Body Chapter 133 Lunch

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the main body, the 133th lunch, flying astronomy

    In an exquisite restaurant, Eric finished the food and smiled with interest and looked at Julia's graceful communication with the waiter, skillfully playing with the cutlery in front of him.

    "What do you think?"Julia quickly felt Eric's gaze and asked curiously.

    Eric shook his head. "Nothing, just suddenly remembering the first time I met you in Jeff's restaurant, I feel that you are changing a lot now."

    Julia obviously didn't want Eric to mention his most desperate period of time, and stunned the other side: "Are you asking for it?"

    “Of course not,” Eric laughed. “Just think…Very interesting, Cinderella turned into a tall princess in the blink of an eye. ”

    "Don't pretend to be 'Hollywood Cinderella' in my face, I am so upset by this title."Julia rolled her eyes, although the title contained the envy of the media and the public, but it also contained a lot of ridicule.

    "Well, then, how come you suddenly came back?"

    "I took a spokesperson and rushed back to shoot an advertisement, by the way…Look at you by the way. ”

    Julia said that he was squatting behind.

    In fact, she mainly came back to visit Eric. Advertising can be said to be an excuse. If she wants to, advertising in Louisiana is not a problem at all. Anyway, she is in a crew, and many equipments and personnel are readily available.

    But after all, Eric was unconscious for more than more than 10 hours, but in the end, although it is safe, but this matter is in Hollywood uproar, she is Eric single-handedly from an obscure little actor Hollywood superstar, if in Eric injury completely improved In the process, she never shows up, will inevitably be some media dubbed ungrateful evaluation.

    The reason why I waited for Eric outside the studio today, instead of privately, was Julia's thinking carefully, without him, in order to be able to create a little exposure, Julia is also a teacher. Although "pretty Woman" is still on the hot release, but she has disappeared in the media for exactly one months, "Steel Magnolias" filming in the Louisiana town is too remote, plus director Herbert Ross is worried about being disturbed by reporters, so the location of the news blockade is tight, even if there are 32 of kittens paparazzi found there, there is no valuable news.

    At the same time, Julia's heart was also a bit worried about visiting Eric privately. She remembered the private sneak visit to Eric. Every time she recalled that she had been tortured by Eric's harsh and harsh resentment, Julia said. I hate it for this incomprehensible man.

    “Thank you for your concern, Julia,” Eric said seriously, and curiously asked, “Right, what ad is it?”

    “Lancôme's perfume endorsement,” Julia shook a few fingers with a small smug in front of Eric: “One year, this number.”

    "Wow, that's a real deal…Huge money, "Eric is too lazy to ridicule, little girl, you don't mind if you have some little vanity, but if you want to show off, you can find a suitable object. Is it really appropriate to do this in front of your brother?

    "Well, I know you can't see it, don't use that look," Julia is dissatisfied with the next red lip, and think of their mouth will look bigger, he was not satisfied with his own, hurriedly put up lip corner: "I can not compare with you, a little injury, the whole United States eyes are attracted to come, Even the Oscar's thunder that had just been held had been robbed. ”

    "It should be said that I made a shield for this Oscar. If it weren't for me, this Oscar would get more buzz."Eric shrugged and replied: "In fact, the college should thank me."

    "I don't know this very well, but I only saw this year's Oscar's Director Alan Carr in Louisiana. Carr announced that he will never accept the party Director invitation again, but things should not be as bad as you said?"

    "It’s much worse than you think, but I can’t tell you too much, because I and many other award-winning guests and performers have signed a confidential contract to ensure that they are not mentioned within 20 years. Anything about this Oscar. And these days, Disney also came to join in the fun, threatening to sue the award ceremony for the private use of Snow White's portrait, anyway, at sixes and sevens, if it wasn't for me, this incident attracted the attention of most media, the college must at least do it once. An apology can calm the anger of the media and the public. ”

    Julia's eyes widened and listened to Eric's narrative, but after all, she couldn't understand too much. After all, she didn't personally participate in this Oscar. Even Oscar didn't take time to see the awards ceremony because of some shots. So the topic was quickly transferred to Eric's injury, and the girl was most concerned about Eric's forehead injury.

    "Hey, it’s not convenient in the car. Now I can talk about it. What is the injury on your forehead?" I don't believe that it is so simple to fall off the stairs. Is there definitely a hidden feeling? ”

    Eric's sharer reluctantly said: "This is the truth."

    "Definitely not," Julia said with a sly smile: "I read the newspapers of the previous day carefully. After you were injured that day, Drew and your girlfriend named Jennifer Aniston sent you to the hospital."

    "and then?"

    Julia leaned forward and lowered her voice. "I think it must be that your girlfriend Aniston suddenly went to your house that morning and found out that you and Drew were on a bed, and picking up the vase under the impulse?"

    The surprise of Eric's complexion vanished, although Julia this guess is far from the fact, but one thing is true, he was Aniston that little girl heart of the talent skills to hit, fortunately Virginia smart enough, the whole process of the incident did not appear, only in He was completely stabilized before he went to the hospital with other people to see him.

    Julia keenly grasped Eric's momentary expression changes, red lips slightly, showing a surprised expression: "No, I guess it?"

    "Absolutely, I swear to the lamp," Eric smiled at the crystal chandelier above his head. "I just accidentally fell. My pathology report has been on a lot of newspapers. You must see it. I have a lot of places in my body." Contusion, don't you think that Aniston has the ability to cause me such a wide range of injuries?"

    "That's not necessarily true," the girl looked at Eric up and down arrogantly. She seemed to be thinking about how to start if she wanted to cause such a injury.

    "Forget it, don't talk about this unpleasant topic. Let's talk about "Steel Magnolias". After all, I just passed the phone with Mr. Herbert Ross several times. Just how you feel like this party is here?"

    Julia shook her head honestly, and she is not sure why Eric will watch the movie until now, and she has toughly suppress her pay for her to participate. In Julia's opinion, "Steel Magnolias" is a trivial story with no central point. A group of housewives live an ordinary life day after day, all kinds of festivals, all kinds of life and death, all kinds of life trivia.

    "I still think that this story is too ordinary, no…No highlights? ”

    Eric was trying to answer, the waiter brought the dishes of the two people up, and opened the wine for the two in person, patiently waiting for the waiter to finish all this, Eric played with the dishes in front of him and asked: "Then you think, one What highlights should the film have?"

    Julia took a sip of red wine, put down the glass and thought about it, waving her hand: "At least…at least……"

    "At least there must be an unforgettable love story, male Heroine loves to die, or big scenes, speeding, exploding, flames or something?"

    The girl nodded quickly: "Yes, should there be at least these things?"

    "In public, I will not criticize you. If you want to know why, come to my house at night, I will give you a detailed analysis of the elements of a film's success. ”Eric said, still squinting at the opposite girl, with a smirk in his mouth.

    "amount……This, even if it is. ”Julia seemed to be scratched by Eric's gaze. She subconsciously leaned back and refused. She knew that if she went, she would have to be trained. Maybe she would be dragged into bed by this hateful man at night. .

    Eric was just a little teasing girl, and soon she took away the cynicism, and analyzed it in a serious way: "In fact, the success or failure of a movie, the most important thing is to see the story of Director can not cause viewers. Resonance."Steel Magnolias's script I have studied it carefully. This is a good story of putting the warmth of the ordinary into a trivial scene. At the same time, it will resonate with the audience's familiarity, and it will unknowingly shed tears. ”

    Julia showed an unclear and sharp look, seemingly convinced that he nodded, and then asked his most concerned question: "That…How many Box Office do you think this movie can get? ”

    "What do you think?"Eric asked.

    Julia hesitated for a moment, stretched out two fingers, and soon felt that the number was too underestimated, and added two more, hesitating and taking back one. She thinks that the film can get 30 million Box Office is good, and with the investment scale of the movie, Firefly can make a small profit. In fact, Julia feels that if she continues to play a romantic comedy, even if it is a similar theme, with the influence of "Pretty Woman", the film can get 50 to 60 million Box Office properly, but for this family trivia Like a movie, Julia really can't afford confidence.

    "You just don't have confidence in me?"

    "I just……Just not confident in this movie. ”Julia tells the truth.

    Eric wiped his mouth with a napkin without a hurry and smiled. "Well, how about making a bet? I bet that the movie Box Office will not be lower than 50 Million."

    "What is the bet?"Julia asked curiously.

    Eric showed another smirk: "If you lose, come to my house for a week of maid. If I lose, I will give the driver a week. ”

    If it wasn't for Eric to say the word maid, the expression was too evil, Julia almost resigned, she felt that her winning face was over 70%, and the maid of this era is still a very serious career. But after paying attention to Eric's look, Julia was keenly aware of the inadequacy and decisively refused: "No, don't gamble with you."

    "Or, 60 million?"

    Not only did Julia not be tempted, but she refused more firmly: "I don't think about it."

    Because Eric had a shooting job in the afternoon, the meal ended in half an hour, but it also provided a lot of photos for paparazzi. In short, Eric and Julia's sex scandal will definitely appear in the media tomorrow.

    After lunch, Julia sent Eric back to the studio.

    "When are you going back to the crew?"Eric asked at the door of the studio.

    "The plane at four o'clock in the afternoon."Julia didn't get off the bus and replied in the carriage: "Yes, Eric, the crew's shooting budget seems to be insufficient, maybe at least two million USD."

    "Mr. Ross let you say?"

    Julia nodded, and Herbert Ross didn't know that Eric had noticed that his crew had a tight budget and was even ready to budget. Considering that Julia is more intimate with Eric, when Julia came back, she asked the girl to test Eric's tone.

    After all, this is a small-cost movie. If you add another two million budget, the cost will reach 10 million USD, and Box Office will have to reach more than 33 million to recover the cost. Although Julia's joined, Herbert Ross himself is not sure whether the film with no comedy elements in this family class will reach the scale of more than 30 million Box Office.

    "This is no problem," Eric nodded. "You tell Mr. Ross, let him find Jeffrey for money."

    "Then I will thank you for Mr. Ross," Julia smiled and said goodbye to Eric before driving away.

    The first shot in the afternoon is Andy and yoyo in the little restaurant scene, do not know why, after eating a meal, Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS back to the morning that kind of state, this lens and repeatedly ng several times, although the girl repeatedly with that kind of delicate apology, Eric still can't help but made fire, but also in the heart for Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS drew a large fork.

    No longer cooperate, this beautiful vase is really tossing people, so many times the golden plum prize is really nothing, or continue to those who stand alone in the movie to harm others.

    At the same time, Eric also dismissed the idea of ​​a super friendship with Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds. Hollywood is so big, so much beautiful girl paper, not bad.

    After half an hour of tossing, the scenes in the restaurant are finally over.

    "Eric, I am sorry, I am a little bad," Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds completed his own shots, which means that today's work is all done, packing up their own things, changing clothes in the locker room, leaving soon At the time, I got in front of Eric.

    At this time, the dress of the girl is no longer the black professional dress in the lens. I don’t know whether it is intentional or not. The girl is wearing a tight dark blue high-rise jeans and the hem of the shirt is stuffed into the waistband. The upright hip curve and the slender legs are unobstructed in front of everyone.

    Almost all the men of the crew intentionally or unintentionally cast their gaze on the girl, and at the same time think of the famous jeans advertisement of Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds, even many people have a thought in mind, now between the girl and the jeans will not be true Nothing?

    Eric, though he gave up some thoughts, did not mind eating the Brooke tofu and admiring the Shinternet Explorer LDS exquisite appearance, as well as the perfect body curve, the expression slightly eased: "Never mind, Brooke, I hope you go back after you can seriously understand the rest of the play, those are exterior scenes, if such a waste too much time, it will certainly affect the filming progress, And it also consumes unnecessary budgets. ”

    "Well, I will definitely work hard," Brooke. ShInternet Explorer lds nodded and looked at Eric seriously. The high heels rubbed on the floor a few times, and the long legs followed the player in a slightly awkward position. After waiting for a few seconds, I found that Eric had taken back his eyes and had no plans to invite dinner.

    Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds didn't dare to do too much. If it was rejected by Eric, then she might be laughed at by the crew members, especially the Cruise that she had explicitly rejected, so she could only say something: "So, goodbye, Eric."

    "Goodbye, someone will inform you of the next show," Eric raised his chin and nodded to the girl. He took a pencil and took a few marks on the desk and turned to start picking up something to the assistant.

    Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds stopped for a few more seconds and could only get out of the way. She has just hinted so obvious, and Eric is still indifferent, which makes Brooke ShInternet Explorer lds somewhat frustrating.

    “How long does it take for Hanks to arrive?”Eric didn't care about the departure of Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds. Although he noticed the other party's suggestion, since it has already made a decision, it will definitely not change. If you can't resist lure in Hollywood, it's likely to bring very bad results.

    “There are still ten minutes,” Alan said.

    "Well, hurry up and clean up, let's move on to other scenes."

    Eric looked at his watch and thought about it.

    Cruise's one-man show has been completed. Next, Eric plans to shoot a few scenes of Cruise and Hanks in the small bar. Today will be the first match between the two protagonists. Think of the previous life. The two big coffees are almost parallel. During his acting career, Eric couldn't help but be a little excited. He was looking forward to what kind of sparks the two people would have when they played.

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