This is obvious in Chapter 139 of the text.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 139 is obvious, floating astronomy

    John Aniston quickly agreed after learning about Eric's invitation. Between the soap opera actor and the TV serInternet Explorer s producer, few people would be willing to choose the former, Hollywood, whether it is screenwriter, actor or comparison. The upper level director will develop in the direction of the producer when the career progresses to a certain extent.

    To this end, John Aniston also resigned some of his positions at NBC, while at the same time greatly reducing his role in "Days of Our Lives." Although he is already in his fifties this year, he is about the same age as Jeffrey, but his career is not much weaker than when he was young.

    Although the Box Office division of the two films "Home Alone" and "Pretty Woman" has not been recovered, but because of Eric's two huge loans, Firefly is not short of money. The budget of this TV serInternet Explorer s is in each episode. About 200,000 USD, completely produced, the total investment is only 5 million USD, which is only equivalent to the investment of The Movies of The Others.

    The "FrInternet Explorer nds" project joined with John Aniston's and started quickly in early May. The crew rented two giant studios of 20th century Fox to lay out all the scenes in "FrInternet Explorer nds", previous life "FrInternet" Explorer nds was basically shot in the Warner studio in Los Angeles.

    Although Eric doesn't want Fox to participate in this TV serInternet Explorer s, it would be too deliberate to go to Warner or Columbia if renting a studio. At a meeting, Eric did not suggest building a studio dedicated to "FrInternet Explorer nds", but was opposed by Jeffrey and John. The two agreed that it was too costly and worth the loss. Eric had to give up temporarily.

    As for the actor aspect, Eric also imagines, if can set Qi previous life six people that is perfect, "frinternet Explorer NDS" than previous life earlier appeared five years, so, according to time, several starring even years Lisa of the oldest age Kudrow is also 26 years old, and several other actor are also between 20-24 years old, this time began to play, then ten years later, this group of actor in the lens will not appear a significant age mark.

    Previous life's "Frinternet Explorer NDS" in the tenth quarter of the end, although actor pay is part of the reason, but the most important thing is that the actor age is no longer suitable for this classic in the continuation of the tenth season, played Phoebe Lisa · Kudrow, already 41 years old, has begun to play the role of mother on the big screen, and it is Shong to sell it like a teenager in this movie.

    Of course, the six people who gathered the previous life are already destined to think about it. Matthew Perry, who played the role of young thief in Home Alone after Aniston's introduction, is now a frontline movie actor, you let a Hollywood A-class superstar play Scenario comedy, it is simply an idiotic dream.

    As for the other people, Eric's memory does store some of their movies, but this year, Eric's impressions only Courteney Cox has played a small role in "Cocoon", and others are now not even in the shadows, trying to find a needle in a haystack, in which case Eric can only patiently start selecting the other five friends in the candidate actor.

    On May 10th, Sunday, the shooting of "Running Out of Time" has come to an end. In the next week's working day, as long as there are not too many accidents, it will be filmed smoothly.

    So today Eric can take the time to do the final audition for "Frinternet Explorer NDS" Actor, which is also the last round of screening, because Eric previously asked the crew to do the first job of the Actor audition, so it took only 10 days to rent the The scenes in Fox's two studios are still in their early stages, and Actor's screening is in the final round.

    Eric's plan was to insert the classic footage of Frinternet Explorer NDS into the film during the late May to mid-June "Running out of", and the TV serinternet Explore The official shot of R S, at least until the release of the July Running out, according to Fox's plan, TV serinternet Explorer s reaction will be in early September, just the end of the film summer, the autumn of the American opera began.

    Moreover, Eric is expected to spend only two weeks to personally film the first two episodes of TV serInternet Explorer s. After completing this incident, he needs to continue to prepare for the second half of the film in the second half of the year. The issuance of the film is basically worrying that there will be no leisure time in the second half of the year.

    At eight in the morning, Eric walked into the company and saw many men and women waiting in the hallway. These people obviously know Eric. After Eric appeared, they all greeted Eric. Several young girls unabashedly throw Eryes a deep look. Eric nodded to the crowd and kept on entering. Audition room.

    He hasn't seen the final round of Actors before, and because all Actors don't have a clue, Eric must also conduct an interview in person, rather than the selection of The Others and Scent of a Woman. That's a circle of things.

    "Jeffrey, John, good morning."Going into the audition room and seeing that Jeffrey and John Aniston were waiting here, the two talked over each other and saw Eric appear before they stood up and greeted Eric.

    "Good morning, Eric."

    "Eric, early."

    Eric walked behind the long table and sat down. A blonde female assistant took the initiative to get in front of Eric, put a stack of information in front of Eric, and bent over to introduce Eric: "Mr. Williams, this is the full list of interview Actors today, which has been marked in the order. ”

    When the girl spoke, she didn't know whether it was intentional or not. The chest just happened to face Eric. The top button on the white shirt was not fastened. Eric easily saw the beautiful scenery of the girl's chest.

    D**, yes, it looks like you can't hold it. Eric thought so thoughtfully, and glanced at the side, how John Aniston couldn't notice the scene, and the face would certainly not be too good.

    The crew of "FrInternet Explorer nds" was built by his own network in the TV circle. The blonde is also a more experienced staff member he has found. Now the girl is in front of him, and the man who leads his daughter. Friends, John Aniston is happy, Eric wants to estimate how long the girl can't stay in the crew.

    However, perhaps the girl's relationship with John Aniston and Eric is not too well understood, or understood but not taken care of, so I made Eric in front of John's face. Eric is now a young man in his age, and Hollywood has a little ambition for women to try and try. Eric is not the first time he has encountered such a hook.

    "Okay, I understand." After the girl was introduced, Eric also ate enough of the small tofu that was delivered to the door and nodded.

    "So, my name is Linda Grant, Mr. Williams, you can call me Linda. ”The girl straightened up and consciously or unconsciously showed her wonderful body wrapped in a professional suit.

    “Thank you, Miss Linda,” Eric smiled as she looked at the girl.

    John Aniston's voice finally rang: "Linda, let the young people waiting for the interview prepare, let's get started."

    "Okay, Mr. Aniston. ”The girl nodded and twisted the beautiful buttocks wrapped in the dark skirt and walked out of the audition room.

    "Cough, Eric, Linda…Already married, his husband is a sound engineer of the crew. ”John Anaston didn't know what to think. When the girl went out, she whispered something in Eric's ear.

    Eric shrugged innocently: "John, I can't do anything."

    "Eric, although it's inevitable that I'm going to play in Hollywood, but you'd better be careful not to hurt Jenny. She's actually a very simple little girl."

    Eric’s nodded nod should be: “Reassured, John, I will pay attention.”

    John Aniston shook his head: "In fact, I hope that you can take the initiative to break up with Jenny."

    Eric immediately refused: "Unless Jenny takes the initiative to leave me, I won't break up with Jenny."

    Eric finished, and secretly added a sentence, even if she wants to leave me, I will try to get the little girl back. Of course, this kind of words can't be said, otherwise John Aniston can't guarantee anything.

    John Aniston certainly couldn't guess Eric's mental activity, patted on his shoulder and started the audition.

    Eric has the opportunity to look down at the list of auditors.

    Sure enough, there is no later well-known movie star, previous life Eric see the American drama is not much, so do not know these American drama Circle of People also said the past, after all, here now more than 20-year-old young people, can be a few, Wait until more than 10 years later the American play more and more sophisticated even can challenge the status of the film, these people are already thirty or forty years old, even if the show in the United States, also are those obscure supporting role.

    The long list of auditions turned over and did not find a familiar name. Bored to the last page, this page is the Actress list of Phoebe Buffy, Eric finally found a familiar name, and is very familiar with: Nicole Kidman, which surprised Eric One, how did Nicole Kidman come to apply for TV serInternet Explorer s?

    Eric scrutinized the spelling and decided that the name was completely correct, so he waved to Linda Granger, who was coming in again, and the blonde immediately came together attentively: "Mr. Williams, is there something? ”

    "Where is the detailed Actor data, I want to look at the information of the audition Actors in the afternoon."

    "Please wait."

    Linda gave a cry, went out, and came in with a few folders after a while: "Mr. Williams, they are all here. ”

    "Thank you, call me Eric," Eric said, thanking Jeffrey and John Aniston's curiosity, and began to rummage, and quickly found Nicole Kidman's profile.

    Just a look, Eric recognized the woman in the photo on the information, brown wavy hair, round face, blue glasses, sexy nose, thin lips.

    A quick tour, the girl's resume stayed on a TV drama Internet Explorer s called "Bangkok Hilton", and also participated in several TV serInternet Explorer s and movies.

    In other words, the "Dead Calm" that made Nicole Kidman into Hollywood is gone. Is this also the butterfly effect that I bring?

    Eric thinks about the corners of the paper, and finally has to admit that this is the case. Since he published "Jurassic Park" last year and started a "17 again" into Hollywood, everything in the world has been changed. This reminds Eric of the dominoes that the previous life has seen. As soon as the first domino is pushed, it will cause thousands of dominoes to fall, which is the most vivid interpretation of the butterfly effect.

    According to the time in memory, Nicole Kidman should have participated in "Dead Calm" before coming to Hollywood, and then quickly hooked up Tom Cruise through "Days of Thunder", and turned the original family of Cruise into Mrs. Cruise. From then on, a silent vase actor jumped into Hollywood's top vase, and after more than a decade, I also got Oscar's best Heroine.

    Thinking of these trivial materials, Eric can only come to a conclusion, this is a very powerful woman.

    Among the women in front of and behind Cruise, she was the best one. Even after she divorced from Cruise, her career was not affected. Instead, she went to the next level and quickly entered the 20 Million Pay Club. And successfully got the best Heroine Xiaojin from Oscar.

    Other first-time wives, such as Cruise, did not leave any impression at all. The last wife, Katie Holmes, did not get any benefit from Cruise. After the divorce, she was even the former wife of Mrs. Cruise. No man is willing or willing to date her.

    Throughout the morning interview, Eric wanted to be more interested in this woman. At the noon break, Eric glanced at the female assistant who had been trying to seduce herself to the stairwell at the end of the corridor.

    "Eric, is there something?"Linda was curious and looking at Eric nervously. She felt that she had no preparations yet. The little Director wouldn't do anything here.

    "It's like this, Linda," Eric took out a page: "Miss Nicole Kidman, after she finished the interview in the afternoon, you took her to my office and asked her to wait for me there. I want to be alone with her. Talk."

    Linda took the information and looked at Nicole Kidman's photo. She found that the woman was much more beautiful than herself. She was somewhat lost but nodded. "Okay, Eric, I will tell her, you…Any other things? ”

    Eric shook his head honestly: "Nothing."

    "Oh," Linda lowered her head and rubbed her toes on the concrete floor. She just raised her courage to raise her head and said something, only to find that she was empty.

    "This little guy who doesn't understand the style, really…It’s too mad. ”The girl slammed her feet and turned and walked back in disappointment.

    After an afternoon audition, the remaining five characters have been initially determined. Eric also met Nicole Kidman, who participated in the audition at about 4 pm. The girl’s performance was completely free of any problems, but compared with the image of Lisa Kudrow in memory. For a moment, Nicole Kidman is too beautiful.

    Monica Geller's role has identified a brunette beauty, similar to Courteney Cox. If Phoebe Buffy chooses a big beauty, the sitcom will definitely be a bit distorted. So Eric and John basically did not consider Nicole Kidman in unison, but chose another girl who looks more ordinary.

    At five o'clock, the audition was over. Eric and John Aniston and others in the conference room had been negotiating the shooting plan of "FrInternet Explorer nds" until 7 pm, and all the talents left.

    Eric turned to the idea of ​​sixes and sevens in her mind, almost forgot about the female assistant before, and went out of the company office to think about it, and quickly turned back. Now that the sky is dark, Eric is not sure if Nicole Kidman will leave early, but this possibility is not great. With this woman's intelligence, it is impossible to leave early. It is estimated that Eric will not appear this evening. Women will also be patiently in their own offices.

    Pushing open the door of the office, I saw a woman sitting on the sofa. Only the desk lamp on the desk was opened in the office. It was very dark. Eric recognized the other person at a glance and saw Eric open the door. The girl also Followed and stood up.

    Eric closed the door and turned the office lights on, saying, "Hello, Miss Kidman."

    "Mr. Hello, Williams. ”There was no impatient look on the girl's face. She took a faint smile and took two steps. She took out her hand and held it with Eric. Eric glanced inadvertently and found that the girl was barefoot and the high heels were next to it.

    It’s a careful woman, and I can notice the details like height. Eric is only one meter tall. Nicole Kidman is probably about this height. The girl may feel that if she wears high heels, it is higher than Eric, which may make him unhappy.

    Eric sighed at the bottom of his heart and sat back in his position: "Sorry, Miss Kidman, I have been waiting for you, I have been in a meeting."

    "It doesn't matter, Mr. Williams, you can call me Nicole. ”

    "Okay, Nicole, too, just call me Eric."Eric said, leaning his body against the leather seat, no longer talking, and carefully looking at the woman in front of him.

    Nicole Kidman didn't bother to ask Eric to let him wait for the intention here. Maybe she didn't even have to ask, this kind of thing is obvious, isn't it?

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