Missing the body of Chapter 162

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 162 missed, floating astronomy

    Carefully read the information of two companies, Eric found, perhaps because of the early establishment of the more than 10 years, now the new line is far more powerful than Miramax, the simplest evidence is in the distribution capacity, as the second-tier film Studio The new line has been able to roll out nearly 1500 screen numbers for a movie, but Miramax is still in the middle of a big patch, and can only raise four hundred or five hundred screens for his own films. Moreover, when the new line was founded, Miramax started its own production business. Now it also has a very profitable "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series copyright, but Miramax is still in the stage of the world's buying and selling.

    Seeing this, Eric couldn't help but patted the table and suddenly remembered that he missed one thing, that is, Steven Sunderberg's work "Sex, Lies, Videotape", Soderberg is With this film, he became the youngest Golden Palm winner at the Cannes Film Festival a few months ago.

    Eric also reminded me to buy the North America copyright of the film, but because of the busy shooting of "Running Out of Time" during that time, I forgot it.

    If the history does not shift, the film must have been won by the Weinstein brothers. In the memory, Miramax relies on "Sex's movie is on the scene. After making a small profit, it has enough capital to enter the field of independent production. It slowly explores a set of its own way of survival, and starts to wind. Raw water starts.

    Now in late July, Eric only knows, "Sex won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival in May, but has not found the film in North America on the newspaper magazine.

    If the distribution rights of this movie are really picked up by Miramax, then if you want to acquire Miramax, it is best to reach an agreement before the film is released. Otherwise, once "Sex, Lies, Videotape" has a good Box Office score, Even if the Weinstein brothers still agree to be acquired, Eric will definitely have to pay more. The rule in the circle is like this, a movie can make a company's market value increase, just like Pixar of previous life, originally animated Film Studio worth 50 Million USD, because of the success of "Toy Story", the market value is turned over in a short time. 20 times.

    In Eric's vision, it's best to take both companies together so that both commercial and artistic films can be developed in tandem with the classic Oscar-winning films that Eric remembers, even if Miramax goes back to the art release. The road will certainly not be less than a company that focuses on commercial films.

    The estimated market value of the new line in the data is probably million USD, because the other is a veteran company that has been operating for 20 years, not only has a small library, but also has a very valuable "A Nightmare on the Elm Street" series of copyright, this series of films from 84 At the beginning of every year, a film, as a low-cost horror film, almost the ministry to make money, although box Office is not too high, but more durable.

    Miramax Although still in the third position, but the information on the company's market value is estimated at million USD, because these years Weinstein brothers all over the Shenra, the library also accumulated a lot of film resources, and, Eric also understand that Miramax the most valuable is not The company's brand, not the film in the library, but the Weinstein brothers these two people, previous life Weinstein brothers gave up Miramax in 05, Miramax soon brilliant no longer, a few years later was Disney low price sale.

    But now, "Pretty Woman" has 100 Million USD in the early days, and Eric can refinance, but wanting to win two companies at the same time is not a simple matter, it definitely involves the replacement of equity. He believes that with the savvy of Robert Shea and the Weinstein brothers, even if he once again made up enough funds by means of loans, he intends to wholly acquire the other company, these people will not agree, how can a stick trade be exchanged? A very promising share of the equity of Film Studio comes at an affordable price.

    Thinking about these things with a slight brow, Jeffrey knocked on the door and walked in.

    "The news came from Venice. "The Others" successfully entered the main competition unit. Also, Jonathan Demme modified the movie again according to your opinion. Eric, would you like to see it again?"

    "Well, I am going to the screening room," Eric nodded, temporarily letting go of the idea of ​​acquiring the two companies, and got up and followed Jeffrey out of the office.

    "What are you thinking about, then being ecstatic?"Jeffrey and Eric walked side by side and asked casually.

    "New line and Miramax information, you know."Eric replied: "I want to eat both companies at the same time, but I don't want to pay too much equity."

    Jeffrey some silence, once the company expands the scale, Jeffrey understand that by their own talent, certainly not enough to support the entire company's operations, after all, he only need to be responsible for Eric's production and investment in a few films, and even the issue of the issues do not worry about, and the acquisition of new companies, Firefly is sure to start getting involved in the release, and Jeffrey had no ability to do so, and was sure to relinquish the position of CEO.

    However, after only a brief entanglement, Jeffrey was relieved. As long as Firefly or Firefly is good, what he once thought was not to operate Firefly into a large Film Studio. Now he has this momentum and asked him to let him go. Location, nothing. Since the original Firefly that his wife had left behind because of his own own own personal film, Jeffrey became very self-aware, as though he occasionally complained about the film production and made small comments, but never intervened in the production of the film, Because he knew he didn't have the strength.

    After thinking about this, Jeffrey patted Eric's shoulder: "If you can't, you will come slowly. I have also read the information of these two companies. To be honest, I prefer the new line. Even if I replace some shares, it is worthwhile. The size of Miramax is too small, and I haven't seen you seeing which company. ”

    Eric smiled: "You will understand in the future."

    The two said, together into the Firefly's screening room, Jonathan Demme estimated that staying up late, so there is a faint dark circle, his attention to the film can be seen.

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