Body Chapter 149 Plaything

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 149th plaything, floating astronomy

    In the fans ' cheers, Eric walked through the crowd, smiling across the sides of the red carpet, hurriedly signing several names on posters of again, home Alone, or pretty Woman, and greeted the same bro that the fans had signed. Oke Shinternet Explorer LDS, two people together came to the front of the media interview area.

    “Eric, are you confident in the Box Office of Running Out of Time?”

    "Brooke, you and Mr. Williams is so close, are you taking someone to take a drag? ”

    "Eric, look here, look here."

    "Mr. Williams, what do you think of the trend of Box Office in Batman? ”


    In the crazy flash, Eric smiled at the waist of the Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds and let the reporters take pictures, but did not intend to answer any questions.

    Once he spoke, the reporters would certainly ask about sensitive questions about "Running out of Time" and "Batman," a cautionary tale of "Ghostbusters II," which, in any case, was not appropriate, and if he showed too much confidence, the future box offic E did not meet the expectations, will certainly be vigorously ridiculed, if a little bit of flinch, it is more lively, a director are not confident of their work, that also hope that the media will say what good? Even if you answer the question unbiasedly and muddy, this is also likely to be scorned by the people, so the best strategy is not to respond.

    After hearing the red carpet sounded more than he had just passed when the more enthusiastic cheers, Eric knew Cruise and Hanks walked red carpet together, this is arranged in advance, glanced behind, saw two people smiling slowly through the fan crowd, Eric know oneself should enter To make room for two superstar, towards Brooke. Shinternet Explorer LDS motioned for a moment, the girl again took hold of his arm, two people walked into the theater.

    Outside the mountains and the tsunami, Nicole and Drew just got off the bus and looked at the situation not far away.

    Drew's heart-shaped sunglasses with pink frames, chewing gum, hands in a small jacket pocket, innocently looking at crazy fans and red carpet on Cruise and Hanks.

    This dress is the girl saw Kubrick "Lolita" after the learned, she is convinced that Eric has a Lolita complex in the soul of the uncle, so casually dressed as this appearance in the presence of Eric suddenly in front, Eric is really the girl this pair of playful appearance, Sue · Ryan Classic Lolita styling with the girl this doll face, Eric want not to move is impossible, since then drew liked the dress, because she knew Eric like his dress.

    Squinting glanced at Nicole standing beside him, although he didn't like the woman, but Drew drove to the scene with Eric's instructions. Seeing the girl looking at the fascinating colors of Cruise and Hanks, which were sought after by fans, the girl snorted and snorted: "Hey, are you looking forward to them?"

    Nicole stunned and realized that Drew was talking to himself. Some accidents still replied: "Of course, if not for Hollywood, why don't you want to come to Hollywood?"

    "There is something to look forward to. After the release of "Sleepless in Seattle", you will definitely get this kind of pursuit."

    "Oh," the girl was even more surprised. She looked down at the girl next to her: "This is not like you can say from your bitter mouth. I haven't thought about you boasting about me."

    "Ah," Drew contemptuously glanced at the girl: "You Hear me praise you in any ear, I just have faith in Eric's script, and casually pull a beautiful woman from Hollywood, if you can get the heroine of Eric script, you can still be a big star, Like Julia Roberts, she was picked up by Eric from a small restaurant, and you're just another lucky woman he picked. ”

    "Oh, what about you?"The girl’s tone is somewhat run.

    Shantou did not mind raising his chin, with a little pride in his tone: "I am Eric."

    "Wow," the girl didn't know what to do, she could only make a meaningless syllable.

    “I am Eric,” Drew once again stressed: “Eric also knows that I am his. Therefore, he is different from me and women to you, even if it is Aniston, it will not hinder my position in his heart. ”

    "But how do I sound like you are more like…"The girl glanced at Drew and talked about it. Although Drew always broke her little abacus during this time, she didn't want to completely offend Drew. After all, Drew's relationship with Eric is very close.

    Drew didn't care to interface: "Pet right, haha, it's ridiculous, I don't think you will have the same thoughts as Aniston's little stupid girl. And, even if I were a pet, do you know what you women are? ”

    Although Nicole knew that Drew couldn't say anything good, he still couldn't help but reveal a curious look.

    “Playing things,” Drew said quickly: “Would you know why I asked the question when I met for the first time? Because if the answer is yes, Eric may still have some feelings for you, you may become his lover, but the answer is no, it means that Eric does not look at you, he just treat you as a plaything, a beautiful dressed doll, he dressed you like that in the villa, just feel fun. ”

    Nicole's face became a little ugly, trembling lips retorted: "This is not possible, certainly not, he …He gave me the heroine of a film. ”

    "Oh, it’s just a movie of Heroine. You are too passionate. Don't think that I don't know what you think. You have been trying to seduce him during this time. You want to be Mrs. Williams, right? It’s so ridiculous, he didn’t even have the interest to get you into bed, but he thought he could marry you? ”

    The girl suddenly looked up and glared at Drew: "I understand, you want to use these words to push me away, little girl, you don't think, if you say all is the fact, this time why still do everything possible to stop me?" ”

    Drew shrugged: "I just don't want Eric to be embarrassed. Some of his ideas are different from others. If you really climbed into his bed, plus you, this woman is so motivated, he will not be in the future. It's easy to get rid of you. So hey, I will hold you firmly until you leave my house, Nicole Kidman, you'd better die this heart early. ”

    "Then we walked, Miss Barrymore," the girl said with a sarcasm and walked to the door of the theater.

    Drew helped to help the sun glasses, also followed up, Cruise and Hanks left red carpet, another star guest walked up, Drew in Nicole side and can not help nagging: "You see, those who cause fans more screaming actress, in fact, as long as Eric is willing to , a little Gogo to the women, most of whom were happy to take their clothes off and climb into his bed, and consciously tilt their hips. So hey, don't look at these actresses getting more screams than Eric has just passed, but in fact, Eric is the real controller of Hollywood. ”

    Nicole, although annoyed to pretend that he did not care about Drew, but the bottom of the heart but have to admit that the little girl said actually is true, just for a role, she willingly ran to Eric's home to change the sexy maid outfit to please him, to Eric successive films have accumulated the status of success, Hollywood doesn't really have a number of actresses who want to climb up and refuse some of Eric's requests.

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