Renamed Chapter 177

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the name of the 177th chapter is renamed, floating astronomy

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    Eric didn't think about the two people's minds. Quentin and Lawrence didn't immediately agree. He didn't talk about this topic anymore. Anyway, as long as the cooperation is enjoyable, Firefly is definitely the preferred partner of Quentin. Looking at the watch, Eric continued: "I have to put it down beforehand, time is running out, let's talk about the script. I can invest in this movie, and the budget is not limited to 1 Million USD. You two You can take a photo."

    Quentin and Lawrence had some hesitation about Eric's invitation to join Firefly, but it was so easy to see the other person skip it, and both of them lost at the same time, keenly felt that they missed a rare opportunity, regretting that they had not immediately Promise down. This kind of emotion made it impossible for two people to immediately reflect what Eric said. Until Eric finished and looked up at the two people, Lawrence took the lead to react and confirmed with a smile: "Eric, you mean really?"

    Quentin also reacted at this time, and looked at Eric with a look of surprise.

    Eric nodded again: "Of course it's true, but I have a few conditions."

    The two suddenly showed such a look, and at the same time sighed. If Eric came up and recruited and promised to invest, but there are no additional conditions, then it is a ghost. Two people only hope that Eric will not interfere too much with the production of the film.

    “First of all, the Actors of the film must all be selected from the United Kingdom Agency Brokerage Firm. Do you know the United Talent Agency?”In the end, Eric asked indefinitely that he had little attention to the operation of the United Talent Agency during this time, but only occasionally had a few calls with Kapoor Sid. He only knew that the Brokerage Firm was in a good situation, and the others were not very clear. It is. Because of his growing popularity, in order to avoid suspicion, he rarely intervenes in the management of United Talent Agency. It’s not that there is no media to take the United Talent Agency monopoly on this matter, but it has not turned up any storms. In fact, North America's anti-monopoly law is not as strict as expected, taking decades ago, because of the Paramount Act, which film studio could not operate vertically, the law now has little to do with big film studio. Force, although cannot be said to be fictitious, but North America Courtyard line, only is obvious, several big film studio has the cinema screen number to have surpassed the total screen number One-tenth, by the big film studio picks the theater, the lot and so on certainly is the best, These one-tenth theaters are almost the essence of all of North America's homes, and the larger theater, secretly controlled by big film Studio, is the result of a federal government eye shut, because the paramount bill, though cut off the big film Studio monopoly, but also on the Hollywood Electric film Industry caused a great blow. Now Hollywood movies are developing rapidly, and the scale of profits is getting bigger and bigger, even in the world. This big situation, the big Film Studio will spread the tentacles, without the tough force to intervene, the federal government also It’s not going to be stupid enough to make a big break.

    Upon hearing Eric's inquiry, Lawrence Bender nodded quickly and said: "Of course, of course," said Lawrence and the buddies looked at each other and said: "This condition is no problem."

    "There is, the script also needs to be modified…"After Eric finished, Quentin immediately showed an unpleasant look, but did not dare to show it too clearly. Eric just smiled slightly: "Reassured, I am very satisfied with the content, but the name of "The Seven-Colored Robber" is too strange. I thought of another good name."

    When Quentin breathed a sigh of relief, Lawrence was greatly relieved. If Eric wanted to slash the script, Lawrence was worried that the buddy would jump out and oppose the cooperation. Eric just proposed to change the name of the movie. This is nothing unacceptable.

    Eric lowered his head and wrote two words directly on the script, handing it across.

    Quentin and Lawrence took their heads together and read them in unison: "Reservoir Dogs (Rservoir-Dogs)?"

    "Yes, "Reservoir Dogs,"" Eric showed a slightly awkward smile: "I think the name is very relevant to the story. All the characters that appear in the story are Reservoir Dogs in my opinion, aren't they?"

    This time, Lawrence Bender looked at Quentin. Quentin stretched out his index finger and scratched his wide forehead. After a little tangled for a while, he barely nodded. "Okay, it's called "Reservoir Dogs."In fact, he also felt that the name was much better than the original one. However, as the author of the script, the name of the movie was directly modified by the young man opposite, and it was quite depressed.

    "There is one more point. I think there are a lot of seven robbers. Six are good. I read the script. Three of them died directly, and therefore the story is more than a few paragraphs. I seem to have a little extra dialogue. Of course, here I am just making a suggestion, I am willing to amend it to you."Eric added that this little suggestion was only something he thought of temporarily. It was entirely because of the bad taste that wanted to make this classic B-class film more in line with the previous life version. If Quentin didn't want to modify it, it would be nothing. The highlight of this script is It lies in the nonlinear narrative structure.

    If everything goes straight, it would be a very boring thing to do: A gang boss called a few colors for the robbers, Rob jewelry store diamonds, the result was undercover betrayed by the police surrounded by the first few dead, survivors fled into the warehouse, launched a series of confrontation, finally, the infighting, all die.

    That's it.

    The advantage of the film is that it can present a mediocre to the most sophisticated company in a very interesting way in a variety of narratives.

    "I will consider it," Quentin saw Eric really just proposing, and nodded. Although the first reaction in his heart was not changed, he did not explicitly refuse. As for the end, he decided to go back and discuss with the party.

    "So, I have no problem here."Eric leaned comfortably on the chair and looked at the two: "Do you have any questions?"

    Quentin pulled the script over and pressed it, and asked: "Eric, about…What about the movie Director? ”

    Eric smiled and shrugged: "Since I promised to invest, I definitely agreed to your previous conditions. I will not intervene in the content of this film. You can let go and the final editing rights will be yours."He had no expectation of this electricity in box office, memory of the film is very famous, but also did not get any stunning box office, but the red a few good actor, Eric's most fancy is this, as long as the "Reservoir Dogs" enabled All is united Talent Agency actor, even if finally only obtains some fame, failed to recover the cost, is also worth to Eric. (The novel "I am in Hollywood" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there will be a 100% lottery gift for everyone! Now open WeChat, click on the "+" sign "Add a friend" in the upper right, search for the public number "qdread" and pay attention, the speed is fast! )

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