Body Chapter 160 An Affair to Remember

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 160th chapter An Affair to Remember, floating astronomy

    It should be a previous life. Once I had a chat with a friend, there was just one name called "Finding Mr." The movie of Right was released, and the two chatted about the movie at random. When they finally said it, they began to trace back. They finally found that many movies such as "Grey Gardens", "Sleepless in Seattle", "Love Story", etc. The inspiration comes from the famous "An Affair to Remember" by Gary Grant and Deborah Deer.

    Of course, this is not the point. Eric thinks that the friend accidentally mentioned that it seems that because of the popularity of "Sleepless in Seattle", the video of "An Affair to Remember" was fired and sold in a short time. 2 Million box, which is an unexpected windfall for all Film Studios in copyright.

    "An Affair to Remember" is the old film 40 years ago, although two starring at that time was Hollywood superstar, but time has passed so long, and this film is not like 007 of the film and so can be unlimited to shoot the sequel, So there is no commercial value, and perhaps 1 million or 2 million will buy out all the copyright in the film. Moreover, Eric considers that he will be filmed "Sleepless in Seattle" in the future, and he will definitely get some authorization from the "An Affair to Remember" copyright party. After the other party knows about it, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be able to sit on the ground. All copyrights are bought over.

    Seeing Eric think of something slightly excitement, Shantou couldn't stand the temper, scratching Eric's chest and hurriedly asked: "Eric, is there any good movie for me, let's talk about it?"

    "The movie doesn't, but if you want to make a fortune, there is a good chance," Eric picked up the pen and wrote the movie title "An Affair to Remember" on paper: "Do you know this movie?"

    Drew glanced up at his eyes and shook his head in earnestness: "I don't know."

    Eric can only patiently explain; "Do you always remember that I told you about my next movie?"

    The location of the head of the Nicole room outside the study room was smacked: "Of course."

    "In that movie setting, heroine Annie likes to watch" an affair to Remember ", I think if" Sleepless in Seattle "After the release," An Affair to Remember "tape Sales will definitely increase, so if you want to make money, you can use the time of the holiday, to find a way to buy all the copyright of this film, this is a 40 years old film, as long as the price is appropriate, Film Studio will be willing to sell. ”

    Drew has a blind trust in Eric. If Eric says to others, it is estimated that the other party will doubt it, but Drew has no doubts about it. Instead, he asks: "But, bought it, where do I go?" Videotape?"

    “Firefly has recently started building its own distribution channels, including video tape channels,” Eric said, recalling Home Alone and the three movie contracts signed for Fox, which created a bit of helplessness and regret.

    At the outset, he was solitary, and a rookie, a lot of things to consider is not too comprehensive, therefore, signed an agreement, the film and television rights such as the right to the surrounding film and television copyright to Fox Agent, Firefly can only sit and wait for the split, although it looks good, after all, many alone Studio films are not even eligible for a split, usually just a buyout, and he can enjoy a split treatment. But giving the proxy to Fox is equivalent to losing a lot of money in vain compared to issuing it yourself. After all, after the release process, the film's fame and reputation have been determined. If you can have your own video distribution channel, then even if it is not as comprehensive as a big company, you can still get a profit by cutting a big cake. After that, I got a lot more.

    And, through this period of time, he understood that small companies with the ability to issue, even if the distribution of their own films to those film giants, also usually do not have the tape and other surrounding copyright transfer, as the film peripheral revenue accounted for the total size of the film revenue and the proportion of the larger, The income of these surrounding copyright is likely to prop up a two or three-line film studio's important source of funding, those two or three-line film studio, if the library has a good film and television resources, each year from the surrounding income can support film Studio day-to-day operations, and Without the money from box Office revenue or investors, the film Studio will survive without huge losses on investment.

    Therefore, Eric is also eager to establish its own distribution channel as soon as possible, and the subsequent copyrights of "The Others", "Scent of a Woman" and "Steel Magnolias" and "FrInternet Explorer nds" will definitely not Let it go again.

    "But, Eric, I have no money."Drew stared at Eric and looked at Eric.

    Eric couldn't help but pinch the white and tender face of the girl: "You don't have a card, just brush it and earn your fortune…"Speaking of this, Eric paused and remembered that the Westerners did not have a dowry. They could only change their minds: "I made a small treasury and lost my money."

    "Then I will do it," Drew licked his face and slammed into Eric's face. The little mouth was about to smash into Eric's lips, but he was still in front of a big hand, so he didn't mind extending small. The tongue snorted in Eric's palm.

    "You must have been a cat in your life, so you like it."Eric got the girl down from her lap: "Okay, now that something has been done, there is money to make it, you can go to sleep."

    "Eric, you haven't slept with me for a long time," Shantou said with a look of resentment.

    "I am a law-abiding citizen," Eric said with a look of 'disgusting' and pushed his head in the direction of the door: "And there are outsiders here."

    Drew heard the word 'outsider' and seemed to be very happy. He rushed to kiss Eric's face before he was willing to leave.

    Eric, looking at the closed study door, smiled and shook his head, shifted his attention to the display and began the finishing work of Frinternet Explorer NDS, Barry Diller himself on the phone and told Eric that Frinternet Ex Plorer NDS "The filming process, although the U.S. opera is side-shot," Frinternet Explorer NDS "is no exception, but now is almost August, TV serinternet Explorer s September, Eric also only has one months of time Between

    "Eric, this is today's newspaper," the next morning, Eric took a shower after a routine workout and returned to the living room. Nicole thoughtfully placed the newspaper on the coffee table in front of Eric.

    "Thank you, Nicole."Eric had a great interest in seeing the girl's new pink maid dress, only to pick up the newspaper and Nicole returned to the kitchen again.

    A moment later, Eric saw the name of a movie on the newspaper, which was also released by Columbia. I didn't expect the result to be good, and the name was "When Harry Met Sally", starring in the multi-session Oscar ratio. Lee Cristo, and Meg Ryan, the original woman of Sleepless in Seattle.

    Eric still like the smile is very sweet actress, but, it seems that the other side of the star is very bumpy, summed up, perhaps also can think that the sweet heart of the selection is very poor, seemingly her more successful two movies, are with Tom Hanks cooperation, one is "Sleepless in Seattle", another is a few years later, "You ' ve Got Mail", the others are not outstanding works.

    The reason why she is not good, because the sweet heart once with a series of big film pass by, it seems very magical, from the 90 's 丨 began, she has refused to "pretty Woman", refused the "Ghost", and even refused to let the name of the stone soaring "basic Instinct ", the reason is of course not to take off, but the sweet heart to the new century, in order to transition without scruple to take off, but also want to imitate a" Basic instinct "success, in a similar type of" in the "cut, but this film is not the same as basic Instinct "Such good luck, directly to the Java."

    Looking at the Box Office data of "When Harry Met Sally" on the newspaper, it is estimated that this sweetheart will be a little bit hot. Because of Eric's sake, the history of Hollywood has been greatly deviated, and I don't know this sweetheart. In this time and space, there will be no luck in the past.

    "Nicole, can you come over?"Eric looked at "When Harry Met Sally" on the newspaper, but remembered the image of the other person in "Sleepless in Seattle," and shouted a busy girl in the kitchen.

    "Is there a problem?"Nicole quickly came out and held a small shovel in his hand.

    "That, forget it, you should be busy first, have breakfast and talk."

    "Oh," the girl turned around inexplicably and walked back.

    At the dining table, Drew snorted and ate breakfast, took a paper towel and wiped his mouth, and hurriedly got up and wanted to go outside.

    "Come back, sit down and finish the milk," Eric pointed at the milk that had left most of the cup and glanced at the girl: "You are rushing back to Mars, so hurry."

    Shantou reluctantly sat back in the chair and explained: "I am going to find someone to buy the copyright of that movie."

    “Let’s finish the breakfast and say,” Eric repeated Drew’s explanation and repeated.

    "Hey," the girl took a small nose and took a few mouthfuls of milk and poured it on it: "This is ok."

    "Okay, go crazy."

    “Hate,” Drew took another paper towel and rubbed his mouth and went out to the restaurant door. He suddenly turned around and glanced at Nicole, turning his eyes to Eric: “When I am not at home, you are not allowed. Fuck up."


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