Chapter 189 of the main body was knocked out again

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, and the first chapter of the body is knocked out again, floating astronomy

    The sudden rise of Eric, in the history of Hollywood for more than half a century, is definitely a unique odd. It doesn't mean how good Eric's movies are. In fact, Eric's films, including Home Alone, Pretty Woman, and Running Out of Time, have been studied in detail and there is not much art. It shines, and there are no refreshing innovations.

    But after a series of amazing box Office results in successive films, Eric has been recruited by several major film Studio insiders, with the exception of those who relish and analyze Eric's successful commercial success in order to attract eyeballs to boost sales or ratings. The film has been meticulous analysis, many analytical results will be gradually reflected in the next two years Hollywood film market, such as children to the real movie will certainly increase, Cinderella-style love movie number will increase, wits robbers will usher in a wave of small Gao.

    In the study of Eric movies, Disney will certainly not be an exception, but Michael.After Eisner saw various analysis reports on Eric's films, he quickly understood that Eric's films were able to capture the miracle of Box Office, not in the analysis of the documents, just to meet the needs of the children's market. The most important reason for young women's love for Cinderella-style love is Eric.

    The reason for this conclusion is that all films that Eric is currently involved have little in common in terms of subject matter. No rules can be found at all. "17 again" is a youth campus film, and "Home Alone" is a children's funny film. "Pretty Woman is a romance film, and "Running Out of Time" turns into a vigilance film. Films that are not related to each other have been successful. If you want to find the biggest common denominator, then Eric is undoubtedly the most obvious.

    These movie projects are all handled by him. Of course, "17 again" is a movie of Fox, but if it is now raised. No one will think that the success of "17 again" is James.Brooks and Penny.For the sake of Marshall, Eric.Williams is the key figure that led to the film's achievement in the Box Office.

    and so. After arriving at this conclusion, Michael.Eisner is more concerned about Eric and Firefly's every move, ready to go out and Eric, if you can take it to your knees, it's even better.

    He is a very ambitious person. As Disney's grows stronger, this ambition grows. However, Michael.Eisner has not yet expanded into a 'Disney tyrant' who has been smashed out of his own hands in the future. With his achievements in recent years, his prestige within the Disney Group is absolutely unparalleled.

    As everyone knows, Disney started as an animation, Michael.Eisner, although taking office, is very focused on developing live-action movies, but he also knows. Animated movies are the biggest advantage of Disney's. It is necessary to maintain the dominant position of Disney animated films in Hollywood. In the past few years, the development of live-action movies. Michael .Eisner has also done a series of work to expand the Disney animation industry, arranged a lot of classic Disney animation video distribution, as well as the copyright extension of the surrounding copyright, and so on, achieved very dazzling results.

    So, when Eric became more and more dazzling, and he bought a 3d animated film studio in private. Michael .Eisner gradually became wary of the studio.

    3D movies are a completely new concept for many people. Michael .Eisner also knew about 3D movies not long ago. But because of the centuries-old history of the film, there are examples of sound movies replacing silent films and color films to bury black and white movies. Michael.Eisner has to pay more attention to this. He has a hunch that a 3d movie is likely to bring a big trend.

    To this end, he once again found the "Tin Toy" that Pixar won Oscar's best animated short film this year, and watched and analyzed it with the managers of Disney's animation department, although the image of the baby in Tin Toy was very rough, let Disney's senior animator scoffed. But Disney deliberately studied "Tin Toy" by experts in computer graphics design from Silicon Valley, explaining a series of technical points and difficulties for Disney ' s executives, and affirming that with Pixar's technology, as long as there is enough financial support, Can produce more than 90 minutes of 3d animation long film, and the quality will not be lost to 2d plane hand-painted animation how much.

    In the mind, the computer expert from Silicon Valley emerged, Michael.Eisner looked at Eric's little slippery head, and knew that Disney wanted to intervene in Pixar, and it was impossible to build his own 3D animation department.

    "Eric, can you see this? Pixar is not making an animated feature film now. How about the release to Disney?"Since you can't intervene in Pixar , Michael .Eisner also came up with the idea of ​​winning the first 3D animated feature film distribution, at least to keep things under the control of Disney.

    Eric smiled: "Mr. Eisner, why bother now, Pixar's first animation is completed, at least two years later, and now sign the contract, both of us will bear a relatively large risk. ”

    Michael .Eisner led Eric to a sofa and sat down to continue to follow the example: "Eric, your time to enter Hollywood is still short, and many things are not too clear. In fact, most of the big production movies must have been contacted before the filming. The publisher, this is to ensure that the film recovers funds in the shortest period. The investment in an animated feature film is less than 30 million USD. I think 3D animations must be more, so that a large investment, if you do not prepare well in advance, will bear more risks in the future. ”

    There are also some Michael.Eisner didn't say that if an animated film was made into a bad movie, no one would be willing to issue it, and tens of millions of investments would be drowning. And signing a good release contract with Film Studio in advance can prevent this from happening, and even if it is a bad film, it can recover some of the cost. But he doesn't think Pixar will make a bad piece under the supervision of Eric.

    Eric swayed his goblet and pretended to contemplate for a moment before he looked up: "Mr. Eisner, I can only say that if the animation is released in the future, Disney is definitely my first choice. ”

    This is equivalent to nothing promised, the first choice is only a possible choice, more often in Hollywood, the first choice is rarely the final choice.

    Michael .At the same time that Eisner was disappointed, there was another anger. As the leader of Disney's, few people would continue to reject him in such a straightforward manner. Although he did not lose his senses on the spot, Michael.Eisner's tone has also become a lot colder: "Eric, you have to know that the price of the other "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias", I still bear a lot of pressure inside Disney, so, You are important to let me give the Board of Directors an account. Your partner company for the film next year has not yet been finalized, isn't it?"

    Eric is also keenly aware of Michael .Eisner's tone of indifference and unhappiness, he did not intend to find a partner, and negotiations with the new line has come to an end, he will definitely focus on the development of his company next year. However, considering that next year, if Firefly wants to rise, it will definitely be under pressure from all parties. It is better to be able to remove an enemy now. After thinking about it, Eric reluctantly extended a finger: "A movie, Mr. Eisner, you should know the direction of Firefly, so I can only give Disney a movie distribution rights, but not including videotapes and peripherals. ”

    "You personally Director?"Michael .Eisner showed a hint of joy, but still confirmed it carefully.

    "Of course," Eric nodded.

    Michael .Eisner finally smiled slightly and raised the red wine: "So, the cooperation is pleasant."

    "Happy cooperation," Eric smiled and touched the other side of the cup, he knows this cooperation is finalized, in the Hollywood, many times when some people talk like fart, if you believe that you are waiting to be hole in the underwear, but sometimes, say things more than the contract, such as now, If he had made a promise, if he had gone back, he would have been avenged with Disney.

    Since I got the benefit, Michael.Eisner no longer held Eric, and after a while, he left to go to other guests.

    Eric looks at Michael .Eisner left the figure, sighed softly, and sipped a red wine that didn't know what it was.

    "Eric, you are here, let me find it." Just a moment later, Jeffrey hurried over, holding a handkerchief and rubbing the tiny sweat on his forehead.

    Eric moved to the side and let Jeffrey sit down and asked, "You are not talking about Robert.Shay’s talk about the acquisition, isn’t it coming? ”

    "When it's over, there's nothing to talk about," Jeffrey shook his head and saw Eric's lost look. "What's wrong with you, Disney's high score is not a happy thing." ?"(To be continued)

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