Chapter 181, he is a jerk

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 181 is a jerk, floating astronomy

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    "Hey, Eric, I have seen all your movies, but apart from "Running Out of Time," I think it's just normal."

    "Thank you for your appreciation, Elizabeth."

    "I am not complimenting you," the girl said angrily. "I am just curious. Why did your movies make such amazing Box Office scores? This is a very interesting topic. I intend to use it as my. Graduation thesis."

    "You are learning…Media? ”Eric guessed and asked the other person's family.

    “Of course, I am studying at Vassar College in New York and will graduate next year.”

    Eric just nodded and didn't express any opinion. Although he occupied this body and inherited most of his memory, he now has a list of Ivy League schools, not to mention Vassar College.

    The girl was somewhat dissatisfied with Eric's understatement: "Have you ever heard of Vassar College?"

    Eric's applicator: "Elizabeth, in fact, I just graduated from high school, and I don't even remember the list of Ivy League schools, so…"

    "Well," the girl shrugged helplessly, and she was more interested in Eric. A young man who didn't even graduate from college could achieve such a great achievement in such a short period of time.Strange ah.

    The two executives at Universal and Metro Goldwyn Mayer arrived almost at the two o'clock line. After the arrival, the staff led the crowd to a luxurious auditorium at the Sunset Hotel.

    Eric just nodded with Virginia and others and sat down in the first row. On both sides are Michael Eisner and Paramount's Chairman, Nad Tarn. After the breakout, they were the other five executives, and the first row arranged just eight.

    The uninvited Elizabeth Murdoch didn't make the workers awkward, and took the initiative to sit in the back of the "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias" crew members, but also got to Julia.

    Julia looked at the strange girl who suddenly appeared around her. She felt weird. She didn't know who the woman was, but she thought of Eric's heart, she naturally classified the girl to something similar to Virginia. Among the identities, there is some faint hostility towards Elizabeth Murdoch.

    Although Julia has made up her mind that she no longer has too much emotional and carnal involvement with Eric, Eric is destined to leave a deep mark on the girl's heart. This branding even leads Julia to interact with other men. At the time, I will unconsciously compare each other with Eric, then…It’s hard to have it anymore.

    "Steel Magnolias" Diller McDermott, who plays Julia's husband, has pursued Julia during the filming. The other is tall and handsome. He graduated from the New York Private Fordham University School of Drama. He is also very talented and gentle. Thoughtful, not as arrogant as Eric. So Julia also tried to get along with each other. As a result, "Steel Magnolias" was filmed, and Julia had never been able to wipe out the spark with the shadow of the heart. Finally, everything went to nothing.

    Therefore, Julia has always hated Eric during this time. She feels that Eric has influenced her private life. In order to avoid this kind of influence, the filming of Steel Magnolias is completed during this time. Julia is in Los Angeles. Didn't meet Eric.

    When the staff was ready to show the gap, Elizabeth Murdoch and Julia greeted each other. After receiving the response, he asked softly and whisperedly: "Miss Julia, what kind of person do you think Eric Williams is?"

    "He is a jerk!"Because of the proximity of Elizabeth, Julia was inexplicably immersed in some kind of emotion, and wanted to blurt out.

“……”Elizabeth looked at Julia silently and strangely.

    Julia's voice is very small, plus the screening room There are other people whispering voice, therefore, only two or three people around her to hear the girl's words, sitting on the other side of the girl Sally Filde can not help to laugh out, she as a past, and heard of Julia and Eric some rumors, Of course, I can hear Julia's feeling that some of the feelings in this sentence are not satisfied with the little woman's sour.

    Julia immediately became red-faced after reacting, and almost wanted to escape. Fortunately, at this time, the lights in the auditorium were dark, and Julia was relieved.

    Elizabeth Murdoch sat in the body and couldn't help but licking the girl next to her, only to focus on the screen.

    "The Others" as the most important part of Eric's three films, was taken to the final half of the second half, first played by Herbert Ross's "Steel Magnolias".

    The story of "Steel Magnolias" looks very trivial, mainly based on the daily life of six women, with the important dates of the Ionton family's wedding, Easter, Christmas, New Year, funeral, etc., although Herbert Ross also Some of the comedy elements have been added to it, but in the medium term, this is still a feature film.

    The film begins with the wedding of Shelby Einton, played by Julia. Through the tens of minutes of narrative, a few trivialities in tandem, and six heroes of different personalities are presented to the audience.

    After Shelby’s wedding, the New Year’s Day arrived. The hairdresser Annai, who was originally shy and inferior because of certain things, gradually became open. She met the waiter at Shelby’s wedding. The two fell in love and soon lived together. Together. Annai felt that she was so hard to live this happiness. She began to indulge in Christ and always prayed. Shelby suffers from hyperinsulinemia, which is the opposite of diabetics who lack insulin. This condition causes malignant hypoglycemia. Once sick, blood sugar will faint when it is lowered. Therefore, at the doctor's suggestion, thank you. Erby is not suitable for having children.

    But after marriage, because Shelby’s medical diagnosis led her to fail to adopt a child, Shelby took her parents and insisted on pregnancy.

    Bit by bit life slowly passed, Shelby’s child was born, but another bad news came to the whole family.

    Shelby caused severe kidney failure due to childbirth. In this case, her mother, who had always been strict with her, secretly stood up and gave her a kidney to her daughter.

    The operation was very successful, Shelby seems to have returned to normal life, but life is not good, and her son grows up slowly. Shelby continues to devote herself to her favorite career. But one day, when Shelby was taking care of her children at home, she fainted on the floor.

    When I was sent to the hospital, the poor woman had to rely on the life-sustaining device to keep her vital signs. The mother stayed next to Shelby every day and night, but she still couldn’t wake her up. In the end, her husband signed tears on certain documents. The word, the hospital pulled out the life support. (The novel "I am in Hollywood" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there will be a 100% lottery gift for everyone! Now open WeChat, click on the "+" sign "Add a friend" in the upper right, search for the public number "qdread" and pay attention, the speed is fast! )

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