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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 163 is not likable, floating astronomy

    In a foggy mansion on the Isle of England, the hostess Grace once again woke up from her nightmare, wiped her eyes, and began to have a busy day. Her husband was not at home, she must be strong.

    I don't know why, the servants at home suddenly disappeared some time ago, so she posted an advertisement for recruiting maids. Today, three people came to apply.

    A white-haired gardener, a spirited old woman, and a dumbfounded dumb woman, the combination of the three looks very weird, but because the advertisement has been posted for so long, no one has come to apply for it. Reese still accepted them and introduced them to a series of rules for this house.

    I don't know if it was the arrival of the three people. There were all sorts of strange things in the big house. The daughter Annie claimed that she saw a little boy. Grace also heard some strange voices from time to time, and she also found three The new servant is always sly and seems to be planning something. For this, Grace is getting more and more uneasy. Until one day, the husband who went out to fight suddenly came back. The excited Grace thought that the family had the backbone and life would return to the right track, but the husband did not have the reunion of Grace, seeing his wife and children. Instead, I became sad. After spending a few days at home, I suddenly left again.

    Strange things are still going on in the old mansion, with the husband's departure again, Grace's spirit became more and more tense, and finally one day she found that all the curtains of the old mansion had been torn down, and grace repeatedly stressed that two sick children could not see the sun, so the angry hostess blamed the whole of the three servants, drove them out.

    Two of playful kids turned out the window one night and ran out of the backyard garden, the little girl, Annie, found three tombstones, looked at it, and was horrified to discover the names of the three new servants that had appeared in the home some days before, while three of the servants came out of the darkness again, and Annie shouted at her brother and ran to the door, Grace, who stumbled upon the ' truth ', rushed out with her rifle, guarding the child back to the old mansion, and blocking three ghosts from the door. When Grace repeatedly prayed for three ghosts to let go of their own family, the two children who went back upstairs screamed, and Grace prayed to climb the stairs and push a door open because of the psychic’s Ghost, Grace finally saw another family in reality.

    Everything made Grace have to face reality. It turned out that she and two children were dead.

    Helplessly holding two children, the heartbroken hostess had to remember the sad past.

    In the shouts of Grace and the two children as a nightmare, the film officially ended, and the ending subtitles were not made yet, so the lights in the auditorium lit up directly.

    "Eric, how about this time?"

    Jonathan Demme asked without confidence that although he made a lot of changes in accordance with Eric's comments, Jonathan is still not sure if Eric will be satisfied.

    "The Others" was filmed in mid-June, and part of the post-production was done in the United Kingdom, because some shots were taken from time to time, and the entire crew had been in United Kingdom until July before returning to United States.

    Eric had been to the United Kingdom's filming scene after the "Running Out of Time", personally watched the live shooting, and after checking some of Jonathan's shots, Eric was very satisfied with Jonathan's shooting results. Perhaps Eric's previous affirmation, when Jonathan confidently put his edited version, the so-called Director clip, to Eric, he was confident that he had spent a lot of effort editing the version that would be affected by Eric. Recognized.

    But the reality threw a pot of cold water on Jonathan, Eric, after reading his clipping, motioned directly to the staff to play from the beginning, while watching as the film ran out again, Eric had written more than 20 revisions in his notebook, involving lenses, music, All aspects of the clip are basically tantamount to pushing Jonathan's version of the clip completely.

    Although Jonathan is not convinced, he has no final editing rights after all, and he can only make substantial changes in accordance with the opinions given by Eric.

    And so in accordance with the advice of Eric after the production, Jonathan again to see the film, also feel that this version is really better than their previous editing out of that version of the excellent many, not only the plot more compact, suspense set more confusing, and more focused on the psychological suspense environment, which also let Jonathan More admire this more than 20 years younger than oneself youth.

    Although Jonathan has done a great deal of preparation to get the director of the film, some of the ideas that were put forward are in line with Eric's vision, but many techniques still escape the stereotypes of old horror films, which Jonathan does not want to modify, But a lot of habitual things are not said to change can be changed, innovation such things, in any circle is easier said than done.

    When he heard Jonathan's question, Eric did not rush to answer Jonathan's question, but instead leaned on his seat to carefully contrast the original film in his mind with the differences and similarities that had just been seen in the movie plot, Firefly the others, the Steel Ma In the three films of Gnolias and Scent of a Woman, Eric was most optimistic about the "others" box Office, so he was most keen on the film.

    In the other two films "Steel Magnolias" and "Scent of a Woman", Eric's power is much greater than "The Others", "Steel Magnolias" is entirely under the responsibility of Herbert Ross, Eric does not even edit Participation, while the final editing rights of Scent of a Woman are in the hands of Eric, but in the future, I will respect Al Pacino's opinion. In contrast, the production of "The Others" seems to be somewhat "independent". He also knows that completely overthrowing Jonathan's Director clip is very hurtful, but he has to do this for the film to be successful in Box Office.

    I originally saw the edited version of Jonathan. The reason why I can list so many revisions at a time is not the talent of Eric itself, but the reference to the original film in my mind.

    His previous life, even if it has such a little talent, has been eroded in so many years of shackles, and the rest is only the professional skills imprinted in Basic Instinct habits, like being in the kitchen for decades. The master's master, without thinking, can only draw a table of delicious dishes based on the habit.

    For a movie, even if it is the same script-like material, the difference between the videos edited by different people will be very large. Eric previous life has heard that someone has re-edited through the lens, and edited a classic serious historical film into a vulgar movie, and the lines, materials, music, etc. have not changed, but rearranged the lens. . So Eric is also not demanding can be perfectly copied with the memory of the exact same "the others", and again, previous life that is not without flaws, such as Grace's husband returned to the plot is too flat, not able to create a horror film due to the tension suspense atmosphere, Eric In this version of the original plot made a number of changes.

    It took about 10 minutes, careful contrast, Eric nodded lightly: "Yes, basically can, as long as one or two details on the small changes on the line, as for the release, Jeffrey, notice in addition to Fox and Columbia other than the four major film Studio director of the other, see his Are we interested in participating in a trial of our own? ”

    When Jonathan heard Eric's affirmation, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Jeffrey hesitated: "Eric, it's not good to not inform Fox and Columbia. After all, our cooperation with these two companies is the closest?"

    Eric Booth threw explained: "In the current situation, Columbia be after the acquisition of Japan will certainly have a small number of personnel changes, the Japan people get Columbia after how business is difficult to say, even" Running out of the time "of the split I now have some Heart can be recovered on time, so in the short term or do not cooperate with them, as for Fox, they already have my next two film distribution rights, and then give them will only cause ourselves and their own film Rob Resources. ”

    Jeffrey suggested: "You can't do this. We invite Fox and Columbia as usual. As for the final cooperation, don't we still have the final say?" And if you don't invite, it's a bit rude. ”

    Eric looked down and thought about it, or nodded: "Well, just do what you said, and "Steel Magnolias" is also put together for the screening. As for "Scent of a Woman", let go first, just Let Al slowly toss it up, as long as it can be spotted at the end of the year, anyway, this movie is used to shock Oscar."

    After the two men discussed the film distribution, Jonathan Demme had the opportunity to interject: "Eric, will you go in the Venice Film Festival in September?"

    “Yes, I will at least go to the opening ceremony or the awards ceremony,” Eric replied.

    Among the three major film festivals in Europe, the Venice Film Festival is the closest one to the Chinese film circle. Eric previous life is very interested in the Venice Film Festival. This time, there is just a chance, of course, a trip.

    It’s been a year since I’ve been born again. Eric has been busy, and there’s no time to relax. Maybe the Venice trip can be used as a vacation. As for the award, Eric's expectations are not too big, although the plot of the others is very novel, but this movie is not only a commercial film, or a horror film, these two categories any one is very much discriminated against the film festival judges, and this film has included the two most unpleasant factors, It has been a good result to be able to be shortlisted for the Venice main competition unit.

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