Body Chapter 183 Replacement

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 183th chapter, the substitution, the floating astronomy

    After a short break, everyone cheered because the screening of the second part film is about to begin, although compared to the star-studded "Steel Magnolias" (four of the six Heroines have already won the Oscar Award), The main lineup of The Others is not worth mentioning, but the name of Eric on the screenwriter column is enough. "Before the Home Alone created the Box Office miracle, the main lineup was completely worth mentioning.

    After the title, Grace’s storytelling sounded in the background of the comics. Slowly, the sound disappeared, and a scene of horror and fullness appeared in the scribbled picture. The shadow of the child broke the puppet of the neck…

    On the big bed, Grace suddenly opened his eyes and tears, like a fish that was out of the water, and breathed a few times, his body trembled fiercely.

    Everyone knows that Heroine is a nightmare. If you are smart, you may be able to realize the beginning of the comic scene, which is the girl's dream.

    In this edition, Virginia is not as screaming as the original Nicole Kidman, but the fear in the big eyes filled with tears is not much weaker than Nicole Kidman, and this silent fear and despair With the mottled scene in the dimly lit bedroom, the audience can feel the coolness of the back.

    Here is the first change Eric made to the script, because in the previous life memory, Eric didn't feel any other emotions except the scream of Nicole Kidman.

    It’s not easy to shoot the camera. Virginia is really scared. The fear in the eyes is not pretending. Because there are a bunch of 'make things' like the beast, Xiaoqiang and Liuer. Although with the help of 'props', Virginia's performance is much better than Nicole in Eric's opinion. It is also in the same sentence. In Hollywood, no one can't be replaced. Most people just miss the opportunity. .

    Unconsciously, everyone in the screening room was immersed in the strange behaviors of Grace, two children, and three servants. Except for Eric and other insiders, everyone was trying to guess what happened to the house. Where are the strange voices and figures coming from?

    If this is a ghost film, why did it start for so long, and there is no ghost shadow? Why did Grice’s husband suddenly come back and suddenly left?

    Although the mystery has not been solved, the tense story has immersed even the representatives of the seven major companies in the film. As calm as Michael Eisner couldn't help but ask Eric's own doubts, but Eric laughed and refused to answer because he couldn't spoil.

    It was not until more than eighty minutes later that the identity of the three servants 'ghosts' was revealed when a pair of children of Grace discovered the tombstone.

    However, no one has a look of ignorance, but it has some doubts. Why are three 'ghost servants' appearing, and what are their purposes? From the previous words, people know that the three ghosts are not malicious to the Grace family.

    The plot has finally gone to the high tide. When Grace opened the door to the living room, and another family and the appearance of the psychic old woman, they all solved all doubts.

    "The suspense is repeated, it is beautiful, beautiful!"Seeing this, Michael Eisner couldn't help but give a rare admiration. Paramount Chairman, who is sitting on the other side of Eric, is quietly clenching his fists. He has a must-have to win the distribution rights of this film. determination. Several other executives who were unwilling or unable to win the distribution rights of the film all showed regret, and the most calm Warner representative was not so calm.

    The dense fog with the symbolic nature disappeared with all the truth.

    The lights illuminate again, and the applause is much louder than Steel Magnolias for a few minutes.

    Sitting in the back row, Jonathan Demme saw this situation, a few times in the corner of his mouth, and finally failed to remain restrained, happy to open his mouth to reveal a white tooth, he knew that he was successful.

    Michael Madsen patted his sister's hand gently, his eyes full of congratulations.

    The applause stopped, and everyone in the auditorium was led by the waiter and went down to the lower ballroom. Eric, who was at the forefront, was sandwiched between Michael Eisner and Nad Tarn. The Warner representative, who was not too hot, came over and greeted Eric again.

    Fox and Metro Goldwyn Mayer are behind the representatives who are destined to get the distribution rights.

    Elizabeth Murdoch leaned over to Carr Tower and whispered, "Carr, why don't you go forward and fight for it?"

    Carr Tower shook his head slightly and whispered to Elizabeth: "It doesn't work, Eric's next two movies have already belonged to Fox, and they won't give us the right to distribute."

    Elizabeth thought about it and said: "Why not. At the end of the year, we value Eric's "Home Alone" sequel, and then let another film distribution right out and replace it with this one. I think this horror film is very special. Maybe you can create a Box Office miracle like Home Alone. ”

    Carr Tower Hunter couldn't help but glance at the girl around me. I felt a little surprised. I thought that Elizabeth was just a somewhat arrogant lady. After all, today the girl is entangled with herself and let him bring She came to this test session, which is a more self-willed decision.

    However, due to the identity of Elizabeth Murdoch, Carr Tower Hunt decided to accept it afterwards. Fortunately, Eric was more familiar with him, and the other side knew the identity of Elizabeth, and did not shut the girl.

    Unexpectedly, after the test film was over, the other party was able to come up with a very feasible solution in such a short period of time.

    Elizabeth Although the name of the holiday internship to Fox, but the girl did not spend a few days in the position Fox had arranged for her, and the insider of the Fox-Firefly cooperation could not have been understood, and in this little knowledge, it was possible to come up with a highly feasible solution so quickly, The Carr Tower is unlikely to make a difference to the girl, but the Carr Tower itself has just moved in the show room to take the "the others", but there is no way to think of a good idea.

    "Well, Miss Murdoch, I will submit this proposal to Mr. Barry Diller in the form of an official document. However, I have to say that Fox has not seen the script in another movie at the end of Eric, and I don't know if I can make a decision before the other company takes the others, and you could imagine that someone inside Fox would object to your proposal because Eric personally direct or movie box Office Word-of-mouth has been proven many times, this film although he personally screenwriter, but also absolutely outstanding, but I think a lot of people will not be willing to take risks. ”

    "It’s really ink. If I am in charge of Fox, I will take it straight down," Elizabeth licked her lips and began to show her pretty side.

    This time, Carr Tower did not despise the other side, but patiently explained the relationship to the girl: "Miss Murdoch, this matter involves too much interest, not that we can change it if we wish to replace it, even if we Willing to change, will Eric Williams agree? Will several other Film Studios agree? You also saw that Michael Eisner and Nader Tarn are coming today. Their attention to Eric Williams is conceivable. We have few advantages in competition. ”

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