Body Chapter 137 Roll

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 137 rolls, floating astronomy

    Los Angeles is a high-rise city center. A 500-meter-long street near the Santa Monica Highway has been blocked. No external vehicles are allowed. From 8 am, a large number of shooting equipment will be unloaded from the truck. under.

    Nearby residents have become accustomed to the crew's presence. Here is Los Angeles. There are countless movie crews starting up every day, and this road is not too busy, but it is between high-rise buildings, so many crews will be This framing.

    But this time there are obviously more people watching, not only because the film contains two well-known superstar Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, but also because of Eric, Director, live Director, many people have seen it, but not yet The young Director who has achieved great achievements at the age of 19 is unique, and it is not surprising that people are strongly cursed.

    The crowd around the street is crowded with paparazzi with a camera on the chest. I hope to be able to take some valuable photos, even if I can't shoot some news like the accident, but if I can take a few shots, I can take a few shots. It is also worth waiting for a day.

    "The mass actor is in place?"Next to the three yellow taxis, Eric looked at the camera crew and installed the camera on the front of the car and asked to go to his assistant.

    "Fifty people have come all over, Royce asked me to ask you, would you like to start preparing?"

    "According to the plan, let the group performers first familiarize themselves with their position, and wait for us to take a few street scenes first."

    “Well,” Alan said, adding: “Yes, people in the community said that we have to open this street for an hour at noon. The reason they give is that the traffic will be relatively large during that time. Need to pass through this street."

    Eric stunned his forehead. This is nothing to look for. It’s not off-duty at noon, and how much traffic can increase. But he also doesn't want to deal with these difficult institutions too much. Anyway, the crew also needs to dine at noon: "Respond to them, no problem, we will stop shooting and let the streets come out at 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock."

    After Alan left, Eric turned his attention to several taxis. The license numbers of the three taxis were exactly the same. This was just for the details of the loopholes. Once the shooting is completed, the three cars will be replaced. License plate.

    Of the three vehicles, one does not need any treatment, the photographer will shoot on the first officer, and the other two will install cameras on the hood and the windows on both sides of the rear seat.

    Today, Shane will be driving the scene where he wants to send Andy to the police station for the first time. The script is less than two minutes, but according to Eric's calculations, the footage will be accumulated for nearly an hour. So today, if you can finish this scene, it will be smooth.

    After all the camera brackets in the cab were ready, Eric picked up intercom and began to dictate to all the crew, while Cruise and Hanks, who had been in the trailer, had just got out of the car, and the paparazzi, who had been waiting for a long time, started frantically pressing the shutter, Two people dress not too much special place, Cruise a black casual wear, and Hanks dressed like a delivery, head wearing a cap, dressed in a simple white work suit.

    After Eric's brief renewed embarrassment, the two men got into the first taxi without any modifications. The first scene was to take a picture of the taxi's location on the street.

    Eric walked behind the wireless monitor and looked at the screen that was less than seven inches. After confirming that the lens was in the right light, Eric reconfirmed to the camera: "Alan, are the crowds on the scene leaving the shooting area?"

    "All left, now our Actors are in front of the camera."Alan's voice sounded in the intercom, mixed with the humming current.

    Eric had to confirm this. If there is a face that doesn't belong to the Actor on the screen after the production is finished, the excitement will be great.

    United States's group play is also actor, and the price is very expensive, but Eric is still not able to take the real crowd, and do not say that the real passers-by will not cooperate with the camera lens, even if the real cooperation, then the future film production, once people find themselves in the movie screen, To United States The character of man, due to not produce ' Lao Tzu on the movie ' such as vanity, they will only contact their lawyers, to the right to portrait is violated the reasons for the film cast, held down, compensate for a Xiang USD is light, the whole bad movie release halfway may also be forced to the next stall, That's a big one.

    Therefore, although Eric confirmed it here, after the completion of the post-editing, he will organize the manpower to make a detailed screening of the characters appearing in the lens to ensure that there are no 'outsiders' who are not Actors in the movie.

    So, when you see a Hollywood movie where the protagonist is walking through the crowded streets, then don't doubt that even if there are hundreds of thousands of pedestrians in the shot, it must be an Actor and not appear. Any real passerby.

    Hanks was familiar with the road several times after driving a taxi. With Eric's order, the tedious shooting of the day officially began.

    Eric eyes staring at the monitor and watching the performances of the two people in the compartment. The voice of the two people in the headphones is not too clear, but it is enough to hear clearly. This paragraph must be re-voiced later, but the movie. The original sound also needs to be retained for reference when dubbing.

    The time is already in the afternoon, Eric can't remember that this is the first time repeated shooting, anyway, the number of NG is many. At this point Eric was standing, and the staff purposely raised the monitor to Eric's position. Although it felt a little tired, Eric had to keep on.

    The rest time of Cruise and Hanks is quite sufficient. For every hour of shooting, both of them will have a rest time. The two people in the camera are still stunned and have no feeling of fatigue.

    But when they were resting, Eric had to arrange other shots. The time he had agreed with the community agencies was only one day, so many shots must accumulate enough material to prevent problems in the later stages.

    In the lens, Andy slowly pulled down the jacket zipper, pulled the pistol out, and asked casually: "Where?"

    "The nearest police station."Shane glanced at the rearview mirror and looked calmly as Andy would slowly screw the silencer.

    Andy looked out the window and smiled: "Are you alone?"

    Shane shrugged indifferently: "Enough."

    "You have no guns, are you afraid that I will kill you?"

    "You shot me," Shane turned and glanced. "The car will turn over."

    "Yeah, it's dangerous," Andy's relaxed smile didn't change, slowly rolled down the window: "Can send me to the police station, even if you win."

    A pistol with a silencer came out of the window and Andy pulled the trigger without hesitation.

    The camera progressed here, Eric shouted to stop, the taxi stopped, Cruise and Hanks got off at the same time, and Nickel, who was in the co-pilot position, also got a camera.

    After the three left the rental, the crew of the crew quickly stepped forward and drove the taxi back to its original position. Many of the props on the road followed the U-turn and returned to the starting point in an orderly manner, waiting for the beginning of the re-shooting.

    Eric talked to the three people about the cockroaches in the camera. He told the precautions when shooting again. After everything was restored, Cruise and Hanks went back to the taxi, and Nickel followed the camera and drilled again.

    Soon, another shot began.

    "Running Out of Time" is a film that doesn't have much depth. A policeman and a robbers fight for 72 hours. When propaganda, they will definitely use the ups and downs of the plot, in the eyes of ordinary viewers. It is also true.

    But for Eric, this movie doesn't have any plots that need to be brainstorming compared to the brain-burning movies in memory. It's just a cool commercial film. Therefore, the shooting requirements, the performance requirements of the two stars are not too high, especially the film's location, basically do not need too much acting, with the strength of Cruise and Hanks can be easily controlled.

    During the month from mid-April to mid-May, the crew spent most of their time in the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Sometimes they stayed on a street for two or three days, and sometimes they finished all the shots in half a day. All in all, the process can only be described as boring.

    Jeffrey followed the "The Others" crew for a few days in United Kingdom, returned to Los Angeles, and soon flew to "Scent of a Woman" in the New York crew. Firefly's employees, in addition to the security guards left at the company's headquarters and the clerk responsible for sending and receiving mail to handle daily affairs, others basically followed Eric's crew. If you ignore the horror of the Firefly movie, this Film Studio is no different from many of the small independent Film Studios in Los Angeles.

    "Running out of Time," the location of the shooting although very cumbersome, but has not encountered too big problems, filming progress with the previous set of the filming schedule is basically consistent, is expected May 15 or so will be officially filmed, Columbia has begun the early stage of small-scale publicity, There are sporadic reports of "Running out of Time" on the media.

    Columbia's market capitalisation has risen to 30.5 billion USD in the run-up to negotiations with the rich Sony Financial Group, and the Japan people saw Columbia's share price rise daily, which involved a few 1 billion US D's huge mergers and acquisitions, no yinianbanzai time is absolutely impossible to complete, media estimates if all agreed, the earliest to sign the contract in September, and even if the final successful signing of the acquisition agreement, follow-up of a series of handover will take a few years time.

    Therefore, the Box Office score of the summer file became the last time for Columbia to push up the stock price.

    Warner had two big productions to be released, namely "Batman" and "Lethal Weapon 2", but because "Running Out of Time" was scheduled for July 7th, Warner had to prepare for the release in July. The "Lethal Weapon 2" was postponed until the end of the year.

    "Lethal Weapon" in 1987, the first box office more than 60 million USD, is a big sell, so this year second part of the cost increased by one times, want to recover costs, Box Office to at least million USD, under this pressure, W Arner has no intention of trying to match the "Running out of Time" of the three-bit Cruise, Eric, and Hanks, and is actively postponing the schedule to the end of the year.

    So Columbia became the only film giants with two big plans for the summer, and the other one was "Ghostbusters II", a sequel that fans have been looking forward to, and the first part of "Ghostbusters" was released in 1984, It is now five years, as for Columbia why the early start of this year's plan, filming progress and "Running out of the time" almost consistent, its purpose is self-evident, after all, Columbia also only such a shot of a series of films.

    "Eric, do you need to recruit some more people?"

    In late April, Jeffrey completed a tour of the two crews and returned to Los Angeles. The two met for the first time in two weeks and a half, at the Firefly conference room, at 8 pm, during the day when Eric came to the company. .

    At this point, Eric is looking at the documents of "Scent" and "The Others" brought back by Jeffrey, and does not say: "No, after the completion of "Scent of a Woman" and "The Others", I will let Jonathan and Martin recommend some crew members to join Firefly."

    "Okay, then, what about TV serInternet Explorer s, the one you said…That, "FrInternet Explorer nds", the time is getting tighter, Fox executives have contacted me, I hope you provide script, they are willing to help with the preliminary preparations. ”

    Eric smiled. He had already said clearly to Barry Diller. "FrInternet Explorer nds" would have Firefly alone, and Fox still didn't give up the idea of ​​inserting one hand. This can also be understood, after all, this is a sitcom, the production cost is very low, if you can share the copyright with Firefly, if TV serInternet Explorer s succeeds, Fox can prevent Eric from taking this as a chip, even if It’s a failure, it’s just a few million USD investment, it’s not a pain for Fox.

    "Reject them, you see, they are looking for you, not contacting me, it means that Fox knows my character."

    Jeffrey hesitated, still said: "Eric, you…You are not doing this very well. ”

    Eric finally looked up: "Well?"

    "you……Doing everything is too unique, the film does not allow others to meddle, TV serinternet Explorer s also not allowed, this is not feasible in Hollywood, now even a lot of small cost films, will introduce a number of investors, share the risk of sharing the profits, This is the Orthodox Hollywood survival rules, even if it is six great Film Studios, although the competition is fierce, but there is also a phenomenon of cross shareholding between each other. ”

    "I understand what you want to say," Eric scratched his head. "Just…Maybe I don't have time now. I will definitely share it with others in the future, but I can still eat it alone now. Of course, I have to eat more times. When others can't stand it, I will give them some. ”

    Jeffrey showed a helpless expression: "Well, when do we start preparing for "FrInternet Explorer nds"?"

    “Start tomorrow,” Eric said. “I am calling you today to discuss this. We must start this project as soon as possible. I am going to insert a few shots of “FrInternet Explorer nds” into Running Out of Time.”

    "Running Out of Time" inserts the lens of "FrInternet Explorer nds", Eric, do you say a patch ad, even if Columbia agrees, it is not worth it, and may even cause the audience to resent."

    “Not a placement ad,” Eric denied, explaining in detail several lens intents to Jeffrey.

    “It’s a good idea,” Jeffrey nodded, then questioned: “But it’s less than two months, and you’ve promised Fox the first two episodes of Director, do you think you can do that?”

    Eric shook his head. "No, I don't need to complete any episodes. All the ideas are in my mind. We just need to determine the character as soon as possible, complete the set, and then take a few interesting clips."

    Jeffrey thinks this program is very feasible, and he also sees that if the plan is successful, it will have an unexpected publicity effect on "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    "However, I don't have any experience with Eric, TV serInternet Explorer s production, maybe you need an experienced TV serInternet Explorer s Producer."

    "I said, I won't let Fox intervene in this matter," Eric spread his hand. "So, Jeffrey, it's only hard for you."

    Jeffrey reveals a smile that is somewhat unclear, with a little ridicule and awkwardness: "In fact, one of the people you know has been a TV serInternet Explorer s Producer."

    Eric's thoughts turned, and soon the face of a little girl appeared in her mind, and John Aniston had a few faces.

    "he……John should be a NBC person, and his main energy is still on the Actor. ”Eric's first reaction was resistance, the father-in-law and the son-in-law, and the two creatures were naturally repulsive.

    Jeffrey said: "But he is more rich than my experience. I don't know anything about the production of TV serInternet Explorer s. If there is enough time, I can slowly explore it, but you will also have the time card. Tight, so…"

    Eric pinched the paper in front of him and rubbed it a few times before he nodded slightly: "Then I will contact him as soon as possible to try it out. If not, I still want you to go out."

    Jeffrey nodded. "So, actor?"

    "Jenny's role has been identified," Eric: "Still need another five characters, I go back to the role of the request written down, tomorrow to you, as soon as possible to start the selection of the horn, this time the range not too big, otherwise the interview will be too troublesome, at least have the experience of performing arts actor, I think so, People who are willing to sign up will not think of the previous films as much. ”

    “There wouldn’t be much,” Jeffrey said with a smile. “TV serInternet Explorer s can’t be as tempting as a movie.”

    I have been discussing things until 9 pm, Eric left Firefly's office building, and invited John Aniston to be a Producer, preferably through Aniston, so Eric headed to Aniston's residence.

    At the door of the Aniston apartment, Eric didn't knock on the door. As usual, he took out the spare key from the pot next to the door, but rotated a few times in the keyhole, only to find that it was locked.

    It won't be for yourself, Eric thought with a wry smile, stuffing the key into the pot and knocking on the door.

    "Who," faintly heard the girl should say a moment, after a moment, the door opened a seam, Eric was about to push the door, but found that there was a chain of anti-theft chains between the doors, this thing is definitely new, look at that Chain, bright!

    This is absolutely for myself.

    Eric thought so, but the body put a pose on the door frame that he thought was pulling the wind, staring at Aniston, and asked with a very hippie tone: "Girl, long night sleepless, need a strong man to comfort What is your lonely little heart?"

    "roll!"Aniston glanced at Eric and slammed the door.

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