Body Chapter 135 D Head

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 135th chapter D word, floating astronomy

    Eric returned to his seat and after two minutes, the shooting started again.

    This part of the opponent's play lasted for more than three minutes. Of course, it was impossible to finish it in one breath. Eric divided the three-minute scene into seven sub-shots with an average of less than 30 seconds, and Eric strived to achieve perfection for each shot. So the number of NGs far exceeds the other shots taken these days.

    Cruise and Hanks are gradually becoming aware of what they are doing, and their requirements for performance are becoming more and more strict. At the end of the day, it is obviously more difficult. Sometimes Eric thinks that the effect is already available, Cruise or Hanks will pick out the initiative. I just had a performance in the show and then asked to shoot again.

    Eric is quite happy with this situation. The two superstars don't know when to wait for the next cooperation, and maybe they will never cooperate again in the future. Therefore, Eric also wants to leave a perfect match in this movie.


    After another NG, Eric looked at the watch. From the last scene to the present hour, the three minutes and seven minutes were only completed five times, and the last two most important Andy did not shoot for a minute.

    But the time for work has arrived, watching Cruise and Hanks, who are still sparkling, and Joe Pesci, who has been waiting for an hour to play the Inspector General of the Crime Squad. Eric reminds: "It's time to get off work, two."

    Eric finished, looking forward to looking at Cruise and Hanks, as a native in the bones, he did not have any objection to overtime, and even felt that it was taken for granted, and the shots of the class that wanted to add an hour in the heart were all finished. Therefore, I hope that the two people will take the initiative to propose the completion of this shot.

    But Eric found himself seriously underestimating the paranoia about the eight-hour work system in Europe and the US, hear Eric So, originally still eager to cruise and Hanks both directly out of the play, stood up and smiled and shook hands, the expression of a qifengduishou mood, and then, respectively, and Eric said Hello, He started to pack up his things and went away without any plans to work overtime at all.

    Eric spit in the heart and could only helplessly shrug his shoulders and announce the crew's work.

    Then Eric took the time to come to Joe Pesci: "Sorry, Joe, let you wait for an hour."

    Joe Pesci didn't mind shaking his head, using his unique voice: "It's nothing, Eric, I just watched a full hour of performances. I am now worried that my performance will be unsatisfactory. It is."

    "You don't have to worry about it at all. I think it's Hanks that's right. I think he can be robbed by the characters you play at any time. Your character's lines and action design are too happy."

    "It's true, but I haven't played a comedy before. You know, the Angry Bulls I've played before, and Once Upon a Time in America, and the most recent Man on Fire. Not a comedy."

    "Joe, I think you are more suitable for comedy. Maybe after this movie, you will find your comedy talent. To be honest, you know "Home Alone". When I filmed this movie, I thought of that age. The most suitable thief Harry is the most suitable player."

    Joe Pesci's eyes wide open, he thinks Eric doesn't lie to himself in this detail, but "Home Alone", Box Office is about to break through 300 Million USD's "Home Alone".

    "That, then why…"Joe Pesci missed a meaningless gesture, and he certainly understood what it meant to miss Home Alone.

    Eric understood what the other person meant, and the helpless staller explained: "Because I can't afford you at the time, Home Alone has too little budget."

    "perhaps……You can try to invite me first. ”

    "You know that this is impossible. If I want you to pay the 20,000 USD for the Harry who plays in the movie, you definitely don't want to refuse."

    Joe Pesci understands that this is indeed the case. Although he is not a well-known actor, he has nominated for a best supporting actor. Unless he can not know the prophet, he will definitely not accept the 20,000 USD. Shaking his head, Joe Pesci said: "This…It is a pity. ”

    "Well, don't say this, now we don't have a chance to cooperate."

    "This is really…Eric, you are raising this matter now, just to make me sleep well this evening. I actually missed such a good opportunity. ”

    "Everyone actually misses thousands of opportunities in their lives, so this is not a big deal. Going back to wash your face and take a shower, you can't drink two more drinks, and forget about it when you sleep."Eric patted the bridge Pesci's shoulder and comforted.

    "How could you forget it," Joe Pesci rolled his eyes at Eric and shook his head. "Forget it, I will go back first. This is really…"

    Seeing that Joe Pesci left and left, Eric began to regret telling the other person that he had just wanted to use this little thing to close up with Joe Pesci.

    I hope that Joe Pesci will not be incarnate in Xianglin, and I will recite "Home Alone".

    Arranging everything, Eric really wanted to leave, but at the door of the studio, she saw Director Martin Brest of Scent of a Woman, and the assistant behind her was holding a thick stack of paper bags.

    Eric took a look and knew what was inside. After greeting, Eric asked: "Martin, didn't you say that the list of The Day After Tomorrow can be determined, how is it so fast?"

    "Sorry, Eric, the original plan was indeed The Day After Tomorrow, but for a variety of reasons, the screening was completed two days in advance, Al also wants to boot as soon as possible, so I can only wait for you here."

    "How come Al didn't come?"Eric asked curiously.

    Martin explained: "Al has begun to figure out the role. He has been adapting to the habits of the blind in the past few days, and specifically told me not to bother him."

    Eric nodded to understand, thought about it, and pointed to a Passat that was not far from Martin: "Is that your car?"

    Martin nodded.

    "Then let's talk in the car, just I am going to Malibu, is it convenient to send me in the past?"

    "No problem at all."

    Several people got into the car, Eric said the address, and Martin's assistant launched the car.

    In the back seat, Eric first opened up one of the most important protagonists, the candidate list of middle school student Charlie Simmons.

    Martin explained next: "Eric, these are excellent young people through two rounds of auditions. Because there are more middle school students, there are a total of 30 candidate lists. You have chosen Charlie Simmons to play. After that, we can select a series of Charlie students directly from the remaining list."

    “Well,” Eric pulled a thick stack of paper out of the file bag and asked casually: “Yes, I introduced the past GabrInternet Explorer l How about Miss Anwar?”

    Martin thinks that the petite girl may have something to do with Eric, so it explains in great detail: "After her role was determined, the girl returned to United Kingdom a few days ago, but soon returned, currently living in Will In a hotel in Xie Avenue, yes, she went to see you when you were unexpectedly unconscious that day. Eric, do you need the address of her hotel? ”

    “No,” Eric just asked, looking at the list. The 30 candidate lists were sorted alphabetically by Actor's last name, so Eric saw two side-by-side Hollywood superstar names directly on the D header. .

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