The main body of Chapter 134

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 134th chapter, the rival drama, The floating astronomy

    “Hey, Tom,” Hans appeared in the studio, and Eric greeted him enthusiastically. He liked the spleen and Hanks a little more than Cruise, who had always been polite.

    "Hey, Eric, I am not late?"Hanks came forward and hugged Eric and asked.

    "Of course not," Eric nodded to Hanks's assistant and turned to Hanks: "It takes about fifteen minutes to lay out the scene, and you just have to take the opportunity to make up."

    The two walked side by side to the dressing room. Hanks warmly greeted the crew members, looked around and curiously whispered, "Cruise?"

    "Maybe to make up the makeup," Eric said, Hanks nodded, didn't say anything, and met several times before. Hanks also didn't have much impression on this actor with the same name. Cruise is too arrogant. Even if he is polite to a person, he will have a feeling of being alms.

    The crew has already completed the makeup process before, so Hanks makeup doesn't take too long.

    After the breakfast room scene was set up, photographer Nickel walked to Eric, who was talking to Hanks and Cruise: "Eric, you better have a look."

    Eric apologized to the two superstars and got up and followed Nickel to the corner of the restaurant, where a camera was placed.

    "Eric, look here, there will be a quick-scanning lens, but I can only stand in this position to operate the camera," Nickel said awkwardly: "You see, this difficulty is a bit difficult, very Don't talk about it, and the strength is not easy to grasp."

    Although Eric is not as good as Nickel's professional, but also knows a lot of shooting skills, he tried to operate the camera rocker arm, it is very awkward, but the best operating position is occupied by the wall behind him.

    "Nickel, what do you mean?"Eric let go of the camera and asked him to clap his hands.

    "I can only try a few times. The shooting angle of this position is the best. If it doesn't work, and you want the best effect…"Nickel pointed to Eric behind him: "Then we can only remove this wall."

    "That should be tried a few times," Eric said. He didn't mind dismantling the wall. Anyway, this is a studio, not a location. Columbia will definitely cooperate, but it will at least waste another hour.

    "Well," Nickel nodded. "So let's get started."

    There are three scenes in this small restaurant scene. In the first scene, the two are completely strangers in their own breakfast. Of course, according to the plot, Andy has already begun to pay attention to Shane, but Shane is completely ignorant of this. In the second act, there will be a shot of two people rubbing their shoulders. Andy will leave a number 13 teacup mat to Shane. The third act is also the longest scene. Andy uses a minute to convince Shane to let the police Cooperate with himself to arrest the big villain and the monk to avenge his father.

    "All personnel pay attention, "Running Out of Time", the first act of the 12th act, action!"

    Shane stared at the newspaper in front of her, ate the cake, heard the sound of the restaurant door being pushed open, and naturally looked up and quickly turned her attention to the newspaper.

    "Good!"Eric gave a thumbs up to Hanks, followed by Cruise playing Andy eating, while staring at the slightly trembling lens on the top of the head, this shot is completely difficult for Cruise, and Eric is fair to the Cruise. thumb.

    There are three animated scenes in this scene, this should be Andy very like an animation, but only four weeks left in the case of life, every time to see that familiar picture, will let Andy produce a time not much of the sad mood, this is Andy every time see this lens will become speechless reason.

    Here, Eric is not going to look for an animated cartoon. He plans to use the lens of "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    "FrInternet Explorer nds" Although it only exists in Eric's plan, but after "The Others" and "Scent of a Woman" are on the right track, Jeffrey will start preparing for "FrInternet Explorer nds". In April, as long as the six protagonists can be identified, Eric has plenty of time to shoot several classic images of "FrInternet Explorer nds" into the movie.

    In the new movie, Eric Williams personally directed the TV serInternet Explorer s lens, which is a good gimmick for movie promotion, and also promoted "FrInternet Explorer nds", which is a win-win situation.

    After the completion of the two shots, the most difficult shots were quickly started.

    After the scoreboard was laid down, Eric stared at the monitor. Nickel operated the camera for a second on Hanks' face and then began to sway. Eric clearly felt the difficulty and unevenness of the lens transition.

    Even though the final shot stayed on Cruise's side, Eric could only call the card.

    Next, Nickel tried again six times and the results ended in failure. Eric knew why the shot was embarrassing, so he patiently let Nickel try it over and over again.

    But after the 11th attempt failed, Cruise finally a little impatient, he has been eating a lot of cream cakes, do not understand that he felt so simple to try so many times, while the staff will be back to the camera in situ, Cruise stood up, Glancing contemptuously at the sweat-laden nickel on his forehead, Eric said, "Eric, maybe I can introduce you to a better photographer." ”

    Cruise didn't mean to suppress the sound at all, and when he said this in front of everyone, the scene was directly paralyzed.

    Nickel has been operating for more than ten times because of the awkward posture. The waist has started to hurt a bit. I didn't expect my efforts to get such an evaluation. I want to glare at Cruise, but I am afraid that doing this will make Eric difficult. I can stand there helplessly.

    Many of the crew have expressed dissatisfaction with Cruise's rude words. They have worked with Nickel for many years and know the strength of Nickel.

    Although I have just experienced more than a dozen failures in succession, everyone understands the reason more and more through Nickel's operation of the camera, and patiently tries to accompany Nickel over and over again.

    In the face of everyone's gaze, Eric knows that this must be handled with caution. Otherwise, it will cause conflicts between the crew and the actor, but it is not good to bother the emotions of Cruise and the dissatisfaction of the staff. do.

    After thinking about it, Eric can only stand up and walk to the camera, patiently explaining to Cruise why the lens is so easy to fail.

    After listening to Eric's explanation, Cruise realized that he had just picked up Nickel and shrugged his shoulders to reveal a faint smile: "I am sorry, then let's continue."

    After saying Cruise, I sat back on my seat again.

    Eric patted Nickel's shoulders comfortably and whispered: "Try two or three times, and if you can't, break the wall."

    Nickel knows that Eric can explain the reason to Cruise himself. It is already very self-defeating. So he doesn't mind Cruise's sincere apology. He instead gratefully asks Eric: "I will try my best."

    Although this small storm seems to be cloudless, it is also destined to leave some traces in the hearts of many people. Anyway, because of a series of films by Cruise, some of the crew members who have a great affection for them are not. It is eager to perform on it.

    Perhaps because of luck, it may be other reasons. The second time I started the experiment, the lens finally passed. When Eric shouted 'Good', many people couldn’t help but kick up. Nickel also loosened. With a sigh of relief, I slammed my sore arm.

    Next, the second scene of the two men passed by easily passed, and finally reached the first rivalry of Cruise and Hanks.

    "Hey, how early is this inspector?"The young girl in the restaurant saw Shane, who came in and pushed in, and greeted him enthusiastically.

    "Yeah, I made a date," Shane replied, coming to the bar.

    Andy's mouth was stuffed with pastries, and when he heard Shane's words, he smiled and his expression was smug. In the past few days, Shane, the once-influenced police elite, was really worthy of praise.

    Shane squinted to Andy and patted the number 13 teacup on the bar.

    "Sit," Andy put down the water glass and said.

    Shane took a photo from his suit pocket: "You are very accurate, Mr. Zhang."

    "Is it found?"Andy turned his head.

    "You stole the gems, avenged your dad, and asked me to do it?"

    "I said, this game has to play for three days."

    Shane pointed to the pocket of the custom-made document on his chest: "Now is not your master, I am a policeman."

    "Clean up the warehouse, change the lamp…"

    After speaking this line, Eric shouted.

    "It is so, Cruise, you smile to be again appear to be sarcastic some," Eric first went to Cruise before, put forward his opinion, at the same time open a smile, want to do a demonstration for Cruise, but found himself not Xu Master kind can to actor model all the talent, Only disappointed: "That, suspend two minutes between, you make a good brew." ”

    After confessing to Cruise, Eric turned to Hanks again: "Hanks, you heard Andy's ridicule, you are too embarrassed, although your heart is very embarrassing, but you also have your own self-respect, so at the same time, you need to do something Body language, such as nodding, to cover up your own embarrassment."

    "Well, Eric, I think about it," Hanks nodded.

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