Chapter 140 I need a maid

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    In the bright office, Eric admired the beautiful little baby fat Face, the eyes gradually lost focus, involuntarily reminded of the previous life of the divorce case, should be 01, although at that time Eric did not care about the entertainment circle gossip, but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were so famous that he was in the same circle and could not hear anyone else talking about the news.

    But until the two officially divorced, the specific reasons for divorce were not exposed, and all kinds of speculations were flying all over the sky.

    Eric heard several guesses, the most interesting is that the two divorced because of the Kubrick of the "Eyes Wide shut", Kubrick let Nicole Kidman in the film and play the Navy officers of the male model Gari Guba dozen True Army, as if finally was playing out of trouble, did a field ovarian surgery, And the relationship between the two people thus produced irreconcilable rift, to Kubrick character, Eric think this kind of thing is indeed very possible, but Kubrick is really a jerk, but not crazy, should not be able to disclose this matter to Tom Cruise, the news is also the two people after the divorce thing.

    Two years before the couple divorced, a maid from the Cruise family accidentally revealed a message to the media that the Cruise couple was at home when the atmosphere was cold and there was no conversation between them. The maid had succumbed to the lawsuit because of this news. The Cruises had publicly shown a few loves to maintain their image after winning the lawsuit, but the couple divorced inexplicably two years later.

    At that time, the media listed a series of two reasons for the divorce, ranked first is Nicole Kidman to cruise brought a green hat, pregnant three months of the child is not Tom, Eric personally also think this message the most reliable, because Nicole Kidman is almost a purification of households, If it is not because of the very wrong, to the character of Western women, do not divide the Athon half of the property can be reconciled, will not agree to the 10 anniversary days before the divorce agreement signed, the year of George Lucas was given half of his fortune by his wife for divorce, and sold his Pixar studio, and later the chairman of the media giant Viacom, Sammer Lei Shidong, was battered by his wife's divorce. To know that California's law stipulates that in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, the husband and wife are married for more than ten years, then when the divorce, the two people's property is evenly distributed, and one year Tom Cruise is exploding with a huge amount of assets of more than 360 million USD. After Nicole Kidman divorced, it was said that he only took a piece of art.

    At the moment's office, Nicole Kidman noticed Eric's expression of the foreigner's sorrow, and finally got a little dissatisfaction. Isn't he so unattractive? The man who is three years younger than himself is distracted.

    The scene was silent for a few minutes, Nicole Kidman finally couldn't help but spoke first: "Eric?"

    "Well, oh, sorry, Nicole, suddenly remembered something."Eric finally came back and smiled apologetically to Nicole Kidman and asked: "Nicole, the file shows that you are developing well in Australia. Why did you suddenly come to Hollywood?"

    “All Actors around the world will yearn for Hollywood to prove themselves, and I am no exception. I hope I can get a better development in Hollywood.”

    "It's not easy. You haven't even shot a Hollywood movie before, and if you want to prove yourself in Hollywood, you shouldn't participate in the audition of the TV serInternet Explorer s character."

    "just……Didn't meet the right role," Nicole Kidman found a reason for guilty conscience: "I think this TV serInternet Explorer s should be good, so come and try. ”

    Nicole Kidman may not want to play a movie, but she has no luck like previous life. She came to Hollywood from the beginning of the year, like all the smug actor, with all sorts of unrealistic fantasies to the world's film Center, the result of a few months, the audition has participated in a lot, but only in a film to get a even vase is not counted as a small supporting role, Finally had to turn to TV serinternet Explorer s, the small screen to the big screen development is also a lot of Hollywood star's Road to fame.

    Eric suddenly thought of one thing and curiously asked: "Nicole, are you coming alone to Hollywood?"

    “Yeah,” Nicole Kidman felt a bit puzzling.

    Eric nodded nodded.

    Silence for a few seconds in the office, Nicole Kidman couldn't help but ask one of his biggest concerns: "So, Mr. Director, I…Did I get the role of Phoebe Buffy? ”

    "Sorry, no, the role has already set other people."Eric shook his head and replied honestly.

    Nicole Kidman stunned, this counts…What's going on, if the other person says something like 'still thinking' or 'this depends on your performance', Nicole Kidman can understand what he should do, but he didn't expect the other person to tell her directly. Gave it to others.

    "Can you tell me why?"Nicole Kidman's thoughts are a bit messy.

    Eric changed a more comfortable posture and explained: "I decided with other producers, because you, um, you are so beautiful."

    "what?"Nicole Kidman is a bit dumb.

    “It’s like this,” Eric said, sitting up straight and explaining: “In the setting of the story, Phoebe is a very frustrated girl. She was abandoned by her biological parents. After her stepmother committed suicide, the 14-year-old girl was alone. Wandering to New York, struggling at the bottom, and finally becoming a masseur."

    "Does this have anything to do with appearance?"

    “There is a big relationship,” Eric continued. “You think that if a very beautiful 14-year-old girl is on the streets of New York, she will grow up peacefully into her twenties and lead an ordinary life. And also handed over a large group of good friends?"

    Of course it is impossible. Nicole Kidman is not a good-looking middle-class family, but he has not seen the dark side of society. If Phoebe is very beautiful, he will be lucky and find a good man to marry and become a housewife. After all, beauty is not a scarce resource anywhere. But if luck is bad, the end will be very miserable.

    "Eric, in this case, why are you still waiting for me here?"

    "because……Curious, I am very curious about you, so I want to talk to you. ”

    "that's it?"The girl looked at Eric incredibly, and the reason was too far-fetched.

    Eric shrugged and stood up and said: "Just these, I just want to talk to you, it's too late, Nicole, sorry to let you wait so long, I invite you to dinner."

    "Well," Nicole Kidman stood up in disappointment, put on his high heels, walked out of the office with Eric, and went downstairs in the eyes of the security guard.

    When dining in an attached restaurant, the tall girl looks like a serious thing. It seems that she is struggling with something in her heart. Eric has eaten a lot of relish, and chats with the girl if nothing has happened.

    After going out of the restaurant for dinner, Eric got into his car, Nicole Kidman saw Eric intend to say goodbye to himself, and finally couldn't help but pull Eric's door and sit in the co-pilot. The girl understood very well, if she missed this opportunity, She is likely to return to Australia only in vain.

    In the months of Hollywood, Nicole Kidman has seen a lot of Hollywood's brutal competition, and the person she has dealt with is the only one who has no reputation in Hollywood, although her performance is also I have won several small awards in Australia, but this has nothing to do with Hollywood.

    "Nicole ……"Eric looked curiously at the girl who got into her car, and her own car stopped next to her.

    "Okay, Mr. Williams, what do I have to do to get the role, please tell me directly? ”After the girl finished the sentence, the breathing became a little rush, and a pair of blue eyes stared at Eric seriously, with a momentum of excuses.

    "But the character has really been fixed."Eric replied earnestly.

    "Then why do you still have to do these extra things, give hope, and burn out so quickly, don't you think this…Is this too much? ”

    "Well, I apologize, I really just because…Because of curiosity. ”

    "Then it is ridiculous to let a woman wait in the office for a few hours and talk a few words at sixes and sevens. Do you think anyone will believe it?"

    "What about that?"Eric is also a little impatient.

    The girl hesitated for a moment, stretched out Eric's arm and pressed it on her lap: "Mr. Williams, I know very well about you. You are Hollywood's most promising young Director. I have also heard about Julia Roberts, so give me a chance? ”

    Eric glanced at the hand pressed by the girl on the other's lap, and despite the trousers, Eric felt an inexplicable warmth.

    "After "Running Out of Time," there is actually a movie that you can try. Like "Pretty Woman," it's also a romantic comedy," Eric finally said.

    The girl pressed Eric's hand tightly and her face showed an excited look.

    "You know, I have been busy recently. The movie will start at least seven or eight months, maybe even later."

    "No problem, I can wait," Nicole Kidman did not hesitate.

    Eric shook his head: "Not like this, I mean, I am busy recently, I need a servant at home."

    "Ah," Nicole Kidman opened his mouth slightly.

    Eric's lips evoke a funny smile: "I'm too busy, need someone to help me prepare three meals a day, oh, noon I generally not at home, a day two meals on the line, and I do not like the hourly to my home to help clean, but also to help me clean up the room, if willing, May to September this period of time you can visit the maid. ”

    "what!"Nicole Kidman still had a little turn and thought for a moment, and the girl tried to ask: "I, Eric, is Heroine?"

    Eric showed a stunned smile: "Of course, if you do well, like Julia, a movie will be among the ranks of A-level actresses. This is a good opportunity. Many Hollywood actresses may not be able to work throughout their careers. I met it."

    "I need to think about it."Nicole Kidman looked up.

    "Of course, if you think about it, contact me as soon as possible, yes, if you agree, you will stay in my mansion for the next few months."

    "why?"Nicole Kidman was a little scared and had some embarrassing words in her mind.

    "I have a formal girlfriend, so I don't want a young and beautiful woman to come in and out of my villa. Moreover, you don't want to know how you got this role after you become famous in the future. ”

    "I understand."Nicole Kidman nodded.

    The two talked a few words separately, have been waiting to return home, Eric also for his bad taste excited, he certainly Nicole Kidman will not reject this proposal, even think, perhaps this ' System ' can be used forever, this eliminates the need to ask some unfamiliar hourly maid to do the cleaning, and not to worry about their three meals every day, more importantly, what can be compared to let previous life that stars shining stars to do their own maid more satisfying things.

    At the beginning of the new week, "Running Out of Time" began the final shooting. The larger scenes have been completed, and the rest are all fragmented. Five days later, on a street in downtown Los Angeles, the "Running Out of Time" crew began the final scene of the scene. Although the crew had been working for a month and a half, they all had a relaxed look.

    On the bus, Shane squatted with a newspaper, holding a bucket of popcorn, sat down in a seat, and glimpsed the sapphire necklace on the chest behind her. After hesitating, Shane couldn't help but look back again, staring at the sapphire necklace in front of the girl and staring for a few seconds. When the girl showed a vigilant look, she said: "Sorry, I have mistaken people."

    “It’s okay,” Yoyo replied faintly, while inadvertently turning his eyes to the window.

    “Necklce is very beautiful, where did you buy it?”Shane couldn't help but ask.

    "Friends sent, fake, very cheap."Yoyo only got a little spirit when he heard the other person mention necklace.

    Shane smiled and said, "boyfriend?"

    Yoyo shook his head: "I haven't seen him for a long time."

    "Keep it," Shane said, turning around and his eyes drifting: "Maybe his day suddenly appears, oh, scare you."

    Yoyo followed a smile that looked forward to it. Perhaps she felt that this hope was very embarrassing, but she still stubbornly took the bus every day, hoping that Andy could reappear.

    The bus stopped, and Eric shouted with satisfaction: "This shot is over, the last shot left, all the people ready, Yoyo, oh no, it's Brooke, and the next thing I did in the audition room was the scene that I let you perform, though there were hours, but I still want you to get through it as soon as possible. In the evening there is also a filmed celebration party. ”

    "I will try my best, Eric."Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds replied with a smile.

    The last shot started, and one day passed, Yoyo still couldn't meet Andy, and disappointed to get off the bus. Several cameras shot the shot of Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds from the bus and across the street.

    Although it was practiced many times in the audition room, Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds still completed this shot after four or five NGs.

    Eric satisfactorily shouted 'Good! 'After that, everyone around me applauded.

    Eric glared at the big horn: "I announced that "Running Out of Time" was officially filmed. Immediately clean up the scene, this evening at the Hilton Hotel, everyone must appear, one can not be less! ”


    The cheers rang, and many members of the crew couldn't help but take off their hats and throw them into the air.

    Eric smiled and explained the incident, but went to an armored escort car next to him.

    Four bodyguards with large waists and suits stood alertly next to the armored vehicles. A middle-aged man in his forties was loading the sapphire necklace used in the shooting of the Brooke ShInternet Explorer lds into the safe.

    "Mr. Derek, thank you for your sponsorship."When the other party put the safe with the diamond into the carriage, Eric warmly greeted him and shook hands.

    "You're welcome, Eric, this is a win-win thing."The middle-aged man named Derek politely and Eric shook: "So, Eric, I have to leave as soon as possible, and the gems stay outside for a minute and I will feel unreliable."

    “It’s okay, understand,” Eric replied with a smile. In addition to a series of sponsored brands, “Running Out of Time” has a very important prop, the sapphire that the bald monk grabbed.

    No one has ever mentioned props to shoot, just look for a blue crystal worth hundreds of USD. But when Eric thought about it, he decided to shoot it in kind, but he didn't have the connections, and after contacting Columbia, Amy Pascal after the report, soon the other side will find a value of million USD Blue Diamond, it is said that the gem is from United Kingdom a collector, the other side is going to this fall, through Christie's auction this diamond, just Columbia top with the Collectors have a good relationship, after a communication, the other party reluctantly agreed to take the gem.

    But this process is not easy. Every time the gem is involved in the shooting, there are four bodyguards with live ammunition eyes staring at the gem. They are all within five meters of the sapphire, and everyone in the crew is working. Because these four people are nervous. Fortunately, there were no problems during the entire shooting process.

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