Chapter 190, the text is so bad.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 190th chapter, how bad is this vision, floating astronomy

    "How could I be happy, just Michael.Eisner is entangled in extorting a movie," Eric said.

    Although Eric didn't say it, Jeffrey quickly understood what he said: "That…What conditions does Disney give? ”

    "I haven't talked yet," Eric shook his head. "I'm just verbally speaking to Michael.Eisner made a promise. ”

    Jeffrey breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, just a movie, anyway, you make a movie and the hen lays eggs." However, I just heard a message two days ago, and Disney wants to suspend the cooperation with Warner in the overseas distribution of the film, and hand over all the business to its Bo Wei International operation. ”

    "What does this have to do with me?"Eric didn't care about Jeffrey's teasing. He didn't bother to think about it and asked him directly.

    "Of course, there is a relationship. After breaking down with Warner, Disney will definitely be in a state of overseas distribution. It is estimated that it will take at least half a year for Bo Wei International to integrate this business. If you promise Disney's movie is scheduled for the first half of next year, it is likely to be used by Bo Wei as a cannon to open up overseas markets. If it is placed in the second half of the year, it will be much better. ”

    Eric wondered: "Disney is unlikely to use my movies as cannon fodder. Don't they want to make money?"

    Jeffrey put the handkerchief into his pocket and greeted the waiter not far away to bring a glass of red wine. He then said: "The big thing like Disney is not the interest of Box Office in a two-part movie. They are more interested in the channel. Expansion. And the influence that your previous films have accumulated around the world is the best tool to expand the channel. Disney is playing the name of your movie, and letting some of the benefits come into contact with overseas publishers will make many things smooth. Maybe a movie is released. Disney can set up new distribution channels in several countries. Compared with these channels that can generate profits for a long time, what are some of the benefits of a movie? ”

    Eric made it clear that Disney used his own film as a road opener. In the process, it will definitely lose a lot of Box Office overseas because of the imperfect channels. If so, Disney has expanded its channels. But he and Firefly can't get any benefit. Although the proportion of overseas Box Office is not high, it is based on the size of his previous few movies in the Box Office. That's the benefit of the tens of millions of dollars, and he can't sacrifice himself to make Disney's kind, unless Disney can compensate his losses in advance.

    To understand this, Eric also made up his mind. At the same time, he asked: "Jeffrey, I just remember, you said to Robert.Shei has nothing to talk about, what does it mean? ”

    "There is nothing to talk about, Robert.Shee insisted that 15% of the shares plus 60Million USD of cash price, one step is not willing to retreat, so I rushed to find you, this matter will also be decided by your Chairman. ”

    Eric thought about it. Also asked: "Are you sure this is his ultimate bottom line?"

    Jeffrey nodded: "OK, Robert.Shay also made it clear that this is the bottom line. One step will not go back, and…"Speaking of this, Jeffrey showed a strange smile: "Robert.Shea also told me specifically that unless you promise to agree to this price, he will not accept any invitation from you. ”

    "amount……This one. ”Eric couldn't figure it out for a moment.

    Jeffrey didn't make him wonder for too long, he laughed and explained: "When you first ate with him. The words were estimated to have left a deep impression on him. He was afraid that he would retreat if he confronted you again. Well, I feel that this is definitely the case. Although I did not participate in the meeting, it seems that at the end, Robert .Shea has been a big step forward by your provoked blood boiling, right? ”

    "How can it be provocative? I am talking about the facts," Eric smiled and retorted.

    "In any case, this is the case. In fact, I think this price is quite reasonable. The new line is, after all, a veteran company for 20 years. I will put more thoughts on the preparation of "Sleepless in Seattle", I will buy the new line I'll be leaving things to you, I will sort out the relevant documents, and I will send the secretary to your office tomorrow. . ”

    "Well, I know," Eric nodded, looking at Jeffrey with some anxiety: "Jeffrey, you know, if the acquisition is successful, you might…"

    Jeffrey patted Eric's shoulder and gave him a square look: "I have long wanted to understand this. I gave Robert the position of the CEO."Shay, I just have to be a Chairman responsible for production, even if it is Vice Chairman. ”

    "Thank you, Jeffrey," Eric gratefully glanced at the fat old man who had been trying to support himself from now on Home Alone.

    “Do we still use this between us,” Jeffrey raised the red wine, touched Eric who had come over, and remembered one more thing, asking, “Yes, Jonathan.Demme can do it alone in Venice, do you want me to follow it, in fact, if you can, let Kapoor go better, he has more relations in Europe, but he is a manager, and does not intend to change career. ”

    "Before you come, Michael.Eisner talked to me, he would use some of Disney's resources to help with this, and strive to get an award at the Venice Film Festival. In this nine-member jury, John Landis happens to be the Hollywood Director. ”

    Jeffrey pondered and thought about it: "John Landis, the director of the United States Journey that was sold last year?"

    "Well, in fact, John Landis is better at horror movies, so you understand that the theme of "The Others" plus the label of the Hollywood movie will definitely add a lot of impressions to his heart, and Disney will also send people to contact him."

    "When are you going to Venice?"

    "A few days after the opening ceremony, the award ceremony will wait until mid-September. I certainly can't stay there for so long, and I'm not going to go any further at the awards ceremony, and suddenly I find that my next time is too tight, last, plus the first half of November, you have to put "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2" All produced, during the busy new line of things, Al's "Scent of a Woman" later I must also pay attention to, so calculate down, I have no leisure time. ”Eric quickly calculated and complained.

    "Whoever let you do so many things at once, most Directors can direct two movies a year, and you will have four plans and two."Jeffrey smiled: "You will definitely not be so busy next year?"

    "I won't kill me. I have to rest well next year. I have lived so big. I haven't enjoyed life yet!"

    "Yeah, I have lived for 19 years," Jeffrey said with a bit of envy in his voice. He looked around and patted Eric's shoulder. "If you are tired, go back early. I saw a few acquaintances. Say hello."

    “Well,” Eric said, and Jeffrey didn’t mind if he didn’t get up. He picked up the red wine and got up and left.

    Eric slowly sipped the red wine in the glass. He planned to leave and go home to rest after drinking, but soon a tall girl wearing a silver fish-printed tube top evening gown appeared in front of him.

    "Eric, always wanted to come and say hello to you, but there are always people around you," Brooke.ShInternet Explorer lds sat down gracefully next to Eric.

    "You dress up tonight is beautiful, Brooke," Eric smiled at Brooke.ShInternet Explorer lds raised the red wine in his hand.

    "Thank you, but some people can't always look at it," the girl showed a resentful look, and seemed to still care about Eric's repeated rejections of her several times.

    Eric chuckled and didn't answer this question. The girl has always been very good at this kind of teasing man's thoughtful expression, but perhaps before "Running Out of Time", Brooke.ShInternet Explorer lds has always wanted to lean on him, and now with the amazing Runny Character of Running Out of Time, the girl has no need to rely on the carcass to get the character.

    Looking up and down the girl's beauty, in fact, he really wants the girl to stand up and circle in front of him to facilitate his appreciation: "I heard that you recently received a big production of Warner's film, what is it, it will not be A sequel to Batman?"Batman's sequel is definitely a big hit, but in this era can participate in the blockbuster cost of the blockbuster, which itself can gain a greater reputation.

    Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds shook his head and a smile on his lips: "No, I talked to Warner, I chose to work with Disney, so I am here today."

    "Oh, that's really…It’s not a pity, what is Disney’s film, is it easy to disclose? ”Eric asked curiously.

    Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds nodded: "I can't say more about it, but the name is temporarily "Rocket Expert", and it is likely to be renamed later, so I can tell you."

    "rocket……Experts," Eric almost squirted out of the red wine. The movie should be released in 1991, so at least wait until next year. Eric knows that because of his appearance, many Hollywood movies have not disappeared, but the shooting and release progress has become at sixes and sevens. However, these are not the main points. The point is that Eric just remembers this movie. This is the previous life for Jennifer.Connelly has a five-year hit on the street!

    Eric looked up and down Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds, the girl still maintains a softer image in "Running Out of Time", apparently she also realized that this image is more suitable for her development in Hollywood than the previous glamorous appearance.

    However, Eric snorted twice, how bad the girl's eyes were to step on such a big pit. (To be continued)

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