The 168th chapter of the main body of Freddy’s house

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 168th chapter of the main body of Freddy's small house, floating astronomy

    When Chandler and others were chatting, Ross suddenly appeared behind the coffee shop sofa like a ghost. He held an umbrella in his hand. The child bowed his fingers like a ghost and greeted weakly: "Hey… …"

    The atmosphere that was still quite happy quickly dissipated, and the expressions of several people in Chandler followed.

    "Heavens!, he has an impulse to commit suicide as soon as he speaks."Chandler, who was sitting next to the chair, just shouted the card when he finished the line.

    "No, Ross, your little action is very good, but the emotions contained in the lines are still not in place. You have to swear some more and brew it. I told you when I was talking about it. This shot is very important to you. I hope that the audience will laugh when they hear the first sentence, and keep you in mind. ”Eric patiently told the Actor who played Ross in the field. Even the name was replaced by the name of the character. Everyone didn't feel anything wrong. He quietly watched Eric let him play, even wearing a wedding dress waiting for him. Aniston looked at the little worship of her boyfriend who was serious about it. Eric is young, but as a big Director who has accumulated more than one billion Box Offices around the world, he ran to Director TV serInternet Explorer s, enough to make everyone in the field perform with respect.

    "Well, all the staff is ready, let's go again," Eric said, waving his hand and sitting in the Director's chair again.

    Because of the strict requirements of Ross's appearance, this small lens was shot more than ten times. Even at the end, the Actors playing Ross became obviously smashed, but they finally passed.

    "Jenny, it's up to you," and then a few more shots, Eric said to Aniston, who had been waiting for him. The little girl quickly lifted the skirt of the wedding dress and went outside the door of the Central Park cafe.

    Because it is the first day to start, the cast did not shoot how many shots, mainly used to running-in actor tacit understanding, and because it is sitcom, although the scene without canned laughter, but the atmosphere of the film field is generally still very happy, originally because Eric personally director, Most of the people were jittery, but as time went on, they were getting to know Eric, and they were no longer disturbed and even had a harmless little joke with Eric.

    After a few days of running-in, the shooting progress of "FrInternet Explorer nds" has gradually accelerated. Eric only prepared two weeks for the first two episodes of Director himself. This is already very loose. After all, with the subsequent changes Basically, the crew needs to make two episodes a week.

    "Eric, are we going to dinner together at night?"After the day's shooting, Aniston, who replaced the costume, glared at Eric's arm. Anyway, everyone around him knew the relationship between the two, and the little girl didn't have any meaning to hide.

    "I just made a date, if you don't mind, you can go together."Eric wrote and painted on a document and replied casually.

    Aniston frowned slightly, still couldn't help but ask: "Men's woman?"

    "amount……Of course it is male. ”

    "I will know," Little girl still grinned dissatisfiedly: "If you are a woman, you will definitely not take me."

    "It seems that I haven't crossed any woman to eat, except for you," Eric said as the pen snapped into the folder and squeezed the face of the little girl.

    Aniston opened Eric's hand dissatisfiedly: "I believe you are strange, who knows what you have done in private, what is the Nicole Kidman?"

    "What is going on?"Eric pretended to be uncomfortable.

    "you……"Aniston is very similar to asking Eric if he has gone to bed with the other person, but he swallowed it back and asked what he was doing. Even if he didn't go to bed now, little girl felt that Eric might get into the bed in the future, if he had already gone to bed. How can you break up with him?

    Eric hurriedly read a document and handed it to assistant Alan before he grabbed the waist of little girl: "Okay, let's go, go back and prepare, I am at seven o'clock with the other party. For two hours, how about going to me, Drew thought of you."

    "Hmm, I miss her too," Heard Drew's name, little girl immediately grinding small white teeth, the last time two girls in the Eric hospital bed after the conflict, has never seen, Aniston these months have never been to Eric's home, usually Eric is the initiative to Anist On there for the night, and because of this, little girl never found Nicole things, wait until newspaper published the News of Eric New film heroine, Aniston only know Nicole such a woman.

    After saying goodbye to the crew, Eric drove Aniston back to the Beverly Hills mansion. Although he said something in the mouth, Eric was relieved to see that the little girl was not at home. After going to bed with Nicole, Shantou only played a cold war with Eric during the day. After Nicole left, Xiao Nizi sneered into Eric's bed at night, and slept with a humanoid big pillow.

    Although it was the second time to come to Eric Mansion, the first experience was a little too bad. Aniston basically had no impression of Eric's family. After Drew was not at home, little girl was like a hostess, going up and down the mansion. Turned outside and outside, and ran to Eric's big bed and thumped twice.

    "Hey, what are you laughing at?"Eric's bedroom, a little girl with a pillow, looked up and just saw Eric glaring at his own playful eyes and asked dissatisfied.

    Eric shook his head: "Nothing, I am curious about what you are doing, declaring the territory?"

    "Hey," Little girl seems to have been poked, and turned around and turned to face Eric.

    Eric shrugged and walked straight in and opened the closet to pick up the clothes. Aniston just wears a long skirt today, looks like a dress, and little girl is born with natural beauty, so there is no problem to go to the feast without changing clothes.

    "Okay, let's go," Eric changed his clothes and turned to the little girl who was still on the bed.

    "Well," Aniston replied, but didn't get up immediately, but squatted and pulled a long hair from the sheets and waved at Eric, a little you want to explain to me.

    Eric shrugged: "This is definitely what you just lost."

    "…" Little girl was stunned and threw the hair on Eric, sulking and squatting on the bed and burying his head in the pillow.

    Eric walked over and slapped a little on the little girl's ass: "Okay, don't make a small temper, let's go."

    "Uh huh…" Little girl swayed, didn't move, Eric's mouth showed a smirk, and suddenly said: "Jenny, there may be Drew's saliva on that pillow."

    "Well……Wow, hey, it’s disgusting. ”When Aniston heard Eric's words, he jumped up like a spring, but the pillow slammed into Eric and rushed into the bathroom.

    "Okay, don't be angry." After getting off the bus, Eric handed the key to the doorman and said to the girl holding his arm: "I said it, absolutely no, it is my pillow, even if it is me." The saliva."

    "Oh, your saliva is more disgusting," Little girl couldn't help but touch his lips and said with a white eye.

    The two walked into the restaurant together, and led by the waiter, came to a dining table where a middle-aged man was waiting there. Seeing Eric appear, the middle-aged man smiled and stood up in front of Eric and reached out to Eric.

    "Hello, Mr. Shea," Eric shook hands with the other and said: "This is my girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston."

    Little girl shook hands with the other lady and sat quietly beside Eric.

    "Eric, just call me Robert," said the middle-aged man as he sat down.

    Eric didn't see too much information from the other person's expression, and didn't care. Anyway, it was impossible to finalize the meal because of this meal. Eric understands that this is just a temptation between the two people. It is difficult to reach any consensus. So after the meal, Eric and Robert Shea chatted casually.

    "A Nightmare on Elm Street is indeed a classic in horror movies. The setting of dream killing is very novel. Moreover, as a master of horror film, Wes Craven has a unique understanding of the creation of a horror atmosphere. To be honest, Firefly also had a horror movie that was just finished. When I chose Director, I thought about Mr. Craven, but for various reasons, I couldn't cooperate. ”Chatting, it is natural to talk about the new line of the start of the work "A Nightmare on the Elm Street" series of movies, the new line although the independent production began in 79, but until the 1984 "A Nightmare on the Elm Street," the first success, so that the new line of Strength has risen to new levels, so because of the importance of "a nightmare on the Elm Street" series on the new line, the new line has even won a nickname for a ' Freddie's Little House ', and Freddy is the protagonist of a Nightmare on the Elm street.

    Listening to Eric with a light compliment comment, Robert Shea's face also some complacent: "Even so, can not compare with your" home Alone ", I heard that" home Alone "cost only 1 million, the world has got 500 million USD box Offic E, Box Office exceeds the cost of 500 times times, such a return on investment, there may be no future movies will be able to match. ”

    "There will definitely be," Eric laughed, remembering the "The Blair Witch Project" of the previous life. Although the film's success was strongly contingent, it could not deny the miracle created by the film.

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