The first chapter of the main body of Chapter 148

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 148th Chapter premiere, The Flying astronomy

    Columbia eventually decided to let go of Running out for time, because most executives thought it would be more risky to postpone the film than the Batman, and of course, Eric offered an alternative publicity program that played a big role.

    Beverly Hills Villas, Eric stood in front of the mirror, slightly raised his head, has changed a set of suit Nicole is bent carefully for his tie, and the next big bed, Drew is not the image of lying on top, wearing a small white vest and cowboy skirt, will develop a good stature foil to the exquisite , the small vest below also exposed a slender waist, white calf wandering around, coated with black nail polish toes looming, girl holding chin some taste to look at the Nicole for Eric Tie, although she would like to personally forward to do these, unfortunately …will not.

    "Eric, wait for me to go with you red carpet, okay?"When the tie was tied and Eric was wearing a suit, Drew asked, with some spoils in his tone.

    "No, it's already arranged, you just enter the field directly with Nicole."

    “Hey, but I don’t like what to do with her?”Drew did not conceal his likes and dislikes in front of Nicole, from the beginning of summer vacation, Drew with turned temper like, no longer the whole of the crazy play, very unusual every day stay at home, after a lot of days Eric just understand, girl this is in the anti-Nicole Hook 丨, like now, Because waiting for the premiere, Eric to change clothes, Nicole come to help, so the girl on time appeared in the two side.

    When I heard Drew, Nicole couldn't help but raise the eyebrow, but the girl accurately grasped the girl's expression change instantly: "Eric, Eric, you see, she raised her eyebrows, her heart is deep, or we put She drove off."

    Nicole couldn't help it anymore: "Drew, don't you say that in front of me, I don't even have the power to express dissatisfaction?"

    "Don't call me Drew. As a maid, you should call me Miss Barrymore."

    "Okay, Miss Barrymore."Nicole seems to be helpless, and if Eric isn't here, the girl's tone will definitely look biting. Drew did make all her calculations yellow, for one months, she had no real progress in her relationship with Eric, although she always kept everything in the villa in good order and took care of Eric's life, but two people had little time to spend on their own after the summer vacation from Drew. This makes the girl not even the opportunity to take the initiative to attack.

    "I'm reluctant, oh, like a maid, Eric, let's drive her away."

    Eric put on his suit and smiled and tapped on Drew's head: "Don't make trouble, then make me drive you away, go get dressed."

    Shantou exclaimed with an exaggeration, and walked out with a resentful head.

    When Eric got off the bus, the front of the Chinese Grand Theatre on Hollywood Avenue was already crowded with people. There were reporters on both sides of the red carpet, and there were a lot of fans.

    Eric saw that many girls held a poster of "Running Out of Time" in their hands, and it was not surprising that they shouted the name of Cruise.

    "Running out of the time" several of the cast, Eric's identity is a director, although starred in the "Again" gained no small fame, but after the actor career down, and therefore the fame also slowly dissipated, plus his several films have not Having a unified style, and deliberately keeping a low profile, is unlikely to accumulate loyal fans.

    Hanks has no advantage in appearance. Although he is very famous, he can only be classified as a powerful actor, and his acting career is still on the rise, and he has not gained the influence of previous life.

    Cruise is different. From the beginning of the debut to the present ten years, Cruise has been taking idol-style routes. The image of the public sentiment in the public mind is still very successful. Previous life until the divorce with Nicole Kidman, Cruise The public image has always been perfect.

    Eric didn't mind the reaction of the fans. His personal goals were very clear. He never thought about being a public idol, but wanted to be a big hand behind Hollywood. The premiere of red carpet has started to have some small stars coming up from time to time. According to the usual red carpet rules, more important characters will generally appear in the midfield, so Eric does not go directly to the red carpet, but walks to the waiting area. There have been a lot of people gathered there.

    "Eric, congratulations."

    Hanks saw him, then inexplicably smiled and said, see Eric Some puzzled the expression of the mind, Hanks explained: "Heard you get" home Alone "divided, and" pretty Woman "in the previous days also officially under painting, North Americ A 210 million, the world's 530 million USD box office really scared a lot of people jump, plus the "Home Alone" global box office, your personal accumulation of the total box office has reached 1Billion USD, in Hollyw Ood, the global box Office accumulated more than 1Billion USD of people with one hand are counted over, shouldn't we celebrate? ”

    “It’s not too unusual,” Eric smiled and pointed to the Cruise next to it: “Cruise’s global Box Office has long surpassed 1Billion USD.”

    Cruise heard Eric's words, but did not reveal the smug look of the past, laughed, and rarely humbled back: "Eric, how can I compare with you."He starred in the movie global box office more than 1 billion yes, but compared to the huge box office, Cruise himself benefited from the poor, to the present Cruise personal assets are only a few tens of millions of USD, and Eric by the "Hom "E Alone" and "pretty Woman" two films, is expected to get more than 200 million, Cruise this time to see every newspaper on the news about Eric can not help but Envy Eric's luck, but also more determined to producer The determination to develop, Cruise's production Studio, which was established by Running out of time, was already picking up script.

    As a chaperone for Eric today, Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS in the presence of Eric, he naturally came to his side, heard a few men's conversation, the original through Eric's vague refusal has been the heart of the girl once again moved to look at Eric's eyes also become hot up, from small to big unbearable experience, Let Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS on money has a kind of unusual worship and infatuation, if there is enough money, with four countries of noble descent she can really live a noble lady's life, rather than at the age of 10 years to hundreds of USD while shooting naked, Do not use the 12-year-old on the restricted level of "pretty Baby", not to shoot that line some obscene jeans ads.

    When the staff suggested that several masters could board the red carpet, Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds actively leaned on Eric and held the other's arm intimately. At the same time, some regretted wearing high heels today, which made her taller than Eric. Make the two sides look not very good.

    Eric didn't care about this. The arm felt the softness of the girl's chest. Although it was very comfortable, she still had to remind: "Brooke, you are too tight, can you loose it?"

    "Oh, sorry, Eric, I am a little nervous."The girl defended a sentence and slightly loosened it.

    Eric smiled and thought that the girl's mind was a little different. The other person grew up in front of the camera from an early age. How could it be nervous? However, he was too lazy to get to this point and took the girl on the red carpet.

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