Body 186th Chapter Drunk

I am Hollywood the newest chapter, the Body 186th Chapter drunk, flutters the astronomy

    "It's hard to understand what kind of person he is, gentle, overbearing, cautious, contemptuous, indulgent, fancy, arrogant, cynical, talented, and ugly…All in all, you can see a lot of qualities from him, and after getting along for a long time, you will find that no matter how you do it, it is very difficult to find some self-confidence from him. "Pretty Woman" just released, I I think, ah, I succeeded, I became a Hollywood superstar, I did succeed, isn’t it, Liz…”Julia's eyes were slightly stunned and looked at the girl next to her.

    "Of course, Julia, of course you have succeeded," Elizabeth took the girl's words and grabbed the cup in the girl's hand without a trace, indicating the passing waiter and changing a glass of juice into Julia's hand.

    Although Eric has just been exposed to the identity, but Elizabeth to Julia sincerely expressed an apology, the gap between the two were soon disappeared, because Eric's words, the girl was very unhappy, so unknowingly drank a few cups, only to cause now this pair of drunken state, Perhaps it is because of the drink too much, Julia's heart defense also become very weak, began to chatter to Elizabeth to talk about the various events between the past and Eric.

    I stumbled over the cup that Elizabeth handed over and poured a bite of liquid inside. It didn't seem to find that the red wine was dropped. The girl continued to use the half-awake and half-awake tone: "I…I think I have succeeded, and then I received a lot of coupons, which are quotes for millions of USD. Millions of USD, I didn't even think about it before. The result…That abominable bastard, even if I talked to me, I didn’t push it all. I am angry to find his theory. Then, he reprimanded me for a little bit of affection, until…Until I cried in front of him, he was willing to give up. Oh, I always want to be proud in front of him, pretend…Be confident, but he is always a simple sentence. Even a look can make you completely unable to lift your head. He is making me now…Even my boyfriend can't make it. When I want to interact with a boy, he always jumps out of my heart, points to the boy, and blames the other person for nothing. ”

    The girl took a sip of juice with a drunken eye. Suddenly laughed and laughed out loudly: "But, but he just said, 'What does this have to do with Julia', ha, it's a mixed ball, what does it have to do with me, what does it have to do with me…"

    "Well, Julia, you are drunk. Would you like me to send you back? ”Elizabeth saw that the girl was very horrified, so she spoke and said to the drunk. Generally, you need to follow along in order to make the other party obedient.

    "Well, go home, I want to go home, I don't want to see that bastard anymore," Julia stood up suddenly. As a result, the head fainted and fell on the sofa. Elizabeth quickly supported Julia's body until the girl slowed down and helped Julia to stand up again.

    Alan finds being with Herbert.Eric, who is chatting with Ross, whispered a few words in Eric's ear, and Eric looked at the ballroom door to Herbert.Ross said sorry, walking in that direction.

    "What's wrong with this, Julia, how do you drink so much," Eric looked dissatisfied at the girl who was supported by Elizabeth, and looked around again: "Alison, where is she?"

    Alison is Julia's petite assistant with freckles on her face.

    "Do not……You don't have to worry about it, I drink as much as I like. ”Julia saw Eric suddenly appear in front of him, waving his arms exaggeratedly, and the door became a lot bigger: "You take care of me, why do you care for me!"

    "Shut up, do you want to hear the news of your alcoholism tomorrow?"Eric glanced at the girl and looked around. Many people had noticed this and quickly signaled Elizabeth to take the girl out of the banquet hall and go to the empty corridor to let go of her heart.

    "Where is Alison, I let her send you back?"Eric asked again.

    The girl grimaced with a grievance in her head, perhaps just being scared by Eric's shackles, or it may have restored some reason: "Alison is on vacation, she stayed with me in the southern town." Month, some…Some of the soil is not convinced, and I am sick. ”

    Eric sighed and said to the assistant behind him: "Alan, you drive Julia back."

    Alan is about to answer, but Elizabeth interjected: "I still come, this gentleman is a man after all, it is not convenient, Julia drinks a lot, and definitely needs someone to take care of."

    "you……"Eric looked at Elizabeth doubtfully and glanced at Julia again.

    "I need to……I want Liz to send me, don't want him…Stinky man, you guys stinky! ”Julia seemed to be confused again, clinging to Elizabeth's arm and leaning softly on each other.

    Alan shrugged and Eric looked at Julia's and said, "That's bothering you, Liz, do you know the address of Julia apartment?"

    "I know I know, at 11070 Welsh Avenue, Beverly Hills," the girl on the fascinating body raised a small hand in a reflexive manner, like a pupil who was eager to answer the teacher's question, with a bit of tenderness in her tone.

    Eric shrugged and smiled at Elizabeth: "Okay, now you know, I will send you down."

    During the slow fall of the elevator, Eric looked at the two girls from time to time, and felt strange in her heart. Although the contact time was not long, Eric still felt a fake boy from Elizabeth, and it was difficult for the other party to be laced. side? If this is the case, will Julia be tonight…

    The picture in my mind is getting more and more evil, and Eric's mouth even involuntarily evokes a smirk of bad taste.

    Fortunately, Elizabeth has been carefully supporting the girl, not paying attention to Eric's weird expression. If she knows what Eric is in, it is estimated that Elizabeth will not be able to squat on Eric's calf.

    "My car is over there, hey, can't you take the initiative to help me? It's not like a gentleman." Out of the elevator, Elizabeth pointed to the red sports car at the corner of the parking lot and felt Julia's crumbling appearance. Dissatisfied with Eric.

    "Oh, sorry, I thought you could do it yourself," Eric smiled and leaned forward to hold Julia's other arm. They held the girl next to the sports car and leaned Julia on Eric, leaving Elizabeth free. Come out and drive out the car key to open the door.

    Opening the back door of the sports car, Elizabeth turned and just told Eric to pull Julia in, but saw the girl wrapped around Eric like a soft vine, glaring at Eric's cheek with a sullen face, whispering incoherently: "Eric ,Well……I dreamed of you again, would you beat me? I always hit people's ass, it hurts, and in the morning, the pants are always *, so shameful. Eric, can't you be gentle with me, you kiss me, okay…"

    Seeing Elizabeth's sluggish gaze, Eric raised his hands innocently, letting the girl entangle herself, feeling the girl's wet tongue licking her cheek from time to time, very weakly arguing: "This…You understand, she is drunk. ”

    Elizabeth quickly returned to God, silently pulling the girl from Eric into the back seat of the car, slamming the door and slamming into the driver's seat, launching the car is about to leave, and finally could not help but find out the car. Outside the window, Eric said to say goodbye to himself, "Mr. Williams, Julia is right, you really are a mixed ball! ”

    Eric looked at the middle finger of the sports car as he walked out of the window and smiled and touched his nose.

    I really didn't beat her!

    Have I beat her?


    Is it old, memory is wrong?


    Gloomy eyes opened, feeling a big stone in his head, Julia couldn't help but raise his hand and gently hammered it on the temple, looking around.

    Fortunately, it is your own bedroom.

    I don’t know if I was lucky or lost. I seemed to have drunk too much last night, and I dreamt about the guy. I also said some words at sixes and sevens. Oh, fortunately, it’s a dream, or else I’m throwing away.

    Sit up and sit up, the thin blanket slides down, a pair of white softness is exposed to the air, because of the air conditioning, the coolness is coming, the girl can't help but hold her chest, suddenly think of something, suddenly open the blanket .

    God, is that what the guy did to himself?

    The door lock of the bedroom rang, and Julia quickly pulled up the blanket to cover her body and stared at the door.

    Wearing only a large men's shirt, the girl with two white long legs appeared at the door, and saw Julia who had already sat up. The girl smiled and said, "Hey, Julia, you finally woke up, otherwise I will Had to bother your dreams."

    "you……"Julia gradually remembered some things last night, remembering the identity of the girl, showing a stubborn smile: "Liz, good morning, it is you…Did you send me back? ”

    "Yeah, you drunk a bit last night, and spit a few times, staining you and my clothes, so I had to find one in your closet for a while, don't you mind?"Elizabeth pulled off her shirt and revealed the white panties at the end of her long legs.

    "Of course I don't mind, I want to thank you," Julia quickly recognized the shirt on the girl. It was a long time ago that she secretly hid it and didn't give it back to Eric, but Elizabeth didn't seem to realize it was male. Julia certainly won't take the initiative to say it. (To be continued)

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