Chapter 154 of the text is afraid of culture

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 154 is afraid of culture, floating astronomy

    "The ups and downs of the plot, the shocking soundtrack, the fierce and varied editing, and the outstanding performance of several Actors, Eric Williams brought us out after the play of "Home Alone" and the warmth of "Pretty Woman" A black symphony with a different style."

    "From the opening of the mysterious sing to the tragic symphony of the end of the film, "Running Out of Time" gorgeous music throughout the film, but no one feels noisy, compact story tension, no slight redundant lens, two The visual feast of hours creates a kind of inner peace."

    "Sex and blood have always been the two elements in the film that can stimulate the audience's adrenaline. But many movies are always for sex, for sex and blood, but the use of blood in "Running Out of Time" is the slightest. No deliberate feeling. During the movie, every time I saw Tom Cruise's hemoptysis, I could hear the heartbeat exclaimed by the female fans around me, but the exclamation was mixed with excitement like a high tide. A handsome, gentle and sinister mysterious man has made most women fall in love at first sight. Eric Williams is still unsatisfied, and the irritating hematemesis attribute is attached to the main character. I am sure that the role of Andy created by Cruise is In the future, it will definitely cause many filmmakers to imitate. ”

    "The wonderful performances of the two protagonists have not concealed the light of a few supporting roles, Joe. Pesci Pick Eyebrow twitched bobbing, and after several years of silence Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS reappear, it is even more bright, perhaps because the girl at Princeton University for several years, Brooke Shinternet Explorer LDS's acting is no longer floating on the surface, a bit more profound and introverted. Although it was only a few minutes of appearance, it left a deep impact. I believe this time, even if Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds can't get a positive performance award, the golden plum judge will definitely not consider the girl again. Object, I am looking forward to the performance of Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds in other movies in the future. ”

    The next morning, along with a slight squeak of paper flipping, Eric sat in the dining room's chair and focused on the freshly-received reviews on today's newspaper. And Nicole is busy coming and going, and from time to time the breakfast is served on the table.

    Soon, Drew, who was sleepy, put on his slippers and slammed into the restaurant. He opened the chair and sat down at the table, holding his chin in one hand and squinting at Eric looking through the newspaper.

    "How can I not sleep more?"Eric asked without lifting his head.

    “Hungry,” Drew said, pulling the small basket in the center of the table and reaching for the bagel, but it was hit by Eric's rolled up newspaper: “Is it brushing?”

    "After eating and brushing?"The girl squinted and looked pitiful.

    “After brushing and eating,” Eric glanced at the girl, without the meaning of connivance, waving his newspaper and ready to hit it again.

    "Okay, okay, really, like an old-fashioned old man," Drew stood up softly and floated out. Something crazy at the party last night, plus not eating much, so this girl It looks very wilting.

    Nicole stood in front of the kitchen counter and listened to the conversation between the two people. My heart was slightly envious. Although the two did not have any intimate words and actions, this kind of plain conversation made people feel the warmth of belonging only to their loved ones. In contrast, although Eric has been very polite to her, she has never treated her as her own. The girl did not work hard in this area, but it did not work much.

    Putting the cooked oatmeal into the restaurant, the girl started to have breakfast for a few people, but a bowl of porridge was gently placed in front of Eric, inadvertently looking up, but I saw Eric frowning at a newspaper.

    "what happened?"The girl sat down and asked softly. ,

    Eric shook his head slightly: "Nothing, just a film review."

    Nicole glanced at the name of the newspaper in Eric's hand and whispered: "Is anyone criticizing "Running Out of Time"?"

    “Well,” Eric nodded and said, “It feels inexplicable. This person seems to be specifically targeting me. I don’t remember to provoke this person.”Eric said, looking down, hoping to find some author's information, some newspapers often attach film critic information to the famous film critic, in order to let readers feel this person Very authoritative.

    “It turned out to be the full-time film critic of PremInternet Explorer re magazine, or graduated from the journalism department of Columbia University,” Eric whispered. The next Nicole heard the name of “PremInternet Explorer re” and jumped in her heart: “Eric, I Can you look at it?"

    Eric handed over the newspaper, and the girl smashed the author's name. It was a bit guilty, and it was written by George Noson.

“……I can't stand the scrutiny of the storyline, so I got the mysterious soundtrack and the repeated meaningless shots, and we made a two-hour movie in a random way. I feel that this movie is a waste of time for filmmakers. money……"

    The girl just hurriedly smashed one of the paragraphs, and quickly returned the newspaper back, her eyes flashing slightly, she understood that this article must have been generated by herself, because George Nosson originally praised Eric, perhaps because This accident happened only after the accidental coincidence last night made the other party feel embarrassed.

    If the other party clearly refuses when they talk, it may not happen.

    Nicole thought so, some were more guilty, and cautiously asked: "Eric, this film review will not affect Box Office?"

    “No,” Eric said. “Most of the film reviews have been praised for this film. There are no articles that occasionally jump out of one or two criticisms, as long as the general word of mouth is not a problem.”

    “Oh,” Nicole took a sigh of relief.

    Eric looked at the girl's expression carefully: "Nicole, what do you seem to have?"

    “No, no,” Nicole quickly shook his head and denied.

    Eric did not ask, and hurriedly overturned the remaining few newspapers and started eating breakfast.

    However, George Northen did not seem to be willing to publish a critical film review. On the second day, on the third day, several other comments on the newspaper appeared again, and the words were more intense than the one.

    In the end, the other party even began to question whether the film was shot by Eric.

    George first listed some of the plausible similarities between Eric's previous films, after all, "again", "Home Alone" and "pretty Woman," the style is very warm, and then changed a turn, "home Alone" and other films and black The cold style of "Running out of Time" made a detailed comparison, and finally, gave the reader a "Running out of Time" and the previous several movies have no relationship with the feeling.

    Next, George Northen began to comment on similar things that existed in many movie masters. From beginning to end, he instilled a point of view in the audience, that is, if several movies were taken by one person, even those styles changed. The film masters can also find a lot in common in their works.

    But "Running Out of Time" didn't, so George Northen boldly hinted that the film wasn't actually taken by Eric, but the gunman that Columbia was looking for. It was a piece of money in the name of Eric Williams's genius Director, and fans were fooled.

    Seeing this article, Eric shook his head helplessly and realized that the rogue was not terrible, and he was afraid of rogue culture and famous sayings. Because the analysis of this article is too detailed, the professional level is so high that Eric can't match it. It is worthy of being a high-school student from the Ivy League school. Even Eric himself has to admit that the analysis of the other party is very reasonable.

    Because the influence of the publication of George Northson's article is not bad, the "gunner" view of "Running Out of Time" has had a significant impact on the public.

    The summer office Box Office is very fierce. Once there is a chance to fight against competitors, other Film Studio will definitely be willing to help, so in just a few days, the media’s doubts are getting more and more, and Columbia has to Pay attention to it and contact Eric for emergency measures.

    "Maybe, we can sue the film critic, named George Nosson," said one executive in the conference room.

    The management of the Ministry of Justice shook his head and retorted: "We have already considered this method, it is difficult to work, and the federal court will not even accept our request for prosecution. George was so shrewd that his article was more like a professional paper, and it was not clear from the beginning that "Running out" was not taken by Eric, he had been hinting, and that the hint was very convincing, to be honest, If I had not just seen the film, I would have been tempted to believe it. ”

    "Now, the most important thing is to make a clarification. We can't let this view continue to ferment."

    "It's simple to say, but it's not easy to do. You said, how do we clarify to Eric? Is it possible to let TV Station live live on Eric for a while? We also looked for some news photos from the original shooting process, but unfortunately, Cruise, Hanks and even Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds have a lot of photos, Eric's photos are pitiful, and there is not much convincing. ”

    Just as everyone was frowning, Eric, who was late for some delays, pushed the door into the conference room, holding a cardboard box in his arms.

    "Sorry, everyone, because I have to prepare these things, I have to delay."Eric apologized to everyone, looking for a place to sit down.

    The crowd couldn't help but look at Eric's small box on the meeting table.

    Eric noticed the confused eyes and explained: "Oh, this is some videotape. It was Drew who ran to the studio several times and played with the camera."

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