Chapter 136, What are their qualifications for rejection?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 136, what qualifications do they refuse, floating astronomy

    Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio.

    A bunch of movie names drifted through my mind, and Eric shook his head and dragged the flying images into the corner. If nothing happened, he continued to look down. Except for the two superstars of previous life, they didn’t see any other familiarity. Yes, the original Chris O'Donnell was of course blown away by the fan wings.

    Of course, even if it does, Eric will not give this role to Chris again, because the presence of the other party in the original version is really weak, although Al Pacino performance is too eye-catching, but its performance is no Highlights are also an important reason.

    Quickly read 30 pieces of information, Eric asked for a pen from Martin Brest, and a note behind the names of Matt Damon and Little Plum. After hesitating for a while, Eric finally decided to choose Matt Da. Meng, Matt Damon is just 18 years old this year, the shape of the sun is handsome, and Charlie's image is completely consistent. In comparison, Xiao Lizi’s current image is a bit more suffocating.

    Draw a circle on Matt Damon's name, Eric's Martin Brest, who has been watching his movements: "Martin, Charlie Simmons' role is given to Matt Damon, as for Leonardo. DiCaprio, gave him the role of Charlie's classmate George. Also, I don't care if they have Brokerage Firm or manager now, if you want to get a role, you must join United Talent Agency. ”

    "Eric, what if the two don't agree to join the United Talent Agency?"

    Eric looked at Martin strangely: "What qualifications do they disagree with?"

    Martin heard Eric's natural tone, a slight glimpse, recalled the information of Matt Damon and Xiao Lizi, and soon laughed: "Really, the two little rookies did not refuse.

    So, between so words, two characters are set down, the "the Others" and "Scent of a Woman" are Firefly film projects, two of the crew also have intercourse, so Martin Brest already knew Eric's program to determine the role of the others, and he and Jonathan Demme's feeling is that Eric is just trying to show his dominance of the film and take the final decision of the character into his hand.

    Although Martin felt that Eric was a bit sloppy and childish, he did not refute anything. In the eyes of Martin, who is now forty, Eric is really just a child. It is understandable to do such a thing. What he and Al can do is to carefully select the appropriate candidate Actors, regardless of which Eric chooses, to ensure that the other party is qualified for the role.

    Eric doesn't mean anything to justify it. The reason he did it is exactly what Martin and others think.

    If he is a middle-aged man of forty or fifty years old, he may be able to show his own chest by decentralization, and he can also gain more admiration. But at the age of 18, he would only make people think he was young and fooled, so he had to show his strength everywhere, for movies, and for women.

    It took forty minutes from Columbia's studio to Malibu, and Eric quickly circled all the Actor lists, one that followed Martin's advice and one that followed the impressions of some Actors in his mind.

    At the intersection of the Malibu coastal road, Martin's car stopped and Eric put on sunglasses and a baseball cap and got off the bus: "Thank you for sending me, Martin, goodbye."

    "Goodbye," Martin slammed down the window and smiled at Eric. He waved his hand and told the assistant to drive away.

    After Passat turned away, Eric turned and walked to the small villa not far away. In front of the Virginia home, Eric found a key to open the door and walked in.

    It was already in the evening, the lights were already lit up in the villa, Eric had just walked to the door, the door of the villa was first opened inside, and Virginia was wearing a casual home uniform, with two large bags in front of Eric.

    "what!"Seeing Eric suddenly appearing in front of him, Virginia was obviously shocked, and the bag in his hand fell to the ground.

    "Eric, you…How did you come? ”The girl hurriedly picked up the garbage bag that had fallen off the ground and placed it next to the door, opening the door and letting Eric come in.

    Eric smiled and embraced the fragrant body and kissed him on the Virginia face: "So nervous, don't you hide a man at home?"

    "I just didn't expect you to come to me these days."Virginia squinted his eyes: "Even if I hide a man, how can you treat me?"

    Eric pinched Virginia's face and said, "This, punishment method is still quite a lot of, to steal the woman, in the Middle East some countries, will be sentenced to stone, we work together with stone to kill women, in the Orient, in ancient times there is a kind of immersed pig cage, is the woman stripped naked clothes into a big cage , and then threw it into the pond and drowned. ”

    "Hah, how come there is such a barbaric thing?"Virginia had a small cold war.

    "So, I appreciate the way in some places in India to punish sly women, very human."

    "Oh," Virginia showed a curious look.

    Eric smirked a bit: "In some places in India, if a woman is found to be stealing grievances, the village chief will summon the man of the whole village, and wait for the woman to wait, and the woman who is being served will never think of a man again. ."

    "Wow, it’s disgusting, but also a strong man, you are only 18 years old, where you learned so many things at sixes and sevens."

    “There is no way, it’s natural to be so learned,” Eric said, telling the truth.

    "So, Mr. Bo Xue, is there any way in your mind to punish the man who betrayed his girlfriend? Is it the most brutal I listen?"

    Eric was stunned and coughed twice. He said: "The amount…This is really not. ”

    "Cut," Virginia burst into her eyes and earned it from Eric's arms: "Don't be awkward, go ahead, I will throw away the rubbish."

    "I am coming, it looks quite heavy," Eric grabbed the plastic bag, not knowing what was inside, it was really heavy.

    "It's fine to throw it into the trash can at the door," Virginia said. Eric had grabbed the bag and didn't block it. He pointed at the gate.

    Eric threw the rubbish back into the house and saw Virginia's figure busy in the kitchen. He walked in and grabbed the girl from behind. The probe looked at Virginia and added sugar and milk powder to the coffee cup: "In fact, I am not I like coffee very much. I would rather drink boiled water. I heard that drinking boiled water is a kind of longevity secret."

    Virginia smiled and continued to add coffee powder to the cup: "You are so young, how can you think of longevity, are you afraid of death?"

    "Of course not, I am not afraid of death, just afraid of regret."

    "Sorry, what regret?"

    Yes, what regret?

    Eric put his chin on the girl's shoulder and thought about it. His regret is that he didn't watch his child grow up, and he didn't even shoot a movie of his own. The time he was born again. China's film industry is at a stage of great explosion. Although he has already rushed four times, he still has not completely died. He has also discussed with a few friends. The movie world is so good. It may take a few years to make a good book and use the accumulated people in these years to pull an investment. Make a movie of your own.

    It is a pity that the plan has not yet been implemented, and it has come to this time and space inexplicably. Less than a year now, his achievements have been completely a super life winner in the previous life, and it is too emotional to talk about regrets.

    "How come suddenly?"The girl carefully rushed the boiled water into the coffee cup and asked.

    "Nothing, just thinking that if I suddenly hang up, there will be regrets."

    Virginia put down the hot water bottle, turned and raised her face and looked at Eric's expression seriously: "Eric, if you have always thought about death and other issues recently, I suggest you find a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Are you too stressed? Big?"

    "Of course not," Eric saw the deep concern from the girl's eyes and quickly denied it. He wanted to explain it, but he didn't know where to start.

    "Let's go to the living room," Virginia handed a cup of coffee to Eric, who also picked up the cup and walked to the living room.

    Sitting down on the couch, Virginia asked: "How come you come to me today, are you not living with Aniston?"

    Eric smiled bitterly: "Jenny is willing to blame me for such awkward things. She is now running to Burbank to rent a house."

    If it weren’t accidentally falling off the stairs, Eric would have a headache and he would be able to persuade the little girl again.

    That morning, I woke up from a coma, and with the opportunity of Aniston's weak feelings of worry and sleepiness, Eric successfully flicked Little Girl into the Actors list of FrInternet Explorer nds. But he made another big mistake after that, and he put Aniston and Drew together on both sides of his bed to sleep.

    As a result, at noon, he ate with Jeffrey and Kapoor. When he returned to the ward, he found that both girls were awake. And the scene was rather messy, the pillow quilt was pushed, and the scaffold of a water bottle was shoved, two girls like two just mad little Wildcat, in bed twisted together, clothes messy, scenery half cover, side of the barbed-resist, while pushing each other to drive the other side of the bed, it seems that it is not a couch, But Eric himself.

    Eric had a good idea to persuade the two babies, and then Aniston smeared tears to condemn Eric's eccentricity, and Drew screamed and persuaded Aniston to break up with him, and the pain was better than a short pain. Aniston's rebellious, little girl swears in public that she will never be cheaper Drew.

    Eric saw Aniston swear small appearance, heart still secretly happy so a small, but next Aniston but not in the villa, but in Burbank himself rented a set of apartments, although did not mention any breakup things, but with Eric played a Cold War, followed by the Running out Of time "on the boot, Eric busy around, there is no times to coax girls, can only go to little girl there a few harassment calls under the presence of a feeling.

    When I heard Eric's explanation, Virginia's face was followed by red: "You should spend more time with her, the little girl is just as good, and you should not always be so strong."

    "Okay, don't mention this headache first. You, The Day After Tomorrow, aren't you going to United Kingdom, I always have to come see you, I talked to Jonathan, "The Others" is just a matter of making the Fashion Film Festival before September, so he will be Keep improving while shooting, and estimate that you have to stay in United Kingdom for a long time. ”

    Virginia took a sip of coffee and blinked: "You will come to the crew to see…Exploring the class? ”

    Eric shook his head: "I'm not sure, "Running Out of Time" is in July. If the filming is filmed in mid-May, I will go to the United Kingdom. If the filming is not going well, I will probably not go. It is."

    "Oh," Virginia nodded undecidedly.

    Just chatting a few words, Eric just took a stomach: "That, Vicky, I am hungry."

    The girl quickly stood up and said: "What can I eat, can I drive to the supermarket?"

    Eric stopped the girl's move: "It's not that much trouble, just do something."

    "Well, there is an Italy face at home," the girl said as she walked to the kitchen.

    After Virginia tied an apron in the kitchen, Eric got up to the second floor, came to the balcony, the sun had completely fallen, the sky gradually darkened down, Eric lying on the balcony railing overlooking the Malibu sharp angle, because of the sky, can only see some dim outline, Construction has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

    In addition to the super-sea view mansions in Iron Man, there are several other villas built on more than one hectare of land to entertain guests or host banquets.

    Eric has seen the entire design of the manor, and several other villas, due to the flat terrain, cost far less than the Seascape mansion, but in Frank Gehry provides a design draft, several buildings are naturally fused together, with the park's green belt, tennis courts, apron and other facilities, giving a sense of nature.

    Of course, accordingly, the whole estate cost also exceeds 20 million USD, anyway, there is a special accounting firm to oversee the financial situation of the project, since the idea to create an ideal luxury manor, as long as the other party did not swallow the project money or other tricks, that can how extravagant how to come, making money is not to spend it.

    After eating dinner, Eric was very tired, but she patiently accompanied the girl on the sofa and watched the soap opera for a while.

    "Eric, I heard that Firefly is going to shoot a TV serInternet Explorer s?"

    "Yeah," Eric's big hand was on the chest of Virginia. "Yes, this is a sitcom. In the future, you will need a lot of big stars to be a guest. Would you like to come?"

    Virginia gasped and replied faintly: "You let me go and go."

    Eric said: "Jenny is one of the protagonists."

    Virginia smiled and held Eric's big hand on his chest: "Oh, then I have to go, you are responsible for coordinating everything, anyway, it is what you are doing." I would like to see if your girlfriend can't help but bully me in public, you will not manage. ”

    "I don't care," Eric laughed. "According to the traditions of the ancient times in the East, your identity is a big house. It is a matter of course to be bullied by a wife. Of course, if you have the ability to complete the counterattack, I am also I’m happy to see it.”

    Virginia didn't understand what was going on, but it didn't prevent her from understanding the meaning of Eric's words. She bitten it gently on Eric's arm, leaving a faint print of teeth: "You are a jerk."

    Eric touched it enough, and pulled back his hand and hugged the girl: "Well, don't watch, let's go upstairs and have something to do."

    Virginia only feels that he is vacating and waving his hand: "Well…Ah, don't worry, turn off the TV first, really. ”

    Eric grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV, picking up the girl and slap on the other's hips before going upstairs.

    After a ridiculous night, Eric climbed up at seven o'clock the next day and hurriedly had breakfast, so that Virginia drove himself to the crew.

    Although one night, but after the start of the opponent played yesterday did not finish, Cruise and Hanks all quickly into the state, the remaining shots were all finished in half an hour, and yesterday heard his missing "home Alone" The bad news of Joe Pesci appearance also very bright eye, hear Shane let Andy, bobbing face excited look and memory of that image is almost a mold carved out, and, Joe · Pesci's voice is more pregnant than the original yellow inspiration, the scene of the cast members will not be able to help laughing, and Hanks also clearly showed their own may be pressed the play of concern.

    For the rest of the year, the shooting of "Running Out of Time" was still advancing as planned. A few days later, the crew of "The Others" set off for the United Kingdom, except for Actor, "The Others" crew. The staff was basically built by Jonathan Demme. Eric didn't intervene. Jonathan Demme has been in Hollywood for more than a decade, and there are more connections in this area than Eric.

    Eric didn't take the time to send it, but Jeffrey was one of the producers. He followed the crew to the small island of the English Channel and stayed in the crew for a few days before returning.

    In mid-April, "Scent of a Woman" was officially launched. At the same time, "Running Out of Time" completed more than ten days of shooting, completed all the indoor scenes, and started the most difficult location scene, although all scenes were installed in Eric. In the mind, but when it was filmed, it was not as easy as it was imagined.

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