Body Chapter 156 Videotape

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of the 156th videotape, floating astronomy

    "Actually, I am very helpless about this kind of questioning, because my age is really a bad injury. There are very few Directors under the age of 30 in Hollywood, let alone I am less than twenty years old.""I didn't have to answer that question," Eric said. After all, the reality is the best counter weapon, but as this view expands, I think, even ignoring those irresponsible and chasing the media, I should also give support to my film fans have a account, just because of some accidental factors, the Running out of time some of the images in the course of the filming were preserved, and that's the videotape. ”

    Eric said, taking more than a dozen videotapes out of the small box and stacking it between himself and Sofia.

    "Wow, these are…Shooting footage? ”Asked Sophia.

    Eric shook his head. "No, if it's a tidbit, I definitely won't be in the lens. These are some trivialities that I recorded with an extra camera during the "Running Out of Time" studio."

    “You mean, the documentary of the “Running Out of Time” production process, taken from a third-party perspective, is this allowed during the filmmaking process?”

    Eric laughed: "Under normal circumstances, this situation is not allowed, because the content of the film needs to be absolutely confidential, but the identity of the people who shoot these videos is quite special. I believe she will not disclose the content before she is allowed to toss. It is also because of my original connivance that now I have the opportunity to prove my innocence. ”

    Eric finished, the audience under the stage stretched their necks one by one, wide-eyed, and several fans whispered to urge Eric and Sophia to play the video content.

    "Well, then everyone can't wait, let's take a look."Sophia did not excessively hang the appetite of the audience, seemingly randomly picking out a videotape and stuffing it into the already prepared projector.

    Then, after the two people began to appear on the big screen some rickety picture, it seems that the camera operators are still very unskilled, after a good while, the screen slowly stabilized down, while a girl's slightly outrageous voice from outside the painting rang: "Alan, hold the radio well, if I do not make a sound, I will find you afterwards." ”

    The other one sounded with a touch of helplessness: "Okay, Princess Royal Highness."

    The audience laughed and many people heard it. The girl’s voice should come from Drew Barrymore, who is closely related to Eric. I remembered what Eric had just said, and it was true that only this girl could be so unscrupulously so busy on the set, if other People who dare to play in a movie studio will definitely be blasted out.

    On the big screen, the picture began to move. Many people recognized that this should be a large studio. Looking at the full-scale street and house model in the picture, the audience gave a faint exclaim. Now, it’s not more than ten. In the era of developed networks after the year, many things can find pictures or videos on the Internet. Although the United States people often watch movies, they don't know much about the specific process of film production. The large-scale studio of this full-scale model has never seen it before, so it is not surprising.

    Accompanied by some murmur, the person carrying the camera quickly walked into a room, the camera in front of wearing a military Green director Vest Eric, screen Eric is dancing to Hanks explain what, see the lens together, Eric stopped the dialogue with Hanks, smiled and reached over the mirror Head, seemed to knock on one's forehead, while the girl's cries of pain and the laughter of some people around her rang.

    "Hey, Shantou, this Sony professional camera is worth 128,000 USD. If you accidentally broke it, I can only pay you to Columbia for debt."Eric knocked on Drew's head and said so.

    The camera swayed for a short time, and Drew's madness sounded: "Wow, I hate it, how many times I said it, I don't want to knock my head."

    Eric waved his hand like a cat and a puppy: "Go and go, stand a little farther and start shooting."

    As the lens retreated, Eric directed the crew to start shooting, and many of the staff in the camera began to move. Hanks also started to bury with other Actors. One of the reporters went forward and was expected to play the game board.

    At this point, Sophia pressed the stop button in a timely manner and explained to the audience: "Sorry, the screen will involve the content of the movie, so we have to stop."

    Although it was only a minute or two, the audience watched it with relish. When Sofia stopped playing, many people sighed with regret.

    "Eric, I'm starting to be more curious about a problem, I believe that the audience in front of the television is also very curious about the problem," Sophia did not immediately began to broadcast other video, but in response to public opinion to ask a lot of people's doubts: "Although only a few minutes of the lens, we have seen you on the Miss Barrymore's pet, a camera worth more than 100,000 USD can let her play like a toy, what's your relationship with Drew? ”

    Eric hesitated for a moment, sorted out the language, and said: "How do I say that I met Drew when I was filming "17 again", and I soon fell in love with this little girl."

    When someone saw that the scene was ready, Eric quickly waved his hand and stopped: "Don't misunderstand, it's definitely not what you think. I just think of Drew as my sister. Drew got some bad… …Habit, though having been to a few rehab, but the effect is not too good, her mother is helpless, I can't bear to drew such a potential girl is so gradually sinking, under the impulse to talk to her mother, let the girl moved to live with me, perhaps I can supervise her to change these bad habits, Ms. Edico agreed after her consideration, so there was a situation that everyone now saw. Maybe I am more involved with Drew. In short, she still listens to me. Therefore, she has completely changed the bad habits. She is currently attending a female school. I hope she can successfully graduate from high school, etc. After she became an adult, she was free to choose her own path. ”

    Eric has no psychological pressure on this nonsense. As an insider, he has long understood that these so-called interviews are a kind of show, as long as they achieve their goals. Previous life After the stars had been interviewed, Xiu En’s divorce show was responsible for all kinds of breaks. If you take a serious attitude to treat such programs, you will hear the stars talk about their inspirational stories. Or if the love experience is blood boiling or tears, it would be silly.

    Of course, although some of the bottom of my heart did not agree, Eric was still doing a full set of dramas. When he said this, he was very embarrassed and very inflammatory, as if he was the angel sent by God to save the lost girl.

    And Sophia also showed a moving look, as to whether Eric really didn't know.

    "So, let's hope that Miss Barrymore will once again be on the big screen and bring us great works. Now, let's see what other videos say."Sophia said, and selected a set of pre-determined videotapes into the player.

    The camera was still shaking, and the scene was no longer a studio, but a blocked street, surrounded by a lot of police cars, but also laid a lot of camera boom and track, but the screen staff some threes in the chat, some in the upward water, there are people leaning on the door to take the hands of the folder fan wind, This is estimated to be a temporary rest for the cast.

    The voice-over sounded again: "Hello everyone, I am Drew Barrymore, a reporter for ABCTV Station. I heard that there was a bank robbery here. Let us interview Mr. Eric Williams, the on-site commander."

    The camera was slowly approaching Eric, with sunglasses and baseball caps, and the girl seemed to say something, and then a furry oversized radio microphone appeared in the camera, slowly poking into Eric's face, and accidentally poked Eric in the nose and looked funny. A wronged male voice rang: "Director, I was forced, don't blame me." ”

    Eric and Sophia, who saw this picture, laughed, and the audience at the scene laughed.

    In the picture, Eric took off the sunglasses and looked helplessly at the lens and what you wanted to do.

    "Mr. Williams, I heard that there was a bank robbery here. How is the situation now, can you introduce it to everyone? ”Shantou asked seriously.

    "Well," Eric pushed the radio microphone away from his face, "We have taken control of the situation," said the journalist, "you see, the two robbers over there are playing poker with the players of the special team and the atmosphere is peaceful and harmonious, and the negotiator Hanks is not really talking to that plainclothes policeman, He is actually testing each other, we have learned that plainclothes is an inside ghost, ready to wait for the catch work, police Department long Joe · Mr. Pesci left in an emergency, and one hours later, I'm sure the hostages are still alive …

    Eric's funny words once again amused the audience with laughter, after playing this paragraph, Sophia smiled and picked up a few more tapes for a short period of time, with two of people talking and interacting with the audience, unconsciously, because some of the plots needed to be recorded more than once, Only 40 minutes of talk show time took two hours to record.

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