Body Chapter 174 Windfall

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 174 windfall, floating astronomy

    "One piece…Small things? ”Eric put his head on his lap and put it on his baby's face. "Is it a curse?"

    "How is it possible, I will not be in trouble!"Drew immediately denied: "Things are like this. In order to buy this movie copyright, I am not looking for an agent."

    “Oh,” Eric immediately understood. “You promised to give the other party the benefits, and you didn’t have the ability to cash it. And the benefits are definitely related to me, right?”

    "Eric, you are so smart!"Shantou shrank in Eric's arms and looked up at her face.

    "Okay, don't pretend, let me be honest!"Eric couldn't help but knock on the door of his mind, which led to a struggle and protest.

    "In fact, nothing is wrong," Xiao Nizi gave Eric a shot for vaccination. "When I was looking for an agent, there was just a guy named Lawrence Bender who brought a friend at a party." I am holding a script and saying that I want to pass it on to you, they hope you can invest."

    "They can't contact me. It's fine to find you. It's a good understanding. But why do the other person want to invest in me? So many studios, the other should be the top seven Film Studio, even if it is not the seventh, the other second and third line of Film Studio should be the first choice? ”

    Drew glared at Eric's neck and said: "Because you have money, there is now a lot of news that you have gotten hundreds of millions of dollars on the newspaper."

    Eric shrugged: "You should know that the" Home Alone "division is running out," pretty Woman "if you want to buy film Studio to build a distribution channel, it must be quickly spent," Running out of Tim E "can not be divided into the flowers, to save up next year tax, I have to pay 35% of income tax ah, so calculate down, in fact, I have not much cash, ah, I found that from last year began to now a year, white busy, a little money has not been saved. ”

    Shantou patted on the shoulder: "Do not worry, Mr. Billionaire, if you have no money, I will raise you."

    "It would be great if a woman had told me this way in her life," Eric said with a smile: "Okay, then your topic, what is the guy called?"

    "Lawrence Bender, the reason why he wants to invest in you, I think it is because both of them are too young, even if the script is good, those Film Studio will not be assured that the film will be handed over to him and his friends. After all, As long as it is a regular movie, a small investment will be in the millions of USD. So, you understand. ”

    "Then you promised, then let him be your agent…Is he capable of being your agent? ”Eric thought of another question.

    "That guy is very smart. He also opened a Film Studio with his friend. You know, it's the kind of shell company that has applied for a registration fee. There is nothing. There are a lot of Film Studios like Hollywood. However, a very low-cost movie was produced the year before. He personally worked as a Producer, and the friend worked as a director and screenwriter. However, after the production was completed, the film was burned and a lot of money was lost because of a fire. ”

    "It's a pity, Lawrence Bender is…Amount, etc., Lawrence Bender? ”Eric suddenly raised his tone.

    "Well?"Drew nodded, not sure.

    Eric put the hoe down from his knee and pointed to the coffee table: "Do you spell his name for me?"

    Drew was a little confused, but he walked to the coffee table and reached for a little water in the cup. After thinking about it, he hesitated to write two words on the coffee table: "Should…Should it be so spelled? ”After writing, Xiao Nizi turned her head and asked Eric indefinitely.

    Eric covered his forehead with his cover, will be ' laorence ' in the subtitle o replaced by the W, become ' Lawrence ', at the same time in the dress of the girl's head knocked: "I really want to know what you have done in school, so simple name can not spell, oh, said, I have paid a large sponsorship fee to send you to boarding school, and have never seen your report card, next time I take a look. ”

    "Hey, this is not necessary?"Shantou smiled with a small mouth, and the small hand supported the table of coffee table, there is a posture ready to escape.

    Eric was no longer in the investigation looking at the tea table name, and the memory of the names of the exact match, the reason drew just mentioned, Eric did not reflect that, mainly because previous life reading English name, is generally translated into Chinese pronunciation, plus drew's accent and Eric previous life learned English completely does not match, Eric Time also did not associate the memory of that name.

    "Drew, what is the name of the friend of Lawrence Bender?"Eric asked again.

    Shantou scratched his head and thought about it with his head: "It seems to be…perhaps……What is Quentin Tarantino?” Drew saw Eric’s expression move a little, and asked: “Eric, wouldn’t you know them? ”

    Eric set the mind, did not let the girl see more abnormalities, soon thought of an excuse, Nod admits way: "Heard, I said you just said the name of the time, there is a déjà vu feeling, like chatting to people just when, as a fun to listen to, is that these two unlucky eggs, together with a film, The film was finished, but the negatives were burnt. ”

    Eric didn't mention the chat object, and he said it was very vague, so he didn't go back and look for someone to verify. However, Drew obviously didn't doubt anything, and he believed Eric's explanation.

    "So, are you saying that they want me to invest in their movie and leave you a script?"Eric asked.

    Drew shook his head: "No, I don't want it. I originally wanted to tell you about it first. If you disagree, I will send them to them. ”

    "This is not good, since the commitment, it can not be so virtual to commission the snake, we will definitely expand the production business, although they are still two small people, but will you deal with their things to spread out, will certainly have a little impact," Eric sat back to the sofa, thought to say: "Tomorrow, noon tomorrow, you take them to the Frinternet Explorer NDS "on the set, noon shooting gap has one hours of lunch break, let them take script, I look at." ”

    "Eric, isn't that too much trouble? What do you see them? I think it is a waste of time, that…Kun…Quentin Tarantino is only in his twenties. Can you write a good script? Hollywood's famous screenwriter is not thirty or forty years old. It is not good. I will come over the script and look at it. I have not seen them. Is it necessary? ”

    Eric smiled. "Don't you forget, I am still less than twenty years old?"

    "Oh, I think you are at least forty years old," Shantou said to Eric, saying so.

    This intuition…Also too accurate!

    Eric touched Xiao Nizi's hair, but it quickly relieved. With such a shrewd temper, Shantou got along with him and found that his psychological age was not surprising. In fact, many people have discovered it.

    "Okay, just say so, bring them over tomorrow, but don't be late, you know, I am very busy."

    “Well,” Drew replied, and soon spoke to Eric: “That, Eric, I’ve finished this, are there rewards?”

    Eric patted the girl's back: "Yes, I helped you become a Film Studio, but you haven't grown up yet, so put it in my name for a while, wait until you are 18 years old and then transfer it to you. As for buying "An Affair to Remember" copyright, just put it under the name of the company."

    "Wow, tell me, what is the name?"The girl’s eyes sparkled and asked excitedly.

    "Flower Films."

    When the girl squatted for a moment, she said with a small mouth: "Flower Film Industry…A good rustic name, can't you make a change? ”


    Eric stares at the baby face of the girl. This is the name of the previous life. "How can it be rustic? You say one, I listen?"

    Drew's head was on Eric's chest. After thinking for a while, he looked up a little frustrated. The name of Xiao Nizi obviously has no talent: "That…Let's start with Film Industry. ”

    Eric smiled and licked his head: "Okay, it’s so late, sleep."

    Shantou grabbed Eric's arm and stopped him from standing up: "No, no, don't worry, Eric, there is still a month in the summer, and then give me something to do early, such as what movie to buy?"

    "Ok……Let me think about it, give you a list tomorrow, and go to bed early," Eric said.

    "No need to perfuse me, I will be tomorrow!"Shantou does not depend on it.

    "No problem, I will definitely give it to you tomorrow."Eric said that he walked up the stairs and didn't go directly to the bedroom. Instead, he walked into the study and saw the hoe coming up. Eric said, "Don't bother me. You should go to sleep first, always staying up late." At the age of 30, it becomes ugly."

    "Humph!"The girl frowned and unwillingly turned and walked to the bedroom.

    Eric was at the bottom left of the desk, looking for a notebook in front of him, picking up the pen and picking up the pen. He remembered the thing just now, and his mouth showed a smile. Unexpectedly, Quentin Tarantino, who is known as the 'Ghost' Director, will take the initiative. Lawrence Bender is not as famous as Quentin. In fact, two people are old partners. Quentin's series of films are made by Lawrence Bender.

    However, since the butterfly effect of their own, so that the two should be two years after the famous guy to come together, then, do not know previous life, "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp fiction" will not appear, After all, the impact of the butterfly effect is really big, perhaps just weakness, Quentin missed the idea of creating these two films. At the same time, Eric is also very curious about what script Quentin will come up with tomorrow.

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