The body of Chapter 158 reversed

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 158th chapter falls, floating astronomy

    In this era, film critic's income mainly comes from two aspects, Film Studio's public relations fee and newspaper magazine's publication of the film review fee. Of course, the top film critic will have other types of income, such as books or TV shows. of.

    And George Northen is obviously not the top-notch, or "PremInternet Explorer re" magazine will not easily dismiss George Nosson after being pressured by Columbia.

    Because of the blacklist, when Film Studio is about to release a new movie, George Nosson will not receive a penny of public relations fees, and even the movie preview or the premiere invitation will not be received. If you can't participate in the screening or the premiere, you won't be able to get the first-hand viewing information that is ahead of the average audience. The paper magazine is not too enthusiastic about the film reviews that have already been released, so the revenue of the film review fee will be greatly reduced. In both cases, the lost income exceeds 80% of the original income.

    Therefore, being blacklisted by Six Great Film Studios means that George Nosson can no longer stay in the film critic circle, and the fame that has been spent in the circle for many years has vanished.

    In fact, as a mixed circle for many years old, George Northern also clearly know the game rules of this circle, many lines are not touched, so he has never done anything special, after years of hard work, he also has a large reputation in the industry, Each year's income adds up to an enviable six-digit number.

    Perhaps it is because of so many years of brilliance, let George a little self-righteous, forget their own duties, so only a series of attacks on the "Running out of the time" article, he was only because he felt Nicole teased, want to export gas, A little revenge, but did not think of their own far underestimated the "influence of the article", and so the reaction to all too late, directly ruined his career.

    After the end of the first week, perhaps because of that turmoil, or perhaps because of the propaganda role of Eric on the Sofia talk show, four working days in the first week, "Running out of" took more than 16 million of box office, and the first week of box office reached 4 More than 3 million, which is Columbia confident, is more than 3 million the Columbia of the first weekend box Office.

    At the same time, with the clarification of the "Running Out of Time" gunner question, the pre-negotiated 'topic marketing' program also started, the event opened in several entertainment newspaper words fiercely implanted in "Running Out of Time" The advertisement is slammed.

    "More than 30 implanted ads, are we really watching movies? 》

    "Shuangtang teamed up with the advertising blockbuster, we are not looking at 'Running out of Time', it is 'Advertising War'"

    "Eric Williams is not returning to the road!" 》

    A series of very eye-catching headlines directly on the topic of "Running out of Time" to the forefront of the issue, the media after questioning the controversy after the uproar again, Columbia also homeopathy in other competitors have not reacted before, began to vigorously manipulate the direction of public opinion, Most of the media's comments on the matter turned to ridicule gestures.

    Soon, Los Angeles Times published an audience survey report, which was prepared by Columbia in advance. The target audience was those who just came out of the "Running Out of Time" playroom, about the audience's "Running Out." View of advertising in of Time.

    Among the random surveys of 1,000 people, 76% of the audience did not feel the existence of advertisements in the movie, 15% felt the existence of advertisements, but did not care much, 7% of the audience expressed some concern about the advertisements, and the choice was very annoying. The advertisement is only 2% of the 寥寥.

    Los Angeles Times In order to ensure its credibility, a full stack of spot check report photos was published on the layout.

    This report has set the tone for the "Admission Out of Time" implant advertising event.

    Whenever this matter is mentioned, many people will feel that most people don't even feel the existence of advertisements. In fact, this is nothing. In addition to the other gunman articles of Columbia's other ridiculous categories, the public's thinking direction has begun to be transferred.

    Immediately, Columbia also began to stand up and clarify that there were some embedded advertisements in the movie, but not as exaggerated as those of the 'irresponsible' media. Columbia took out the gunman who had just happened to question the storm, saying that this was a malicious attack on the "Running Out of Time" by competitors.

    As the guidance of public opinion continues, more and more people are beginning to be curious about what ads are in the "Running Out of Time" because, as the survey shows, a large number of people are watching for the first time. At the time, I didn't even realize the existence of advertising in Running Out of Time.

    When Columbia's competitors reacted and began to manipulate their own media to reverse the public opinion and lead the public to dislike the implanted ads in Running Out of Time, Columbia directly threw a blockbuster.

    On the second weekend of the film's release, early Saturday morning, a few copies of Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other newspapers also published a statement from Columbia Corporation.

    "Although according to the survey, the implanted advertisement in "Running Out of Time" did not affect the movie-going experience of the majority of fans, but in order to thank the fans for their support, after the film production and distribution parties, we decided to "Running" The 2 Million USD implanted advertising fees received in Out of Time are returned to the majority of fans. From the date of publication of this statement, the audience can send all the 12 implanted advertisements in the form of letters to the following address. We will select 200 correct lucky viewers on the spot during the live broadcast of the TV program, each rewarding 10,000 USD. cash. ”

    Subsequently, this statement leaves a receiving address, a deadline, and a counter-brushing restriction such as a single letter for each citizen ID and repeated delivery.

    For a moment, the entire United States media was once again stunned, even if many viewers could not help but react, this is a blatant hype.

    But even if you find this, you can't stop the enthusiasm of many viewers. After all, it is now in the late 1980s. For many United States families, 10000USD is a huge sum. Anyway, during the holiday, everyone had the habit of watching movies. If you watched the movie, if you took a few dozen cents to get an envelope and mailed your guesses, you might get a prize of 10,000 USD. Why not? . Moreover, the number of winnings for 200 people seems to be quite high.

    On the second day after the announcement, many movie theaters that broadcast "Running Out of Time" were directly full. On the day of the announcement, "Running Out of Time" got the 13 Million USD box office on the day, and Sunday. Box Office also reached 11 Million, plus Friday's more than 8 million USD Box Office, "Running Out of Time" The second weekend of the second weekend, the total Box Office reached 32 Million, miraculously in the competitive summer file Achieved nearly 20% of Box Office retreat, and this is the only movie in the summer file that has a box office retreat.

    After the second day of the second week, "Running Out of Time" once again received more than 49 million next week Box Office, the total Box Office has reached 92 Million.

    Compared to the release of five weeks, box office has begun to weaken the "Ghostbusters II" to now only get the 90Million USD in the box Office, and "Batman" by the "Running out of" time The impact of the wave, the fourth week box office fell 44% again, only to get the million USD box office, although the cumulative box office reached 100,000,068 million, but "Batman" in the next release week, B Ox Office If another 40% or so decline, box office can only remain within the tens, and in the "Running out of the time" box office trend, tens of millions of of the box office data per week may remain 3-4 weeks, the most It's hard to say whose home this summer's box Office champion spends.

    This result, let a lot of Film studio all look a bit dumbfounded, even Columbia Film Studio Many senior executives have a happy too fast to adapt to the sense of nothingness, Columbia Corporation's shares again rapid rise, the total market value in a few weeks broke through 4 500 million USD, has tentatively reached the acquisition agreement Sony became agitated, originally planned to complete the acquisition in late September, but Sony's head has issued a number of requests, hoping to sign a final agreement in August, the other party also realized that if "Running out of Time" overtook "Batman" With the summer box Office title, the price increase is certainly not going to stop.

    When the third week of "Running Out of Time" Box Office fell another 26%, and won more than 38 million Box Office, the puzzled media can only attribute this trend to the masses' desire for flying.

    Although many Studios also want to learn the sweeping mode of Columbia to promote, but unfortunately, the release of the summer movie is over, "Running Out of Time" can be said to be the last wave of the big production movie, before There is not much meaning in the filming of the film for similar promotion.

    and "Running out of Time" after the release of the film, is basically taking advantage of the summer stalls at the end of the money is not very good work, so the other film Studio did not dare to hit the 2 million, even if it is 1 million, and very few people will be willing to spend, after all, This risk is too big, even if a movie to get million Box Office, the hospital line is divided, the remaining half also need investors, producers, the issuer of the parties to divide, and finally pay tax, profit is usually just millions other. Home Eone, like Eric, has a share of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is unique in the circle. Even the most profitable Star Wars series, Lucas can't get such a high profit just in Box Office.

    This time, Columbia used the hype to embed advertising to achieve a major reversal of Box Office, and it is also destined to become a classic marketing case studied by the major Film Studio.

    Eric is not worried about this way being learned, because this time the operation is completely a sword, and it is blunt, once or twice, the audience will feel that the implant advertisement is quite new. Once used a few times, the audience will definitely produce 'I am watching the movie entertainment, not the anti-reverse mentality of advertising. So doing it will only be counterproductive.

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