The opening of the 150th chapter of the text

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 150th chapter, the Flying Astronomy.

    The two just entered the auditorium, and Drew opened Nicole directly and ran to the position of the former crew member. Nicole only saw Drew swearing to Tom Hanks, who was sitting next to Eric, and Hanks smiled and got up and gave her the position.

    Although very envious, Nicole knows that she is not even qualified to sit in the front row, let alone let anyone in the front row give her a position, although some are not reconciled, but the girl still found a in the middle of the theater. The seat sat down.

    There were more and more people in the auditorium. Unconsciously, a 30-year-old man with glasses and a gentleman sat down beside the girl. The man seemed to unconsciously lick the girl’s eyes, revealing a just astonished look. As if I just found the glamorous girl around me, I greeted the initiative: "Hey, hello."

    Although the man's tone is very casual, the girl who often encounters a similar situation realizes the other person's intentions when she is just sitting next to her. Although she feels a bit disgusted, but the other person politely greets, Nicole is not easy to ignore, the tone is dull. Authentic: "Hello."

    The indifference of men to Nicole is also muddy, as a veteran of the flora, if you shrink from the initial coolness of the pick-up girl, you will never get a woman: "Pardon my rudeness, miss, but you are so beautiful, especially your hairstyle, with your facial contour, Make your whole person look like a classic beauty of the cool temperament. You know, many girls are used to ironing their hair into fluffy little wavy hair, but in my opinion, the hairstyle is like a bird's nest, it is so bad that it is so rare that you are so tasteful. ”

    Nicole heard the words of a man's compliment, the expression was not praised, but flashed a sly look, and some helplessly replied: "Thank you for your appreciation, sir."

    “You're welcome,” the man said with a smile. “My name is George Nosson, the film critic of PremInternet Explorer re magazine.”

    "You can call me Nicole."

    "Nicole, is N-I-C-O-L-E? Wow, I suddenly found out that the name is just like it for you. In Greek, 'Nicole' is used to describe a beautiful and delicate appearance, but a strong and independent young woman. ”

    George Norson is about to say something. The lights in the auditorium are dark. I don’t know why, remembering Eric’s indifference to her during this time, the girl is somewhat disgusted with the attentive partner and whispered: “ The movie started, Mr. Northen."

    "Of course, I understand."George Northen realized that he was too eager, and quickly sat down on his body and turned his attention to the screen.

    Columbia of the free statue of Liberty after the title, the red dress even the little girl of the hoodie to fly the Firefly, draw a string of beautiful characters rushed to the sky, into the stars of the brightest in the light, after the screen into a brief darkness, the footsteps of the thump sound up, As if knocking on the audience's mind, but the film still does not appear immediately, the screen began to appear on the list of cast members.

    In the curious expectation of everyone, the picture finally lights up. In the dimly lit corridor, Tom Cruise with sunglasses is crawling on the stairs with a blank expression. At the same time, the mysterious and sad male voice sings. stand up.

    Nicole was staring at the screen, but behind the two girls whispered, the other should be a fan of Cruise.

    "Oh, God, I suddenly found out that my little Tommy was so handsome when I walked, Micky, I can't stand it anymore."

    "Me too, me too, Erica, wait, we must go up and ask for a few signatures to Tommy."

    In fact, Nicole also has the same feeling in her heart, although she does not know why.

    Fortunately, there is a professional film critic, George Northern also heard behind two cruise female fans, close to the girl active softly explained: "This is the result of the atmosphere rendering, footsteps echoes, mysterious chant, cool lenses, as well as the silent protagonist, form a very contagious picture, so it's not surprising that they have that feeling. Eric Williams is a genius, just a few simple shots that highlight a completely different style from his first two films. If you adjust the picture light to normal, remove the soundtrack and echo, even if you switch to other soundtracks, then these shots will not achieve the same effect, this kind of thing looks simple, but can perfectly integrate several elements into Together, it creates an irresistible appeal, which requires a high artistic attainment. ”

    When you pick up the girls, talking about other men in front of a woman is clearly not a sensible act, but George the Nicole as an ordinary fan, he does not think that the woman sitting here will have the opportunity to contact Eric, not to think she will be acquainted with Eric, so not stingy with Eric's praise, At the same time without traces of showing off their professional skills in film appreciation.

    After coming to the rooftop, with the accompanying shots, the soundtrack style gradually became heavy. After the actor crossed the edge of the roof, the picture began to switch between memories and reality. Andy and the doctor played by Cruise. The dialogue between the audience explained to Andy the display of Andy’s only four weeks of life.

    "Hey, Tommy won't jump off the building?"The worried voice of the girl behind him sounded again, which is actually the common voice of many fans in the theater.

    Another girl immediately hugged her companion and comforted: "No, Erica, you see Tommy carrying a backpack. He must have other things. If a person wants to jump off the building, he still carries a bag."

    "Micky, do you think Tommy will die?"

    "Of course not. I have heard reports that many end-stage cancer patients have survived. Moreover, this is a movie. What miracles happen in the movie. Tommy never died in the previous movie. He will never dead."

    "I hope so."Erica held her hands on her chest and made a praying look, while looking forward to the next move of Cruise standing on the Tiantai Mountain.

    But the film did not immediately reveal the answer to the audience, playing "Running out of the time" title, the screen into a restaurant, Hanks played Shane ease to the side of the newspaper to eat breakfast, the lens quickly flung to the restaurant bar, the same look calm Andy is also eating breakfast, At the same time looked up at the television scene comedy, with a faint eye and nostalgia.

    The two protagonists appeared at the same time. The audience thought that the two would have a confrontation in this restaurant. After all, the name of the movie was called "Running Out of Time", but the picture was quickly cut into other scenes again.

    "I dare say that this scene of Cruise will certainly repeat itself, which is a time hint of director setting, Nicole, do you notice Cruise's look, he only has four weeks of life, so whether it is to eat, drink water, or watch TV, His look is full of attention and nostalgia, seems to want to spend the remaining four weeks to the world of all the beautiful engraved into the soul, I dare say cruise in the end will surely die. ”Next to George Northen couldn't help but show off.

    Nicole just nodded a little and said that he had heard the other person's words, his eyes still staring at the screen without squinting, and the girl began to slowly enter the story.

    Inside the blockade, Shane got out of the car and hurried into a police car, wearing a uniform of inspector-level uniforms by Joe Pesci, and the police department chief with a bulletproof vest outside. Ian Speyer said: Have you ever touched it?"

    Ian’s eyes flashed: “Twenty minutes have been discussed.”

    Shane immediately raised his eyebrows and turned his head in surprise and looked at Ian: "Are you talking about it?" You must say that you are the Secretary of the District Department of Los Angeles, Ian Spey, who will surrender within three minutes, right? ”

    Ian swayed his head and realized that Shane is now his subordinate, not the famous police elite, so he stalked his neck and turned his eyes to the side, how can you take me? appearance.

    This performance of Joe Pesci is very happy both in language and in action expressions, and the audience has begun to smile.

    Shane, although somewhat helpless, still played a negotiation recording.

    When the play button was pressed by one hand, the special voice of Joe Pesci's voice was suddenly heard.

    "Hey, I am Ian Spey, the director of the police department of Los Angeles Central District. You have been surrounded by me and surrendered within three minutes."

    Shane shook his head to reveal a look that was so kind, and Ian turned his gaze to the window again.

    During the recording, the robbers proposed a series of conditions. Ian heard the other side want to bulletproof car and could not help but retorted: "Why don't you helicopter?"

    Hearing here, Shane shook his head and slammed his head, and there was a helplessness in the tone of hateful iron: "Hey, don't talk nonsense if you don't understand!"

    The atmosphere created by Hanks and Joe Pesci for the audience also broke out at this moment. With Shane's crazy action, after hearing this line, the first laughter of the audience was heard in the theater.

    Sure enough, the robbers changed the conditions and changed the bulletproof car into a helicopter. Shane could only sigh again and again, and asked an intercom to enter the bank alone. After a series of verbal and psychological confrontation, Shane successfully solved it. This hostage crisis, and forced the internal rape to commit suicide. This section of Eric doesn't make any changes to the plot, but the lines, but consulted the real negotiator, so it seems more reasonable and sharp, even professionals, can no longer from this paragraph of verbal confrontation out of the problem, of course, the plot time has been dragged for a few minutes, but this is not a problem, Originally the film only 90 minutes, and in Hollywood, this large production is about two hours long, coupled with the script design is very clever, the audience will not feel the procrastination of the plot, but can more detailed interpretation of Shane This actor's excellent place.

    Leaving the bank, Shane walked to a snack bar, bought a Coke and a hamburger to eat. In the crowd, a thin-haired old man with a strange smile, holding a camera to shoot Shane's series of actions. Come down.

    The old man's expression is a bit stiff, but with the iconic mysterious male vocal scores that appear almost simultaneously, although most fans still have some doubts, the professional film critic present has guessed that the old man is likely to be Andy's pretending.

    Sure enough, the picture cut into a room filled with high-tech crime props such as computers, camouflage equipment, etc. Andy put the photos of Shane's bank robbery scene on the wall. At the same time, there were other old photos on the wall, such as Shane's SWAT (Special Weapons and Combat Team), which was swept through the lens on the wall covered with photos and newspaper clippings. The audience finally understood Shane's identity.

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