Text 170th Chapter Bottom Line

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 170th chapter, the bottom line, the flying astronomy

    "Yes, Robert, that's why I invited you today, isn't it?" ”Since the other party spoke first, Eric also quickly picked up the topic.

    Robert Shea laughed and concealed the embarrassment in his expression. In this secret confrontation, he clearly decided to admit defeat, but he had to circumvent it again. Eric said that he once again had a disadvantage. illusion.

    After drinking a bitter coffee, he calmed down. Robert said: "Well, Eric, I am actually interested in the cooperation between us. Can you talk about your conditions first?"

    "You know, Robert, I value the distribution channel of the new line. Therefore, I intend to acquire the new line in full. The initial price is 150 Million USD. Of course, this price can be discussed again. Moreover, after the completion of the acquisition, I You can also give you the location of the Firefly CEO after the integration. You are only 50 years old and don't want to retire, right?"

    "I have been a boss for more than 20 years, suddenly reduced to wage earners, even if the CEO is not too much attraction Ah," Robert Shea smiled and threw, continued: "Perhaps we can merge, like Metro Goldwyn mayer-united artists, the new The line has the distribution channel, Firefly has the outstanding movie content, if we merge, perhaps Hollywood in the next few years, will appear another name Firefly-New line film giants, you say? ”

    “So how do you think equity should be distributed after the merger?”Eric heard Robert Shea’s words and smiled. Firefly – the new line, very interesting, but Firefly is Firefly, he does not intend to drag a small tail behind, the new line of the label will certainly be retained, but also Can only be a subsidiary of Firefly.

    Hear this question, Robert Shea swept the eyes of Eric, and took up the coffee cup to ponder up, in fact, this problem he received the invitation to Eric dinner when he had begun to think, Firefly because only six months more, distribution capacity of zero, the total number of pieces can also be ignored, the original value of a few money, But the reality is, Firefly profitability is too scary.

    Even if the "home Alone" is not Firefly's work, it can not be counted, but "pretty Woman" a film has been more than million USD profits, if "Running out of Time" native box of Fice 200 million, the Overseas box office even if also 200 million, Firefly in the box office can at least get the million USD of the split, moreover, Robert Shea also learned that Eric will then work with Fox Two movies, and three films, where Home Alone 2 is earned, Sleepless in Seattle has Eric personally directing, Tom Hanks joined, also certainly lose, the other three films are said to be not more than 10 million USD of medium and low cost investment, to Eric's fame, also certainly will make a small profit, then all these statistics, firefly this year if the Simple calculation box Office profit, may be worth at least two The sum of home film giants Box Office profits reached staggering around 400 million USD.

    and the market value of a company is probably the company's annual profit of about 10 times times, such as six big, year good, one-year-old profit is about million USD, and its market capitalisation generally in 21 billion USD, as for Columbia now jump up the market value, it is completely blown up, Sony's takeover news revealed that Columbia's market capitalisation was also 21 billion. For the new line, only one of the six films produced last year, "Ghost Street 4" achieved more than 10 million USD profit, and several other movies combined with only a few million profits, plus video tapes and other peripherals. Divided into, the new line last year's profit is about 30 Million USD, that is to say, so the new line's market value is around 300 million USD.

    Of course, such a calculation method is only a rough impression on the layman.

    In fact, the market value of a company must not be counted. The new line achieved a profit of 30 Million USD last year. That is because the good year is good, and "Ghost Street 4" is also fortunately sold, and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" The second part and the third part are only 20 million in the Box Office, which is divided into costs, and the two basically do not make any money. Therefore, in the information that Eric got, the formal financial auditing company only valued the new line with 150 Million USD, and also counted the assets of the new line of film library, series movie copyright and distribution channel. The very unstable annual profit is only A small reference.

    But Firefly is a lot of trouble. Eric spent less than 10 million USD on renting office space and buying equipment, plus "Home Alone" copyright, "Pretty Woman" copyright and "Running Out of Half of Time's copyright and several other movies copyright, you can say it is worth 100 million USD, or it can be said to be worth 1 Billion USD.

    So, when Eric asked Robert how many plans to get the company's shares, although he had considered it for several days, Robert couldn't answer it.

    After thinking for five minutes, Robert took the coffee cup to his mouth with his left hand, and raised his right hand on the table, obviously sticking out three fingers without confidence.

    "Three percent?"Eric leaned forward and asked curiously.


    Robert Shay did not hold back the coffee, but fortunately he turned in time, not all of it sprayed onto the table and Eric opposite, but because of the direction of the head, some drops of water splashed on the chest of Aniston's long skirt.

    Originally some absent-minded little girl completely did not expect to appear this out, even Dodge did not have time, until feeling a little moist chest, just exclaimed grabbed a napkin to wipe the water stains on the chest, while dissatisfied with a stare at Eric, she did not understand exactly what happened, only know Eric said a ' 3% ' or something, and then her dress went down.

    The service of the restaurant was still in place. When I saw the situation here, a waiter quickly sent a paper towel and helped clean the table and the floor.

    There was a waiter who packed everything and quietly retreated not far away.

    "I'm sorry," Robert Shea said with a napkin on her mouth and chest. She apologized to Aniston and turned to Eric with a strong dissatisfaction: "Eric, I have worked hard for 20 years. Is there only 3 percent of the shares in yours? If so, what else can we talk about? ”

    "Well, I understand, you mean… 30%?"Eric confirmed again.

    Robert Shay nodded. "I have accumulated a lot of net worth during the years of operation, so I don't want to buy cash. I hope the two companies can merge, and I want to get 30% of the shares. It is my bottom line."


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