Chapter 173, a small matter

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 173th chapter of the main body, a little thing, floating astronomy

    Eric pushed the door into the living room, and Drew, who heard the sound, immediately jumped out of the sofa and slammed into Eric's arms with excitement, but the smiling expression was unhappy after taking two small noses. . In Eric's speechless dodge, Xiao Nizi took a sigh of relief on Eric's left cheek, and stretched out his sleeves to wipe it on before he kissed him.

    Eric was teased and laughed by the action of the girl. In the first two steps, Xiaonizi, who was on his waist, fell down and threw it into the sofa. He sat down and asked, "Well, hurriedly shouted me back. whats the matter?"Eric said that he had noticed the eye-catching black folder on the coffee table in front of him, and took it up and opened, and a copyright transfer contract appeared in front of Eric.

    "Oh, the copyright of "An Affair to Remember", your movements are still quite fast, I thought that if you finish the summer vacation, you can take it."

    Drew smiled at Eric, his chin on the shoulder of Eric: "Here is Hollywood, as long as there is money, a lot of things are much easier."

    "How much?"Eric took the contract off the metal clip of the folder and asked casually.

    "3"500," Shantou said the price was not confident, but quickly explained: "It's just full copyright, permanent, and even some of the original music copyrights are owned by us. ”

    Eric nodded. If it was as Drew said, then the price is still acceptable. Even if it is used to enrich the Firefly library, and then wait for "Sleepless in Seattle" to be hot, you may be able to invest in the film. Although Eric originally only allowed Drew to get the copyright within five years of the movie, he can also imagine that a company with copyright is not likely to encounter a fat sheep interested in this 30-year-old movie. Slaughter, five years? Do not sell, if you want to buy it, you can take it all. It is expensive.

    Seeing Eric nodding, Drew breathed a sigh of relief and began to chirp: "The film was originally made by a company called Jerry Wolde, but the guy was a bad man, and film Studio made a few good movies, but after a few years he died of a heart attack. , he film studio several films of the copyright also was his widow sold to another film studio, and later, the film studio bankruptcy, and several times, fell to Fox hands. ”

    "Wow," Eric saw the name of the 20th century Fox in the file, and heard the explanation from Shantou, almost jumping up.

    Drew was just as excited, and Eric was shocked and suddenly asked, "How?"What's wrong, what's wrong? ”

    "You mean…Was this movie bought from the 20th century Fox? ”Eric held a trace of luck and asked again.

    The eyelashes of the skull and eyes flashed innocently twice, with a little chin: "Yes?"

    Eric smiled bitterly: "This is bad, and I will definitely be hated by Fox in the future."

    That night by the little girl Tangled, Eric only temporarily on the whim for girls find a ' summer job ', completely did not consider "an affair to Remember" of the copyright, if it is nothing to do with him Warner, universal or Paramount, Eric has nothing to do with the other side, the pit is a hole, the film is a business, make money to celebrate, be a pit to be appointed.

    However, I still didn't expect that the copyright of "An Affair to Remember" was in the hands of 20th century Fox. He is now in honeymoon with Fox and doesn't want to stiffen the relationship, so when Columbia wanted "Running Out of Time", Eric explained to Barry Diller and made a TV serInternet Explorer s. The compensation, but the reality is always easy to make fun of people, God, his old man really does not want him to maintain a good relationship with Fox.

    If "Sleepless in Seattle" is released, the video of "An Affair to Remember" is sold as 2 Million shares as the previous life heard from the friend, which is the sales of 60Million USD, which is equivalent to a big sale. The movie is over. Although Film Studio always claims that the profit of the videotape is less than 20%, the remaining 80% is the cost, but as long as you understand it a little bit, you know that this is nonsense, and the profit margin of the videotape is easy. Can exceed 50%, higher than the Box Office profit ratio. Then, with the video of An Affair to Remember, Eric can get at least 30 Million USD of income from the business.

    Eric can almost imagine that some people are thundering because of this trend.

    Drew saw Eric's changing face and curiously asked: "How could we, but we smashed 3"500 USD, Fox made money, how could it still hate us? ”

    "Yeah, but although we spent more than three million, but if it is less than a year, we will make 30 Million USD with this movie. What do you think Fox thinks?"

    Shantou surprised to hold her mouth, Eric asked her to take the film's copyright, saying that it can make a profit, Drew thought it was just a million or two, so when I just said 3"500 USD price, Shantou still has some flaws, if you can really earn 30 million…

    "but……like……Eric, Fox people don't know that we bought it. I just fear that I was directly mentioned to you. I deliberately found an agent. After he got the copyright, he transferred it to me. From beginning to end, Fox didn't know it. We want to buy the copyright of this movie…"Drew said, and the voice was getting lower and lower. She soon thought that if the movie made a big profit with the influence of Sleepless in Seattle in the future, Fox people would think of it as long as the IQ is no problem. Eric.

    Thinking of this, the girl vomited and said: "That, Eric, what do we do now?"

    Eric rubbed his temples, think about it, "Sleepless in Seattle" at the end of the release, then "a Affair to Remember" videotape to create a sales miracle is certainly next year's thing, then their own and Fox this year's contract has been fulfilled, not With the fear that Fox will be zuogeng in the distribution of the film, and the most future profits to be divided, Fox will play a little means to delay the sort of, but Eric is not worried, because last year signed the terms of the contract is very detailed, Fox once default, the court is not any possibility of victory, Eric Unlike the filmmakers of previous life, the film was sold, only to find that the split contract with film Studio was not meticulous enough to cause years of dispute.

    "Forget it, just like this, the meat in your mouth can't be spit out. Anyway, Fox volunteered to sell it, and we also offered such a high price."

    "Oh," Xiao Nizi also stunned Eric's spoiled look: "But, Eric, there's a little thing…"

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