Chapter 138, I swear to the lamp

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of chapter 138 I swear to the light, floating astronomy

    After letting Eric eat a closed door, Aniston leaned back behind the door, waiting for the other person to knock on the door again, and thought about how to sarcasm him. Yes, I must not give him a good look tonight. Let him not stay overnight, this…It depends on performance.

    Little girl thought indiscriminately, after waiting for two or three minutes, there was no movement outside the door.

    "Oh, I am definitely doing something, I think I will be fooled."

    Even though his mouth whispered so quietly, Aniston couldn't help but look out of the cat's eyes. The voice-activated lights in the hallway were extinguished, and there was a black hole outside.

    The hateful guy, he must be hiding in the dark waiting for himself to open the door. Aniston emerged from this thought, but his heart gradually became uneasy. Finally, after waiting for five minutes, the little girl couldn’t help but open the door and sewed it out. At the same time, she slammed the sound control lamp on the corridor. bright. But blocked by the anti-theft chain, Aniston can only see a narrow field of vision, nothing in the empty corridor, quiet and distracting.

    Unplugging the anti-theft chain, Aniston opened the door and walked out.

    The familiar voice smiled on the right side of the door, and a pair of big hands came, and then Aniston was picked up.

    "what!"While realizing who was attacking himself, Aniston screamed and threw himself on Eric's shoulder.

    "You bastard, rogue, rogue, help!"

    Eric clenched the girl into the apartment, turned to close the door, and raised her hand and slapped the little girl's hips.


    The pain came from the ass, and Aniston was ashamed and angry, and his body twisted even more: "It hurts, you mix the ball, let me down."

    It was a slap, a lot lighter than it was, and after the filming, the big hand stayed on it and ruthlessly kneaded a few times, and Eric’s voice sounded: “Baby, don’t call, call the neighbors again.”

    Aniston hammered a few times on Eric's back: "Whoever let you in, you are, this is…Private residence. ”

    "Wow, big crime, you won't shoot me down?"Eric smiled and placed Aniston on the sofa in the living room. The little girl got free, immediately picked up the pillow, sat cross-legged on the sofa, and glared at Eric.

    Eric walked to the refrigerator and opened the door and glanced inside. He smiled and took out a can of beer and picked it up and swayed at Aniston. Little girl immediately arrogantly left his head, and said: "Yes…It is not for you, I bought it myself. ”

    “Hey,” Eric sat down on the sofa opposite Aniston, took a few rings and opened his mouth and snorted: “Well, the taste of the beer is really good.”

    "Hey, the beer is finished, you can go, I have to sleep."Just saying this, the sound of the knocking on the door rang, and a man’s voice sounded outside the door: "Miss Aniston, are you okay?"

    Both of them were a glimpse of the house, and Aniston took the lead in reacting: "Noisy neighbors."

    "You are yelling, are you right?"Eric touched his nose and retorted.

    "That blames you," Little girl said, standing up and walking towards the door. Eric followed up and opened the door. A pair of middle-aged men and women stood outside the door. The man had a baseball bat in his hand, and the woman Holding a hunting rifle, the two looked cautiously at the door and saw that Aniston opened the door safely and looked relaxed.

    "Miss Aniston, we heard you calling for help…"The middle-aged man looked at the little girl behind her tall Eric, and her face looked alert.

    Aniston smiled and opened the door, grabbed Eric's arm and made an intimate gesture, explaining: "Sorry, Mr. Bateman, bother you, I…My boyfriend just joked with me and shocked me. ”

    "Hello, Mr. Bateman, my name is Eric, sorry to bother you. ”Eric took the initiative and held it with the two.

    "It doesn't matter," Mr. Bateman and Eric took a hand and chatted a few words, rejecting Anniston and Eric's invitation to enter the house for a cup of coffee, leaving with his wife.

    When the door closed, Aniston immediately released Eric's arm and returned to the sofa. Eric sat next to the little girl and held the girl. The little girl symbolically resisted two times and leaned against Eric's shoulder. on.

    "Jenny, have you been in touch with your father recently?"

    The girl raised her head slightly: "Yes, what are you asking?"

    “What John is doing lately,” Eric didn’t answer immediately, but asked.

    "I don't know this very well," Aniston fiddled with his fingers and said, "I know that he has been playing "Days of Our Lives" for several years."

    "So, you can ask my father for help, see if he is interested in being a Producer for TV serInternet Explorer s."

    Aniston has some doubts: "TV serInternet Explorer s ?"

    "It's the TV serInternet Explorer s we talked about before, the one you played in a role," Eric explained to Aniston in detail.

    "You mean, let my dad be the producer of "FrInternet Explorer nds"?"

    Eric nodded. "Jeffrey is not good at this. We can't find someone to trust at the same time. And I don't want Fox to intervene in this TV serInternet Explorer s, so I remembered your father."

    Little girl is not happy, it turns out that this guy is not specifically looking for himself, really…Too abhorrent. Breaking away from Eric's arms, he asked dissatisfiedly: "You ran tonight…Just for this? ”

    Eric quickly grabbed the little girl: "Of course not, I miss you, come over."

    Saying, without waiting for the little girl to attack, Eric kissed the girl's red lips.

    "Well……No, I haven't…Well……"

    Aniston screamed and wanted to push Eric away, only to find that the other person not only invaded his little mouth, but also opened the hem of his pajamas with his big hand and touched his chest along the smooth skin.

    The palms quickly covered the soft flesh, and with a few proficient fiddles, Aniston trembled a few times and quickly softened, and Eric pushed the little girl over the couch.

    After a long kiss, Eric glanced at the little girl with his gaze, revealing a smile. The smile looked particularly abominable in Aniston, so he couldn't help but reach out and squat on Eric's leg.

    "Ah, it’s awkward to start, see how I can clean you up."Eric screamed, grabbing the girl's disobedient hands on the other's head, picking up the girl's pajamas, squatting from the top of the head, and the upper body without the hood was directly exposed in front of Eric, pink small and roundish The just teasing has already stood up.

    The temperature in Los Angeles in April was only fourteen and five degrees. I felt the coolness of my chest. Aniston subconsciously took back his arms and hugged a pair of fullness on his chest. The voice was a little soft: "Eric, let's go to the bedroom." ?"

    "No, I am very angry, I want to pack you on the sofa."Eric said that he stepped back and picked up the girl's legs. The pajama pants were peeled off together with the bud silk cloth. The white and tender lambs appeared in front of them.

    After Aniston was stripped, the body quickly became a group on the sofa like a cat, protesting: "I am angry that I am right, you bastard, you didn't apologize to me for the day." and also……Also, you arranged a movie for the big-chested woman, but let me play TV serInternet Explorer s, really eccentric! ”

    Eric smiled and didn't answer. Aniston knew in her heart that if she wanted to star in the movie, Eric would definitely promise, and it would be more like a spoiled bed between the beds. Regardless of the little girl who complained, Eric stood up and began to take off his clothes.

    After a few moments, Aniston, who was on the sofa, felt the hot body touch her cold skin. In an instant, there was an urge to get up. Looking up, I just saw something shaking between Eric’s legs. Although I was not ashamed to face, I still took a sip.

    Eric squatted on the sofa, picked up the long legs of the little girl and put them on the chest for a while, then put them on their shoulders and walked forward.

    "like……Some dry. ”The man muttered a little, and entered something and quit the tunnel, rubbing it on the two soft flesh. The little girl who was biting her fingers and ready to enjoy, instantly widened her eyes, her face turned red, took back a long leg on Eric's shoulder, and slammed it on Eric's chest with a small ankle: "Bastard, bastard, bastard… …"

    After a few anger, little girl gasped and covered her face, whispered: "The living room is a bit cold, no…Did not feel, said to go to the bedroom. ”

    "Nothing, the activity will be warmer for a while."Eric said, the waist pressed hard, and Aniston felt that he was full in a moment, reflexively flattened his lower abdomen, and made a pleasing gesture, while his legs were slightly trembling: "to…In the end, don't…Don't go any further. ”

    “Reassured, I have a measure,” Eric replied, holding up the girl’s waist and moving quickly.

    Little girl With Eric's movements from time to time, I took a sigh of relief and said: "You are a jerk, you have a fart, just…what……Just care for yourself. ”

    I don't know how long it took for the intense exercise in the living room to slow down. Aniston's entire body was soft on the sofa, and the body was squeaking out the fine sweat, and the body trembled, but there was no strength at all to prevent Eric from stopping. The two long legs are softly placed on the man's shoulder.

    "Get it dead again," like a fish that is out of water, breathing a few times, and little girl raised her head slightly, looking for the same sweaty Eric.

    The night wind on the balcony was poured into the living room. Eric felt a little cold in the body. Looking at the girl under her body, there was already a layer of goose bumps on the white skin. It is clear that this may cause a cold, so she paused for a while. Picking up the girl and walking to the bathroom, after putting warm water, the two men embraced and sat in the bathtub.

    The satisfied little girl leans on Eric's chest and enjoys the soaking of warm water. The eyes are gently picked up and comfortably just want to be called out if…If you are not held by the latter thing, everything will be more perfect.

    Eric put on the shower gel for the two people, licked the girl's slippery body, and looked at the look of the little girl: "You are finished, I haven't turned off yet."

    "Well……I don't care, you solve it yourself," little girl comfortable in the warm water, the eyelids are too lazy to lift.

    Eric stroked the pair of soft and roundish and roundish, and smiled: "Don't you tell you when you go to school? Do you have to start and end?"

    "No, I just remember that there is such a story about Washington and the cherry tree, educating us to be honest, I haven't had time to do this. The damn guy at the same table told me that there is no cherry tree in the backyard of Washington. The textbooks are all deceptive."

    “Well,” Eric laughed. “But the starting point for the textbook is still good.”

    "It’s too ironic to educate others by deception. Then I was no longer interested in reading. I don't want to wait until I grow up, and I look back and find that my education is fake. There is no cherry tree, Edison has not saved his mother, and Newton has not been beaten by Apple…"

    "I understand," Eric nodded.

    Little girl raised his chin: "What do you understand?"

    Eric gently slammed the small and roundish in his hand and smiled. "I understand that you want to transfer the topic. Don't worry, little girl, you can't jump tonight."

    "I am going to sleep," Aniston suddenly wanted to get up, but Eric went straight back: "I want to run, no door."

    "Swelling, it's swollen," Aniston waved his arm, screaming as he wanted to break free from Eric's arms.

    Eric feels the greasy hips in the water rubbing his little brother, revealing a smirk: "Exactly, there is water for lubrication."

    "Well, huh?"Aniston hadn't reacted yet, and Eric pressed his foreboding edge and immediately protested: "Swelling, this…This position is not good, too deep. ”

    "Definitely no problem," Eric smirked, holding down the little girl's waist with a slight force, standing against the watery target, and when Aniston didn't react too much, broke through the door and went straight through.

    "Wow! Eric Williams, I want to kill you! ”





    "do not touch me."

    "I……Put some medicine on it. ”

    "Hey, why don't you kill me directly, you bastard."

    "I don't know how it will be, before…Amount, nothing. ”

    "Roll, play with your big breasted woman's ass, you become embarrassed, I want to break up with you."

    "Hey, I will roll when I finish the medicine."

    In the bedroom, Aniston squatted on the bed with a quilt on his body. It seemed that nothing was underneath. Eric took a pill box and squatted beside the little girl, whispering in persuasion.

    Little girl finally stopped talking, slightly moved her body, Eric knew that the girl made this position is equivalent to acquiescence, quickly unscrewed the ointment in the box, opened the sheets on Aniston's back, little girl buried his head deeper .

    It was unreasonable to finish the medicine for the girl, and Eric thoughtfully pulled the thin quilt for the little girl before going to the bathroom to wash her hands. After coming out, I looked at the alarm clock on the girl's bedside table. It was already one o'clock in the morning. Eric walked silently to the bed of Aniston, turned off the light, lay down beside the girl, and gently pulled the quilt to cover herself.

    In the darkness, it was silent for a long time before I remembered the low voice of the little girl: "Eric, no more."

    "Well, I promise not."

    After a brief conversation, it was a period of silence. After a while, the voice of the sly thought of it, the girl’s body leaned over.

    "Jenny, you…It is best to sleep on tonight. ”

    "Hey…" Little girl responded with a sigh of relief, twisting like a fish to Eric's side, and soon slammed into Eric's body, biting a bite on the man's chest and saying, "I want to kneel on you." Sleeping on the body."

    "No problem," Eric smiled and stopped the girl's smooth waist, feeling a fragrant body covering himself, soft, warm.

    After a while, the girl’s hot breath appeared on her chest: “Eric?”


    Little girl has a hint of ambiguity in her tone, but with a strong curiosity: "You are like that…Is that very comfortable? ”

    "This," Eric didn't know how to say it. He really didn't want to talk about it. Hesitated for a while: "Oh, yes…Very different feeling. ”

    Little girl is still chasing after: "They…Can they suffer? ”

    Eric rubbed the girl's smooth back and said seriously: "There is absolutely no one, only one."

    Aniston tapped him gently: "I believe you are strange."

    In the dark, Eric waved his arm: "I swear to the light!"

    "The lights are now gone."

    "Okay, let's go to sleep, I have to get up early tomorrow, the crew started shooting at eight o'clock."

    "What do I do, do you leave me here?"Little girl bit another in Eric's chest and asked.

    "Tomorrow should be good, it is not a big injury."

    Then the chest was bitten again, this time it was awkward, I don’t know if it bleeds.

    Eric rubbed his teeth on his chest and thought, "Would you like, I am looking for someone to take care of you?"

    Aniston, who was lying on his body, shook his head quickly: "Throwing people, if they are discovered, I will break up with you."

    Eric had to take back the idea and think about it before he said again: "Well, then I will try to prepare you three meals a day, and try to come over at noon. Jenny, the crew will spend at least 100,000 USD a day. I can't stop."

    "Well," Little girl finally responded with satisfaction, took a look at the body, found a more comfortable position on Eric, and slowly slept.

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