Body Chapter 188 is alert

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 188 is alert, floating astronomy

    "Liz, must be like this? perhaps……I can return the clothes to him. ”In Julia's small yard, the girl looked at the tin bucket that was used to burn the sundries, and her eyes flashed.

    Elizabeth strongly pulled out the shirt that Julia had in her hand, stuffed it into the bucket, and lit a match and threw it in. The flame rose briefly, and the cotton fabric quickly turned into ashes, leaving only a few The plastic buttons are still sparkling with unsuccessful flames.

    Clap hands, Elizabeth patted the small flames staring at the bucket of some Zheng's Julia's shoulder: Well, Julia, if you want to completely put that guy out of his life, this is a must go process. Going to pack my bags, I have already contacted the private jet. Let's go to New York first. If you don't have enough, we can fly to London, Paris. ”

    "I feel that I should first communicate with my manager. I remember that there are notices in the past two days…"

    "Hey, you're Hollywood's top actress now, Julia, not the last little Actors that haven't had much freedom in the hands of the manager."


    Elizabeth interrupted Julia's words: "Nothing!" Where is your passport? If you don't want to pack your luggage, you can bring your passport and credit card. Let's take a trip. ”

    More than an hour later, a Boeing private jet at Los Angeles International Airport vacated.

    At the same time, Director Jonathan of The Others was also taken off.Demme. After Michael.Eisner's call, Eric and Jonathan.After Demme communicated, Jonathan was early the next morning.Demme flies to Italy Venice. Preparing for the anti-war publicity of The Others, although there are more than two weeks from the beginning of the Venice Film Festival, Jonathan.Demme doesn't have any connections in Italy, everything needs to be explored by itself, and the more prepared it is, the more confident it is.

    A few days later, Eric accidentally contacted Kapoor to hear the other person's complaints, only to know that Julia was abducted by the Murdoch family's tomboy. In addition to the psychological imagination of creating some buds and silks, Eric has no idea of ​​the reasons for this. He felt that Julia was going out to distract himself, and the reaction after the girl was drunk that night still left a big impression on him.

    In the middle of August, Eric was responsible for the first two episodes of "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    After his personal tutoring, the six stars of "FrInternet Explorer nds" completely entered the role state. Let the success of the filmed director Director Kevin.Bright has saved a lot of effort.

    After the test, a week later, Film Studio, Disney, Paramount, Warner, etc. all offered their own offers, Michael.Eisner really wanted to be, and Disney submitted his quotation directly on the second day after the test session. "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias" are 35% of North America Box Office and 10% overseas Box Office. Divided into, after seeing this number, Eric instantly developed a feeling of deja vu. And Jeffrey went straight to the point, and Disney gave exactly the percentage of his personal Director's movie to enjoy at Fox. And it's completely based on the North America Box Office's quotation of more than 100 million yuan, otherwise, it is difficult for Disney to get any profit.

    If you calculate it carefully. In fact, this condition than Fox gave a much higher, because the fox was at the same time to get a few films of Eric's video and peripheral operation Rights, from where Fox can also be divided into large profits, but this time Firefly clearly said that will not give the "the others" and several other films Videos and the surrounding copyright, only North America and overseas distribution rights.

    After Disney, the conditions for Paramount, which is more eager to get distribution rights, are in second place. Warner and others followed, and Columbia did not even quote directly.

    What makes Eric more unexpected is Fox. On the second day of the test session, Fox sent someone to go to the script outline of Sleepless in Seattle, a few days later, Fox's Carr Tower.Hunter personally found Eric, which brought Fox's suggestion to replace "Sleepless in Seattle" with "The Others", but not for "Steel Magnolias."

    Obviously, Elizabeth's tentative plan came up with the attention of savvy Barry Diller, and after evaluating Sleepless in Seattle, Fox is obviously more optimistic about The Others, so there will be such a thing.

    Eric didn't know what was going on, but Eric rejected it directly for Fox's suggestion. Modifying the contract will definitely require a series of negotiations, and what will happen during the period is difficult to determine. Since Disney has already issued the same price tag, Eric certainly will not ask for trouble.

    After confirming that there was no competition, Firefly and Disney quickly signed a contract for the release of the two films.

    "Eric, I heard that you bought Pixar?"At the reception after signing the contract, Michael.Eisner asked this.

    Eric swayed the red wine in the cup: "Yeah, I am interested in cartoons, so I bought it to play."

    "It really is……Young man," Michael.Eisner didn't know what to expect, and shook his head: "So, the original Pixar and Disney collaboration in flat animation rendering is also your opening cut?"

    “Disney is big, will you care about a small Pixar? As long as Disney greets, I don't know how many animation companies will be willing to work with you. ”

    Michael .Eisner smiled helplessly, although Disney started his animation, but Michael.After Eisner took over, the emphasis on animation was not as strong as that of the previous helm, which also caused some opposition from Board of Directors, but as Disney's thrives, these opposing voices weakened.

    But the emphasis on animated films is not enough, Michael.Eisner is only more focused on live-action movies than the previous ones, and does not represent Michael.Eisner does not value the status of Disney animated films in Hollywood. Therefore, with the rise of Eric, his acquisition of Pixar six months ago also caused Michael.Eisner's attention, and more importantly, Michael.Eisner heard that Pixar was making a new 3D animation that had to be alarmed. (To be continued)

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