Chapter 155 of the text is a nonsense

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 155th chapter is a serious nonsense, floating astronomy

    July 10, "Running out of Time" the first week of Box Office was officially released, although the George of the northern part of the article in the public set off a challenge, but the "Running out of the time" film itself has not been a lot of word-of-mouth Impact, more than 70% of the film is praised for the movie, So, "Running out of" the first week of "Batman" still hot pressure, or won more than 27 million USD three days of box Office, for this data, Columbia has mixed feelings.

    Because the box office in the summer business day will occupy the entire week of box office 40% through 50%, box office, seven days in the first week of Running out of time, still has the opportunity to go up the 40Million USD mark, although the Ba Tman "For the sake of the" Ghost 2 "is certainly not up to the first week of million, but this number has lasted half a month to" Running out of Time "Box Office worried Columbia senior officials have a good night's sleep, the first thoughtful 40Mi Llion, then General box Office still has the opportunity to break through million USD.

    The worry is because of "Ghostbusters II" as a cautionary tale, Columbia is worried that the film will be "Ghost 2" in the footsteps of the next week, more than 50% of the box Office decline, although after all will not appear like "Batman" such a large, but just experienced the " Catch Ghost 2 "ups and downs of the box Office curve, Columbia has such a worry is inevitable, the film is like gambling, no one knows what will happen next."

    Therefore, when the turmoil caused by George Northen’s questioning article has just arisen, Columbia will soon convene all the executives’ deliberation countermeasures as far as possible, and the consequences of such a thing are hard to predict, perhaps people read After that, I forgot to chat a few words. But Columbia also found that it seems that many aspects do not want this argument to be easily overlooked by people. In just a few days, many media have begun to help.

    They will never allow the Running out of the good times to be affected by this skepticism, let alone Columbia has identified Eric's ' topic marketing ' proposal to put the film's implanted ads and Eric TV Serinternet Explor Er s fragment as a hype topic to push up the second week box Office, but the plan for the smooth implementation, you must first clear the wave of doubt, otherwise the topic of marketing will be difficult to predict the effect, it is likely to be a result of the previous query to stack a worse situation.

    When a group of executives had some troubles about how to clarify "Running Out of Time" and no gunmen, the small box of video that Eric moved into the conference room made everyone shine, after playing a few videotapes. The people quickly discussed the countermeasures.

    CBS TV Station is located in the branch office building in Los Angeles. Eric is making a final preparation with a female host named Sophia Temple. Next, a program called "Sofia Talk Show" will be recorded. If you want to clarify your query as soon as possible, what better way to play a videotape on the spot than a multi-million spectator on a talk show?

    When an executive puts forward this proposal, the first thing Eric thought of was the famous Oprah Winfrey, which was so famous, but unfortunately his idea was quickly dismissed, because Oprah's talk show was played every season from September to the next year in May. It's just off the stage of this talk show. Moreover, even if the Oprah talk show is not stopped now, it is impossible to arrange the schedule in just a few days.

    Second, Columbia quickly arranged another program called "Sofia Talk Show" through the well-connected CBS TV Station. This talk show is obviously imitating the "Oprah talk show", but unfortunately Eric previous life has not heard of it.

    Sophia Temple is a very temperate white woman, dressed in a sleek burgundy professional suit, brunette blue scorpion, nose nose, Eric feels the other side and previous life "FrInternet Explorer nds" Courteney · Cox appearance A little bit similar, but she is a little more booky than Courteney · Cox.

    After the exchange, Eric also understands why this talk show's previous life is unknown. It is estimated that this trend will not last long.

    Because Sophia Temple's character is very literary, and the conversation is quite satisfactory, Eric guesses that the other party must have been born into a wealthy family and has received a full set of elite education. Although this woman is very talented, her personality is somewhat conservative. Therefore, Eric thinks that she is more suitable for a more serious high-end talk show, interviewing entrepreneurs, scientists or senior government officials, and is not suitable for this talk show that needs to interact with the guests and mobilize the audience atmosphere.

    In contrast, Oprah, who is born at the bottom, is different. The other party’s influence on the hype can be a self-destructive experience of being intimately harassed in childhood. You can make a lot of funny moves on the spot, and you can burst into laughter on the spot. And Eric can be sure that Sofia Temple, who is conservative in character, can't do this.

    "Ms. Temple, Mr. Williams, the scene is ready to start recording. ”A staff member pushed the door into the rest room and said to Eric and Sofia, who are communicating details.

    Eric and Sophia left the lounge and walked to the studio.

    "Speaking of director, many people in the mind of the first impression must be those bearded, hairy hair, eccentric old man, but from the beginning of last year, Hollywood's director Circle has appeared an alternative, he is not only young and handsome, but also brilliant, more surprising is that The teenager has got a jaw-dropping box Office score for several consecutive films, and, well, presumably everyone already knows who he is, so please let us have today's live guest, Mr. Eric Williams. ”

    After a skilled opening, in Sofia's gesture, Eric again holding the small box came in, the program group had suggested that the box to put the tape directly to the scene, but Eric refused, the reason for such a program, the main purpose is to clarify the gunman rumors, So of course it's the impression that leaves the audience the better.

    In the scream of the girl under the stage, Eric smiled and waved at the camera before sat down with Sophia.

    "Eric, is this a gift for you, do you want me to give it to everyone?"Sophia smiled and pointed to the box that Eric had brought up.

    Not waiting for Eric to answer, the girls in the audience shouted excited again, and several girls couldn't help but stand up and look at the things in the box.

    Eric pressed his hands slightly and gestured to everyone to explain, "I am sorry, everyone, I am too rushed to get a gift today. As for these, just some videotapes, as for content, temporarily confidential, etc. I will give you a surprise."

    Although many people on the scene gave a disappointing sigh, they were all quiet.

    Then Sofia and Eric started the standard process of the talk show interview, which is close to me, recalling childhood, looking back, savoring the present, looking to the future…

    Most of the questions were negotiated in advance, and Sophia was as conservative as Eric's previous evaluations. Even with a few minor surprises, Eric didn't feel embarrassed.

    After talking about Eric's past ten minutes, two people began to turn the topic into the focus of this interview.

    “Eric, many people say that the style of “Running Out of Time” has changed too much compared to your previous films. What do you think of these people personally?”

    Eric stared at Sophia's good face and began to talk nonsense: "Actually, to be honest, there are great accidental factors in the appearance of my first few films. When my father died suddenly, I had to drop out of school in a small restaurant to work, but that is not what I want to live, I was very interested in the film since childhood, so there is "again" this script, "Again" is I in order to enter the Hollywood, and to prepare for themselves; Home Alone is the inspiration I had when I was chatting with little Stu, little guy came to my house one night, I was filming "Again", Little Stu asked me, he can also go to film, I said yes, so "home Alone" appeared. The scripting of "Pretty Woman" is also very contingent. Therefore, "Running Out of Time" is a movie that I really want to shoot completely. I have had the idea of ​​making this movie a long time ago. For this reason, I even went to Pretty. Woman, before shooting, to Tom Mr. Hanks sent an invitation. ”

    "Oh, then, your first few movies are your ticket. If you hear these words from many directors in Hollywood, many people will be heartbroken."Sophia asked a little bit of resentment, and the audience rang again with laughter. If Eric really made a few Box Office amazing movies, it was estimated that many of the directors that Hollywood had struggled for years had to hit the wall.

    Eric quickly smiled and denied: "Of course not. For every movie I have done before, I am trying hard to do it. I think that one person wants to achieve some achievements. It is very important that even if you don't have some things, you are not very good. Interested, but also try to get it done."

    Sophia nodded thoughtfully: "Eric, although you are still young, but with your achievements, you will definitely not get too many constraints and restrictions when making movies. Does it mean that you will be in the future? The film will be the style of "Running Out of Time"?"

    "No, I prefer to try new things, so my future movies will definitely be diverse. I don't want to be tagged with a certain type of movie director at a young age."

    "But, I have heard such a point in the past few days, that is, even those excellent film masters, there will be similar factors in their films. But some of the analysis on the newspaper said that the "Running Out of Time" movie has nothing in common with your first few movies, just like…It's like the two people shot it. ”Sophia stared at Eric and raised this rather sharp topic.

    The audience at the scene immediately became breathless. In fact, many people have already guessed the reason why Eric came to participate in this talk show, so it is very curious how Eric will defend himself.

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