Body Chapter 176 Seven Colors Robber

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 176th chapter of the seven-color robber, floating astronomy

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    "Hello, Mr. Williams, I like your "Running Out of Time" very much. This movie is not only very good, but also has a good soundtrack, especially when the bus is silent. I heard that this song is very good. It was written by you personally, which is very surprising. ”Eric's affinity made Quentin open the dice and talked directly about the "Running Out of Time" that Eric is still showing, although he admired Eric's achievements in the movie, but he was against Eric. There is no feeling in the movie, except for the recent "Running Out of Time".

    Eric smiled modestly: "In fact, the soundtracker also made a lot of effort, I just provided some inspiration."

    "No, can't say that, for music, inspiration is the most important," Quentin immediately retorted.

    Next to Lawrence · Bender is a little anxious, but he knows that this meeting is only an hour. Looking at the surrounding staff, he knows that the other party may start working at any time. In this case, although you can talk about music, you can put it on. Almost, but can't waste too much time. However, he did not dare to interrupt the conversation between the two, only to gently look at Quentin.

    Eric saw Lawrence Bender look anxious and didn't talk to Quentin. He said directly: "Let's go to the lounge and have a work meal together. You haven't eaten yet."

    "Of course, thank you, Mr. Williams. ”

    "Call me Eric," Eric replied, looking away from the distance: "The two wait."After talking to Drew and Aniston, the two babies look like they are going to make trouble. If they play here, they will play big.

    "Hey, Drew, Jenny, what are you talking about?"After approaching, I looked at the two girls who looked at each other and seemed ready to do so, Eric asked.

    Little girl saw Eric walk in, immediately gave up confrontation with Aniston's, took the lead and slammed Eric's arm and said: "It was her first thing, Eric, I just greeted her, then she just said Annoyed, really stingy."

    "It's you……"Aniston showed his grievances and anger, and glared at Eric. Yes, it was Eric, not Drew. This made Eric somewhat inexplicable and asked: "Shantou, how do you say hello to Jenny?"

    Drew didn't seem to see Aniston's angry look, shrugged and said: "Nothing, she came out of the room, I just took a look at her ass and said, 'Hey, big fat girl, your ass again. It’s a lot of rounds, then she is in a hurry.”

    Eric's mouth was pumped, and without seeing the little flame in Aniston's eyes, he understood why the chick was angry. Shantou’s sentence is completely unintentional. It is estimated that it’s just to ridicule that Aniston is getting fatter, but it’s an anecdote that the chick is most reluctant to mention. It’s estimated that the chick thought he told Drew about the anecdote. Now, Drew's ridicule.

    Thinking of this, Eric let go of the hoe and hugged the chick, explaining in Aniston's ear: "Well, Jenny, Drew is absolutely unintentional, don't be acquainted with her."

    "you promise?"Aniston blinked.

    Eric patted the chick's back: "I swear, that…How is it possible, are you right? ”

    "Ok……"After the chick understood that the incident was entirely coincidental, she pushed Eric away: "The two guests are still waiting, you have to deal with them, I have dinner."

    "I also went to eat, I don't know how the lunch here is," Shantou's big eyes turned and he turned and left.

    "Here is the studio, don't bother you, don't bother."Eric didn't worry about it.


    "I still use you to say!"

    The two girls did not say back, and they left.

    Eric saw the two girls heading in different directions and was relieved to walk to the lounge with Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino, while the assistant sent three lunches.

    "Drew has told me everything, so can you let me see the script first?"Sitting at the simple table in the lounge, Eric said.

    "Of course, no problem," Lawrence Bender took the thick script out of his bag and pushed it to Eric.

    Eric took a look at the script name, neither "Reservoir Dogs" nor "Pulp Fiction", but the name "Seven Colors Robbers". When I saw this name, Eric couldn't help but pick it up, and then it was quiet. Open the script.

    Although Eric understands the name of this script, this script must have many similarities with "Reservoir Dogs". The 'seven-color robber' is looming with the six colors in the previous life "Reservoir Dogs". The six robbers in the jewelry store are similar. Eric also understands this situation. Many screenwriters actually wrote a script before, but some thoughts have been rotated in their hearts for several years, but the scripts written at different times will definitely be very different.

    It is impossible for the average person to realize this difference. However, as a traverser, Eric is lucky enough to encounter such a thing. It is quite interesting to think about it.

    The assistant quickly sent three lunches and brought a few bottles of water.

    "Quentin, Lawrence, you should eat it first, don't worry about me."Eric looked up and glanced at the two men who stared at them, shouting.

    "Of course, thank you."Quentin and Lawrence quickly grabbed the cutlery, opened the lunch, and ate a few mouthfuls. However, in this case, neither of them had any appetite. Instead, they were like students waiting for the test results. After Eric looked down and continued to read the script, two The action of people eating slowly stopped.

    Eric also noticed the movements of the two people, and did not persuade, but turned a page of script.

    The story of "The Seven-Colored Robber" is roughly the same as the "Reservoir Dogs" seen by previous life. It is still the story of the gangsters convening several ignorant people to rob the jewelry store and being ambushed by the police. However, as you can see from the name, the six robbers of previous life became seven.

    As for the plot, from the beginning of the script, Quentin's words are unrecognizable. Immediately after the robbery failed, the two robbers drove to the bridge section of the meeting place.

    Of course, Quentin in this script is still like the previous life, imitating several bridges in the Hong Kong film "City on Fire", Eric remembers the previous life there are rumors, Quentin also went to Hong Kong to "City on Fire" Director Explain this, but in Eric's opinion, this is completely a report that the media tabloid newspaper puts gold on his face.

    Because of the original version of the mind, Eric only took more than 20 minutes to read the nearly one hundred pages of the script.

    After putting down the script, Eric looked at the two faces and nodded. "Not bad, let's eat first."

    Quentin and Lawrence are also relieved at the same time. Since Eric said so, the possibility of investing in this movie is very high. In order to increase the success rate, Lawrence specifically lists the budget of the movie behind the script, about 1 Million USD. .

    Both believe that this unique style of film should be able to attract Eric's interest, and then list the budget of 1 Million USD. I believe that for Eric's current net worth, investing in this movie is completely fine. In fact, if you don't want to get the power to personally direct the film, the two people don't have to choose Eric.

    After thinking about this, Quentin and Lawrence also had a relaxed lunch and waited for two hours outside the Fox studio. Both were already hungry.

    After eating lunch, Eric picked up the script again: "Listen to Drew, do you both plan to make this movie yourself?"

    "Yes, Eric, I…We have had a film production experience before, so I think we have no problem with the two scripts running alone. ”

    Eric nodded and nodded. He flipped a few pages and said, "You have your own Film Studio right now?"

    The two didn't understand why Eric suddenly asked this. When she looked at it, Lawrence Bender nodded. "Yes, the name is 'Band-Apart'. The name is Quentin. It was inspired by the early film master Godard. The other "one bunch."

    Eric knew that Godard had shot the famous King Lear, but he didn't know the movie "Another gang", so he didn't understand what the name of Film Studio meant. He didn't want to figure it out.

    "It's like this, Lawrence, Quentin, are interested in joining Firefly?"


    "what?"Two people simultaneously issued a puzzled syllable.

    Eric explained: "I mean, both of your Film Studios are just empty shells. Are you interested in joining my Firefly Film Studio? You know, my company is growing and growing. ”

    Quentin and Lawrence looked at each other and they still had a certain understanding of Firefly. Although this Film Studio was founded by Eric, most of the films produced were only Eric's personal films, but its strength should not be underestimated. If you can join, it is definitely a good thing. However, both of them are now just a nameless pawn. I don't understand why Eric will extend an olive branch to them. This is unreasonable anyway. (The novel "I am in Hollywood" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there will be a 100% lottery gift for everyone! Now open WeChat, click on the "+" sign "Add a friend" in the upper right, search for the public number "qdread" and pay attention, the speed is fast! )

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