I understand the body chapter 187

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 187 I understand, floating astronomy

    "So, get out of bed, I ate porridge, I hope you will like it," Elizabeth said, leaving a faint smile and then turned away.

    Julia stretched her neck and looked out from the cracked door. She didn't find the girl's figure, wrapped her body in a blanket, and ran to the bathroom. She didn't have the temperament of Elizabeth. I am used to revealing my body in front of a person who knows the day, even if the other person is the same sex.

    Twenty minutes later, Julia put on a loose, pale green home dress and appeared in the dining room. Elizabeth had already had breakfast. I saw Julia coming in, just pointing at the girl and still sitting at the table. With a roll of newspaper, I look at it while watching it, and I don't want to be a foreigner.

    Julia didn't mind, sat down on the other side, picked up a piece of toast, put a bit of peanut butter and ate a few mouthfuls, and tasted the porridge in the bowl.

    "Did you sleep well last night?"The opposite girl suddenly spoke.

    "Ah, when…Of course," Julia replied quickly. Somehow, she felt a little guilty. As for why, she couldn’t remember it. The memories of the drunkenness had become blurred and unclear.

    "If possible, I advise you not to have another time."Elizabeth said meaningfully.

    "under……What next time? ”Julia looked at the opposite girl and blinked.

    "Drunk, don't get drunk again."

    Julia seems to be aware of something: "I…Did I have done something bad last night? ”

    Elizabeth nodded nodly. "Yes."

    "God."Julia slammed her head: "It's a bad thing, if it's spread out, just in case…"

    "Do not worry. No," Elizabeth shook her head without lifting her head and turned the newspaper in front of her.


    "I think that the mixed ball will not pass the matter out."Elizabeth understates.

    Julia's eyes wide open: "Mixed balls…Sir, you mean…Eric. ”


    Julia’s heart was awkward, and the tone even became a bit stuttering: “That…That, Liz. I……In the end, in the end…What did you do out of the ordinary? ”

    "Not too bad. You are just wrapped around the mixed ball, crying and crying for him to kiss you. ”

    "Oh, God!"Julia snorted angrily, hugged her head and squatted on the table. I slammed on the solid wood table a few times.

    Seeing the girl’s reaction, Elizabeth couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t hit it, it’s no pain to smash the wood.”

    After a while, Julia raised her head and stretched out the glass kettle in the center of the table to give herself a cup of cool white, simmered and made a few deep breaths before she bravely said: "That, Liz. Can you tell me the details of last night? ”

    "Are you sure you want to hear?"Elizabeth asked a question.

    Pressing the idea of ​​retreating, Julia nodded.

    Elizabeth remembered it very well and didn't get drunk last night. So from the girl began to complain about Eric began, talked about it in 151, and also added a lot of small details.

    "I……I even said things that I dreamed of? ”Julia wants to collapse, and hopes to look at Elizabeth with pity, seems to want to hear the other party's negative answer.

    “Well,” Elizabeth said, holding the bowl and drinking the porridge. When I heard Julia's question, I nodded vaguely.

    Julia once again put her head on the table: "It's over. I have no face to live, how can I meet people? ”

    Elizabeth finished the last bite of porridge, rubbed his mouth and revealed a curious look, and asked: "Julia, Eric.Does Williams really have a hobby that is very embarrassing? Does he like to hit a woman? ”

    "No," the girl squatting on the table replied with a sullen voice.

    Elizabeth seems to be relieved: "So, those are your sexual fantasies. I thought he was really a metamorphosis. It was so disgusting. I was interested in him."

    "Liz, stop talking about this topic, okay? I want to die now. ”

    "This is nothing. Who can stipulate that a woman can't be a little bit of fantasies, huh, huh, but you are really special, you want him to hit you."

    "That's just a dream," Julia said, unable to defend her head.

    "Dream is a convenient and quick virtual realization form that human desires to look forward to. It is essentially the same as the illusion of waking, but the fantasy is controllable, but the dream is arbitrary, but if you don't have this idea in your heart, I will not do such a dream."

    "Uh huh…"The girl made a few cryes, and then you said that I was going to cry.

    Elizabeth no longer held this up and took the initiative to change the subject: "Julia, are you falling in love with him?"

    Julia slammed and bounced, and the obvious girl was more sensitive to this topic: "No, of course not, I hate him."

    "Oh," Elizabeth screamed unscrupulously, wisely not asking again, or she might have to be driven out by the maddening woman, and at the same time muttering in her heart, it turned out to be 'hate' to the extreme.

    Julia glared at Elizabeth, holding her fingers on the edge of the table and pressing down slightly, eager to try something. After waiting for a while, I found that the opposite girl did not have the following, and the sigh of relief quickly vented, and said quietly: "I am just…in fact……"

    "Forget it, Julia, hurry up for breakfast. I think your life is too boring, and you will be thinking all day long." After breakfast, go shopping. Ok, I can borrow a private jet. We can fly directly to Manhattan. Fifth Avenue is a shopping paradise. In the evening, I will take you to some parties to help you introduce some young people. Perhaps They don't have Eric .Williams is so good, but the family must have more money than the other. ”

    "I've met a couple of people at a lot of parties, either too old, or some self-righteous fellow, leaning against the wherewithal of the family, and I wonder if they will ever be able to afford to inherit the property of the previous generation, but the United States must pay taxes before inheriting the inheritance. I have heard that many rich children can only donate a large amount of their estate because they are unable to pay a large estate tax. ”

    "Oh, you are only a handful," Elizabeth said with a smile: "With a little thought, there are countless ways for billionaires to pass enough assets to the next generation."

    The topic unconsciously turned away from the anecdote last night, and the two also slowly began to talk, and chatted.

    "Liz, how are you wearing this shirt, don't you think that one is big?"After breakfast, the two girls got into the Julia's cloakroom and started to pick clothes. Both of them are about the same size and height, so there is no problem with the size.

    "But, I prefer loose clothes, this is a good thing," Elizabeth didn't mean to change it. He still only wears the bottom trousers with bare white and tender thighs, standing next to the other one. Cabinet, picking up trousers from the self.

    Julia licked her lips and quickly swung her head to think about how to get the shirt off if she didn't feel the same.

    "Well, this pair of pants is good, it's it," Elizabeth took a khaki casual trousers from the closet and placed it under the waist, then put it on.

    "Good, very good looking," Julia turned her eyes. "But I think khaki pants with a light blue top are better, pink is OK, white is awkward," said the girl, quickly Take two small shirts in the front wardrobe and tie them in front of Elizabeth: "Look!"

    Elizabeth blinked and looked at the two small blouses in front of her, and then looked at the one on her body. She suddenly picked up the hem and smashed the large white shirt on her body. White small bottom pants, while screaming in his mouth: "Wow, wow, disgusting, I understand, this is definitely Eric.Williams, the mixed-ball clothes, it’s disgusting, hey, Heavens!! "To be continued)

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