The time left in Chapter 171 is not much left for us.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. The time left in Chapter 171 is not much, the astronomy

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    "30 percent is definitely not possible," Eric leaned forward, staring at Robert Shea, shaking his head, and waiting for Robert Shea to refute, Eric continued: "If you just buy a distribution company, If you pay 30% of the shares, then I don't have to do this at all, which is not worth the candle for Firefly. I can take out this stock and cooperate with several major Film Studios. With Firefly's current momentum, I believe that none of the current seven Film Studios will refuse to cooperate with me. I can even use this 30% stake. Seven of Film Studio's most vulnerable Metro Goldwyn Mayer replaced a 10% stake in the hands. ”

    When Eric finished, Robert Shea immediately retorted: "In fact, Eric, you won't do it. Once Firefly becomes a vassal of film giants, it basically loses the development of Film Studio that goes hand in hand with other giants. The possibility. It is already a trick used by these big companies to control the second and third tier companies by means of acquisitions to prevent them from developing to a certain scale. This kind of thing I have seen in Hollywood for more than 20 years has seen too much. ”

    "Of course I will not do this. I just said that one possibility. If I have to pay 30% of the shares, then I would rather cross-share the shares with the giants. Therefore, I also have my bottom line, Robert, I will give you up to 10% of the shares, of course, this is not all, I can compensate a part of the cash. ”Eric also opened his own price, 10%, which is a concession that he thought for a long time. He thinks this is already a lot, and Firefly will definitely introduce some partners in the future.

    "Ten percent is too little," said Robert Shea. "The new line has been in my hands for more than 20 years. He is like my child. If I merge with your Firefly, I think it is 100%. 30 Not at all, less than this number, I will never agree."

    Eric almost laughed and said: "Thunderbolt was established earlier, and it has disappeared. United Artists was established very early, but it became a subsidiary of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Robert, time doesn't tell too much. In 1981, United Artists was merged into Metro Goldwyn Mayer because of the huge loss of "The Gate of Heaven". Hollywood only had the Six Great Film Studios of Warner, Universal, Paramount, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Fox, but now, since 1984, Michael Eisner has been in Disney for only five years, and the sixth has become the seventh. ”

    Robert Shea turned a little red, and Eric's words Michael him Eisner The meaning of contrast, although he also admitted that his ability is inferior to Michael Eisner, but was a younger than his 30-year-old young person to speak out, face or some Shing, feeling nasty under the way: "Whatever you say, Eric, anyway I insist on 30 of the shares." ”

    Eric saw that Robert Shea was anxious, and quickly calmed and said: "If you don't, Robert, since we both have this intention, then we will have a detailed discussion."

    “No,” Robert Shee refused. “If you don’t agree, we don’t have to talk about specific cooperation.”

    Eric's heart was slightly annoyed, and his fingers habitually tapped on the table a few times. Because of the tablecloth, there was no usual whisper.

    "Robert, you have to understand that the time left for us is not too much."

    Robert Shea heard Eric's inexplicable words, slightly curious, but afraid to suddenly weaken his momentum, so he resisted not asking.

    Eric is not in the mealy, continued: "Because the tape, cable TV, such as the development of the surrounding channels, the film has been out of the more than 10 years ago that only through the hospital line for the profit of the circle, which also makes the film in the media industry more and more attention, I believe that the next decade, Most of the Giants will be the media group mergers and acquisitions, as a part of its huge industrial chain, once this trend is formed, then have the media group's huge media resources and financial resources to do the backing, Hollywood big film Studio will not always worry because of investment failure into bankruptcy situation, But also through the vast media resources, the advantages of completely consolidate their position. So then, the two or three line film studio without the luck of the contrary, it will be difficult to shake back to the media giants film studio's position, their fate or by the big film studio acquisition, as you just said, completely lost the opportunity to become a giant, Or can only silently from the big film Studio partition after a few scraps of the market. ”

    Robert Xie Qiang suppressed the surprise in his heart, did not show it on his face, and retorted: "Even if you said…There are some reasons, it will definitely take many years, I believe that the new line still has a chance, as long as…"

    "No, you don't have a chance," Eric flatly interrupted Robert Shea's words: "In fact, the big trend has started since News Corp bought 20th century Fox a few years ago, and this year Sony bought Columbia, seven to two, and I newspape R also see Warner is going to have independent TV network with Turner Broadcasting Company, set up a media group, then once the reality, seven to three, you think, the remaining four film Studio can persist how long? ”

    Robert Shay is silent.

    Eric didn't stop lobbying, and then continued: "Robert, this is the last chance for the rise of our second and third-line Film Studios, leaving us no more than ten years, or even five years. Once you miss it, when the industry layout is finished, even as you say, in the future may be because of luck and long time accumulation, the new line to operate as a first-class, more profitable than those veteran giants, then you are destined to be ranked second only, because those film giants has been integrated with the media group, pure film Studio simply can't compete with it. ”

    Speaking of which, Eric reminded of the previous life of the Lion Gate film Industry, the lion Door by virtue of "the Hunger Games" and "Twilight" two series although in the profit of more than two veteran film Studio, but at that time, the remaining Six Great Film Studios has been integrated with the media group, Lion Gate Film Industry is only an independent Film Studio, in the overall strength to be more than two giants, is still in the future.

    "you said……All this is just a hypothesis, isn't it? ”Robert Shea couldn't help but refute one sentence.

    Eric can see that Robert Shea has completely loosened his mind, and his tone has slowed down: "Robert, although it is a hypothesis, with your experience in Hollywood for more than 20 years, you can definitely tell the possibility of this hypothesis. ,Right?"

    Robert Shay bowed his head and looked at the coffee that was left in the cup in front of him: "But 10% is still too little…"

    "Michael Eisner now has less than 10% of Disney's shares and is no more than you, but he is in the top three on the Hollywood power list. He is owned by more than 90% of Hollywood. Envy and look up. Robert, you didn't say it, money is not too tempting for us. Think about it, Firefly acquisition of new lines, you can get the position of Firefly CEO, and I make a film of the profitability of the trust you do not doubt, then believe that in a few years, we will be among the ranks of the film giants, At that time we must still in the future media group integration, occupy their own place, then, you have 10% of the shares, may be worth 1 billion USD, if you continue to separate the new line to operate, how long, the new line can reach 1 billion USD What is the above market value? ”

    "Twenty percent, Eric, 20%, can't be less," Robert Shea was completely impressed by Eric's vision, and made a big concession.

    Eric's lips reveal a smile that is not to be observed, since Robert Shea is no longer stubbornly insisting on the so-called 30 bottom line, then we can continue to talk, and then hit a ring to greet the waiter, the credit card handed over the past checkout, only to Robert Shea way: "Robert , now we certainly cannot negotiate any result, and the time is also some late, therefore, chooses the more formal occasion to carry on the concrete consultation. ”

    Robert Shea had regretted having said 20% concessions, he found himself to be a few 10 years younger than himself a time of obsession, not to slap on his face, although the heart decided to give in, but this time to say, it is too inappropriate, it seems, He had made several mistakes this evening, which made Robert Shea no longer dare to belittle Eric, and made up his mind not to go head-to-head with Eric at the time of formal negotiations, perhaps to find an agent who was good at negotiations, and saw that Eric had not taken the opportunity to keep his prices down. Hurriedly along the steps nod way: "Well, it is too late, I also should go back." ”

    After a few people said goodbye at the restaurant door, Aniston suddenly quietly grabbed Eric's arm and smiled at his toes: "Wow, Eric, you were so handsome, Robert was completely tempted by your momentum." ,Ha ha."

    Eric stretched out the other hand and gave the girl a long hair that had been scattered before her forehead. She smiled and said, "Where are you, do you suddenly admire the desire to kneel down and kiss my shoes?"My novel "I am in Hollywood" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there will be a 100% lottery gift for everyone! Now open WeChat, click on the "+" sign "Add a friend" in the upper right, search for the public number "qdread" and pay attention, the speed is fast! )

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