Body Chapter 152 Half-Caterpillar

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 152th chapter half caterpillar, floating astronomy

    As the music continued, Yoyo, leaning against Andy’s shoulder, unknowingly turned into a calm, perhaps, day after day, in a boring life, coming to such a stimulating 'In fact, it is not bad, she thought so, gradually, the corner of the mouth has been hung up a faint happy smile.

    Because of the girl's 'tacit understanding', Andy successfully passed the inspection, and returned the headset to the girl's ear and got off the bus. The responding Yoyo quickly shouted the driver to stop and followed.

    He put his hand in his pocket and walked lazily on the sidewalk. She lowered her head and carefully followed him, looking up from time to time, and glanced at his back with a cozy look.

    Andy finally couldn't help but turned around and scared the girl.

    "What are you doing with me?"

    "I……I live here. ”She explained in a panic like a little girl who was caught in a bad thing.

    Andy watched the girl pull out the key to open the security door, turned and prepared to leave, she reacted, shouted and chased it up, and stuffed the sunglasses back into Andy's hands.

    Nicole didn't know that the film was copied from Eric's mind, so she saw this episode and involuntarily turned her mind to herself and Eric. He seemed to be such an attitude towards himself, but he was overbearing but alienated.

    After the high tide of the first paragraph, the plot of the movie once again entered a gentle period.

    In the police department, Shane chattered with his colleagues about his doubts. Some careful Ian looked at Shane's enthusiasm and thought about mediocrity. He felt that his position might be threatened, so he decisively used it. The deadly magic weapon for primary school students – complaints. But it was blocked by the boss who had a good relationship with Shane, and he could only go to the trouble of looking for Shane.

    But looking for a slap, but the key to Shane's voice.

    At the unintentional prompt of Ian, Shane hammered the table: "Stupid, I am stupid, I forgot the most important clue, finance company, hey, we can check it out…"

    Ian, who was marrying for others, was even more depressed. He could only helplessly use the words to smack the identity of Shane’s logistics supervisor: “The corridor’s light pipes are constantly flashing, and people are changing.”

    Shane’s single-minded investigation did not get anyone’s cooperation. There was a ghost financial company Manager in the heart. There were other people who were alert to the police and others were unwilling to cooperate. Shane could only return to the office again and then received Andy. The screw that was sent.

    At night, the old man at the front desk was fooled. Shane successfully entered the building where the finance company was located. He used the milk powder to open the password lock and entered the finance company. The second confrontation with Andy opened.

    The rapid footsteps on the stairs, the alarms of the security door, the roar of the car engine, the fierce friction between the tires and the ground, and the fierce gun battles that lasted for a few minutes, with the intense percussion, the confrontation of more than 20 minutes. Without an extra lens, the entire process grips the audience's eye.

    Finally, the two got rid of the villain's pursuit, and Car drove on a quiet street in Los Angeles night.

    "Hah, this time the situation seems to be turned around. The gun is in my hand. Do you know where the police station is?"Shane raised an eyebrow and took a pistol and patted Andy's shoulder with a smug expression.

    Andy smiled and sighed with ungratefulness, and said: "Old rules, to the police station, you win."

    The car suddenly accelerated.

    At the same time, the heart that the audience just relaxed was once again hoisted, and everyone was curious about how Andy would escape again.

    In the screams of many girls in the auditorium, Andy stepped on the gas pedal and did not hesitate to hit the concrete fence on the roadside.


    A loud bang, the windshield broke, the airbag came out, and Shane in the back seat was shaken, and in a small lens that was not too eye-catching, Andy was placed next to the window because of the cracking of the front window glass. A small pill bottle popped out and bounced on the concrete road for a few times.

    The picture slowly settled in the crisp sound of the pill bottle and the concrete, and then fell into the dark.

    Here Eric made a big change to the original version, removing the plot of the two people swaying and robbing the gem box. Eric felt that this paragraph was completely superfluous, meaningless, and affected the rhythm of the film. If the original 20-minute fierce confrontation gives people the feeling of eating a bowl of spicy hot noodle soup with a sweaty sweat, the paragraph that grabs the box is more like the last stir chopsticks, picking out from the noodle soup. Half a caterpillar.

    Eric thought about it, and only thought that the purpose of this shot was to let Andy lose the small bottle containing the terminal cancer painkiller to cause Ian's misunderstanding. So Eric only used a small pop-up lens to clean the clues.

    I don't know how long I struggled in the darkness. Shane opened her eyes and found that she was in the hospital ward. Under the doctor's introduction, Shane knew that she had no serious problems, squatting on her suit and hanging her neck around her neck. Out of the ward.

    Ian’s face was heavily blocked by Shane, and the two started a funny conversation with a licking lip.

    "Hey, don't lie to me again."

    Shane argued: "This is the case. I have a friend to eat, on the way…"

    Ian interrupted Shane's shouting nonsense: "We found your car, which was covered with bullet holes."

    "Someone is looking for revenge, I can't help it. Our police always have a lot of enemies."

    "You still lie to me," Ian excitedly pulled Shane aside and raised the small pill bottle in his hand: "What is this, found in the place where you loaded the car, I asked the doctor, he said this pain relief The medicine is for the terminal cancer patients."

    Shane took a breath and seemed to understand something, thinking thoughtfully against the wall.

    Ian was stunned and grabbed his shoulder: "Oh, what a pity, so young."

    Shane raised his eyebrows and looked at each other, but Ian continued. "I am not right. I have always been biased against you, but you are also. Why do you always hit me? How can I say that it is the Secretary, bigger than you?" ."

    Shane quickly understood that Ian had misunderstood the incident, but he couldn't help but nod his head. It seemed that it was a good thing to misunderstand this somewhat careful boss.

    As for the future, it may be dismantled…The future will be said in the future.

    Thinking about this, Shane lifted the small bottle by the water: "Western medicine, it is very angry."

    Ian once again grabbed Shane's shoulder and said sorry for his previous careful behavior. Shane was a little embarrassed.

    Fortunately, Sigourney Weaver's guest appearance of the International Criminal Police executives, let Shane get rid of the embarrassment. Through Andy's information, Shane understood the meaning of the stranger who left him with the number 13 on the coaster.

    On May 13th, it was still the small restaurant. After a verbal conversation, Shane agreed to cooperate with Andy's plan to arrest the villains of the villains.

    In the bowling alley, when Cruise appeared in a pretty women's dress, not only Shane was shocked in the shot, but also the audience was surprised by the sound of the audience.

    When the bowling ball was broken and the financial company’s stolen diamonds were scattered all over the place, the big villains who had always been impenetrable were finally arrested. According to Eric’s previous clues, as long as the bald monk can be brought into the police department, then Interpol Will cooperate with a series of evidence, the other party will not want to go out of the door in this life.

    In the chaos, Shane found that Andy disappeared in the crowd, so he quickly chased it out.

    In the parking lot, helpless Andy took the initiative to get his own convertible sports car, because this time, not only in the hands of Shane, the steering wheel is also in the hands of the other party.

    Lamborghini's special open-faced ghosts darted through the streets, followed by a large police car.

    "Not yet?"After several police blockades, Shane opened the door.

    Andy leaned his head against the back of the chair: "The things that have been done have already been done."

    "But I don't have it. If I can't send you to the police department, I will be a little sorry in my life."

    "If you regret, you will remember me."Andy was full of teasing about Shane.

    Shane was silent for a moment: "Reassured, I will not forget you."

    Andy shook his head with a smile and coughed a few times, blood pouring into the cavity and spraying on the windshield.

    Shane's hand holding the steering wheel tightened, and Andy said sorry, opened the black cloth covering the bomb and took out a remote control.

    Shane glanced: "Is this trick again?"

    "Do not believe you try it."

    Shane lifted his hand and pressed the control machine. The light blew and the bomb started counting down for a minute.

    "This time will not be true?"

    Andy smiled and said: "You pressed it and said to me, when it is not important to die, the key is not to die in the police."

    Shane informed the followers of the bomb through the intercom, then stepped on the gas pedal, and quickly passed through the last police blockade, and walked down the sports car in the last ten seconds of the countdown.

    Although the two only met each other for a few days, Shane had a complete understanding of Andy's style of acting, and he did not believe that the bomb was true. Therefore, making such a deliberate release of criminals is a great pressure on his professional ethics.

    So when she got off the bus, Shane's face was a bit heavy, but gradually, he seemed to figure out what he was doing, and his mouth gradually smiled and walked easily toward his colleagues.

    After doing things, always very hungry, it is time to find something to eat.

    I don't know if the small restaurant was closed. He thought so, waving his hand to Ian who complained to him and left.

    Unsurprisingly, the countdown ended, Lamborghini's engine automatically turned on, and Andy fled again.

    A few weeks later, in the small restaurant, Shane opened her eyes and saw a message in the corner of the newspaper. Someone donated a large sum of money to the Children's Cancer Foundation in his own name. So he swallowed the food and picked it up. Pick, I seem to want to laugh, but I can't laugh.

    Holding a bucket of popcorn, sandwiching the newspaper through the bustling crowd, Shane ghosts made a bus.

    Just sitting down, Yu Guangli saw a familiar thing.

    "Miss, your necklace is very beautiful, where did you buy it?"Shane couldn't help but ask.

    Yoyo took it and looked at it with a faint smile on her face: "Friends sent it, it's cheap."


    Yoyo hesitated, didn't answer, just said faintly: "I haven't seen him for a long time, and he hasn't appeared since I gave it to me."

    Shane turned around sullenly: "Keep it well, although it is fake, but it is also fake. Maybe he will appear in front of you again someday, oh, scare you. ”

    Yoyo smiled, but didn't answer again, his eyes turned to the window.

    Soon, the girl got out of the car. In the fast and slow lens, the expressions of Shane and Yoyo appeared in the camera.

    Putting a popcorn into his mouth, Shane remembered Andy again.

    Dude, all this is your scam. It’s like a fake pistol, a fake bomb, your illness is fake, just to defraud my sympathy and let me let you go.

    I don't mind if you hide in the corner and laugh at my stupidity, really!

    He finally thought so, his face was blank.

    It seems to be some kind of inheritance. Originally only Andy played the chanting that sounded, and it appeared again when Yoyo walked the street with the jewel.

    Like some kind of reincarnation.

    Ethereal, mysterious, and far away…

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