the United Talent Agency."

    Although Eric and Kapoor have said that they have not planned to expand the United Talent Agency for several years, the Actors developed by his film project must not be cheaper than other Brokerage Firm. Because of the "Creative artists Agency Revelation" that Eric concocted some time ago, many brokerage Firm are now beginning to make drastic changes to the original brokerage system, although it is impossible to completely imitate Creative artists Agency mode, but the detailed business model of Creative artists Agency was completely exposed by Eric, Creative artists Agency at least in the operating system is no longer able to maintain the superiority of the future brokerage Firm appear the warlords and the The situation is certain. Therefore, the United Talent Agency can develop steadily and calmly, without worrying about the status of the Creative Artists Agency.

    Watching Eric continue to open the information of other Actors, it seems to just sweep a few eyes, and then hurriedly decided the Actor candidate, Jonathan Demme is somewhat uncomfortable: "Eric, do not need to arrange another round of audition? Are you like this…"

    "Do you think I am too hasty?"Eric smiled and looked up.

    Jonathan scratched his head: "At least, should you look at the other's audition tape?"

    Eric will have one of the most actor lists in a pen circle, way: "No, Jonathan, I believe these people are chosen by you, and any one of them will be able to do the role they need, so I do not need any more, and again, I really can not afford too much time, "The others" also needs to be started as soon as possible, the Cannes and Berlin film festivals are out of the Venice, but I hope to catch up with the September Film Festival. ”

    "Well, I will inform these people as soon as possible."Jonathan nodded, and he seemed to understand something, maybe Eric did it to show his dominance in the project. Although the boy is young, his control is stronger than the emperors who were worried about being ousted by the prince.

    It’s a pity that the Actors who were not selected for the final list but were not selected, perhaps they are still excited to prepare for the third round of audition, but are destined to be disappointed. It seems that this is not fair, but Hollywood is like this. There are so many strange things, and there is never any fairness.

    Together with Jonathan, he sorted out a bunch of information in front of him, and Eric asked again: "Is the shooting scene falling?"

    "I commissioned United Kingdom's friends to find a few houses on some of the English Channel Islands, but I felt it was necessary to go on a field trip in the end, and to communicate with the owners of the mansion in person, you know, many of the oldest ancient homes belonged to the United Kingdom Noble, these people although are now very decline, but still remain in the bones of the obscure pride, so I have to personally come to visit, the other side feel respected, things can do a lot. ”

    Eric inexplicably remembered something from the previous life and showed a clear smile.

    Jonathan Demme suddenly said: "Actually, Eric, if you can come out personally, things will go even better, you are a United Kingdom. Many United Kingdom media now regard you as their pride. If you come out, those little nobles will definitely treat you as a guest, perhaps we can get some of the right to use the house without spending any money. ”

    Eric waved his hand: "Forget it, for so many years, I have forgotten even the United Kingdom, and I can't leave the crew now, and wait for "Running Out of Time" filmed, "The Others" must have been It’s been a long time since I started shooting.”

    The shooting process in the next few days is still very smooth. After all, it is a studio shot, with no restrictions on the exterior. Cruise also showed his first-class professionalism. If it wasn't for him to show his absolute leadership of Eric's crew from time to time, and always gesticulating the filming process, Eric would be happy to continue working with Atango.

    However, it is unlikely that the two will cooperate again in the future. With Cruise's personality, perhaps only the SpInternet Explorer lberg-level Director can use him without losing leadership. Many of the films from previous life Cruise, even though Director is not himself, still firmly control the control of the crew, and even the film giants who cooperate with it are not allowed to intervene.

    Eric and Cruise are considered a type of person in this regard, so the possibility of future cooperation between the two is doomed.

    "Brooke, you just look still not in place, see Andy Vomiting blood, you have to show panic and flawless, not disgust, so this facial expression should be big eyes, mouth slightly, and can never be expressed with a frown," Eric at this time frowning, raised his arm and knocked on the wrist of the Watch: " If we try again two times, we will be dragged to the afternoon, you will not be willing to waste their time and everyone, right? ”

    Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds stood in front of Eric and looked down like a little girl who made a mistake. As for whether it was loaded or not, no one can be sure, but it always weakens the man's anger. Eric is also in NG. After five or six times, I couldn’t help but reprimand.

    "Sorry, Eric, I seem to…I already feel a little bit. ”

    Eric sighed: "Then try again, all the people are ready."

    Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS sat back to their position, this is Andy and yoyo after the second encounter, together in a small restaurant to eat the scene, Eric still chose the shed to shoot, not to save money, 40 million USD budget is completely without the necessary savings, He just wanted to get these scattered indoor play finished as soon as possible, the location of the scene is a difficult to chew the bone. And Columbia's huge studios are also able to provide these conditions, even the streets outside the small restaurant are full-scale models. Although it is noon now, the conditions in the night are easily created in the shed.

    "Miss ShInternet Explorer lds, don't worry, take your time. We have plenty of time. I don't think this is your problem. Eric is still too young."

    Preparing for the gap, Cruise eagerly chatted with Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds.

    If Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds is so bad in Cruise's own movie, it is estimated that Cruise will be thrilled. But now Cruise seems to be willing to see Eric eating, but he is a modest gentleman, and close to the beauty.

    "Thank you for your comfort, Mr. Cruise," Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds responded with a smile.

    "So, is it free at night, Miss ShInternet Explorer lds, I don't know if I have the honor to have dinner with you?"

    Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds was gently trimmed after trimming, and subconsciously glanced at Eric not far away. If possible, she would prefer to invite Eric Williams instead of the married man.

    But the young director, who is five or six years younger than himself, makes her unpredictable, and she can be sure that Eric is very interested in her, her intuition as a pretty woman, and she's sure it's not her own feeling good, Eric. Occasionally looking at her eyes will involuntarily with a kind of hard to conceal the eagerly, like a 88-year-old eager young, but most of the time to act like a sophisticated middle-aged, with the kind of a sophisticated eyes of the flowers to enjoy her beauty and the body.

    "Mr. Cruise, can you give me a reply in the afternoon? I am not sure if there will be other things at night."Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds gave a slight resignation, but did not say completely.

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