Chapter 182 of the text

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 182, all kinds of thoughts, floating astronomy

    After a sad funeral, life went on, and Shelby's son, Jack Sen, grew up with everyone's love, and the pregnant Annaire told Shelby's mother, Maureen, that after their baby was born, both men and women were called ' Shelby ', in remembrance of the dead resolute but star-crossed little woman, Maureen's tearful promise came down.

    Another year of Easter, a vibrant suburb of spring, Happy Picnic, a big belly Annaire suddenly feel severe abdominal pain, everyone scrambling to Annaire to help on the SUV, the SUV through the crowd, through the market, through the bridge, melodious harmonica sound, the picture frame in a tree-shaded river.

    Subtitles slowly rise…

    "Tomorrow-is-another-day," sat the Elizabeth beside Julia's Murdoch can't help to say "Gone with the Wind" in the concluding remarks, although "Steel magnolias" in a few women's life experience is far less than "Gone with the Wind" in Scarlett Jia decades, life experience, even "Steel magnolias" Women in the midst of it have not been a severe emotional eruption, the strongest feelings are contained in the silent overflow of tears, but this insipid trivial contained in the emotion is not much than the magnificent chaotic background, Scarlett experience of the vicissitudes of life. The jeep that is gradually disappearing is a symbol of hope and hope for the future.

    The lights lit up, no one took the lead, and everyone in the screening room consciously applauded.

    "Julia, this film is really great, I think Shelby's role is even more full than Vivian in Pretty Woman."Elizabeth clenched his head and said in a sincere way to Julia's ear.

    "Thank you, this…Miss," Julia patted her palm, and once again looked at the beautiful girl next to her in the light.

    Elizabeth remembered that she hadn’t introduced herself yet, and quickly extended a small hand: “Sorry, Julia, my name is Elizabeth Murdoch, you can call me Liz.”

    "Hello, Liz," Julia politely shook hands with the other, and the expression didn't change much. Obviously, Julia didn't know what the surname Murdoch meant.

    Elizabeth doesn't mind, keep on the whisper: "Julia, why did you just say that Eric Williams is a jerk?"

    "what! I……The sentence I just said is not aimed at Ai…Mr. Williams, just a coincidence, Mr. Williams is a very good person. Without him, I am still just a small unknown Actor. ”Julia tried to calm down her performance, but the blinking eyes sold the girl deeply.

    Elizabeth's mouth twitched a touch of smile, and did not continue to ask the topic of the girl: "Julia, can you tell me about Eric Williams, I intend to use the success of his films as my reason Thesis topic."

    "Liz, maybe you should ask him yourself, I don't know much," said Julia, who did not realize the other's pedigree from the girl's surname, but understood from the other's words, that the girl seemed not too familiar with Eric, coupled with Elizabeth's cheerful character, Julia also gradually to Elizabeth let go of heart defense.

    "Nothing, let me know what you know…"Elizabeth felt Julia's subtle change in her emotions, so she began to work harder and asked about topics of interest.

    At the same time, the seven Film Studio executives who watched "Steel Magnolias" also had their own concerns.

    Michael Eisner expressed his appreciation to Eric the first time after the movie was broadcast, but more of it was just a guest, but in fact he was somewhat disappointed.

    "Steel Magnolias" is really too bland, although there are a lot of highlights, but there is almost no ups and downs in the plot, completely inconsistent with his taste. Barry Diller, a former right-hand man who put forward the theory of ' high concept film ', Michael Eisner Barry Diller under the guidance of the Paramount under the theory of the rise, so naturally became a ' high concept film ' theory of the faithful fans, Disney in Michael The rapid rise of Eisner mastery has much to do with the theory of film he insists on.

    "Steel Magnolias" is completely incompatible with high-concept movies. If you use the article type to compare, the high-concept movie theme is like a fun novel, and "Steel Magnolias" is a long-lasting prose. Director Herbert Ross, who has more than 20 years of experience in film production, is undoubtedly a 'prose' everyone, but this subject is also bound to not have much market.

    Although not optimistic, this does not prevent Michael Eisner from taking the decision to distribute the film. Otherwise, he will not come here today. Because he valued it: the film is optimistic about Eric Williams, and the reason for Eric's previous films is enough.

    Sitting on the other side of Eric, Paramount Chairman Nader Tarn’s evaluation of the film is similar to that of Michael Eisner. However, after the break of the movie, the old guy kept talking to Eric, hoping to listen from Eric. Go to the specific Box Office expectations for this movie so that Paramount can make a more accurate split into quotes.

    Paramount's performance has started to fall markedly since Barry Diller's five-year absence, although "Indiana Jones" is in the North America million box office, the global box office More than 400 million of the stunning box Office results, but because Lucas Film Industry and Steven Spinternet Explorer Lberg ' s strong, Paramount profit from the share, even compared to the gambling contract after a hole Columbia from "Home Alone" to get the dividend. So Paramount valued Eric's two films. If it weren't for Paramount's current CEOFrank. Mancuso couldn't take the time. It's definitely him, not the second-hander Nader Tarn.

    Although not optimistic about Steel Magnolias, this is, after all, a movie that Eric Williams is watching. Of the films Eric is currently participating in, there isn't a Box Office under 100 Million USD.

    After watching the movie, Nader Tarn with his career experience, the combination of Julia, Sally Filde and Snow Lie Mclein and other people's Box office appeal and time issues, quickly to the film estimated 3000-50 million USD box office, although J Ulia now with the "pretty Woman" in the world can accumulate a strong box office appeal, but Nader Tarn to the film's overseas box office is not much to look forward to, the film United States indigenous flavor is too strong, the global box of Fice can get million even if it's a little miracle.

    If, as I expected, the film, except for the cost of production and distribution, has a profit of at least 10 Million USD, which is totally worthless compared to the profits of other Eric films.

    Nader Tarn believes that Eric will not make a big move just for the profit of 10 million USD in this area. But no matter how Nader Tarn inquired about Eric, this young man will give a plausible answer, a look of your own judgment.

    In fact, Eric did not disclose his judgment, mainly because of caution. Although he is very optimistic about this movie, but how many Box Office can get it, Eric can't be 100% sure. He estimated that the North America Box Office is around 100 Million USD. After all, the previous life movie also got more than 80 million USD Box Office, and that was before Julia filmed "Pretty Woman". Now, the girl can pull it. 20 Million USD Box Office Gain.

    But this estimate is definitely not clear. Once it is said, in the future, if Box Office can't meet expectations like previous life, then Eric is equal to his own reputation. Not to mention that there is nothing, even if the movie is not as big as the previous life, and Eric does not have much to do with it, Firefly is only an investor after all, Eric has nothing to do except to plug in a Julia.

    Amy Pascal, who is separated from Eric, is one of the seven people who liked this movie. Amy Pascal is a typical feminist, so she likes female-themed movies very much. She has supported her. A series of women's movies, the most famous is the "CharlInternet Explorer 's Angels" series. Coupled with the sensibility of the woman's character, she was completely attracted by the joys and sorrows of several women in the movie, and even had an immediate vacation to the southern town to live a quiet and trivial life.

    But Amy Pascal also knows that himself and Fox's representative Carr Tah Hunter today is destined to just go through a scene, Fox already has Eric two movies at the end of the distribution right, in the marketing resources of consideration, Firefly certainly will not give Fox film, and Columbia will soon with J Apan people signed the final contract, the future of Japan's business strategy is difficult to predict, in order to avoid risk, Firefly will certainly not let Columbia agent issued.

    Among the seven Film Studio representatives, Warner's representative is the most calm, because Warner's performance this year is very good, although Warner will not be too much money, but will only open a share price that he thinks is appropriate, and it is in the middle. That is luck. If you can't get it, you won't feel too sorry.

    The global Film Industry situation is turbulent, the two helm people come to me, no mind to fight for distribution rights, and Metro Goldwyn Mayer has been completely disabled by the casino tycoon Kirk Kirkline, Cork will only When I want to sell Metro Goldwyn Mayer again, I will pay attention to the business performance of this giant in order to sell a good price. So Metro Goldwyn Mayer's top executives are also eager to kill the thief. The Metro Goldwyn Mayer representative sitting in the front seat is talking to Warner's executives, and the words seem to be ready to change jobs.

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