The temperament change of the 151th chapter of the text

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 151th temperament change, floating astronomy

    Andy walked into a finance company with a backpack and took out a pistol in the sly laughter of a stack of Marvel superhero comics from the portfolio of the finance company Manager. The two people's 'Running out of Time' officially began.

    "You are coming, I have been waiting for you for a long time."Andy blocked himself with the body of the financial company Manager and warmly greeted Shane on the roof.

    "I'm sorry, the traffic jam," Shane replied with a smile. Tone of the slightest sense of strangeness, this is the negotiator close to the criminal most basic quality, no matter how the bottom of the heart how to hate each other, want to throw each other into prison or send to the electric chair, but also on the surface with the criminals to keep a heart of old friends, only close to the criminals It is possible to find the other's flaws.

    "You can call me Shane, can I help you?" Many people have their own purposes. Some people want money, cars, planes, and some people want to see their wives. Do you have a girlfriend? "After getting permission from Andy, Shane slowly walked up and started to set it up.

    Andy didn't answer, but he came out from the occlusion of the financial company Manager. In Shane, he wanted to let the body sniper aim at the opposite building, but it was stopped by Andy.

    "Is it very smart?"Looking at Shane, who looked helpless, Andy laughed.

    "Yeah, what do you call it?"

    "Check it out."

    "what on earth do you want?"

    "It's very simple, I want to play a 72-hour game with you."

    "You want to play with me, no problem, the hostage is innocent, you put him, I will replace it."


    The dull gunshots sounded and there was a burst of exclamation in the auditorium. No one would have thought that Cruise, which has always been very positive in the movie, would not hesitate to shoot at an innocent person. More than half of the fans in the screening hall were invited. It is a fan of Cruise.

    The two girls behind Nicole also exclaimed.

    "Ah, how could this be, Micky, how can Tommy do this, he wouldn't really be a bad guy?"

    "Definitely not, Erica, you look at the manager's wretched look, I think he must have something to die."The girl named Micky said this, but the tone is full of uncertainty.

    "It seems that Cruise's role has been a big breakthrough," George Northen said. Although the voice was not loud enough, it was enough to hear next to Nicole, but glanced at the indifferent girl and found her on this topic. Not interested, I had to stop a series of analysis that was about to be exported.

    Because of the discretion and embarrassment of the political department chief Ian Spei, played by Joe Pesci, Andy fled into the building from the vents, and in a mess, the financial company Manager with red ketchup climbed from the ground: "Help, I am not dead."

    "what……"In the reaction, the fans who had some heartfelt feelings screamed with relief.

    Then, Ian's stupidity and Shane's ridiculously funny situation reappeared. Shane reluctantly put a good-time chocolate box disguised as a bomb in front of Ian, and the theater rang again with joy.

    "Good chocolate," someone in the dark learns Shane's tone and repeats the line with great interest. If the confectionery company's executives hear this here, they will be glad that the "500 USD advertising fee." Value for money.

    Andy, who escaped from the building, neglected to take a taxi driven by Shane, and the two started the first positive contest.

    "Take me to the police station, even if you win."Andy said this, put the pistol out of the window and did not hesitate to pull the flight.

    The faint gunshot of the silencer rang, the sparks on the lamppost, the balloon burst in the child's hand, the carton in the porter's hand exploded into fragments.

    With one hand on Shane's shoulder, Andy's indifferent voice sounded: "I shot at three times."


    Shane turned to look at the direction pointed by Andy's muzzle, wanting to gamble on the other side will not shoot, but see the pregnant woman in front of the road, the pregnant woman, the woman holding the child, the student carrying the bag, Shane stepping on the last moment The throttle is down.

    He didn't dare to gamble.

    But it is too late.

“……three! ”

    "Hey!"Shane shouted in horror and nervously looked at the pedestrians ahead.

    Everyone was safe and sound, turned their heads, and the rear door opened, and Andy had disappeared.

    "Hey, hey, Micky, you see no, in fact, Tommy’s last shot was played up," the girl’s voice, which seemed a little bit screaming, rang again.

    "Yeah, this character is actually a good person."The girl named Micky also followed the road.

    "It’s just right and wrong, I started to fall in love with this character. Eric Williams is really amazing. I have never seen this role in other movies."

    Micky smiled: "The key is still so young. I heard that he is less than 19 years old and is smaller than both of us."

    "what……Little kid, then, I still like Tommy a little more. ”

    "Oh," I heard the voice of the love-struck fool of the companion, and the other girl laughed.

    Originally sitting in front of the Nicole corner of the mouth also can't help revealing a smile, after these one months of getting along, but also the smart girl has a very deep understanding of Eric, Dark thought to the other side of the means, if the two girls shot, estimated that the other side will soon be hooked up to get dizzy, will what Tom · Cruise lost in the back of his head. But the girl soon remembered her own experience and became a bit confused. He really…As Drew said, can't you look at yourself?

    As if to set off the feeling of the loss of Nicole in the darkness, the ethereal and sad music of "The Silent Love" came out in the auditorium.

    Sitting in the bus, Andy met the police's card check and looked up and sat down to the right front of a girl.

    Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds is still amazing, but at Eric's suggestion, the girl's original thick eyebrows have been slightly modified by the makeup artist's careful carving, and the lips are not coated with any lip gloss, long hair is supple, face Only a layer of light makeup is applied.

    This change has changed the temperament of the girl. When many people saw Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds on the magazine, it would naturally produce words like 'Goddess'.

    But at this time, the girl's appearance made her whole person's temperament a lot more feminine, faded the kind of depressing goddess temperament, turned into a woman who is easy to make people close and care impulse.

    The front row of the theater, sitting on the seat of the Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS see their appearance, mood suddenly become disturbed up, her temperament on her change or some worry, the girl secretly looked back, because the screen of light, she can be more clearly see after a few rows of the audience's facial expression, visual field, Many men are staring at the big screen, many people with an obsession on the face, mouth slightly open, apparently attracted by her appearance. Seeing this Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds a little relieved, turned a sigh of relief.

    As long as the audience's reaction is good, as for film critic, after several times of golden plum, she has no hope of being recognized in her acting skills. As long as she can get popular among the audience, Hollywood has a lot of popularity anyway. A big star with a high performance but a bad acting.

    In the picture, Yoyo, who plays the role of Brooke ShInternet Explorer lds, curiously glanced at the strange man who suddenly appeared beside him. He accidentally found the handle in the open collar of the other, but his face was faint but did not dare to attack. fear.

    "It’s okay to talk without it," Andy whispered softly, taking the sunglasses off and putting it on the girl, blocking the other person’s eyes from fear because of fear, taking off one of the other’s headphones and putting them on, and finally overbearing The girl is letting the other person lean on her shoulder.

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