Chapter 166 of the text is coming to the closet

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 166th chapter of the text is coming to the closet, floating astronomy

    Filling out the check, Eric tears it down and hands it to Nicole, but sees that the girl doesn't have to go after picking up the check, and when she just bowed her head, the girl unconsciously moved to her body.

    Amount, this is…

    Nothing has been said yet, the girl has already plunged into his arms, the red lips sighed softly on his face, and the softness of his chest was gently rubbed against Eric's chest through two layers of pajamas, Eric even I felt that the two raised telomeres were slightly hard.

    "Eric, don't you reject me?"The girl squinted and glared at Eric's shoulder, and the cat glared at Eric's ear, saying something in a nightmare.

    Smelling the perfume smell of the girl's body is not the same as usual, Eric somehow feels a touch of emotion, can't help but want to hold the girl's waist and a little oil, because of the angle, Nicole's back to the closet suddenly Gently open, Drew leaned out of his head and warned him to lick his teeth, then quickly shrank back.

    Eric can only push the girl wrapped around herself to the slightest force: "Sorry, Nicole, you still go back."

    The girl was not willing to lean back, and one hand quickly grasped Eric's key: "Eric, you obviously want it too."

    "I don't want to do it, this…"Eric hadn't finished yet, and the girl had shorted her body. Eric immediately felt that the angry little brother was pulled out by a small hand, and then the two flaps were wet and soft, and they were wrapped up inward and immersed in the abyss.

    "Wow……"Eric couldn't help but sigh with unprecedented comfort. She couldn't resist the emotions anymore. The big hand was also placed on the top of the girl's head, and she used the force to direct the opponent's movements to make herself more enjoyable.

    The opposite wardrobe door opened again, and the unbearable little girl jumped out from the bare feet. Eric quickly held Nicole's head in his hands to prevent the busy girl from suddenly looking backwards.

    "Eric, we're fine," Drew looked at Nicole, who was kneeling in front of Eric, with a strong disappointment on his face, silently making a lip to Eric.

    "Hey, it’s not good to be found in the closet," Eric said quietly.

    Drew crazy scratched his head hair, very impulse to want to directly forward, grabbed Nicole's hair Bitch put this out of the door, but she knew that if they do, be sure to let the other party also finds himself appears in Eric's In the bedroom, although she did nothing with Eric, she just slept with him, but others would not believe it.

    She didn't want Nicole's woman to grasp the handle that might affect Eric's reputation. She could only wave again and helplessly, pointing to the door and returning to the closet again.

    Eric made a clear expression, and after Drew returned to the closet, Eric fixed the girl's small head and violently moved.

    "Well……cough……"Nicole was embarrassed by this sudden attack. He could only look up at Eric and ask the man to be gentle, but he didn't know that this kind of eyes could inspire the man's animal nature. After seven or eight minutes, Eric quickly took a step back and issued a command to the girl: "Hand!"

    The girl who was screaming was breathing, and the brain had completely stopped thinking. She just obeyed her hands and held the things in front of her. She was quickly fixed again by Eric, and her eyes were horrified at the beginning of her hand. The eruption made the hair on her face full of scars.

    Eric gave a deep breath, released it and stuffed it into the girl's mouth to clean it up before she put on her shorts. Some of them collapsed back to the big bed behind them, and Nicole turned around without any instructions. To the bathroom.

    As the door to the bathroom was closed, and the wailing of the woman was heard, Drew finally jumped out of the closet, his face was red and his breath was short. The probe confirmed that the bathroom door was closed, and then quickly licked his teeth and pounced on the big bed. He rode directly on Eric's waist and scratched the man's chest. "You bastard, although I looked very relieved, But it’s too disgusting, I don’t think you are so embarrassed.”

    "Stop it, get out of here, is not good to be found," Eric block two small claws of the attack softly said, no confession of meaning, the first time to do so, indeed very cool, not to mention that the face but belongs to the previous life of the Oscar-winning actress, million people adore Goddess, think of this, Eric The desire to be released just now shows signs of renewed hope.

    Drew also knew the importance of the matter, and when he vented his dissatisfaction, he jumped out of bed and walked outside the door. Because of lying on the bed, Eric didn't see the posture of the girl walking a little different, and it was even more impossible to find the girl's pajamas. The little pants underneath have been wet. Drew is not a well-behaved girl, or the rules of the word is not related to girls, so she also saw a similar scene in some small movies, however, in this era of the television screen blurred video footage, in any case, no live real performance brings the impact of the big, Across the closet in the gap to see the scene outside the holds dutifully almost directly limp into the closet.

    The woman's wagging in the bathroom quickly stopped, and the shower snorted. After more than ten minutes, the shower stopped and Eric looked up at the bathroom door. The girl still didn't get inside. come out.

    It won't be impossible to open it.

    Eric came up with the idea, although knowing that Nicole's character is definitely not possible, but still got up and walked to the bathroom.

    Under the bright fluorescent light, Eric saw that the bathtub was full of clear water, and the bare, bare body was immersed in clear water. Going to the side of the bathtub and looking at the water, the girl quickly found Eric, poked her head out of the bathtub, habitually covered her chest, and then let go without a trace, barely smiled at Eric. Bottom: "Eric, let me first…Take a break, wait a minute…"

    "Of course," Eric nodded. "Do you mind if I come together?"

    The girl hesitated, or shook her head gently.

    Eric took off his shorts and stepped into the bathtub, holding the girl in her arms, lightly stroking the sensitive place of Nicole body, after a while, gently separate the girl's two long legs, hand to fiddle a few, find the right place to put things into, tight wrap and drum up feeling let two people at the same time gave a gasp, There was no movement for a long time.

    "Eric, do I need to stay here for a few more days?"It was late at night after the resurgence, and Nicole asked by Eric next to the big bed.

    “No,” Eric shook his head, stroking the smooth back of the girl, slowly sliding over the buttocks and gently kneading. The girl was very thin and had no material on her chest. Only the hand was felt.

    Nicole squatted up, making it easier for the man's big hand to knead, and nodded and replied: "I listen to you, if you want me, you can come to me."

    Eric didn't answer. After a while, he said, "You don't seem to have a car yet. You can go to the garage to pick one when you leave tomorrow. It is very inconvenient to have no car in Los Angeles. Wait until you have the money to buy a car and come back." ."

    Because the Lamborghini was discovered by paparazzi, Eric then bought several new models of different models and put them in the warehouse for backup, so that there is no need to worry that the same car will be easily recognized.

    The treatment was really different. The girl had such a thought in her mind. She could hear that Eric was giving her care by car, not the emotion of trading. But some of the good feelings that I finally got, the girl will not be consumed in the small thing of car: "No, anyway, I will go to New York to film a movie in a month, I will go out to take a taxi."

    "Well, just call me when you have something to do."

    "Well," Nicole's mouth showed a smug smile, and then he felt that he was photographed on his hips. Eric's voice came: "Come again, this time you are on top."

    The girl reached down and touched it, then she sat across the man obediently, and the slender waist quickly swayed.

    "Eric, do you want to hear me?"The girl's hands were on Eric's chest and she asked with a sly eye. She had been passive for the past two times, carefully satisfying the man's desires, and had no intention of taking the initiative. She felt Eric to her. After the subtle changes in emotions, the girl became bold and took the initiative to tease.

    Anyway, Drew already knows, Eric has no scruples, stroking the girl's slender waist and limbs: "Call, don't be too loud, it's not good to recruit nearby wild cats."

    "Ah……would not. ”The girl smiled back and said that she began to spit out a seductive low-pitched voice.

    At breakfast time, Drew looked at Nicole with a faint panda eye, and the bread in his hand was shattered in the unconscious kneading.

    Nicole's face was moisturized and radiant. She didn't care if she wanted to bite her eyes. She wasn't the kind of woman who liked to sell it when she got cheap. She thought it was unwise, so she clearly won. In one game, the girl did not want to show off the idea in front of the girl.

    Because of the reason to leave today, the girl once again put on normal clothes, snowy shirts and milky casual pants make the girl look intellectual, plus a pair of eyes can go to school as a teacher.

    "I am full," Shantou looked at the eyes of the two people from time to time, at least in her opinion, the appearance of the eyebrows, directly throwing the spoon in the hand, filling the oatmeal with a few mouthfuls, wiped the lips and went out. Small leather boots will make the floor slamming.

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