The true meaning of the 179th chapter of the text

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the true meaning of the 179th chapter of the text, floating astronomy

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    “Vicky, is the Sunset Tower Hotel opposite the Andaz?”In the driver's seat, it looks like a rough white man with a face of 30 years old is staring at the road ahead.

    “Of course, is there two Sunset Tower hotels on Sunset Boulevard?”The Virginia answered, taking a small mirror from his handbag, looked at the face of makeup, and took out a lipstick carefully smear a few lower lip angle, this move somehow let the man on the driving seat some dissatisfaction: "Vicky, I really do not understand, why do you want to be with that hairy head boy involved, The two of you are 10 years old. ”

    "All said, my personal affairs do not need you to control," Virginia blurted out, and soon reacted should not talk to his brother, the tone is softer: "Mike, I am very happy with him, although he is young, But it is very considerate to me."

    Michael Madsen still frowned. "That guy is destined to give you no promise, isn't it?" He won't marry you. ”

    Virginia heard this, his eyes were a little dim, whispered: "I didn't expect him to marry me."

    "But you are already twenty-eight years old. I hope that you can find a reliable man to marry, instead of doing it now, give you a hairy boy to be a lover."Michael's tone was a little excited, saying that the last big hand couldn't help but take a picture on the steering wheel and turned to look at his sister: "I hope you are happy, Vicky."

    "Can you be happy when you get married?"Virginia took the lipstick and the small mirror back and said: "Our mom and dad are not happy at all, and you, you have been married once."

    Michael Madsen continued to persuade: "Because of this, I hope that you can find a good man. There must be a good man in the world, even…If you don't find the right one, try again a few times. You see, although I am divorced, I am very happy with Kina now. In half a year, you may have a little nephew or a little niece. ”

    "Okay, I know, Mike, can we not talk about this topic today?"Virginia began to shift the subject to the eyes of all the older women who were forced to marry. Because the parents divorced and the mother was busy with her career, she was almost brought up by her older brother who was four years older than her, so she could even be a parent. Ignore, but I value the relationship with my brother.

    "Well, you don't like it, I won't say it," Michael Madsen looked helplessly at the road ahead.

    Michael stopped this topic and let Virginia breathe a sigh of relief. The two were quiet for a while, looked out the window and watched the sunset tower hotel. Virginia just said: "Mike, I know you don't like him, but wait. Don't be rude, I hope you can get the character he said."

    Michael Madsen said: "Of course I will not be rude, but this time I just want to see your new movie, don't expect me to please him for a role."

    Virginia is helpless. She knows the temper of this brother. She said that the good point is indifferent to fame and fortune. To say that the ugly point is that it is not enterprising. His original intention to be an actor is more than fame. Now it is still the case.

    Two people said, soon came to the Sunset Tower Hotel, Virginia see the hotel outside gathered a lot of chest hanging camera paparazzi, hurriedly take out sunglasses, but even so, also failed to prevent intuitive sensitive paparazzi found her figure, A group of people came to the window is a racket, see these for the news of the guy, Michael helplessly slowed down the speed, this let paparazzi more excited, have slapped the car window to the vehicle inside the Virginia shouted.

    However, the paparazzi screamed and did not get any reply. The two brothers and sisters drove directly to the underground parking lot and entered the hotel along the internal elevator.

    "One more, just Julia Roberts is coming, I don't know what the Firefly is going to do?"A group of paparazzi was stopped by the security guard and could only wait in disappointment to wait outside the hotel. I hope the next visitor can reveal a little specific news.

    "You have just been in less than ten minutes, Jike. In the past half an hour, several Hollywood big guys have gone in."

    "Oh, Kane, who else is here?"Asked by J. Paparazzi.

    Kane leaned into Jike's ear and whispered: "Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, one of Warner's Vice Chairman, and Paramount's Chairman, Nad Tarn, Columbia's Vice Chairman Amy Pascol, currently The seven big Film Studios have come to four, look at it, I think the remaining three will definitely send someone."

    Jike fantasized about the picture in Kane's description, and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief: "No, is it something big happening in Hollywood?"

    Kane shook her head. "This is not clear, but it must be related to Firefly. I heard an insider from the hotel say that there is a party at night."

    "at night?"Jike looked at his watch: "It’s only 1:35 right now. It’s not that you made a mistake. If there is a party at night, how can these big men come over now?”

    "This is definitely not wrong. My informants are doing things in the kitchen. The task they receive is to prepare food for the party at night."

    Jike asked: "Kane, what do you think will be?"

    "perhaps……Ok, this is too unusual, I can't think of it, but there is no news released during this time, saying that Firefly intends to acquire the new line Film Studio, I don't know if it is related to this matter. The new line is already the top second-line Film Studio. If it merges with Firefly, with the release of Eric Williams' big-selling movies and new lines, maybe a few years later, Hollywood will have a new giant. ”

    Jike guessed: "Don't you say that this is Firefly's lead? Will it be that Firefly's new films will pick publishers, so the top seven executives will come over? ”

    After this sentence, Kane and several other listening to the paparazzi are stunned, and then laughed, a paparazzi with a mocking way: "How possible, you may not too much value the appeal of Firefly, if it is Eric Williams personally direct Or the film may also be able to let the seven top-ranking, after all, he has fully confirmed his own strength. But everyone knows that Eric's distribution rights for the next two movies are already part of Fox. ”

    Jike also felt that his guess was unrealistic, and he scratched his head and replied softly: "Isn't that "The Others" and "Scent of a Woman" a script written by Eric Williams himself?"

    However, his sentence has not been valued by other paparazzi, a group of people continue to discuss the purpose of these people gathered, while looking forward to the arrival of others.

    Many times, it seems ridiculous to guess, in fact, it is often true.

    This event is really just an internal test session hosted by Firefly for The Others and Steel Magnolias.

    At the time of the invitation, Eric also thought that six would probably only send one or two senior executives, but he soon received the first news that Disney ' s Michael Eisner don't know what it's like, let the assistant contact Firefly, said that will be in person to watch the film, but this response, the original plan to Firefly headquarters in the small screening hall to host the test will be the location of the test site in the Sunset Tower Hotel luxury screening Hall, after all, Michael Eisner's position is there, and then in Firefly's little show Hall makes it seem very disrespectful to each other.

    Next, other major Film Studios may have heard the news that Michael Eisner will participate in the test session, and they all said that they would send important executives to participate.

    However, only Michael Eisner, a helm CEO, was present at the Seventh National Congress. Others, Paramount sent a Chairman, and Columbia came with Amy Pascal, who had a good relationship with Eric. Other companies were either Vice Chairman or A heavyweight executive. Even so, this lineup is also a luxury, the seven Film Studio Chairman level executives together, just for the distribution rights of one or two movies, it is estimated that it has not happened in the last ten years.

    The Virginia brothers and sisters took the elevator to the floor where the test film was held. Just after coming out, Virginia saw Eric assistant Alan Viessmann waiting for the elevator.

    "Hello, Alan, Eric?"Virginia asked up.

    "Mr. Williams is very busy, can't pick you up, Miss Madsen, please come with me, I will take you to the lounge. ”Alan said politely.

    Virginia disappointed and nodded. Michael Madsen, who saw this scene, didn't know the specific situation. He directly thought that Eric was a little out of his sister, and he was very angry. However, although it was very unscrupulous, it did not show up. The two men followed Alan to a lounge.

    After entering, Virginia only see the lounge has gathered a lot of people, "Steel Magnolias" cast director Herbert Ross and starring Julia Roberts, Sally Filde, Snow Lie Mclein and others, but "the others" cast only Jonathan Demme solitary one, looks a bit bleak, this situation is not difficult to understand, the "the others" two small actor not suitable for the afternoon of the test will, so did not come over, while the other several actor are not famous, and not starring, so not eligible to participate in this trial. And the "Steel Magnolias" cast was different, Herbert Ross is director don't have to say, although "Steel Magnolias" is a group play, but in addition to the fame of Julia Outside Roberts, Sally Filde, Snow Lie Mclein both of them are carrying a series of Oscar awards, qualifications and fame even more than Julia, the other three female stars are famous for a long time actress.

    Seeing the emergence of Virginia, Jonathan Demme finally showed his comrade-like expression and stood up and greeted Virginia. "The members of the Steel Magnolias crew also stood up and greeted the girl. (The novel "I am in Hollywood" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there will be a 100% lottery gift for everyone! Now open WeChat, click on the "+" sign "Add a friend" in the upper right, search for the public number "qdread" and pay attention, the speed is fast! )

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