Body Chapter 141 High Concept Movie

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 141th high concept movie, floating astronomy

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    One and a half months of high-intensity intense shooting, especially one month after the location shooting, the Actor was better, and the dozens of staff members of the crew had been exhausted. Therefore, after the filmed celebration carnival also suddenly relaxed due to long-term pressure, and become extraordinarily unrestrained, the party hall is noisy, from time to time someone will make a few high-pitched ghosts.

    Eric just laughed at this situation. After all, everyone has suppressed it for a month, and now the performance of the disorder is also excusable. "Most of the Actors in Running Out of Time received an invitation from the party, and several starring actors also came to the party.

    However, after seeing the chaotic scene, the self-sustaining Cruise only left in less than twenty minutes and left. Although it was born at the bottom, Cruise now automatically classifies itself as a group of people at the top of the pyramid. The members of this group are playing. Some older crew members and Actors have also left. Eric's psychological age can't really enjoy this rave party, but he has to stay as the Director of Running Out of Time.

    Throughout the hall, Eric's age is the smallest, while Eric is a very oppressive person when he is stretched out on the scene, he still looks like a harmless young man in other circumstances, and the cast members are familiar with Eric's character and know that he is a joke. So it became a natural object of the crowd to play tricks.

    After being filled with a few bottles of beer for various reasons, Eric left the crowd in the name of urinary sputum and walked out of the banquet hall to the bathroom at the end of the corridor. When I came out, I didn’t know if it was a coincidence that I just saw Brooke. ShInternet Explorer lds also came out from the opposite bathroom, and was bowing his hands with a paper towel.

    “Hey, Brooke,” Eric said with a smile: “Is it fun to play?”

    Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds followed a sweet smile: "Alright, although a bit noisy."As the most beautiful woman on the party, Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds is naturally the target of everyone's attention, Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds also enjoy this sought-after feeling, but Eric has never been salty towards her. Not light.

    After seeing Eric say hello, he turned and walked. Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds quickly stuffed the paper towel into the trash can, followed up in three or two steps, and pulled Eric.

    "Brooke, is there anything?"Eric turned around.

    Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds hesitated, said: "I am just, just want to say thank you, Eric, thank you for giving me the role of Yoyo."

    There is no polite meaning to this thank you, Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS since the Running out of the heroine, although a number of media have been the Gold Plum Award for several consecutive things to say, it is impossible to rely on the strength to get this role, which must have what inside, but Brooke Shinternet Explorer The popularity of the LDS again is indisputable fact that the media attention to her rapidly rising, she went out when the side also appeared again paparazzi, this situation has not appeared for many years, the last time she was a few years ago with Michael When Jackson had a close relationship. More importantly, this kind of attention can bring her actual economic benefits. During this time, she has received several advertising endorsement invitations.

    "It's nothing, Brooke, your performance in "Running Out of Time" is still very good, I believe that after the film is released, your character image will definitely leave a deep impression on the audience."

    "So," Brooke ShInternet Explorer lds heard Eric's compliments, looked at him with anticipation and asked: "Eric, will we have a chance to cooperate again in the future?"

    "This one……"Eric hesitated a moment. He didn't expect the girl to ask so straightforwardly. If you tell the truth, then you must never cooperate with you again. However, Eric will definitely not say this kind of hurtful person: "Brooke, you have to understand This requires a suitable opportunity."

    Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds The expression quickly fades down, and the look of a man makes any man see it will be a bit unbearable, this is a goblin.

    Eric looked at the girl's expression and even produced a faint sense of guilt. After thinking about it, he tried to persuade him: "Brooke, I think you should focus on the movie alone, first pick a few. The excellent script honed his acting skills."

    Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS from the age of 12 after the film, until the Running out of the role of the more than 10-year time is basically in the solo movie Circle cruising, she has long been aware of the circle, If you want to stand out from the movie circle, the most important thing is to have a person's acting, with the acting to get some of the weight of the film awards, and then to enter the mainstream film circle.

    But this road is not going to work for her, because she is too beautiful, even if there is a little acting, it will be covered up by the face and the devil figure, not to mention that she does not have the kind of acting power, even if she returns to her own In the movie circle, you can only play the role of a vase, so there is no day at all.

    Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds Of course, even if you want to play a vase, you should also play the vase in the big production movie. Even a supporting vase in the big production is more influential than the protagonist in the small production. .

    Unfortunately, Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds, although it has some fame, is just a pretty star, not enough to attract the interest of Hollywood mainstream movie circles. There are many beautiful and acting actresses in this circle. A big production movie dared to invite her to be nominated for a vase that was nominated by Jin Meimei several times. Eric can be regarded as the first director who dared to 'eat crabs' in the past few years.

    "Eric, I know my strength. If I go back to the movie circle alone, I will never be able to make it. you……Do you have time tomorrow, maybe I can ask you to eat, thank you. ”

    "Needless to say, Brooke," Eric said, noting the girl's embarrassment, adding: "To be honest, after the release of Running, I believe that with the influence of your role, you will certainly receive a lot of film, As long as you can carefully select the script, even if the role of a few films in the vase, as long as the movie sold, you will certainly be able to join the ranks of a actress, so there is no need to put hope on me. ”

    Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds Originally, Eric's rejection was very lost, but after hearing Eric's last few words, it became more and more open. Although the girl is not very smart, these things can still be understood if "Running Out of Time" Let me get angry, she really doesn't have to go back and shoot a small cost movie.

    "So, Eric, I still want to thank you," Brooke. ShInternet Explorer lds thought about it and finally showed a satisfactory look, as if a series of lost expressions had never appeared on her face. When the girl finished, the beautiful nephew smashed twice, and suddenly stepped forward to hold Eric's shoulder, and kissed him gently at the corner of his mouth, seeing Eric's expression of a sudden sneak attack, the girl revealing a splendid Smile, turn and walk to the banquet hall.

    Eric touched his mouth and shook his head and smiled and walked to the banquet hall.

    "Eric, after going so long, wouldn't there be any envy?"Seeing that Eric appeared, Tom Hanks walked up and handed a glass of champagne to Eric, and looked at Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds Nuno mouth, who was talking to people not far away.

    Eric took a sip of champagne and revealed a smile that you understood.

    Hanks also showed a smirk, and the two disgustedly went a few times. Hanks only received a little expression. When he was joking, he would be misunderstood: "Eric, do you have a look at my lower movie, but I am Waiting."

    Said, Hanks also stretched out five fingers in front of Eric's eyes, seemingly reminding him not to forget the promise of the five Box Office billions of movies. In the previous agreement, Eric did not put "Running Out of Time" Counted in five movies.

    “scripts are long gone,” Eric said. “After completing the late dubbing of Running Out of Time, you can be prepared.”

    Hanks is also a workaholic. Especially in these years, there are two or three movies each year. This is absolutely diligent in the Actor circle. When I heard Eric, Hanks also came to the spirit: "First tell me about the story." ?"

    "Let's go over there," Eric pointed to the sofa in the corner. Just a pair of men and women just left the dance floor, Hanks nodded and the two walked over.

    "This is also a romantic comedy called "Sleepless in Seattle", a script that I accidentally thought of when I went to New York."

    "Romantic love comedy?"Hanks hesitated to touch his face. Hanks was a little handsome in the past few years. It was also true that he appeared in romantic romantic comedy, but after 30 years old, Hanks is now basically out of touch with handsome characters.

    "Eric, do you think my image is suitable for this movie?"

    "Don't worry, this is not a romantic romantic comedy between ordinary young men and women," Eric explained. "You will play a single father in the movie."

    "Single father?"

    "Okay, don't fight, Tom, listen to me, let's finish the story?"

    "OK!"Hanks raised his hand.

    Eric said this: "The story is like this. After the wife accidentally died, the infatuated Sam has always been unforgettable for his wife. So he decided to leave Chicago and sadly, with his eight-year-old son Jona moving. Arrived in Seattle. One year after Christmas, my son Jonah dialed a radio sentiment hotline for the United States to find a new wife for a father who still did not leave the shadow of his wife. Coincidentally, this emotional phone linked the Sam family to a woman named Annie who was far away in New York. Although Annie was engaged, she was moved by Sam's infatuation and couldn't help but write a letter to Sam. The letter fell into the hands of Sam's son Jonah. Jonah felt that Annie was very good with his father, so he made a self-proclaimed reply to his father. The two men will meet on the top floor of the New York Empire State Building. ”

    "An Anfair to Remember?"After listening to Eric's narrative, Hanks blurted out and debuted.

    Eric nodded. "There will be a lot of bridges that will pay tribute to An Affair to Remember."

    "Eric, according to what you said, will this movie be a bit simpler?"

    Eric smiles and spreads his hand: "Tom, I just told you a story. It's a standard high-concept movie. The story is simple and straightforward. Some of the clichés are the main features of high-concept movies. If a movie wants to be sold, you must first have a simple and clear story line. The rest depends on the strength of Director and Actor. ”

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