The 178th chapter of the text alienated

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 178th chapter. Alienation, Drift astronomy

    Think of actor, Eric just suddenly remembered, previous life plays Mr. Kim's Michael Madsen is Virginia brother, although already with Virginia acquaintance for a large half a year, but, Eric has never changed to see each other, he just in with the girl Chat to understand Virginia and her brother's relationship is very good, the memory of Michael Madsen although a pair of rough appearance, as if born to play the villain, but in the Virginia narrative, Eric know Michael Madsen is a very versatile person, He was a magician, fond of photography, and fond of writing poetry, actor more like a sideline for subsistence.

    Although I have never seen each other before, since Virginia is my own woman, Michael Madsen is also a self-sufficient person. It is Eric's consistent principle.

    From Quentin, the script came to confirm the color. Eric said directly: "This way, Quentin, Mr. Jin's role, I just have a good candidate to recommend to you, I believe you will be satisfied."

    Looking at Eric's face as if he was dissatisfied and nothing, Quentin Tarantino knew that even if he was not satisfied, he would be satisfied.

    However, Eric has just opened the door to the production of film content. Quentin has been overjoyed. There is nothing unacceptable to insert it directly. According to the rules, Eric is an investor, even if there is no problem in making all Actor candidates.

    "No problem, Eric, I believe that the person you recommend is definitely good," Quentin replied with a smile. Several people were about to talk, someone knocked on the door of the lounge, and a staff member came in: "Director Williams ,Time is up."

    Eric looked at his watch and stood up: "That's it."

    Quentin and Lawrence also quickly got up and shook hands with Eric again, but then they were overwhelmed. What happened next?

    Eric, who was about to leave in a hurry, saw the two look like, and smirked and smacked his head: "Sorry, I’m too busy recently, some are lost, come with me."

    Calling assistant Alan to explain, Eric was only two people: "This is Alan, my assistant, he will take you to see Mr. Jeffrey Hanson, you can discuss specific matters with him."

    Sending two people away, Eric is planning to come back to work, and the little girl suddenly came out and came to him.

    Eric was a little surprised: "Why haven't you gone yet?"

    Drew seemed to be a bit unhappy. Hearing Eric said, he was even more angry. The little hand akimbo retorted: "Why should I go, I just don't leave!"

    Eric shrugged. Anyway, Xiao Nizi was very disciplined in the "Running Out of Time" filming scene some time ago: "Well, let's not mess with you."

    "Well, Eric, I don't think they like me very much," Shantou stepped over Eric's arm to the studio's work area, and whispered in his ear. In the "Running Out of Time" crew, she was treated like a little princess, Eric was below, she couldn't tell her. But the staff here can not only not know her, but also some alienation from her, although she is polite, but maintains a kind of distance.

    Eric greeted him and asked the crew to start preparing, only to smash the little head of the hoe, and smiled and explained: "You don't understand this?" Jenny's father is the producer of this TV serInternet Explorer s. Everyone here is John. Here Jenny is the princess. She doesn't like you. These people will of course alienate you. ”

    "Oh, it’s really snobbery!"The girl licked her mouth.

    "It's just a natural reaction for people to avoid disadvantages. Even the office politics is not good. If they are too close to you, they may be wearing some shoes inexplicably," Eric said with a smile on the Director's chair and looked around. Walking around to do the preparations for the filming, took the shooting log handed over by the assistant.

    In fact, Drew here is alienated, mainly Aniston in the cast is too popular, although little girl also have personal likes and dislikes, but very good at making friends, not only with several other starring, even most people like her, plus little girl For some reason as a producer, it's not unusual for the frinternet Explorer NDS to Alienate Drew, the Aniston potential ' rival '.

    Compared to although Drew is also very sociable, but the character is a little more perverse, before Eric appeared, very self-knowledge of the girl is usually not qualified and the strength of this side of the character to show out, but now with Eric backing, holds dutifully act seems to no longer so convergent, in the "Running Out of time the cast class, acting like a spoiled little princess. In the process of his intense filming, the six-figure camera of the crew was swaying everywhere, and only the gimmick could do it, and it was not bombarded.

    But Eric is not worried about the love will let the girl out of control, he knew drew in the mind actually very understand what they are doing, the girl is only a child is too short to deserve the favor, once from Eric to get these things, it becomes some ' Greed ', always want to take advantage of when they can be spoiled, still not in the law of adulthood, get some more, make up some.

    "Forget it, I will go back," Shantou held Eric's body and stood up. Since she was not popular here, Shantou didn't want to change her mind: "Eric, you promised me everything last night." ?"

    "whats the matter?"Aniston, holding the script, came over and heard Drew's words, looking at Eric with a slight disappointment.

    "On the desk of the study, you can go and see it yourself. I have written a lot on the spot, and you just pick one yourself to operate."Eric said, looking at the little girl and waiting for your explanation.

    Drew smiled sweetly, suddenly leaning down on Aniston's face, and took a kiss on Eric's face, leaving a striking lipstick print before he turned his little butt and turned away.

    "Women wear so little, like the street girl on the side of the road at night," Little girl looked at the back of Drew's departure. The tone was sour, the girl was already one meter and six, not only slender, but also had Many women are envious of the creamy white skin. In this respect, Aniston, who has a deep complexion, is a bit embarrassed.

    What seemed to be felt, Drew, who walked to the door of the studio, suddenly turned around, opened the small parasol in his hand, took heart-shaped sunglasses, and swayed his toes and then turned back to Aniston. Grimace spit out a pink tongue.

    This situation let little girl shortness of breath at the same time, also let many see this situation of the cast members are a Leng, the presence of the film and television circle, see Kubrick that the "Lolita" a few people, holds dutifully wearing T-shirt hot pants, exposing the pink arms and white legs, Plus the dot on the toes on the black nail oil added to the monster, every move, the kind of woman's amorous feelings and girls naughty let all hormones normal men in the heart of a sudden jump.

    “It’s really enough,” Little girl sullenly sullenly smirked at Eric. “You’re sure to send her to a Catholic school, isn’t it somewhere else?”

    Eric smiled and grabbed Aniston's little hand: "Well, Jenny, don't be angry, Drew is like this, you haven't seen it before, right, what's the matter with me?"

    Aniston pointed to Eric's cheek: "You have to wipe the lipstick on your face first."

    Eric sneaked in the paper towel and wiped her face, letting the little girl confirm one side, and Aniston reluctantly discussed the script with Eric. She felt that she had some good ideas.

    In the following days, the filming of "FrInternet Explorer nds" was always in order, during which Eric and Miramax's Weinstein brothers had a meal and talked about the acquisition. However, because the Weinstein brothers just took Steven Soderberg's "Sex, Lies and Videotapes" at the Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm Awards and got a good Box Office score, the price is far. Exceeded Eric's expectations.

    Coupled with the fact that Firefly has started to make contact with Robert Shea's new line for acquisitions, Eric has temporarily put down the idea of ​​merging Miramax. The reason Miramax previous life in a solo in the film Circle alone show, by Disney's recruit, in addition to Soderbergh "Sex, Lies and videotape" for the Miramax, the biggest hero is Quentin "Reservoir Dogs , "Pulp fiction" and other works, and the latter is obviously more important, previous life because Quentin "Pulp fiction" unexpectedly great success, independent film quickly by the major film Studio attention, and as one of the 佼佼 , Miramax was able to develop rapidly.

    But now, Quentin has already gone to Eric. Since the two sides have cooperated, Eric will definitely not push Quentin out.

    Now that the Quentin is lost, the future of Miramax is hard to say, although the other side can claim to have the Soderbergh card, but Soderbergh since "sex, Lies and videotape" has become famous, with the youngest qualifications of Cannes gold palm, After 10 years of silence, there was no work to be done, and Box Office was a mess, until the new century began to erupt. In this case, it is difficult for Miramax to rise according to the original trajectory.

    Eric originally wanted to acquire Miramax while acquiring the new line. The most important thing is that the brothers have the talents in various awards. The previous life Weinstein brothers have the title of Oscar gold pusher, so Eric made up his mind. Take two people into your arm. As for the other people's praises, Eric's advantage is even bigger. In his mind, he has a lot of classic movies that he has seen before.

    Emir is not in a hurry, Eric is not in a hurry. Anyway, the history of the trajectory has changed. Perhaps with the talent of the Weinstein brothers, you can still live in the independent film circle, but want to be as dazzling as the previous life. Because of Eric's existence, this is unlikely. The development track of the other party is at most like the new line, and it grows step by step. Then even if the other party develops for another ten years, Eric has the opportunity to collect the other party and honestly publicize the Oscar award for himself.

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