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    "How are you still here?"Eric turned his head and accidentally looked at the girl who was leaning on the piano.

    "I, sorry, I will go out," Nicole carefully put the score back in place and walked to the door, but was stopped by Eric: "Nicole."

    "Well," the girl stayed at the door, grabbed a hand on the doorknob, turned her body, and asked with an eye.

    Eric sat in the office chair and turned around and reached out to the entire study room: "This is not your cleaning range. Although it is a little messy, I am used to the placement of many documents, so you understand?"

    "Yes, I know, I won't come in without your permission."The girl nodded, and the figure still stopped at the door. It seemed to have some expectation: "Eric, is there anything else?"

    Eric shook his head: "It's okay, you should rest early, good night."

    "Good night," Nicole replied, watching Eric turn around again, again focusing on the monitor, slightly falling out of the study and gently taking the door.

    In the next few days, the girl’s life seemed calm. I got up every morning, made breakfast for Eric, sent the other person out of the door, and then spent a few hours cleaning, if not the clothes on her body reminded her of her identity. The girl must have the illusion of a housewife.

    This feeling is actually good, at least not as the girl imagined, a couple of months of sex dolls in Eric's villa, suffering from all sorts of abusive and tuned teachings, even though she had already been prepared for this, but none of this happened, and Eric dressed her up as she imagined, Little attention was paid to her, and the girl began to doubt her feminine charms, one day also secretly to the chest stuffed with two layers of pads, in front of him to walk, men are only interested in laughing, no matter, let the girl feel very embarrassed, then do not dare to do this kind of thing, Benbon to play the role of their own small maid.

    Every day in addition to their own work, there are a lot of spare time, boring time to study newspaper, watching TV, repeatedly looking at the "Sleepless in Seattle" script, but also entrusted to her to buy a lot of magazine, her own very obedient not to steal Sneaking out, since the reality than she imagined so much better, she is willing to do a well-behaved canary.

    She knows that Eric is busy late in a movie called Running Out of Time, and that she is not at home every day, sometimes staying at his girlfriend's house. It's a lucky girl, she has seen Aniston's photo. I am very envious of the girl's luck. In late May, Eric also went to the United Kingdom and left her alone in the villa. It was said to be visiting the class, but after two days, she hurried back.

    At the end of May, the girl saw the news of "Home Alone" North America Box Office breaking through the 300 Million USD officially on the news. This news occupied the entire newspaper layout in the next week. Various comments will praise Eric for the sky. The shares of Columbia Corporation have therefore risen a lot.

    The focus of the girl's attention is that Eric is about to get up to 120 Million USD share.

    Million USD in Nicole seems to be a total astronomical, she came to Hollywood, is out of the desire for money and fame, want to be Julia Hollywood the top actress like Roberts, but according to the Julia that Eric told her. Roberts's 6 million USD salary quote, to shoot 20 movies to make so much money, even if a star has maintained a high popularity of the status of two films a year, also need 10 years, not to mention everyone knows it is impossible, Most stars remain at their peak for only 10 years, and the ten-year paycheck will be based on the performance of the film.

    Thinking of this, the girl's already calm mind has become more and more eager to move. If she can become the hostess of this mansion, she can directly get what she wants. The girl even figured out some of the shackles that she thought were feasible, but unfortunately, these cautious thoughts have not yet been implemented and they are dead.

    Because the summer vacation is over, the grinding fairy is back.

    The time was more than four in the afternoon. The girl just mowed the lawn in the yard and heard the sound of the door being opened. She knew that Eric would not normally come back at this time, so she went forward to investigate and saw Drew bagging the baggage into the bag. The yard closed the door.

    Nicole warmly greeted her and wanted to help with her luggage. A good relationship with Drew was an important part of her plan.

    But what was unexpected was that after the girl saw her appearance, her eyes were wide, an incredible expression, and her eyes were unconcealed, and she turned around for several laps before she asked a sentence to let Nicole collapse. Words: "Did-he-FUCK-you?"

    Seeing the girl who was in a mess on the spot, Drew showed a satisfied and somewhat relaxed expression: "No, right? But you can also imagine that your chest is so small," Shantou said, suddenly reaching out and grabbing a hand on Nicole's chest and licking his mouth: "It's pitiful, even A+ has not been reached. ”

    "you……"After being attacked by Drew, Nicole finally reacted and protected the small claws that blocked Drew from reaching out again. He couldn't help but swear: "You are not big."

    "I am only 14 years old, I can still develop for many years, madam, are you 30 this year?"

    "I'm too lazy to care about you," Nicole also noticed Drew's hostility, so he also cut off the idea of ​​having a good relationship with the little girl in front of him. He returned to the lawn and opened the mower to continue trimming.

    Drew used to listen to Eric saying he liked the Japanese-style maid outfit, still think the other side is joking, unexpectedly today suddenly a wearing sexy maid outfit of high pick beauty appeared in the villa, this let her basic instinct to produce resistance and hostility, she didn't want to Eric another woman to come, a Niston that little fat girl has not squeezed away, another one, that future one to go out when a busy time.

    "Hey, you, help me carry my luggage in?"Although Eric's 'bad heart' has been determined, Drew has not thought about it in other ways. He really regarded Nicole as the maid hired by Eric.

    "Sorry, Miss Barrymore, I am not your servant, so there is no obligation to do this."The girl continued to push the lawn mower in a cold, and the head did not return.

    Shantou suddenly became furious: "I…I told Eric to fire you today! ”

    Nicole also understood that Drew regarded her as a real servant, so he did not care to throw a sentence: "just."

    Drew angrily slammed his feet and moved a pile of luggage back to the villa one by one. After several suitcases were finished, Nicole also finished the lawn and returned to the villa to start preparing for dinner.

    Drew looked at Nicole's figure more and more angry, thinking about picking up the cordless phone and dialing Eric's number.

    Dudu rang a few times, and someone was picked up.

    The girl plunged on the sofa in the living room, holding a pillow, and the voice became soft and greasy: "Eric, I love you."

    In Fox's studio, several of the main scenes of "Frinternet Explorer NDS" have been set up, and today it's just a few shots that need to be inserted into the Running out of time, and Eric's got the M from Motorola for advertising implants. Icrotac walked to the quiet corner, and heard Drew's words some inexplicable: "Drew, today is not a holiday, home?" ”

    "Eric, I love you."The girl's soft voice came from the phone.

    "Okay, don't make trouble, there is something to say, I am busy, go home later."Eric said holding the mobile phone around his neck, raised his hand and opened the sleeve and looked at the watch: "It's less than five o'clock, I will go back at six o'clock."

    "Eric, I love you."The spoiled sound rang again.

    Eric was silent for a moment before he opened his mouth: "Buy, want to say it straight!"

    "Eric, Eric, you are really hateful," Drew rolled over on the sofa, and he was dissatisfied with the pillow: "The people said that I love you so many times, you don't give a response."

    "I will hang up if I don't say anything?"Eric threatened.

    "Okay, okay, Eric, we fired that maid," Drew made a special sound, and the girl who had the tomatoes in the kitchen heard the words and rolled her eyes.

    "You mean Nicole, she is not hired, just to help."

    "But I don't like her."

    “Nicole’s food tastes good. You will like it when you taste it at night. I’m obedient, I hang up.”Eric said that he hangs up directly.

    Villa Reed waved his little hand and wanted to throw the microphone out of his hand and looked up, seeing Nicole smugly leaning against the kitchen door, holding a glass bowl in his hand and stirring the eggs inside, with a slight face Delighted smile: "How, little guy?"

    "You are not allowed to call me a little guy, you are a poor-flat-chested woman."

    Nicole has some inferiority in her heart, but in the face of Drew's provocation, she still shrugged indifferently: "Maybe someone likes this type."

    "He didn't like it," Shantou couldn't help but retorted.

    "The taste of people will change," Nicole the old god left a word in the ground, turned back to the kitchen, leaving the discouraged Drew.

    "Hey, I absolutely definitely won't let you succeed."Shantou waved a small fist and sweared.

    May 24, with the release of Spinternet Explorer Lberg's blockbuster "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", announcing the arrival of this year's film summer stall, Eric has been busy with the Running Ou T's time tense work, but the film is still very concerned about, the film in the first week on more than 2,300 screen to get the million USD box office, the second and third week box office declines are maintained between 20% to 30%, mid-June , "Indiana Jones" box Office three weeks broken billion.

    The post-production work of "Running Out of Time" was also completed in mid-June. Although Eric is willing to spend money in many places, it only uses the production budget of 34Million USD. After all, the finance of the crew is Columbia. There aren't too many big scenes in the film, and there are no special effects. But after seeing the "Running Out of Time" film, Columbia executives quickly agreed to put the remaining 6 Million USD budget into the film's promotion. .

    At the same time, the first summer-time blockbuster "Ghostbusters II", which was highly anticipated by Columbia, was also released on 2,400 screens.

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