Chapter 184 Anti-war

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 184 anti-war, floating astronomy

    With more and more people at the party, Michael stayed for more than ten minutes.Eisner took the lead in giving up on things that needed to be handled, and Eric certainly had to personally send it.

    “Eric, I heard that The Others was shortlisted for the main competition in Venice?”Waiting for the gap in the elevator, Michael.Eisner suddenly asked.

    Eric nodded. "Yes, but this is a horror film after all. The hope of winning the prize is not great. Sending it to Venice is just a matter of knowing the popularity and contributing to the release of Europe."

    “I think this movie is likely to win the prize, as long as the propaganda is in the right direction,” Michael said.Eisner said, the elevator door opened and the two walked in together.

    "Publicity direction?"Eric pressed the elevator button and asked in confusion.

    "Well," Michael.Eisner said: "The Others is a horror film, but I think this film can have more in-depth connotations, such as human love and fear of death, and mothers. The true love of the two children. The most important thing is that the background of this film is after the Second World War. Then, you can use the banner of the anti-war to promote the horror film to the evil of war. It is the long-term depression of the war shadow. The body and mind of the hostess allowed Grace to make a crazy move of suffocating two children. Now that the situation in Europe is very turbulent, it is possible to break out of conflict again with a little carelessness. Then, if The Others is propaganda in the direction of anti-war and is deeply rooted, the Venice Film Festival jury will show its attitude. I certainly won’t let this movie go empty-handed. You have to know that film and politics are always inseparable. ”

    Sure enough, ginger is still old and spicy. Eric sighed in his heart. He had been trapped in a horror film that was not popular with the judges of the festival. He did not think about it in other ways: "Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Eisner, I will let people do this in as soon as possible. ”

    "The Others" is only a finalist and an award, and the treatment in the hearts of fans will be completely different in the future. Like Oscar, everyone will pay special attention to Oscar's award-winning film. But for those shortlisted films, although the quality will not be much worse than the winning film. But very few people will pay attention.

    The elevator reached the parking lot underneath and the two went to Michael together.Eisner's car, Michael's assistant and driver are waiting there.

    Michael got into car but didn't leave. Instead, he waved that Eric was also sitting in.

    Waiting for Eric to sit down, Michael.Eisner said: "How about Eric, working with Disney next year?"

    Eric squatted and he thought Michael.Eisner wants to say something about today's two movies, I didn't expect the other party to jump directly to next year.

    "Mr. Eisner, I can't answer you right away. My cooperation with Fox is still very enjoyable. ”Eric shook his head slightly, saying so.

    Michael .Eisner can see that Eric has some insincere, and the cooperation between the two companies has always been based on interests. Doping personal feelings in it, because it affects the interests and other factors, will eventually only break the relationship between the two sides. Several contacts. Michael .Eisner believes that Eric will not be an emotional person.

    "This is not anxious, Eric, you can think about it slowly. With regard to today's two films, Disney's share price will fully reflect our sincerity."Michael .Eisner finished, and paused. Then said: "I also heard that Firefly intends to acquire a new line to establish its own distribution channel, but how to say it. Robert .She has also seen this several times. This person has a strong desire to control, but there is no talent to match it. The management method is too subjective and not rational. Let him help you manage the company. I don’t think it is a good one. select. ”

    Looking at the Bentley car slowly, Eric thought about Michael.Eisner's words, some memories of the new line, Michael.Eisner vs Robert .Shea’s evaluation is still very pertinent.

    The previous line of new life because of the success of the "The Lord of the Rings" series, some of them are floating.Xie Yi was willing to force the launch of The Golden Compass project, resulting in huge losses, but also caused the new line to lose its independence and was incorporated into the parent company Warner. However, Eric is not worried about this now. If he can successfully acquire a new line, he will only let Robert.Shee is responsible for the release of the film. As for film production, this part of power Eric will definitely be firmly in the hands of Robert.Xie Yi was indiscriminate.

    Eric has not given up any commitments. I sent away the last Amy.Pascal, returning to the banquet hall again, is basically a party at the party. The other actors of "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias", which were not able to participate in the test, were also present at the party. There are other people who are closely related to Firefly. This party is definitely a fake Poli. Drew is a party creature. I used to like nightclubs. But since I was entangled with Eric, I also quit. This 'bad habit', but all kinds of parties are participating one after another.

    Drew in the crowd caught Drew wearing a magenta dress, knocked on the head of Xiao Nizi to warn that he was not allowed to drink, Eric went to the other two, Quentin.Tarantino and Lawrence.Bender.

    "Eric, good evening," two people saw Eric coming and cheered together.

    Eric smiled at each other: "How is the preparation for "Reservoir Dogs"?"

    When I heard Eric's inquiry, Quentin's tone was a little excited: "It's very smooth, Mr. Hanson has provided us with a lot of convenience, and the role has been determined. If it is successful, it will start in September."

    "Well, come with me, I will show you Mr. King," Eric pointed in one direction and walked with two people.

    “Eric,” Virginia saw Eric approaching, and Virginia couldn’t help but step forward, but it quickly stopped. It’s a public place. Although her relationship with Eric is well known, it’s not too close.

    Eric looked at Virginia with a cautious look, smiled and hugged the girl, and kissed the girl's cheek gently until the girl couldn't help but shy and refused. Eric let go of the petite body and turned to the arms. The tall man next to the girl.

    "Hello, Mike," Eric said to Michael.Madsen reached out.

    "Hello, Eric," I don't like Eric in my heart, so Michael.Madsen's tone was a bit cold, and this reaction made Virginia feel anxious. If it wasn't for Eric, the girl would definitely slap on her brother. However, Eric didn't care too much about Michael's reaction and still enthusiastically introduced the other to Quentin and Lawrence.

    "This is Michael.Madsen, I think he is very suitable for playing Mr. Kim in "Reservoir Dogs". Michael , these two are Quentin .Tarantino and Lawrence.Bender, specific things, you can talk alone. ”

    Since it is impossible for people who know Eric to recommend it, Quentin and Lawrence are very enthusiastic to say hello to Michael, at least to have a good relationship with each other, and there will be no gaps in the future.

    Looking at the three people who had already chatted, Eric left with Virginia.

    "Vicky, I heard that you received some recent appointments?"Eric took a glass of wine from the waiter and sat down on the sofa in the corner.

    Virginia also sat down beside Eric: "Yes, Kapoor recommended, there are a few scripts. I look good, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I was going to ask your opinion first."

    Eric waved his hand: "I pushed it all, at least after the release of "The Others", the movie is now released at the end of the year. If Box Office is not good, it will definitely affect "The Others". The word of mouth, and the pay is definitely not too high."

    "Well, I listen to you," the girl nodded skillfully. "Eric, Michael is not very good at you, you…I hope you don't mind too much. ”

    "Of course not," Eric laughed. "If someone dominates my sister, I won't have a good look for him."

    "Ah……"The girl smiled lightly and actively defended the man next to her body: "You have not occupied me."

    "Of course not, Vicky, I just occupied you, you are mys."

    "Well," the girl's cheek raised a faint blush and gently lowered her head: "Eric, go to me tonight? You haven't been to it for a long time. ”

    “No problem,” Eric said with a slight smile. “Or, let's leave now?”

    The girl shook her head quickly: "Eric, you should go to socialize with others, don't always stay by my side."

    "No hurry, I just sent away a group of people, I am tired, take a break for a while."

    The other side of the party, Elizabeth holding a glass of red wine with Julia chatting, but found that the girl is always a little absent-minded, until Julia can not help but secretly look to a direction, Elizabeth just follow Julia's eyes caught that crooked leaning on the sofa some slovenly figure, Beside him sat a woman in a black stomacher evening dress, the heroine of the others.

    "Julia, do you like him?"Elizabeth leaned into Julia's ear and asked softly.

    "Ah, this…No, "Julia along Elizabeth's eye reaction come over the girl refers to ' he ' is who, panic in the first reaction is to deny, but perhaps too long for the sake of repression, coupled with Elizabeth skilled communicative wrist in a short period of time to get her favor, Julia Has unwittingly Elizabeth as a boudoir honey treatment, after a short panic, Julia only whispered: "In fact, I …I don't know what it feels like to him. He is a very complicated person. ”

    "Come with me, let's go with Mr. Williams talked, "Elizabeth looked at the girl's tangled look, grabbing Julia's arm directly and heading towards Eric in the resistance of the opponent.To be continued)

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